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  2. With the Horde and Alliance scrambling about in Stormheim in search for the Aegis of Aggramar, the allies of God-King Skovald had exhumed and stolen the remains of Queen Ashildir, the ruler of the Valkyra battle-maidens. A party comprised of both Alliance and Horde, as well as Valarjar was assembled by Havi and one of Ashildir's brethren with a mission to recover the lost bones of the Valkyra queen from the city of the dead, Haustvald. Within the city they were beset by conflict in the form of the Bonespeaker's slaves, skeletal warriors that had risen from the ground or called forth to protect the homes that the vrykul dwelled or practiced their vile magics in. As they ventured through Haustvald they found pieces of a vrykul skeleton, glimmering with radiant energy. Each of these bones were part of Ashildir's body, severed and hidden in containers. The brave souls collected all of the missing parts, and used a reformation rune in Haustvald to reassemble Ashildir's body and in doing so her weakened spirit. Confronting the leader of the Bonespeakers, Runeseer Faljar, the heroes and Ashildir met a decent match through his army of skeletal soldiers. In the end, however, the Runeseer had enough of this petty fighting and banished their souls to the dark realm of Helheim, the domain belonging to Odyn's eternal enemy Helya. It is there that they felt themselves considerably weaker. Forced to fight through Helheim in their weakened states, the adventurers met a powerful adversary in Helheim's native denizens, Kvaldir. Only through teamwork did they get past the Kvaldir and a massive three-headed hound named Guarm, a pet of Helya. Once at Helya's throne they found the Warchief of the Horde, Dark Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, in a conversation with Helya. The latter had mentioned a bargain of sorts in the process which did seem uncomforting to the approaching people. The Banshee Queen gave little regard to the Alliance, hoping dearly they wouldn't make it out of Helheim. Her Horde champions instead were urged to find a way out and secure the Aegis of Aggramar. Upon leaving, those trapped in Helheim sought to commune with its ruler but were issued a challenge instead - to best her pet in combat. For their disrespect their souls were fractured further and split up. On their way to find their soul fragments they met up with Queen Ashildir once more. The Valkyra queen sought to rescue her captured sisters while her allies restored themselves to full power. Once both had their tasks completed, an awe-inspiring battle took place on the Eternal Battlefield, maidens on golden wings together with the heroes or brave adventurers. Through teamwork and determination the rotten giant was brought low and they escaped the clutches of a furious Helya. For their valorous deed they were given Ashildir's blessing. ______ Valkyra Blessing A gold-glowing runic mark that appears as the winged helmet of a Val'kyr. The mark is randomly inscribed upon the receiver's body and symbolizes the presence of Queen Ashildir, queen and ruler of the Valkyra battle-maidens. By willing the power of the rune into action the bearer of the Valkyra mark can take on the aspect of the Queen Ashildir's caste. The mark itself effectively doubles the power of your next non-defensive spell or attack (can also affect healing spells). When in the presence of other bearers of the same mark the true power of this magical symbol is revealed. For each other holder of the Valkyra mark, the effectiveness is doubled once more. !This effect only works in Storheim, Helheim and the Halls of Valor until Helya's death in the Trial of Valor raid.! Cooldown: One OOC week
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  4. Bumping just to see if there's anything else people can think of.
