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  2. The afternoon Local Report of the day reads as follows: DUCHESS KATLYNN STRIKE DECLARED LOST AT SEA AFTER MONTHS! The Nobles of Dyrwood opened an Emergency Regency Council! [==============================================================================================] The modestly known Duchess of Dyrwood, Lady Katlynn Strike, has departed in a maritime voyage months ago with a purpose yet to be informed by the Lady's most close family and associates. The turmoil of the Legion invasion has brought many strife upon the young daughter of Lord Dawid Strike, the latter's current condition also unconfirmed. The young Duchess has been repeatedly attacked by demons, one of those occasions incurring the loss of a baby. The Stormwind Home Fleet, which is the naval unit in charge of protecting the immediate perimeter of the Kingdom of Stormwind's shores, have reported that the ship in which Lady Strike departed was never seen again in the nearby waters. As of today, the Emergency Regency Council of the Duchy of Dyrwood, formed by the Barons serving House Strike, has declared the Duchess to be lost at sea -- a thesis officialy supported by the office of the Duchess' husband, Lord Jean-Philippe de Montarville, Marquis of Montarville. The legal heir to the Duchy is the young son of the Duchess and the Marquis, Roran de Montarville Strike. With the legal heir currently underaged, the Emergency Regency Council will be gathering in the coming days in order to establish a consensus among them for the leadership of the Duchy until young Roran reaches the Age of Ascension, or another member of the family is appointed to the ducal throne. It is unknown yet whether or not the Council will claim/enforce the right for Regency of the considerable domains of House Strike, or if they will appoint one of the Duchy's vassals to uphold this much important duty. Some claim that a proper fit would be the heir's father, the Marquis of Montarville, though there are those among Dyrwood's upper circles that express a certain anti-Marquis sentiment even though they publicly express their respect and condolences towards Lord de Montarville. Locally, the population is somewhat concerned. This is the second time they find themselves in a limbo regarding the leadership of the Duchy, as Lord Dawid just recently stepped down in favour of his daughter, and now, once more, the ducal throne remains empty. Certain gossip runs within the walls of the Stormwind Keep, in which the Court criticizes the possiblity of the Marquis -- a powerful and influential man on his own, being delegated power over the sizeable Duchy of Dyrwood. With so much assets in the south, the more conservative lords fear an increase in the political pressure in the region and against His Majesty. The Count of Dyrsweald and uncle to the Duchess, Lord James R. Strike, was reported to be setting sail this morning in a private vessel hired from a modestly known trading company from Stormwind City, presumably, and almost certainly with the objective of finding his missing niece. His Majesty only expressed his wishes for the safety of the Duchess and that the Holy Light guide the Count in finding his missing niece so that order may be restored to the troubled Duchy. More news as the case develops. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! [==============================================================================================]
  3. Reasonable Description: Pass. Reasonable History: Pass. Sufficient Understanding: Pass. Adequate RP Quality: Pass. After clarifying this stuff with you, I trust you to play this character. Do not disappoint me...
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  5. Hey, @Slavo, just poking you to let you know that if we don't get a response in two days, this will unfortunately be moved to denied.
  6. The evening Local Report reads as follows: VALIANCE KEEP REOPENS MINING OPERATIONS IN THE FARSHIRE MINE! New Jobs have been Opened in the Preparation for Large Cobalt Extraction! [=========================================================================================================] Great news arrive from the otherwise dormant continent of Northrend to the masses of the Kingdom of Stormwind who just recently lost their jobs due to the crisis faced by the post-Legion war status. His Majesty, King Anduin Wrynn, has deemed the closed Farshire Mine near Valiance Keep to be a possible asset for the kingdom in its dire times, and as such, has sent an envoy in the person of Lord Vladimir Von Karstein, Count of Shalewind, to confer with the long time commander of the Keep, General Arlos of the Valiance Expedition, in order to evaluate the mine's conditions and to discern how worthy are the deposits still buried in those rocks. The Farshire Mine was deactivated long ago after numerous cases of infection by the Plague of Undeath, which took the lives of many workers and soldiers. As the mine was reopened, a few undead was still found roaming the caves but were swiftly dealt with. Now that the threat of the Scourge is inexistent, the Count of Shalewind has inspected the mine and, employing his own Redridge Stonemason's Guild, he has ordered the start of the preparations for the arrival of numerous workers to continue the extraction of the mine's resources. An impressive stash of cobalt ore has been confirmed, as well as the precious deposits of limestone and flint. Thankfully, and surprisingly, the infrastructure of the mine remain very conserved and safe from attrition. The tracks meant to unload the