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    Into The Breach

    INTO THE BREACH . . . . . . . Date and Time: 10/31/2020 12 PM Server Time** **Date subject to revision in the event of shitty circumstances.
  4. Just a head's up that the below item I got from Emerald Nightmare has been gifted to Vikki. Last Breath of the Forest - Spear (Exclusive to Adrasteia) - Ursoc sacrificed his life for the wilds twice, but he leaves behind a legacy for other noble defenders to uphold in his absence. This spear represents part of that legacy. -While equipped with this spear, a spiritual bear companion will fight to the death beside you. This bear damages with physical and spirit damage when it attacks and can be ridden. If the bear is killed, it will reform over the course of a week. The spear naturally increases your strength and speed by a moderate amount in combat.
  5. Second post of the thread is updated with more things regarding loot and treasures on Argus.
  6. Syth

    A Light in the Ashes

    After a series of bombardments by the Burning Legion, all eyes watched the skies carefully in the Burning Steppes, both day and night, a constant unease present. Hours before dawn, a golden light broke through the layer of perpetual ash clouding the region and struck down. The celestial object crashed into the stone bridge leading up Blackrock Mountain, sending disarray into the flood of demonic ranks pouring along the structure. Dark Iron forces watching the bridge identified the foreign object as a glowing golden crystal, distinctly different from anything of Legion origin. The crystal has drawn attention, frequently attracting demons to its glow. In response, the best marksmen among the Dark Irons have been focusing on any demons attempting to claw their way up to retrieve the crystal, making for easy pickings. Despite being preyed upon, this has not discouraged the desperation of the Legion's efforts. Rumors abound that the liberation forces plan to use the chaos introduced by the crystal to retake the bridge. No official word has been given, but defense of the front line has been slowly transferring into the hands of the Alliance's 7th Legion while more Dark Iron forces are rallying near the stone bridge.
  7. As of last night the bounty has been recalled by the Count von Karstein due to the investigation having progressed and the person in question being apprehended as per public knowledge. Ashrynn was seen entering the military encampent above Lakeshire, only to later emerge in the company of Senior Magus and Sergeant Major of Echo Company, Eleanore de Montarville-Keiramont. After a brief exchange with a few figures of some renown, the two were seen teleporting away.
  8. Hardly a week had passed before the Legion sent another volley of Infernals into the Burning Steppes. Their defenses were less prepared to stop the Infernals mid-flight this time. A desperate attempt by the Mage of the Steppes altered the trajectory of some of the rock giants, but four still crashed into the city of Chiselgrip, one striking the Mage's own tower. Due to prior experience with this sort of attack, the city had run drills in advance. The felslate monstrosities were spotted in the sky minutes before arrival and the townsfolk managed to hide themselves indoors and underground in time. What followed was a very brief and desperate clash between the four Infernals and the combined efforts of the guards of Chiselgrip, the mercenary soldiers of the Mage of the Steppes, and a mixed collection of adventurers and wandering warriors. Names of note were a High Mage of Stormwind and frequent visitor of Chiselgrip, Tayu Lamiaceae, and a once-native to the region, Gorrbrox Stormhowl. The pair were able to stop one of the four Infernals from detonating itself in the local tavern-turned-shelter, saving hundreds of civilian lives in the process. The act came at a great price, leaving Stormhowl's body in a disfigured mess, surviving within an inch of his life. Great pains were taken to heal the orc for his valorous deed, and he was able to walk again, but little more beyond that. The casualty report that followed was sad, but relieving. The town only lost ten of its guard, two mercenaries, and one of the five raiders following Stormhowl. No civilian lives were lost, but many of the town's Chiseled Golems were damaged or destroyed. Cleaning of the fel corruption began immediately, and repairs to the town and inventory of golems will follow in the proceeding days. While the residents are in unanimous agreement that the disaster could have ended far worse, the Mage of the Steppes and prominent members of the Thorium Brotherhood, have declared this a lucky strike of the Legion's, and that they will not manage to follow through with such an attack a third time as Chiselgrip further prepares its interception strategies against such precision long-range attacks.
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  10. Syth, we're going to discuss your reply directly to what I posted - your suggestions that is. They're pretty good ones.