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    The Lusty Lion

    The Lusty Lion ~Gentleman's Establishment~ New Management has come to the Lusty Lion, under Velona Bay. The C.E.O of the Vel-Tec Company, in collaboration with Greenwall Industries. With the New Management and after certain events, the Lusty Lion, a Gentlemans club (.t lustylion) will put in new rules. All spells and magic of any kind inside of the Establishment is banned, anyone found casting or using magic will be asked asked to leave the premise, if further magic is used said person will be banned from entrance. Anyone who wishes to enter the Establishment are to deliver all weapons on their person. Some people may be expected to undergo a full body inspection. The Guards have all been refitted with new equipment, to help them do their job better. Anyone who wishes to buy large quantities of Alcohol, no matter status will be asked to find a different Supplier. Additional Note: The Lusty Lion is seeking a new Bartender. (.t lustylion)
  6. "I heard from me brother that someone was robbing some things from the Maclure's..." The man speaks softly, as he drinks from his mug of ale. The din in the Lion's Pride Inn is hard to hear over, as the man continues, "I bet it was them stinkin Stonefield's... they have it out for them Maclure's." He takes another sip, as another man speaks up. "But what reason would them Stonefield's have to steal shovels, grain, barrels, and whatever else they say was taken? I bet it was those thugs or whoever down at Jerod's Landing." He shrugs, and walks off... the conversation changing to other topics. Far to the South, away from the warmth of the inn, across the river that separates Elwyn Forest from Duskwood, a group of Gnolls gather around a warm fire, talking and chatting excitedly. Among them are the scattered loot they so recently pilfered from the Maclure Vineyard. A loud bark emanates from a cloaked Gnoll, larger than the rest, before he begins to speak. His pale blue eyes scan his small pack, sneering at a younger pup who hadn't quieted down quick enough. For any nearby in the area, they can hear scattered Gnoll laughter and barks, intermixed with the occasional howl. What will happen next... who knows.
  7. Those little details that makes you happy, confident and comfortable. :3

  8. Events so Far 1. Introduction: A call evening in Azsuna was interrupted. The Illidari Huntress Ilyana was called to act upon a scouting party’s intel that an Eredar had been spotted. A party amassed including Eriash (blood elf ranger), Varro (Human gunslinger), Ang (Pandaren Monk), and of course the Huntress herself Ilyana. After a brief encounter with an ambush of felhounds they discovered the scouting party had been overrun by that same ambush earlier. The Illidari scouts fought bravely and killed most of the Felhounds before they could scatter. Only one Illidari survived the attack. They continued down the path before they were stopped moments later by two Infernals! The infernals dealt a mighty blow to the party’s morale and stamina. Finally they met an Overseer and his men. Ilyana was gravely injures by the overseer for a moment, but the surviving scout gave his life-force to heal her and allow her to strike down the overseer. Ilyana and Ang worked tirelessly to help bring the scout back from the brink. The overseer’s soul was broken and used as fuel to keep the reaper away from him. They succeeded and returned to camp after receiving an ominous warning. The overseer had warned “The Hound-mother will find you, little hunter!” Reward: Illidari Rep gain! Fel-Iron Scraps (left on the field). 2. Reveal of the Hound-Mother: A week later while Ilyana and Eriath sat at a calm pond she struck. Tearing open a portal to her target and allowing her underlings to step through. Two Felguard Legionnaires, two Enhanced Felstalkers, and two regular Felstalkers emerged from the portal. The Hound-Mother herself stepped out and offered pleasantries for a brief moment. But such revelry between enemies was not meant to be. After thrones words were exchanged the Hound-Mother decided to leave and command her forces to kill all present! Ilyana, Eriath, Naerios (kaldorei warrior), and Marta (dark battle-shaman) arose to fight, as well as a fifth armored man. Upon his charge the armored man found the darkened Felstalkers to be slippery, his target phased above him and bit into his neck. Ilyana found the same fate with her rear leg as her opponent did the same. This battle harder than the last. Ilyana fought bravely at the front, keeping the attention of two red Felstalkers. Maera shows Ilyana assailant the heat of the Firelands by throwing lava into its open maw. Naerios’ speed and agility were great, and although he was troubled by the Felguard Legionnaires pairing, he was able to eliminate his target. Eriath provides support from the rear until the last Dark Felstalker phased behind him, and bit into his arm. At the end of the battle he final Felguard surrenders, not wishing to die for the Hound-Mother’s sake. He pleads with Ilyana to be allowed to join the Illidari! But she is having none of it, and removes his heart. Before she did she questioned him and learned only that the Hound-Mother was sent from Argus to assist the Legion’s Burning Vanguard. Reward: 6 Gold worth of Fel-steel armor and weapons. 1 Felguard Heart. (Done on my phone, forgive the awful formatting for now please! XD)
