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  6. Thanks for the gold!
  7. This missive goes to all Alliance naval commanders! The Battleship "Lightbringer's Will" has gone missing in the seas surrounding southeast Kalimdor. Its last reported location was just south of Ratchet heading to reinforce the fleet at Northwatch Keep. SI:7 agents in the port-town of Ratchet have identified a 'Perry Redwind' boasting of her participation in the sinking of the vessel. All Navy vessels are now required to sail in formations of at least two while patrolling Eastern Kalimdor, no exceptions, and nearby fleets are to be immediately signaled if battle is expected. In the name of His Majesty the King, Anduin Wrynn. A bounty has been issued, details below. Bounty: One 'Perry' Redwind - average height, fairly petite - red-head based on her complexion, pale with dim freckles. Hair is dyed a darker shade, to match the color of the icicle-shaped tattoos beneath her eyes and on her lower lip. Heavily armed with flintlock-style firearms. An odd contraption is located on her right forearm, function unknown. Recommend extreme caution when approaching. Last seen in Ratchet, location currently unknown. Dead: 25 gold Alive: 50 gold Any crew members brought dead or alive will be worth an additional 25 silver with provided proof.
  8. If you're referring to the player that's DMing, then no. Which speaks for itself, if they don't log it - it's not viable. If you mean players that participated, they too can 'report' that they participated in the event. Kind of to ensure that it is logged in the first place. Events, player ran or not, that aren't saved will not be usable, because there's no confirmation that it actually happened. For your Shadowplague, I would say that such is viable especially considering all reagents except black lotus are fairly common. Normally I'd not even be bothered to let someone DM it in the first place but this was the now-admin's decision.
  9. Fair enough. I'm good with that then. If a player does not log the event, and on a future application sites that event as their source for a material, will it be counted? Also does this mean I can ask anyone to DM me getting the ingredients for my Shadowplague now, since I was told I require a DM to make an event for me to gather the herbs?
  10. Not exactly. If we do Syth's method and make a "Player" section on the sheet, players are still required to pass it on to us and we can record it and maybe even make some tweaks if necessary so that it's all good to go. That way it's logged, and those who need to have access to it, have said access. If you don't bring it to us to log it, then, yeah... too bad? That's the player's responsibility to also communicate back. You get this priviledge as a player but tit for tat.
  11. I don't see any problem with this option here, similar to the Contact Moderation thread. It still allows for players who do a small event to log what players get how much money/items. It just irks me to think that in a few months, someone will apply and say "Oh I've done these events and got this much money." and there won't be any proof for any of it. Because we know people will try to get as many simple events as possible to rack up gold.
  12. Something like this wouldn't end up in event requests as that's where you... request an event, not log things that's been done. They also wouldn't be visible for anyone but DMs, Mods and Admin (besides the player who made the thread). The idea is more likely to use Syth's idea to make a sheet in the DM tab, which is visible to the aforementioned ranked positions on the server. Especially because there's people notorious for complaining about who has what and why they did what they did and so on and so on. Let alone if we add into that that they got something that came from an event without a DM. If we were to log it in a public section of the forums, people would get to see everything another person does or got.
  13. Will there be a section in the Event Requests where players who DM instead of a DM, can fill out just a small sheet? Like: Joe, Mary, and Billy killed 5 boars. I gave them 15 Silver each, and Joe got a Magic Rock. Mary got 5 boar pelts. This way we can keep track of things that transpire, and also gives us a way to look back on things that were handed out.
  14. I think over time the idea has grown that everything needs a DM and people feel they can't do anything on their own, when that was never intended to be the case. A scenario of losing ourselves along the way? Not the right analogy but I hope you understand what I mean with that. People were always able to do their small things but as time passed and systems changed, there has been a growing dependance on DMs which we're now trying to amend. As for being held accountable that's only normal I'd say. If someone does abuse the system, mods will have to deal with it. That's something to consider. We already do it in event requests where they say they'll be picking up a request but for smaller things this could be done as well. This I like. I won't be implementing it today anymore but I'll look into that this week still.
  15. Overall, I like the changes. I haven't given the entire thing a lot of deep thought yet, but I do have one suggestion @nuggiemancer @Seto Kaiba: For #3, I would like to suggest that if a DM is going to run an event for their group of friends and there is any room at all for this to be interpreted as bias, they would announce it in DM chat so that it can be reviewed. Because there is potential for bias, it's a lot easier to trust them if they put themselves forward and go "hey i might be too nice to these guys in my event, please keep an eye on me." This makes it less likely for any surprises to show up down the line. As for #5, Add a sheet to the DM Activity tables called "Players", and add an extra column for the player name. The player does not have to ask permission to run their event if it is within the limits of the acceptable rewards, but they do have to report the event to an EM, who then records it on the player section. If there's any fishy business going on, it will be possible to go back and look at what they claim happened and allow or invalidate it. Players can also report it to DM's to have it recorded, that works too. It will be the player's personal responsibility to do this if they decide to run their own event, so its entirely fair. If they run an event, it goes unreported, and the reward is a liiiittle bit fishy, then the EM or a mod can unconditionally revoke it due to a failure to report it.
