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    Hey, thanks for picking up the phone this time. Was nice catching up. Wanna also catch a movie some time? My treat!

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  5. UPDATE: the main thread has been edited to include the Events done and the next event to be done. The date for the next event will be announced as soon as possible.
  6. News has reached Alliance territory about the Burning Legion in the Barrens! After receiving a report from Rear Admiral Hartley from Northwatch Hold, Merchant Coast of the Barrens, it has been confirmed that the demons are setting a foothold in the miraculous Overgrowth - the jungle grown in the middle of the Barrens by the kaldorei druid Naralex. Rumor has it that a lot of the local fauna has been tainted by Fel Magic and that a large number of demons are gathering within the wilderness. An attack on Northwatch is supposedly imminent and could cause the loss of the fortress (once more) due to the lack of men and supplies currently manning its walls. It is of critical importance that the Alliance send help in order to maintain their positions in the Barrens and stop the Burning Legion!
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    Republican Party

    this is one of the better shitposts I've seen, well done
  8. Within all the hardships of war and the rising rate of poverty in some areas of the Kingdom of Stormwind, rumours are heard of a charismatic man giving speeches throughout taverns, inns and public gathering areas. "Brothers and sisters, too long have our ruling class not allowed us, the -people- to decide our own faiths. While wars are waged, I see only sadness... sorrow... and hardship. I see children in Westfall weep from hunger while the children in Duskwood look frantically around them, abandoned. And here, I sit here to ask... where are those who are meant to ensure -our- safety, -our- welfare?! Where is the King when thousands over thousands do not have homes or cannot afford a proper meal? Where was the King when the entire province of Westfall burned as nobles dined in their halls. [...] And I see in this crowd some elven, gnomish and dwarven brothers and sisters. Do you not wish a voice? Do you not wish to have a say?! Imagine a place where you pay taxes that you may decide upon. Imagine a place where the people, not those born into power, but those who the people decide rule the people. A government by the people for the people!" And so, the calls of justice and democracy are heard throughout these locations. This man is heard to travel around and goes by the name of Mr. Smith. In his remarks, he calls for protests and petitions. _______________________________________________ OOC This is a revolutionary guild highly based on ideology. The ideology is justice and democracy. Ideology: Establish a free and independent Republic of Stormwind, where all races, no matter their creed or gender, may have a say in governance. Establish a body that will be elected by anyone who is a citizen in the Kingdom. Ensure that the new Republic is built upon the ideals of justice, equality and liberty. Party Ranks Chairman/Founder - Charles Denton. Decided by the Central Committee. Central Committee Members - These are basically advisors and the high council of the Party. These are elected members by the party members of those they wish to represent them. For our intents and purposes, elections will be deemed won by those who wish to take a seat on the committee. Provincial Committee Members - These are those who organize in specific regions and work the same way as the Central Committee. Preachers - These are people in charge of preaching the ideals and recruiting members. Party Members - Voting members of the Party. They may take any role in the Party. Military Section (Party Member Only) Lieutenants - Military leaders of the Party. Appointed by the Central Committee. Sergeants - Aids to the Lieutenants. Soldiers - Self explanatory. Whisper IG to Phillippe or Denton, send a message via Discord or PM me over Forum if interested! We can have a chat.
  9. Call to Arms: Crossroads Participants: Arald, Val'zan, Neja, Rhiz'ga, Fizraxx, Gerathok and Salyssa Rewards: 2 gold and 50 silver to non-military personnel. Call to Arms: Northwatch Participants: Darnam, Kayleigh, Urdren, Gaius, Kaylis, Talharcen, Aimes and Carlyn. Rewards: 2 gold and 50 silver to non-military personnel.
  10. THE BARRENS RAMPAGE: DEMONIC INVASION In the endless dry plains of the Barrens, the clash of sword and the cries of war were last heard years ago with the madness of the son of Hellscream and his True Horde. Once more, the echoes of battle are rumbling in the horizon with the army of demons stationed in none other than the quiet and misterious Wailing Caverns. A stronghold of demonic wickedness seems to have been installed in the depths of these Caverns and the scent of darkness and evil can be felt merely by approaching its main entrance. The Burning Legion .. has finally reached the savannas of Central Kalimdor. OOC INFORMATION As the title and description explains, this is the Event Thread for the Legion Invasion of the Barrens. As always, it will be used to keep track of what is happening in the region, what sort of information is going around regarding what's common knowledge, what has been discovered and what's supposed to be known only by important people such as Horde officers. As for factions, Horde and Alliance will be included, although one of the reasons for the Barrens being picked up is to give some spark to Horde RP again. And it is not a joke nor a meme. Other relevant factions may join, provided they have a good reason. There's going to be small scale events, such as spontaneous ones, and big scale Events that will be usually held in the weekends. FACTION LEADERSHIP: The Horde is led by Sergra Darkthorn, the Chieftess of Crossroads. The Alliance, when it comes into play, is led by Rear Admiral Hartley, chief Navy officer of Northwatch Hold. This thread will be used to post rewards and inform the community of Event dates and time. THE EVENT SCHEDULE 1.0 The Call to Arms [Done] The local leaders of the local settlements in Northern Barrens announce their requests for aid given strange happenings in the savannas. 2.0 The Legion in the Savannah With the Burning Legion's presence confirmed in the Barrens, it is time to take preventive actions and prepare for a possible campaign given the mere news of demons around may be only the principle of an all out assault on the savannah.
  11. Hell yeah put me down for them Modan Boys on Gaius.
  12. BREWFEST IS HERE! Hear, hear, ladies and germs! With the invasion of the Legion in full force, the world set aflame, and the end of civilization in sight, things have gotten a bit gloomy, lately... for most, anyway! But as the seasons change and summer staggers, drunk, pained, and bruised from a bar-fight, into autumn, there couldn't be a better time for an old-fashioned traditional harvest festival to raise the spirits of folk and remind them of just what it is they're fighting for. And in the spirit of competition, three teams have decided to face off in a challenge of wit, bravery, and alcohol consumption, something that'll go into the annals of history. Unfortunately, most of their workers are busy sleeping off hangovers... or getting themselves new ones. So they need your help, and they're willing to pay! Naturally, Brewfest wouldn't be Brewfest without the Brew. In keeping with the time-honored traditions of the Dwarven celebration, all participants, are of course, expected to drink enough that each step they take threatens to knock them on their ass by the end of the day. The Teams The Modan Maltmashers Borri Hornbrew Neslin Fizzledrink Raised in the finest tradition of Dwarven brewing, combined with the technical know-how and industrial expertise of Gnomish micro-brewing, the Modan Maltmashers are an off-the-cuff team working together specially for the sake of this Brewfest. Borri Hornbrew, a staunch traditionalist, makes a poor partner to Neslin Fizzledrink, a gnome at the very forefront of developments in day-drinking, but they've agreed to put their differences aside in an effort to make a fine drink that makes the most of a combination of old and new. Red Collar Beer Co. Zhao Hushpour Imdi Maltchewer The Red Collar Beer Company is a new face on the block of Kalimdorean drink-making. Established only a year ago by a Huojin monk and a Mag'har innkeeper, they follow in the footsteps of Chen Stormstout in their partnership- in more ways then one, given that the Company often finds itself drinking what they make long before they ever get around to selling it. Personally, neither Zhao nor Imdi sees this as a flaw, strictly speaking. Grimspill, Ogden & Sons Hansi Grimspill Ellaine Ogden The partnership between Hansi Grimspill and Ellaine Ogden is one borne out of mistrust- a queer set of circumstances set them to work in the same brew-shop in Booty Bay, and in order to keep them from poisoning each other's drink, they agreed to barrel them together. A slew of poisonings in the same town that year forced them both to flee, where, as chance would have it, they both found out that both of them poisoned the swill in the hopes of putting the other out of business. They've been fast friends ever since, and proud producers of "the strongest ferment you'll ever find outside the Grim Guzzler." Information Alright, here's the skinny; this is obviously a holiday event in celebration of that great time October! The one that isn't Hallowe'en, that is. As such, it's not something that you have to take 100% seriously, and the events presented in the chain won't be entirely befitting the grim and gloomy mood of our current expansion, so be warned! This chain will consist of three seperate events on three seperate days, all of them relating to the competition between these three teams; Day 1: The Brewing Contest! Players will be charged with collecting rare and specific ingredients to help their chosen team make the best brew, before it gets speed-fermented by magical means. This is followed by a taste test, and the team that succeeded the best in gathering what they needed (and managed to keep the other teams from sabotaging their efforts) will win this round. Day 2: The Three-Legged Race! - Teams will be split into pairs of two that have to conduct a three-legged race to deliver a barrel of brew to the chosen location. While drunk- and not allowed to teleport themselves. Whoever gets the mostest there the fastest will win, but mind that the barrel arrives in one piece! Day 3: The Drinking Contest. This one's pretty straightforward... whoever stays standing at the end of it, wins! Anybody is welcome to work for any of the teams presented, but in the interest of fairness I'd like the three teams to have a roughly equal distribution of players working for them, so in the interest of good planning I suggest you express your interest in this thread so I can start splitting people up. The events themselves will be centered on the Broken Isles, though being a drunken mess, they might end up ranging farther and wider onto other continents. The event chain itself will take place sometime in early-to-mid October (still pinning down the date!) Likely either on the 11th, 12th, and 13th, or spread across the following week. Bar fights (PVP) are to be expected, but killing anyone- or injuring them too severely- is both against the spirit of the holiday, and, more importantly, will get you cut off at the bar.
  13. Damn those Legion guys.
  14. The Burning Legion continues its restless crusade to get rid of Azeroth! News around Horde territory is that Legion presence has been confirmed in the vicinity of the Crossroads. After a patrol has gone missing, Chieftess Sergra Darkthorn from the Crossroads called for the aid of able-bodied citizens of the Horde, to what a group answered the call. After being briefed by Thork, the Captain of the security in Crossroads, the group ventured towards the Wailing Caverns - a place that rose suspicion on the local druids due to the highly sinister aura emanating from the misterious caverns. After facing demons at the entrance of the cavern, the group found the missing patrol, or what was left of it. According to the patrol's leader, the Caverns are indeed filled with demons and the situation is far worst than they imagined. The Chieftess has sent a missive to Orgrimmar, requesting further assistance against the Legion, both from the Horde's Army and anyone else willing to make a stand and jeopardize the Burning Legion's influence in the region before it spreads further. Every minute lost is what the Legion needs to grow stronger in the area.
  15. please bear in mind dreadmaw that the bfa decisions aren't gonna be finalized for months i wager. if not even started. we're not yet at the nighthold or even tomb of sargy
  16. We do the lore, yes. Doesn't mean we're going to play through all of it. We've skipped/not done parts of Legion as well - just look at all the Order Hall stuff we didn't end up doing, a lot of side things in the zone also weren't done. The difference is with BfA it's divided between Alliance VS Horde / Ashvane-Azshara-Zul-bonanza, and as a server a great deal of people don't enjoy the repeated jargon of faction conflict and MoP 2.0 We haven't made any decision on how we're going to proceed yet so until we have there's nothing I can really give you.
  17. Ive read it how it was written buddy. I think content should stay the same. We do the lore. It’s just my opinion on the matter.
  18. I'd still like the option to do End-Game content, however, I'd prefer if player characters took on more of a support role than just, balls deep going ham on Titans. Not keen on setting the precedent of having us all be labeled as Titan Slayers. Not because I think anyone would abuse that, I just don't think it's something that anyone should have by principle. There's a big difference between fighting Deathwing and fighting a Planet. But yeah, I think most people still wanna be a part of that (correct me if I'm wrong), and their opinion shouldn't be discarded. Just need to meet in the middle. Not really fussed about the rest of it. Nobody will play Keepers anyway because they're shit. I don't have an IC business or a Noble so whatever. Joker deserved the job all along, so, cool.
  19. I'm not sure that's a good idea as the war encompasses the whole of the Alliance and Horde. And while I agree that the Heart stuff be reserved for a lore char, perhaps we'd go on missions to aid them sometimes. Ghuun or whatever its name was is a big enough threat for more than just lore chars. I'd still want to do stormsong and the drust etc but we just cannot make it primarily the war. We must have a balance between making the WAR the main thing but also not the only thing. Players love to mix their real life ideals into RP and thus why so many PCs talk about hating the faction conflict and being neutral. The hard part will be having any but like 3 to 5 Horde members willing to rp horde or not try to defect. I look forward to it though. Adrasteia helping Genn and doing the Battle for Darkshore and Tayu progressing into a warmage (or specifically a mage that knows war not a mage with a sword) and fighting for the Alliance because it's her duty. Good shit. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  20. I’d rather scrap the faction war than not do the meat and potatoes of the expansion
  21. Don't read what you want to read. Nothing regarding story is set in stone and we're still looking into this.
  22. I disagree with the storytelling, So if I got the just right, we’re going to miss most of the end game content for the lore boys to do it? Nah that’s a bad move.
  23. ` [Free] Keepers of the Grove: these druidic beings rumoured to be the Sons of Cenarius, while relatively powerful in their trade, are protectors of nature and great allies of the Kaldorei. While their druidic abilities can hardly be seconded, there might be mortal Archdruids to surpass them, so powergaming won't be tolerated. Their power is based solely on Nature and controlling it, defending it and healing it. ` This needs to be reworked. 80 percent of the people who applied for Keepers of the Grove in the first place didn't know how to roleplay one, how is making it free going to solve it?
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