  11. That would apply under "appropriate IC Means" for #1, but there are also some artifacts that could do it. In any case, the possibility is there for story reasons, but closed off from unrestricted use. For #2, there's really no reason to restrict it to the bronze flight. Farseers, for example, have been able to see phrophecies or foresee certain events or moments in the future with varying degrees of accuracy. As for non-divine magic users: Mages and Warlocks can use dimensions that intersect time at different points to look backward or forward through time. Since this is functionally not much different from reading a history or a memoir or doing a very good investigation, it's not all that overpowered. Hell, we know demons can exist in many different timelines at once, too. Some warlocks may specialize in gleaning information about the timeline from demons. The accuracy of the info is not guaranteed to be perfect or even remotely correct, but it should still be possible.
  12. Good but I'd leave # 1 and 2 only in the hands.of the Bronze Dragonflight and its adherents. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  13. Chronomancy suggestions: 1. No free physical time travel without: A) moderator approval B) a good narrative and C) an appropriate IC justification. 2. Divination through time is okay. Looking into the past is always successful if the spell can be cast, but the spells come at an ever-increasing cost. Looking into the future is exponentially difficult with an increasing failure rate based on how specific your divination target is and how far ahead you look. 3. Modifying flow of time relative to 1 target is okay. Haste, Slow, Time Stop, Temporal Stasis. 4. Modifying the flow of time gives you increasingly limited effects on the world proportional to how much freedom you get. Inversely, it limits how much the world can affect you for how much freedom you strip from yourself. Example: If you trap yourself in Temporal Stasis, you are invincible until the Stasis goes away but you also cannot do anything. If you are in Time Stop, you have freedom to do whatever you want, but your actions have no effect on the world around you until time resumes. (If you're having trouble wrapping your head around these concepts, you can water it down to: You haste yourself so fast it's like time has stopped, but you are moving too fast to affect the world. Or you Slow yourself so much, you appear frozen to the rest of the world, but everything around you takes so long to affect you that it's like you are invincible until you are freed from your time prison) 5. Manipulating time is the most taxing form of spellcraft and employing any of the extremes "Time Stop or Temporal Stasis" would deplete most if not all of a mage's mana pool if they can even cast it. Most mages should not even be able to cast these spells. 6. Most uses of such time manipulation are limited to static effects from spells built directly into ley-lines or other extremely powerful mana sources, such as the fermentation rooms used by the Nightborne to create Arcwine. I don't think that's a good idea because there will always be someone who thinks of a way to get around the IC imitations or even use them to their advantage. I wouldn't call OOCly policing of time travel to be too heavy handed. I would call it the only reasonable solution for maintaining a very desirable form of order in an inherently linear-time interaction: roleplaying. You don't need to have a doctorate in general relativity to be able to understand that roleplay makes a lot more sense when time loops don't exist, so rather than trying to justify why it can't be done, you just say it can't be done because that works out better for everybody.
  14. (i fix name. i sorry. very sleepy at time of post)
  15. With the recent inspection of High Command in Redridge, the Echo Company received a high commendation. The denizens of Redridge would see soldiers of the Echo Company patrolling the entire mountains in small groups, with gryphons, by foot, and with its cavalry. The current preparedness of the Company received an excellent score by Command as all squad leaders, including any NCO and CO, would have received stones of sending to assure proper and speedy communication. It was to the great surprise of Command that they were informed that command of the soldiers was given to one Sergeant Major de Montarville-Keiramont, who seemed to have taken rapid and swift action and increasing readiness and preparedness. Reports from Redridge indicate that late night drills have been ongoing, even some when soldiers least expect. The experience of the Broken Shore of the veteran is being transferred to the soldiers in a strict drill schedule. Considering recent attacks on Lakeshire and the grave situation of the Steppes, the Company is now considered ready to respond immediately to any threats to the citizens of Redridge with its infantry, cavalry, and air support. Furthermore, upon the orders of Knight-Captain von Karstein, all subordinate commanding officers have been assigned to expedite the training of the militia, resulting in more armed men and women patrolling and prepared to defend Redridge against any threat. The denizens of Redridge are in good hands. The Echo Company is at the ready.
  16. We shouldn't ban or artificially weaken a thing just because "Oh, I'm not having fun fighting it.". I think a good middle ground is just limiting the amount of time one can affect in a single casting of a spell, and the effects one can produce. Regardless, I'm sure an article will come out about it.
  17. Shortly after the brave action of the adventurers, Knight-Captain Vladimir von Karstein has mobilized a portion of the newly trained militia to secure the liberated portions of the Highway, alongside a supervisory detachment of Echo Company to assist them in their endeavors.