  16. I appreciate the responses, but that doesn't really solve the issue at hand. The idea of "punish the instances of abuse that do occur", so essentially then... Nothing is changing except we're now not limited to only a group of blue named DM's? After all, why shouldn't someone be able to do this, as unreasonable as it may sound to us, it may be entirely reasonable, and within the rules to do so for another player.
  17. Everything @Scottie said. The community is more than capable of spotting bull, so the chances of this being abused are low. Even then, the mods can step in and punish the instances of abuse that do occur. Exactly what Tass meant by the pros outweigh the cons.
  18. The reward should be justified by the event. There is no reason why Farmer Joe would pay each adventurer that helps him 5 gold each for killing 4 boars striking his fields.
  19. That's a fair point. I'd say this is something that will become obvious very quickly when you have to justify where your items/money comes from. The idea behind this is that if I'm a non-DM, playing in... let's say the Barrens, with a group, that we can DM some quillboar or animal attacks without needing to go "Hey I need a DM!" and reap some benefit out of that isn't out of the question. Another scenario is where you might want to go and bring someone to justice just to keep busy with, sufficiently rewarded according to the job. At the same time we're hoping for players to be reasonable enough to not go overboard with what they can do.
  20. I wanted to follow-up on point 5 especially. What's the idea going forward to make it to where one DM isn't the overly selected. It's no surprise with using elements of the RPG that there are underpowered, and overpowered enchantments or special items. Why would, as a player, ever put a cap on myself and say "nah only 3 gold this time" instead of the full 5, or the item of 'It might proc' to 'always procing for enchanced against undead' or something?
  21. As Nathaniel mentioned, here's something Nuggie and I have worked on in the meantime. We hope these changes will make things easier to get things sorted, and less problematic for players. With a little luck we can add one more thing for you down the line but right now this is what you get, hopefully players and DMs alike will appreciate this. 1. We discussed this in the DM channel already, the limitation on how many DMs we can have at any given time. This is an arbitrary limitation that is easily disregarded. Even if our population isn't that desirable in terms of number, we don't see a benefit in putting a number on the DM Team. Turning away people with good potential for DMing is 'not done' and for that reason we will no longer, officially, adhere to it. I cannot say how this holds for the builder team and its limitation. 2. This one is primarily for our DMs, but may also be relevant for those who wish to become DMs. To give a little bit of context here: There are sheets that the DMs use to log their events. When was the event, what happened, who was there, what rewards were given out (if any). For years we also used this to gauge the activity of the DMs. While DMs are still expected to fill in this sheet when they host an event, no longer will it be used to determine their (in)activity. This takes away the pressure to pump out a dozen events just to reach an undetermined quota and means DMs won't be necessarily removed simply because RL gets them out of the game for longer periods of time. In combination with the point above, we see this as a way of going forward where they aren't necessarily hogging a spot for themselves. 3. For many years now we've had the restriction that, as a full-fledged DM, you aren't allowed to DM for your good friends. While, depending on circumstances, exceptions have been made we're going to do away with that. We find that the pro's overcome the cons in allowing it. In the past... and actually even in the present, we have found it to be much more of a hinderance when event requests or spontaneous gigs are put on hold for too long simply because the available DM may be their friend. There is also a certain pressure on the DM to avoid looking biased. Of course we know that this creates more potential for abuse but with our current situation of playerbase we would be doing ourselves a disservice to make hindering restrictions such as this. Should DMs actually be misusing this priviledge it will be handled but that's on a case by case basis for Nuggie, myself and the moderators when/if it happens. 4. On the topic of loosening up, we're also going to put a bit of an axe into event requests. No we're not going to scrap the section but we are going to try and redefine what you'd need an event request for. Commonly this will happen in one of two ways: When you're not certain if something would need an event request, you ask Nuggie or myself and we will tell you if it would need a request, or not. You just go ahead and make an event request, and when we check it out tell you that this doesn't really need someone to DM it for you. With the above in mind if people REALLY still want an event request for their idea then they can, of course, choose to reject our opinion and go through with their event request. The reason we're doing this is because we came to the conclusion that some of these requests can be handled through means of background writing, an application (of any variety). Some of them are trivial enough that you don't even necessarily need a DM to have it done. During this week we'll be going over the Event Requests and determine if a DM is at all needed and give the players a poke on their thread. 5. For now, this is the final one. DMs are much less inhibited by restrictions in terms of handing out rewards, although ludicrous ones still need a check-in with us to see if it's alright to go through. However... what if you're not a DM? What if you're just in a group with friends, want to kill some wolves in Elwynn? What if you're someone who wants to do some temporary DMing to do a storyline or entertain a group spontaneously? While, for the moment, DMing as a non-DM is a bit tricky due to lacking access to much needed commands improvisation goes a long way. Should you not be a DM, the limit on handing out rewards is as follows: Coin cannot go beyond 5 gold Special item rewards are restricted to 1 minor/lesser enchantment That's it right now. This should hopefully alleviate some concerns and immediate issues. Know that things aren't as restricted as they are and that you can do more than you might realize without necessarily needing the approval of myself/Nuggie or needing a DM. If you do have things you're uncertain about then you can still contact us regardless. Kind Regards, Paragon Dungeon Master Team & Event Managers.