  9. Heroes are remembered... But memes live forever.
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  11. Entry #745 "As I write this message, darkness has already descended upon Azeroth. For what happened today nobody could've foreseen. I sent a band of Azeroth's adventurers, we've come to know them as heroes or champions in their own right regardless of their motives or goals, down to Suramar to investigate an object that had descended from the Felstorm. This mysterious object was discovered by the paladins of the Silver Hand and news was brought to me by their Highlord Tyrosus. The paladins were stretched thin but one of their own was nevertheless present among the group. Observing them I watched as they retrieved a Light-touched object from an angered sea giant. I called them back to Dalaran to discuss what to do with the relic they've retrieved. It was in Dalaran that my greatest surprise would come... when they delivered the foreign object to me it came to life as I tried to lay a hand upon it. Lifting itself from the ground the relic activated a message of sorts. A message from a dear friend I had believed long lost: Turalyon. Though I should rather call it a warning of impending doom. The Army of the Light is fighting a desperate battle in the depths of the Nether and right now we have no means of reaching them. Prophet Velen however was supposedly the key to unlocking the object's knowledge, thus I sent the same people to the Exodar, awaiting their return. And return they did... but with dire news. The Exodar had fallen under siege by the Burning Legion, an assault led by an eredar I would find out to be Velen's own son. The orders had responded quickly to the draenei's cry for aid. Earthen Ring, Valarjar... the Knights of both the Ebon Blade and Silver Hand but still there were many casualties. Those who were able to flee make refuge in Darnassus or Dalaran. In the conflict at the Exodar the naaru O'ros was destroyed, the last remaining one that could unlock the knowledge of Light's Heart, the object retrieved. While the Legion was repelled and their assault on our draenei allies put to a grinding halt we must not forget that this battle was still a triumph for the demons. Today is the day the Light died..." -Archmage Khadgar Participants: Akham, Baltux, Balu'zu, Bevin, Cerairah, Duskcloak, Jengar, Novani, Pirris, Ronric, Thorean Loot: Wondrous Wisdomball A magical orb containing an image of Archmage Khadgar's head. The Wisdomball functions exactly like a Magic 8 Ball though unlike one does not need to be shaken to give you an answer that the Archmage will present to you personally*! The enchanted object will follow you around wherever desired when called forth, floating besides you on its own. Cannot battle and will reject assisting in combat. *Archmage Khadgar will not appear in person with the use of this object. Please do not report this as a malfunction to the Kirin Tor. More coming soon!
  12. The point of the event is initiating roleplay. Something to do that is not dependant on a dungeon-master. IC-wise the reason is that Shu'za wants Azerothians to gain knowledge of their potential. The best way to find that? Battle. Experience. Whatever they use diplomacy to gain allies who take part in the same tournament, or poisons a foe with wits. Whatever, anyone can shine without rules in an arena. Which is a 'flawed' hunting grounds according to Shu'za. The mechanics will be explained ICLY after an initial task.
  13. I'm also super interested into the whole idea and I'll most likely join the event with Jen'gar. However my question is, what is the whole point of the event? Ic-wise, and when are we gonna find out how the mechanics work etcetc
  14. There's no need for an arena. The arena takes place across whole Azeroth in a global manhunt without "This person versus this person" hinderances. It is a free for all without rules, people can group up if they want or just poison another contestant. They all however have a means to track whom is in it and who is not.
  15. Going to post here to give this a lovely bump. If you need a small arena I do have one in my Highborne's port that can be used. As for alts I'll talk to you on Discord about options and such but for now I'll just throw my Orc Gronk in the ring.
  16. Today's afternoon was marked by a ruckus of high quality. Stormwind Navy under Captain Terrence Harrison were shocked by a commotion in the docks as Marines and Civilians entered a frenzy and attacked fellows, the Captain himself ending up in a quite pitiful state mentally. Witnesses describe a mighty confusion with wounded Marines and civilians in total confusion. Soon after, a prisoner of the Navy, a Mr. Octavian de Flavigny, imprisoned and sentenced to the gallows for acts of Piracy against Stormwind vessels, has been sucessfuly 'rescued' from prison in the ruined Menethil Harbor keep. Local security officer Lieutenant Timothy Clark claims that two robed figures claiming to be Clerics have entered the precint with the purpose of giving the condemned a final blessing before knocking out prison warden Reginald Flintwell and local security chief Captain Stoutfist in their escape. The whole ruckus in the docks was confirmed to be the works of dark magic as declared by local magician whose name was omited for security purposes. Witnesses also informed the law about two individuals of felony appearence strolling through the harbor and near the docks as detailed by Marines: a high elven man with light blonde hair and a human with black hair and a rag covering her face. The wrecked town is now on high allert for the following days while the search for said individuals is conducted in the swamps.