  18. The evening Local Report of the day reads as follows: ... LAKERIDGE HIGHWAY PARTIALLY CLEANSED FROM UNDESIRABLES! Disgruntled Citizens Cheer, Local Aristocracy Criticizes! Lakeridge Highway is a known road that connects the main road to Lakeshire past Three Corners to the ruined Stonewatch Keep in the far ends of the province. In ages past, the Highway saw constant transit of citizens, farmers with their production, merchants with their caravans and military convoys. In the post-War times, the southern reaches of Redridge have lost much attention with the disrepair of Stonewatch and the advances of the Blackrock Clan of orcs into the area. As of today, the road is much less important though many locals still need it. After a most bothersome protest from the denizens of Redridge against the lack of attention from the leadership of the province in relation to them, Marshal Marris has endeavored to provide the southern reaches with much needed security now that the northern part of Redridge is heavily defended thanks to the presence of Echo Company, Falcon Company, and the 7th Legion in Stonewatch Tower. Deputy Feldon, the man in charge of peace and order in the township of Lakeshire, was tasked with forming a posse from the many adventurers and mercenaries that usually visit the town in these times of strife in order to scour the Highway from any demonic presence. A group was formed and taken into the Highway, though more than just demons infested the surroundings of the Highway. It was related that the posse has confronted a band of fel-tainted gnolls and boars, as well as an Eredar sharpshooter -- all of them being skillfully dealt with thanks to the abilities of the group hired by Feldon. Further down the road, the group came to face a horde of undead, possibly the fruit of a demonic raid in some cemetery of the vicinity. A powerful skeletal sorcerer has also been confronted and almost defeated though the miser froze himself in a prison of magical ice! Counting on the aid of the sinister Warlocks of the Black Harvest, the soul of said sorcerer is now aprehended and under the power of said occultists. At the end of the afternoon, a good part of the Highway has been cleansed and now, according to Marshal Marris, a detachment of troops will make sure that the road is patrolled and safeguarded through a military outpost. The posse's participants were all rewarded with a 2 gold reward for their services. The repercussion of this action has been relatively good among the civilian populace living in the vicinity of the Highway and those that use it the most to ferry their production to Lakeshire or beyond. Even though the populace has hailed the actions of the government, some of the southern aristocrats frowned upon the actions, claiming that it's a desperate maneuver from Marshal Marris and Magistrate Solomon to alleviate the pressure on them and excuse their failures and incapacity of providing the province with the safety it demands. As of now, no comments were registered from Stormwind City on these matters. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters!
  19. I mean, Tayu took 80% of the infernal fel stone bits out of the water before the Black Harvest even knew about the attack but hey, it's fine. >.> lol Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  20. The warlocks of the Black Harvest were the first to respond, it seems. Asking for nothing in return, Dreadspeaker Cerrin Eld'ravihn has donated ten of her finest invokers and has constructed specially-tailored pylons to drain the polluted magic from the lake over the course of three weeks - starting primarily with Lakeshire's personal quarter. During this time they are camped with their Dreadspeaker just outside of Lakeshire. Questions, worries and otherwise complaints from the public ought be brought to the Grand Warlock and not directed at her underlings.
  21. It's with great pleasure that the Marquis de Montarville and the Duchess Strike announce the birth of Roran Strike de Montarville, heir to the Duchy of Dyrwood. By mutual decree of the Duchess and Marquis, the inheritance of both the March de Montarville, whose heir remains Amelia de Montarville, and the Duchy of Dyrwood, who shall be Roran Strike, is now secure. On this news of stability, both the Marquis and the Duchess have declared a feast for all in the Port de Montarville. In these times of turmoil, the soul cannot be neglected. The Marquis is a vocal proponent of the idea that a war is fought on multiple fronts, including domestically. The feast invites the refugees who have lost their homes to wars, soldiers, sailors, merchants alike. Further, shipments of ale and food has been shipped to all camps in the Redridge Mountains and Chiselgrip. As for the banquet itself, the top brass of the military have received an invitation, as well as prominent business people, and especially the nobility of Stormwind. Guests are also expected from different factions to attend. The security in the Port shall be at its maximum. The Marquis has ensured all his personnel, with the assistance of the Mage's Guild, SI:7, and the Westfall Brigade, are ensuring the safety of the area and any individuals entering or exiting will be thoroughly vetted, including and more rigorously with magical means. The Marquis has assured that no personnel has been removed from the war efforts and any and all individuals present are reservists aiding. For all invited guests, the banquet will be held in the Castle de Montarville, and as for anyone else, the feast shall be outside and around the town. OOC: The feast will be on Wednesday at 2ST, subject to any changes. Invited guests are any military COs, including Navy and Army, a +1 for them, the landed gentry, prominent business people, diplomats, state officials, and anyone who can convince me that they'd get an invitation -- somehow. The name of any Kul Tiran present shall be transcribed and there are chances that they receive an invitation. Private message. I did not plan on anything more fancy than just a social gathering of players. I need to put this disclaimer that any action of any player shall be their own and not my own. xD See you all then!
  22. The evening Local Report of the day reads as follows: ... PEASANT REVOLT IN THE PROVINCE OF REDRIDGE! Disgruntled Citizens Claim Justice For Their Losses! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lakeshire, the major settlement of the province of Redridge, ruled by Magistrate Solomon for long years now, has always been in danger from different threats - from simpler foes such as gnolls and murlocs, to more dangerous foes such as Blackrock orcs and demonic entities from various origins, mainly from the Burning Legion itself. This afternoon has seen a band of disgruntled peasants, farmers and homeless citizens march behind the unified leadership of a disgruntled merchant by the name of Marik Wilson, owner of a caravan that usually ferries goods and provides a few trades along the dangerous Lakeridge Highway. A man of manners and methods, Mr. Wilson has been a known rival to Magistrate Solomon's government. With the recent demonic incursions all over the northern region, the southern reaches have been left undermanned due to the main demon army rallying in the Steppes. This has eventually caused the fall of security in the southern parts of Redridge. Farms, houses and other properties have come under attack from demons and many citizens lost their properties - one of them being Mr. Wilson. Considering those facts, the crowd of disgruntled citizens was rallied under Mr. Wilson's leadership, marching towards the town with the intention of deposing the Magistrate and taking his place (?). Two guards whose names were not revealed were beaten down by the angry mob armed with torches, sticks, forks and other rustic armaments. They were met with resistance by the Lakeshire Guardsmen led by Sergeant Major Eleanore de Montarville, alongside a few other adventurers. It is said that an emerging rum businessman, a Mr. Edward Thalmore, was seen running around and trying to get the authorities to act according to Marshal Marris. Slowly, and with the help of recently certified warlocks representing the Council of the Black Harvest, most of the crowd was dispersed under non-violent pressure, a few loyal followers remaining by their leader's side. With good and proper tactics, the crowd was finally contained by the experienced Lakeshire Guard, Mr. Wilson himself being taken under custody and presented to the authorities alongside seven other protesters whose names were not revealed. They were all hauled to Stormwind City so that His Majesty's justice may conduct the works from now on. More news as the case develops. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  23. MFW I'm mentioned but Terin spells my name wrong. Lol Lamiaceae. Yeah it's a fun one. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  24. Late into the afternoon and early in the evening, a massive fireball of Fel crashed into the skies above the human kingdoms. It split apart into many pieces, almost all of which were witnessed falling toward the Burning Steppes. But one piece splintered toward Lakeshire, crashing into one of its docks and causing mayhem and destruction. An infernal revealed itself from the site of impact, but several brave first-responders fought and stalled it before it could get close to the city. Despite their best efforts, the infernal appeared to self-destruct, showering fel rock and fel fire over the town and lake. Though some of the damage was minimized, it still came at the cost of life and property, and the purity of the lake. In the aftermath, only seven were confirmed dead, including two fishermen on the docks at the time of the infernal's impact. But many suffered injuries from the battle, and others still have gotten sick from drinking water from the lake, and there are concerns over the safety of consuming animals and plants that rely on the lake. The Mage of the Steppes arrived some hours after the events unfolded to repair the dock and clear up the entrance to the town hall. The town's faculties returned to a semi-functional state, but further repairs will be necessary to fix all the damages. The Mage informed others that the Steppes suffered several attacks of similar nature, and he had to return, unable to stay and help with the repairs any further. Lakeshire was unable to identify all the first responders. But it accredits those who could be identified: Commander Alderic Bradley, Senior Mage Eleanore de Montarville, and High Mage Tayu Lamiaceae. The others were an unidentified human marksman, and three unidentified high elven women. Lakeshire thanks these men and women, both named and unnamed, for their heroic deeds both during and after the battle in helping Lakeshire avoid a much worse fate. The Magistrate has stated that he will offer more public thanks when the settlement is in a better position to take administrative action, and will focus on recovery for the time being.
  25. Rumors around Redridge speak of a Death Knight terrorizing the land and its denizens. A recent engagement between heroes and the death knight took place in Render's Valley; there it was revealed that the death knight was none other than *dundundun* HALFORD RODEN! The entire state of Redridge is in high alert with this dangerous knight on the loose! (Stay tuned for the next event!)
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