  22. Impressive ... most impressive.
  23. Hello there, Paragon. As you may have noticed, there has been a good deal of discussion going far and wide across the server, and in regards to that, the Moderation Team and I decided to gather this Saturday to discuss these things and see what may be done about it. I personally consulted a few other members of the community in the form of reading their public statements regarding the current state of affairs in Paragon as well as the propositions brought forward by the Playerbase, so let's put a point on the end of the sentences until the new ones are being written, shall we? Please make sure you read it carefully, twice if necessary, so no misunderstandings are made. Let's go. 1. The Reforms of the Dungeon Master Team A few reforms were proposed to the Dungeon Master Team and the Event Manager role and the Moderation Team has discussed those things. You can expect an announcement from Tassarah very soon about those changes. Safe to say, those changes were discussed among both the Moderators and the Event Managers, one at a time. 2. Paragon's Storytelling and Lore Adherence As said before, and confirmed, we are not going to be sticking truly and firm to Blizzard's storytelling in the coming content. What we confirmed among ourselves for now is that between the end of Legion expansion and the start of Battle for Azeroth we will be getting a grace period instead of Sylvanas jumping on everyone because Azerite. While the Community is allowed some freedom of content for their characters, we'll be discussing the steps forward. Right now, the main discussion amomg us will be how to proceed with Argus and the ending parts of the Legion expansion. 3. New Revamp of the Lists of Classes and Races The Moderation Team has discussed the latest suggestion for the new Lists of Classes and Races and the Application Requirements. According to the Community's feedback and the general drought of Roleplay, we have considered our options and decided to make a major revamp on the Lists, freeing up a great lot of races for the community to enjoy without the requirement of an Application Process. This does not skip the fact that breaking the rules regarding how you play your character is grounds for punishment, especially from certain races that require a bit more of attention and accuracy to be played properly. The following Classes are being kept [Restricted] at least for now: Blademaster Mountain King Shadow Hunter Spellbreaker Warden These classes still mean something for their respective races in the Warcraft environment, and while they're not so high compared to the others, we decided to keep them Restricted for now while we go over everything provided by both Community feedback and Lore relevant points. The following Races are being kept [Restricted] at least for now: Eredar Lord Pit Lord Doomlord Nathrezim Liches The demons are being kept as Restricted for being leaders among the Legion ever since Sargeras formed his army, those are the races he chose to lead, or conduct very specific operations (such as Nathrezim infiltrators). You cannot play a 'Commander Shivarra' without applying for it, either, even if it's a free-to-play race. You'll need to Apply for your authority. As for Liches, they're still considered to be very powerful undead beings in their own right, so at least for now, we're keeping them Restricted. Mature Dragons (the following variants): Blue Bronze Green Netherwing Storm/Thorignir Red Considering the Mature Dragons are still beings of some power, we decided to keep them Restricted to an Application Process. The following races are going to be kept under [Contact Moderator] restriction: Intelligent Construct Ancients; Ancient of Lore Ancient of War Ancient Protector Blossoming Ancient Corrupted Ancient Tree of Life Ogre Lord Nerubian Queen Nerubian Vizier Nerubian Crypt Lord N'raqi (Faceless Ones, Lesser C'thraxxi, etc.) Vampyr Keeper of the Grove Magnataur Ettin Giants Gronn Val'kyr (Valarjar, Ebon Blade, Forsaken, Scourge) Whatever you don't see on the lists. Aside from the races listed here, the others are being made completely [Free]. In case you have doubts or concerns we kindly welcome you to contact the Moderation Team or Administrator either through the Contact Moderation Team forum or in the Paragon Discord Server. Forbidden stuff continues the same unless listed here. 4. Miscellaneous Applications and Restrictions Event Rewards are no longer required to go through a Misc. App process. A succesful Event is all it takes to have an item, provided the Dungeon Master and his Manager are on the same page with the Player, with the Moderation Team's supervision through proper communication. Items and specific things that are created or forged by the Player still require a Miscellaneous Application, as long as the IC justification is confirmed and accepted by the Moderation Team. The ability to forge specific metals listed in the Template are still going to be restricted by a Misc. Application. Again, we encourage the community to approach the Moderation Team or me with any doubts or concerns regarding the changes. Be on point, for we have more to discuss in the coming days. Kind Regards, Paragon Moderation Team & Administration.
  24. This is on hold until I can revamp the concept. A retcon has thrown a wrench into things.
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