mine's production are currently under reparations and machines are being required to expedite the process of putting the mine to work. As such, it is with joy and pride that His Majesty announces the opening of jobs in the frigid north, with a salary fixed on 20 silver/month, 8 hours/day work, food, and housing provided by the Count's lease, for every able-bodied citizen willing to travel to Valiance Keep and join the operation. Families in need of relocation are advised to seek out the Stormwind Harbor Authority as soon as they can with all necessary identification papers in order to get a free pass on the next vessel bound for Valiance Keep. Dwarven specialists from the Ironforge Miner's League are being contacted in regards to the proper execution and organization of the Farshire Mine's operations and are expected to arrive in Valiance Keep within the week. It is indeed a great day for the considerable number of unemployed citizens already wandering the streets of Stormwind City and its nearby settlements even though this is but one (considerable) first step on the way to stability in the kingdom. The King has officially complimented the work of His Lordship the Count of Shalewind on this vital effort to fix the kingdom's troubles as well as He has expressed his empathy towards those who struggle to maintain their families in this time of strife. More news as the case develops. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! [=========================================================================================================]
  7. Good point there, added some additional context for what happened after becoming a Ren'dorei, it's relatively short just due to timeline wise, how little time has passed, but I think it does the job.
  8. I'd like to see you touch upon how the Void affected his ability to be a Spellbreaker. As I've already mentioned before to you, I think that having the Void's influence over ones mind would make it that much more difficult to perform the duties necessary of a Spellbreaker. Can you go into a bit of detail about how he coped with it or disciplined himself?
  9. Just going to say you missed the chance to write 'Hail Hydra!'... I'm going to just say I'm curious to see how the character would be played out- would surely be interesting to interact with them and find out how they cope being one of a potential line of new super-crazy anti-magic soldiers...
  10. Ah right, sorry on that to both of you. Edited the races/class description. Perhaps it was just too much multi-tasking, but I think going forward I'll relocate where that is in the application template, as it was very easily mixed between the promotion and amount of NPC's. Also filled out more of the section about his training, as you're right, I did gloss over it far too much, just for reference of what was added:
  11. Event Request Link: Operation Cleanup - Event Request Who can participate in the Events?: The event chain is designed for Alliance/Horde/Neutral characters to all be able to participate. There will be several parts to the event, all along the Arathi Hinterlands, tied to different factions in an area both Alliance/Horde share. There for, any character may very well have an active stake in the event, regardless of affiliation. How many events will there be?: There will be at least between 6-7 events in total. Arguably more depending on how many players actively interject themselves in the story. 6-7 will be the minimum for said chain. What are some of the overall premises for the event?: Given the Event request takes place in the mids of a conflicted zone, there is a lot of area for political tension and agendas during the entirity of this event chain. Some players have already actively promoted agendas directly against/for the aims of the Horde representative thus far(Aka Warblessed) and may very well try to foil any attempts to solidify peace/success within the Arathi Hinterlands. So, whilst the event may seem like just an ordinary cleanup of the Hinterlands, there is quite a lot of political and diplomatic affairs at work here that may very well influence quite a bit of story content going forward. Story thus far: Part I Aka Warblessed appears for a diplomatic meeting as a Horde representative within Menethil Harbor. To much resentment of many members of the Alliance. Proposing, not only a temporary ceasefire, but a truce. A truce designed to have the Alliance and the Horde collaborate against threats to both of their efforts within the Arathi Hinterlands. His Proposal? To use a trade ship housing nothing but Horde and Alliance soldiers to sail across the Arathi reef. In order to draw the hostile forces of Prince Nazjak the Naga into a trap. Despite many uncertainties from amongst the room, Captain Stoutfist would find himself agreeing uncertainly to the proposal. Albeit his uncertainties would aptly vanish as Marquis Montarville would appear and support the plan presented by the Orc. Aka Warblessed, Johnathan Jones, Lord Eadweard and Eleena would sail upon this merchant ship with an assortment of Menethil Sentries and Horde troops northward to deal with the Naga threat. Their mission, would be an overall success. Aside from returning the trade ship with massive holes both in it's side and the bottom of it's hull. Aka Warblessed would have Prince Nazjak's head as a trophy. As well as Johnathan Jones would have kept a jeweled necklace of Prince Nazjak's as a trophy of his own. Both signifying to both the Alliance and the Horde, the fall of Prince Nazjak at the hands of a collaborative effort between both factions.
  12. I would like to see more detail about his training as I feel like you glossed over that too quickly. Additionally, you should fill out the races/class description.
  13. Reasonable Number: Pass Good amount of troops and well spread out. Just don't force a DM to have to spawn all of em' Suitable Upkeep: Pass You explained this and I know whatcha got. Reasonable Justification: Pass Yeeep Adequate RP Quality: Pass You're gucci
  14. After speaking to you, I am fine with this. Reasonable Number: Since you've got the cash, who am I to deny you? Suitable Upkeep: Indeed. Reasonable Justification: Oui. Adequate RP Quality: Yeah. Have fun.
  15. Hey Hydra! Before I would fully evaluate this application, could you fill out the Class/Race Description field for me?
  16. You have to admit, it's a very charismatic sounding name though! It's the single reason why I utilized it. i swear it has nothing to imply otherwise
  17. Vladimir von Karstein? Man Gamesworkshop is gonna get us shut down
  18. What is the name of your character? : Farad What is the full name of your character? : Farad Rightbeam Affiliation: Ren'Dorei, Alliance –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– What is your character's current rank? : N/A What is your character's desired rank? : N/A –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Class? : (Applying) Spellbreaker Race? : Ren'Dorei (Void Elf) Gender? : Male Age? : 168 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Description: A relatively younger elf, Farad prides himself on his appearance. Not going a single day without properly taking care of his facial and head hair; each strain being articulately groomed and put into place. His purpled skin now highlighting the scared flesh on his cheek. Though he may be relatively average height among other elves, his muscle mass has developed from wearing the heavier armor as he trained and battled. His personality is one of, to say the least of vanity. His appearance is everything to him, and with such, he dedicates an abundance of time to polish his armor and shield. Though he may come off as arrogant at some times, it's far more cockiness based on what knowledge he does have while being rather idle while he's unsure of a matter. Recently, however, due to the transformation into his Ren'dorei status, he's adopted more of a sadistic outlook, enjoying the torment of others as he feels tormented from the whispers himself. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Character's History: Born in a relatively peaceful era based on what was to come, Farad had grown up in a somewhat well-off family; his mother a tailor for a magistrate and his father serving in the Quel'Thalas military as a Farstrider. Though they lived well, his mother always strived for more than beyond her means, while his father would attempt to put on an appearance of being far more well off than they were. Though not isolated, Farad didn't grow up with friends, his parent's personalities tending to drive them off or force him to cut ties when they got too close to not see what status the family was truly in. Through his childhood, he would face his father's constant deployments to the front against the Amani and accompanying his mother to the Magister's estate, tending to his Hawkstriders while his mother socialized with other mid-class echelons. During this time as he continued through his adolescence and ultimately teenage years, his father would become further and further distant, socializing at the Farstrider outpost with all of his 'colleagues' and his mother would continue to fit the magister. Farad himself would find himself being moved away from tending to the Hawkstriders and moved gradually into assisting the Magister's apprentices through the library, hauling around all of their supplies and heavy books, gradually taking the time to skim over some of them as many concepts went over his head, focused far too much on both his male and female peers. Continuing into adulthood Farad would eventually be pushed out into the field, not having trained as a Farstrider, his father was rather distant and continued to push him further and further away; for the first time Farad seeing the haram of women that his father had amassed, these women his father was unfaithful with now commanding Farad and his actions. He would write to his mother each and every day, claiming how much he missed the life in the Magister's estate, missed seeing her, and more importantly the knowledge he was attaining. He would remain on the fronts, running guerilla missions under the Farstriders against the Amani. Sometime into his 60's, his mother had finally entertained his request, pulling Farad back to the estate, though not detailing his role; the Magister having pulled Farad into his personal service, he had left the following dawn. Upon arrival, his mother no longer appeared in the garment that he was used to, but rather in a garment of one of higher status. Though unable to pin it immediately, Farad was ushered into the Magister's chamber, waiting multiple hours prior to the meeting to take place; only to learn that his mother had negotiated with the magister, a son for a son. In this case, Farad's half-brother wouldn't be revealed to be the magister's, and Farad would be working within the library of the estate. For the next several decades, Farad would work within this capacity, becoming the librarian and bookkeeper for the magister, taking his free time to read through these magical, mathematical, and logical manuals and begin to practice them in secret. During this time his half-brother would be being raised as both of his parents, his father being drunkenly convinced that he was conceived during a time of leave; a point that Farad couldn't stand that a bastard was corrupting his pure family, burying him further into his studies. Eventually, Farad would come to approach his mother of his half-brother and the 'privilege' received, claiming it unfair his younger half-brother would be able to live such a luxurious life despite being a bastard of the line. For the first time, Farad would find his mother did have a favorite: his half brother; being slapped into oblivion and berated, Farad would find himself rudely awaken to new orders, he was to report to the Isle of Quel'Danas the following dawn to find himself in a stationary position, protecting the Sunwell. Time would come and go, Farad developing a drinking problem just as his father did, however, he would still spend his time, albeit drunkenly, practicing the magical stylings of what he learned. He'd continue this until Quel'Thalas was in peril from the vile Scourge. Although his ultimate task of protecting the Sunwell failed, Farad would survive to fight another day as a Sin'dorei, following Kael'Thas and remaining in Quel'Thalas to rebuild. During this time, Farad would try to reach back out to his family, finding his father perished to the Scourge and his mother was outed as a misteress to the magister by her own son, becoming a common street urchin while Farad's half brother negotiated himself as a cadet branch to the Magister's estate. Although never on the best terms, and hardly knowing his half-brother, Farad saw the ability to further himself and pledged himself to his brother, a Magister himself, and his house. While originally his brother embraced him, Farad's brother soon realized that as soon as Kael'thas had been defeated that Farad had no purpose necessarily. Seeing the easiest way to get rid of him, his brother sent him off to Quel'Danas to train under, well, anyone who would take him. Luckily with his knowledge of spellcraft and time against the Amani, Farad had been picked up to be trained as a Spellbreaker. During his training, each day would be accompanied by a rigorous routine, five-kilometer runs to start the day, followed immediately by sparring with the rest of the regiment. During the training, the magister's tasked to assist would end up buffing or debuffing various members of the spar on their whim, instructing the Spellbreaker aspirants to fight through and figure out various mitigation tactics to continue combat even if faced against the odds by magical enhancements. In time, the Spellbreaker aspirants would be lectured under the magisters, learning various small cantrips to give them an edge over their opponents in battle. The training would continue for many years, starting to revitalize the Spellbreakers and their skillset from the damage that Kael'thas had done to the organization. In this time, Farad would find himself growing physically through the endurance and armor requirements, and his magical understanding growing, starting to be able to predict based on the styling of magic what was to come from his opponent in their battles. Eventually, though, the war in Pandaria put a strain on this training, the relatively peaceful Quel'Thalas who had accepted the Alliance assistance against the Amani now found themselves at direct odds, even with Dalaran. With the need to deploy, Farad along with others training would undergo a ritual by both a magister and priestess of the Sin'dorei at an Arcane Sanctum, finally starting to harness the true abilities of a Spellbreaker, being deployed out to Pandaria to assist and further Quel'Thalas' goals on the Isle of Thunder against the Kirin Tor. During his time against the Kirin Tor Offensive and the Mogu on the Isle of Thunder, Farad had a steep curve to learn, no longer could he rely on utilizing magical cantrips, but rather soaking up the arcane attacks and simply stealing various magics in these battles, he wasn't immune, and certainly did not stand a chance against a one on one with a warrior, but when he was faced against magi he was a force to be reckoned with. However, the real weakness came to light when cornered with the Mogu, though the arcanists were still a minimal threat, their added capabilities of harnessing the elements and the spirits proved rather daunting for Farad, having to utilize the debuffs the arcanists would cast upon his allies and relocate them to the Elementalist and spirit binders to allow his physical attacks to drive the battle. With the war in Pandaria having finished, Farad's half-brother had summoned him back to the estate, explaining that he was now following a new Magister by the name of Umbric who had pushed the limit of Quel'Thalas, promising power to crush it's enemies and never be as crippled as it was again. Farad's documents had been laid out, his training, whereabouts, and even income; his half brother leveraged all of this to inform Farad that he would be accompany himself and others on Umbric's expedition to learn the ways of the Void, specifically that Farad would harness this with his abilities and return it to his half brother. Unfortunately, none of this went according to plan, with Nether-Prince Durzaan corrupting and twisting the Sin'dorei into Ren'dorei, only being saved by Alleria and her allies. Although forever changed by this, Farad's half-brother still intended to exert power, dominating and taking his place, having lost little skin pigmentation to the attack and only looking slightly lighter. Do it, he never deserved you. A shake of the head would occur. Your mother bore this bastard and he grew up as crude as an orc. Another voice echoed, Farad starting to breathe rapidly. