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  2. In the aftermath of the recent blockade imposed upon Menethil Harbor by pirates, the settlement was left in a rather grim state. The keep itself has taken serious damage as the North, North-West and Western walls of it were pelted by a barrage of shots from the armada before their departure, with some shots flying off-course and damaging the buildings and perimeter walls as well. Through the combined efforts of the local mages and one highborne by the name of Vaszillia, most residents and guards were evacuated in time however, only minimal loss to life occurring upon the heartless show of force by the fleet who have made it off with all valuables of the settlement, including the Alliance Navy destroyer that was anchored in Baradin Bay at the time. As a deterrent and immediate retaliation to the wanton destruction, the druids of the nearby grove – beseeched by one Lenrieth – have employed the avian fauna of the region to deliver a serious blow to the backline of the pirate’s forces, setting three of their ships ablaze whilst they set sail for open waters under a magically produced mist. The pirates have likely set to try and handle the flames as the weather immediately began to shift in the area thereafter, a heavy downpour being summoned for such purposes. Their success or a lack thereof remains unknown at this time. Thanks to the efforts of Knight Eleanore de Montarville-Keiramont, the damages weren’t catastrophic to the settlement as she had pivoted one of the ships in the water, causing its cannons to entirely miss Menethil. Furthermore, her magical messages sent to Stormwind and Ironforge were met with relative relief. Both Stormwind and Ironforge are now mobilizing. The former to set out to sea and try to pin down where these ships were headed, as the very thought of such armada raiding other settlements does not bode well for coastal cities. The latter has begun gathering its forces to reclaim what remains of Menethil and start reparations, however costly and time consuming that may be.
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  4. Looking forward to another soggy eventline.
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    [Storyline] Secrets

    SECRETS by Soggy/Sage THE STORY SO FAR Silithus lies in ruins. The Sword of Sargeras has been brought down from the cosmos and impaled into the very world of Azeroth. Fright and doom has gripped some, but action has begun to be taken. The Alliance and The Horde convene to talk about the sword's damages while talking behind closed doors about the strange new material popping up in Silithus. It would seem that the sword has created adverse effects across the world as well - reports all over of new trogg activity and much more. It is in this chaotic aftermath that others begin their move for greater power or revenge. Sovan, the mysterious individual who some have met, plucks a few strings and makes his moves in the shadows for the dark masters. A Twilight's Hammer rejuvenation has happened, and more issues are appearing elsewhere on top of that. Demonic remnants seeking refuge or a base of power to build their own domain have come to Azeroth in the wake of devastating failure. THE PREMISE In Secrets, things have taken a drastic turn. The Sword of Sargeras is impaled into Silithus and its effects have begun to be felt elsewhere. The great titan domain of Ulduar has felt it, and the denizens of Uldum have seen it in their sandy dunes. The ripple effects of the Dark Titan's final attack are going to have repercussions - such as an awakening of slumbering hives. Minions and denizens of the Void's masters are on the move, and at the head of it all is Sovan - a mysterious individual who serves the Old Gods. At his call are creatures of the Void and the cultists serving them. Secrets begins by answering the call of Magni Bronzebeard, who will be your initial contact. Azeroth weeps, and there are those who would dare take advantage of this. Join the mighty Keepers and their forged armies as they battle through the locations of the world and perhaps beyond. Uncover the secrets of this rising darkness, and confront Sovan before it is too late. Of course, this also serves to introduce people to The Runesworn - an ancient order of rune-knights, rune-casters, and more - and their ways. This will act as a kick off for the guild, but allow others to join in on their story. THE STORYLINES / EVENTS Dates to come! Secrets is split up into four 4-event chunks that will feed into the greater story, and build up to the final event. This will put an end to the saga of events I've been doing - though not connected at first, they will be connected through this storyline. This has no set beginning or set ending yet! I. THE THREAT BENEATH Magni Bronzebeard's first priority is the closest threat - that of the stirred Qiraji and the Twilight's Hammer presence in Silithus' ruined depths. They're after something, and given Ahn Qiraj sits within Silithus? Well, that cannot be left alone. Assist him in stopping the Hammer's dark machinations before it is too late. II. ANCIENT HALLS, ANCIENT SECRETS Ulduar and the Storm Peaks are under attack by remnants of Yogg-Saron's minions. Assist the Keepers in pushing back these dark cretins, and put a stop to whatever plans they have. Come face to face with the shades of Northrend's dark history. III. UPON THE WINDS The great sands of Uldum hold the Halls of Origination, but they also hold other key locations - such as the entrance to the domain of the air elementals. The Ramkahen need your help to stop the Twilight's Hammer from defiling both the Halls and turning the Plane of Air against them. IV. HEART OF THUNDER, MIND OF PRIDE The last spot remains - that of Pandaria, where ancient vaults and a throne await. Sovan's machinations have led you here - where evil still stirs and emotions are still your worst enemy. Stop Sovan - once and for all. REWARDS? Battling the great darkness that is the Void is sure to reap the rewards. Assisting Magni and the Keepers will lead to face great evils, but it will also open eyes to the valor of mortal kind. Which means that there are riches to be had from the vaults of the mighty titans and their creations. Of course, rewards will vary - they may even become dependent on who or what the character is. Let's get down to the reward categories I. THE LOST FORGE The Lost Forge is a weapon forge unearthed and protected by the mortals of Azeroth once before - assisting Brann Bronzebeard in unlocking its secrets. Perhaps you'll want to reforge a weapon, or forge a new one? Assist the Keepers and their creations enough, and you will gain access to the mighty forge. II. BLESSINGS OF POWER The mighty keepers have power untold, and have a trick or two to unlock greater power within a mortal person. They may be willing to bestow a great blessing upon you, should you prove yourself worthy. However, you can only have one blessing - so choose wisely. III. GOLD Well, there has to be monetary reward somewhere. Where it comes from? Ancient vaults, probably. Coffers. You know the drill. IV. LIFE Your character's life is a reward. Because, y'know, some characters may just end up pissing off the Keepers. Also Odyn is a dick.
  6. *Amello sighed, sitting up from his bed in the tavern. He and his band of heroes had been in the harbor for weeks now, waiting for Nathaniel to get his fucking computer fixed so we could continue the event chain. Upon hearing the gate-house explode, the Kul Tiran naval captain drew his pistola from under his pillow, cocking the hammer back into place. "Shame," he muttered peering out at the Jolly Rogers in the Bay..... Amello then wondered if they had noticed his frigate hiding off of the coast in a nearby cove.... only one way to find out.... back to work. There were pirates to lynch.* -D
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  8. Next time I see either of you, I want to try to recruit the murlocs. I thought of a compromise/ angle to work the murlocs that may make sense. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Elegia - Event Chain

    This would be interesting to me. I'll be honest.
  10. Thanks to the efforts of Nicola and Vaszillia, the mages of Menethil were brought back to the harbor and managed to open a one-way portal to Ironforge resulting in several refugees fleeing the harbor in favor of getting to the safety of Ironforge, unfortunately Ironforge itself is not able to bring reinforcements back to Menetihl Harbour, despite even sentries having been spotted leaving Menethil Harbor.
  11. It has come as great surprise to all when a fleet of ships flying the Jolly Roger has pulled up under the cover of a thick layer of fog and established a blockade around Menethil Harbor in a rather quick and very coordinated maneuver. Seven ships now bar entry or exit from the bay and they have demonstrated the seriousness of their endeavor by decimating the guard post at the main gate of the settlement with a single volley unleashed from one of their vessels. It was aptly followed by an envoy sent to lay down their demands and notify the folk of Menethil Harbor that they were in fact dealing with a united Pirate Fleet of Freehold. Word has been sent to Stormwind through magical means, but the terms of the pirates extends only up to a twenty-four hour window. An Alliance fleet certainly will not make it to the harbor in that time and there is seemingly little hope for those stuck in the bay. OOC This is just a scenario that I came up with on the fly upon seeing the activity of folks in Menethil Harbor, and to tie things in with some related events in BfA for the future. My thanks go to Alune who has been, and keeps being an immense help in this effort. More to come on this soon!
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    Elegia - Event Chain

    I think this could be a nice arc if I can get the time tomorrow!
  13. For one, currently there is no managers. Meaning team additions are now in the hands of the moderators. However long this lasts will be determined by current discussions. Secondly, there's going to be a merger of the teams in a fashion. This is explained above. Things are relaxing in some manner. Essentially allowing people to do both without much hassle. Thirdly, new rules are oncoming for the changed team. Part of the bigger rule changes coming with a prior announcement. Probably more that I'm brain skipping. More will become clear in the days to come, as there's back end changes to happen and a slight change of pace due to discussions with the current Dungeon Masters.
  14. What’s different? Seems like nothing
  15. And yet nothing is otherwise being done prior to this change. We have the same issue as we've always had - a lack of proper manager'ing, a lack of activity, and Event Requests being left for months. This is not something that may be fixed by these changes, and who knows? Maybe we'll have to revert these changes. We're trying new things to see if they work. Because what's currently happening is not working. Something has to change, because something is broken if the same issues keep happening. We can't really say it's a step back without letting things play out. Hmn, I wonder who would do this...
  16. I think it's a great idea to come back around with this idea. Many people opposed when we originally created the 'Manager' role what... Three years ago? Now it's so ingrained that people are upset about two people losing it. Things were stagnant, they weren't optimized, they didn't help the server, to not try anything would be naive. Looks overall like a good move to actually try to bring Paragon back into the Limelight instead of half of us posting on the forums regularly not being on the server.
  17. Yeah, I don't support this change either. I feel the new "you can pick and choose what to do" will only stem more irresponsibility and worsen the activity in one role or the other. Like it's been said above, feels like a step back.
  18. I need to...erh, finish editing this. Got distracted by shenanigans. It's meant to be the Mod team entirely and not me solely.
  19. Really great changes so far, Gríma, keep up the good work!
  20. I'd fire your PR team Sage Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  21. Due to some circumstances, this thread is being edited. It'll be in a better state later today.
  22. We'll be expanding on why we did this and what it means in the weeks to come. But thank you for bringing up the concern. But no, expectations remain as they were before - that someone who defines themself as a builder does only builder work and those who do DM work define themselves by the rules of a DM. But now one can do both. The upcoming guideline changes will elaborate.
  23. I am definitely on the fence for it. I can't see it being effective in the long run for the simple matter of; why? Not many DMs even DM as is, jobs and life obligations aside. Yes, it's a benefit to pick between building and DMing because either role takes a specific mindset, I feel. Hence why the teams were split in the first place, so new applicants weren't sucked into this one, homogenous mass and eventually expected to perform both roles be it by different Managers or the playerbase itself. I'unno fellas, you want to make Paragon a better place but it feels like you took a step backwards with this one.
  24. I would like people to know that in no way do I support this decision, was not informed of the changes and stand firmly against the choices made.
  25. Good day/evening, Paragon! You've no doubt seen the ripples of a change happen! Well, it's been a change in the works for quite some time. We've had a long discussion about this, and the Moderation Team & Administrator have decided to move forward with it. This is the creation of The Creative Team! Down below you will find the details of what this means. Please understand that this decision was not made lightly, and that we took our time with this. The Creative Team The Creative Team is the umbrella name for the teams that are in charge of all things creative. These are your builders and your dungeon masters. These are the people who will be running your events and building your interiors. Now, you might wonder what the difference is - well, one of the big changes is the condensing of the Manager role. Now the Manager currently is vacant - but we'll be having new ones soon - and the moderators having a better direct line to the teams overall. This change better facilitates the growth of Paragon for several reasons, and applies several of the community's asks in one swoop. Now - neither team is overlapping or becoming one as the thing might suggest. Instead, what happens is that someone can join the creative team and do one specific one OR both. They can be a builder and a DM, or they can just be a DM. The only thing that changes in this regard is what is expected of you. The Creative Team follows general guidelines, but doing a specific role in itself will fall under the expectations of that team's purview. If you wish to do both, you need only inform the new Managers. If you want to focus on one and only one? Same process. Guidelines / Rules are going to be changing, but we will keep the community informed when those are ready to be read. They'll be run through each portion of the Creative Team first, and then the community as a whole. We hope to hear feedback as we deliver this announcement's changes to the fullest. CHAIN OF COMMAND The Moderators The Moderator Team is the overall management of the Creative Team - our say, as the ones making the rules and so forth, is final. We are the ones who ultimately can and will step in should it come to that. We also have a say in who gets added or removed from the Creative Team if someone gives us pause. Both additions and removals will be discussed with the proper Manager before it is done and finalized. In the end, its a unified effort - with the moderators or admin acting as the final say if it comes to needing it. The Managers EDIT 1/17/21: Please ignore this section for now. The managers are each given a strict confinement to the role they play within the Creative Team. They are the delegation that do the more specified part of a role within the team. New ones will be announced in due time. Now, this thread will go over each area specifically and what they mean for the managers, the team, and the community overall. That being said - each manager oversees the part of the content creation. If you wish to build something or take up an interior? You bring it to the moderators. If you have events you wish to DM or rewards for those events? You bring them to the moderators for the time being. There are exceptions to this, but we'll get into them below. If at any time you feel talking to any one of the three will get you nowhere, you bring it to the moderation team in general to work it out or figure something out about it. THE CONTENT Content: Events & Items Events are the bread and butter of the server. They are what people attend whenever scheduled. It is what this community craves like an addiction to energy drinks. Of course, they vary in style and scale. These will also differ in various other ways, but that's neither here nor there. In wishing to do events for the Creative Team, you understand that you are providing for the community while abiding within the sort of server that Paragon is. Now, most events will come to a moderator. The exception is large scale / world changing events and those which have the moderator stamp of approval on. The latter often fall into areas of specialty and/or rarity - a non-draenei LFD for example or an AU orc coming to MU. The latter cannot, to state it simply, be interfered with. Should such come to pass, the Moderation Team must be informed. In terms of large scale and world changing - given the move into more player-initiated efforts with BFA, this will be quite broad for now. If you think it will be a really world-shaking type event, please come to us (the Moderation team) first! Now - as was stated, you will be answering to the moderators for the most part in regards to events and the item rewards. Sometimes, rewards will require all seven (Mods / Admin + Managers) to see and give input. This is rare, but often reserved for lore items or otherwise powerful rewards - even multiple. It still falls to the Moderation Team at the end of the day for those reserved types. There is a Dungeon Master specific thread that goes into more details, but do expect to see the fruits of these changes come to pass soon enough. Event Requests are a topic to be tackled as is communication. You can expect better out of the team creating events / roleplay for the server in due time, but due time is the key phrase there. Content: Builds / Interiors The other crucial aspect of content is that of the Interior Applications. These are overseen by Sage alone, and often revolve around him simply making sure it makes sense & isn't anything outrageous. Now, Building has never been more freeing - what with the approach this time around to handling this aspect of Paragon. You aren't going to be kicked out over someone having the lack of contact with you while other's inactivity is ignored. If you wish to "free build" / "mood build" then you need only come to him and let him know what you're building. A weekly check in may happen, but only if he feels the need to. As for interior applications - the processes that he put forward for the Builder Team will apply the same to this new Creative Team and those who wish to build. Activity will ultimately be up to Sage. This is in part due to his status as the Builder Manager and partly due to his status as a Moderator. Not to worry - He won't be implementing a harsh sudden turn of requiring activity. Things will stay the same for those who were on the builder team prior to these changes. GOING FORWARD There will be a slew of changes coming out as part of this. We have rules to condense and modify, we have forum changes to make, and more. You can expect these changes to happen over a period of time. The transition from the prior form of teams to this new set up will take time, coordination, and effort - so please be patient with us on it. Now, you might be wondering what prompted this? The idea of making a better Paragon is what prompted this. The Moderation Team wants to make Paragon better, and a step forward was seen in the Creative Team's formation. Some things have had to happen in the background, but it ultimately came down to this. Now, the change won't be all that well received - perhaps we'll lose some people, and perhaps some folks might be on the fence. This is a change we'll be monitoring for the months to come. Signed, Paragon's Moderation Team
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  27. The only other is Varedis or some such. Was Illidari, died, and is now Legion due to his soul being fucked in the Nether. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  28. It was my understanding that aside from Illidan and the adventurer DH, that immortal souls were practically unattainable. Illidan is surprised to see that the player character DH even possesses the ability. It took Illidan the skull of Gul'dan, and the player a legendary demonic artifact book, just to attain those feats. Regarding Joker's comments on demon hunters being more like demons if they have an immortal soul, sure. Only in soul, though. There's nothing to indicate that the mentality of the DH changes, unless their mind can't handle the power. In which case they die anyway.
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