  17. "Your potential is a rarity among the stars, Mindlessly you waste it, The gift of gods. You slumber through conflict on a bed of ignorance, Unaware of those whom lurk beyond your blue heaven. Awaken, child of Azeroth For the time is nigh." "I was alone in the wilderness, stalking through the jungle. Both moon and stars illuminated my path ahead. For some time I heard a woman's whispers which slowly they grew louder and coherent as I prowled ahead. As if I was struck fate itself, I saw a silhouette, floating a mountain's height above. Somehow her whispers found my ears, and even with such a great distance between us, I knew that she was watching me as I was watching her. I found the pillar she asked for me to find. Her challenge however, I failed... I haven't found the pillar or another since." This is my hopefully fruitful contribution to something. This is a tournament arc without a penalty for death and there aren't a whole lot of restrictions on players and their characters. Before someone cries to the skies about this going 'unfair' because they might plausibly fight with an opponent that could outshine them, don't be disheartened. It is a chance for everyone to develop their characters, meet other characters, build relations whatever they are good or bad. There is no specific arena other than the whole of Azeroth. There will be no specific pairings for this tournament but there will be a means to track, stalk and discover other player characters that are involved. There are no rules which hinder a person's approach, they can eliminate someone by feeding them poisoned foods, shoot them in the back. Death? Do not worry about death, for the chances are nil. A fight does not have to be concluded in one session if anything I would promote the idea of building this into something less trivial than a one-time-fight. Everyone will get an in-character introduction. If something takes too long then I will find a means to give it an encouraging kick. If you are interested, contact me on this thread, discord or in-game. (and no Sindo, no liches) Reach me on Discord : 0Parasite0#7637 Am in Paragon discord too In game every now and then! Participants Name | Status
  18. Word finally travels south through the Dwarves, and overseas to Durotar as a ship docks in Bladefist Bay. Soon whispers are spread throughout both the Alliance and the horde that the demons are starting to hit them a lot closer to home once again. The Hinterlands, a region relatively undermanned because of the on-going conflict on the Broken Isles, has been targeted by the Legion once again using the wildlife and natural denizens to cover their initial force. The Aerie and Revantusk Village were both hit by an overwhelming force of Wildkin, with striking violet eyes and twisted blackened feathers, corrupted beyond their initial strength by a force of Shadow it seems, along with a plethora of other corrupted wildlife. There were even reports of Eredar and Mo’arg pouring into the Aerie through sickly green portals. Individuals have been calling for the Aventurers outside of the Isles to offer any aid that they can while the Wildhammers and the Revantusk tribe are on their knees. Healers, defenders and even Scholars will find use freeing these two groups from the clutches of the Legion, and will hopefully find a degree of appreciation and thanks! … However much these two groups can spare in their current states…
  19. Following the Horde's investigation of Aggramar's Vault they were directed by the vrykul sage Havi to assist the Thorignir storm dragons. Thorim's Peak, the dragons' domain had come under attack by God-King Skovald's Felskorn vrykul with the intent to both finish the trials as well as enslave the ancient dragons - succeeding in the latter would not only deny others the right to complete Odyn's trial but also provide the Burning Legion with a wing of corrupted dragons, neither were good results. Having been sent halfway up Thorim's Peak they found the God-King beating up an already wounded Vethir. The God-King left, stating he already had what he needed from the dragons and that his underlings would secure the rest. The Horde, not letting their heads down, assisted Vethir to get back up. The dragon, in turn, requested they save his brethren and mother from the Legion's grasp. A fierce battle between fel-corrupted vrykul, demons and the Horde's fury resulted in a loss for the Burning Legion - Urion and Thorean being crucial in dealing with the eredar in charge of the whole operations. While true, the demonic forces that perished would regenerate themselves over time the deaths of the vrykul were still reduced numbers of the Legion's ranks in the region. For their valiant efforts the broodmother of the Thorignir gave the would-be heroes the blessing of the Storm Dragons. Thorignir Blessing: A blue-glowing, Vrykul runic mark that is inscribed randomly on the receiver's body, symbolizing the completion of the Trial of Will and the blessing of the Thorignir Storm Dragons. By willing the power of the runic mark into action the bearer can empower their next spell as if it were Lightning based OR enhance their next melee attack to deal moderate Lightning-damage. This effect can be used twice per day. Cooldown: One day ____ The Horde has done their share in securing the Aegis and the Alliance had work to do in this regard as well. Gathered by King Greymane fighters of the Alliance met with Havi right outside Greywatch. In order to obtain the blessing of ancestral vrykul rulers they would need to speak with Vydhar, for the ancient vrykul had already passed away. The stout tree in the center had his power sealed by the Bonespeakers, twisted in their ways and opposing any who would try to commit to the trials for the Aegis. Splitting off, Genn Greymane went to destroy one of the two remaining runestones while the cluster of people dealt with the Bonespeakers nearby to take care of the other. After a lengthy scuffle the Bonespeakers lost and the runestone was demolished by Urdren's roots. Once Vydhar was liberated he bestowed upon the group a special branch that could be used to awaken the leaders of the vrykul that had long since passed away. Heimir of the Black Fist, Rythas the Oracle and Oktel Dragonblood were challenged in this order and bested - each giving their blessing upon the group. The last leader, Queen Ashildir, was to give hers as well but upon arriving at her gravesite the group found the body had been exhumed and stolen by the Bonespeakers. For now rest and feasting was advised by the old Havi for the triumphs they did get - though all could keep one blessing the kings had given. Drekirjar Blessing: A red-glowing, runic mark - the symbols shaping the form of a Storm Dragon head. The mark is randomly inscribed upon the receiver's body, symbolizing the presence of Thane Dragonblood's blessing and by extension that of the other vrykul leaders. By willing the power of the rune into action the bearer of the Drekirjar mark gains the ability to temporarily acquire the breath weapon of the Storm Dragons. This allows them to unleash a furious lightning breath from their lungs. This effect lasts two turns. Cooldown: Two days Runeseer Blessing: A yellow-glowing runic mark - the symbols shaping the form of intertwined circles. The mark is randomly inscribed upon the receiver's body, symbolizing the presence of Rythas the Oracle's blessing and by extension that of the other vrykul leaders. By willing the power of the rune into action the bearer of the Runeseer mark gains the ability to conjure a golden-glowing rune underneath their feet, spanning a diameter of 4.9ft (1,5 meters). The rune projects divine energies, slowly rejuvenating and healing those in the rune's circle from their injuries. The user of the rune can choose to detonate the symbol, causing a burst of flames to erupt skyward to incinerate those within. Rune remains for three turns. Cooldown: One day Tideskorn Blessing: A teal-glowing, runic mark - the symbols shaping the form of moving ocean waves. The mark is randomly inscribed upon the receiver's body, symbolizing the presence of Heimir of the Black Fist's blessing and by extension that of the other vrykul leaders. By willing the power of the rune into action the bearer of the Tideskorn mark gains the ability to call upon an ancestral Tideskorn vrykul raider to temporarily assist them in combat. The raider remains present for a total of four turns. !This effect only works in Stormheim until Helya's death in the Trial of Valor raid.! Cooldown: One day
  20. There's already a casino out there already built. I forgot what it was called but it exists.
  21. To be honest, I like both options. Although I am just reaally hecking indecisive about things so.. :T But yeah, more high-risk events are neat!
  22. I wouldn't personally join the quest myself But i like the concept! That would bring some new airs into questing, and areas to RP in! I'd be interested in just spectate the event, since i don't know how casinos and gambling works much.
  23. If I go #2 I'd open the build afterwards for public RP as well as DMs to use when they please. I might just have to get a builder or two to help me make it at one point.
  24. Personally, I'd like concept 2. The idea of a casino with its full flashiness is something I've always wanted to see. Gold theming, chance for loot gain or total loss, charismatic staff, etc. If you do, keep the building! I'd love to make a casino char!
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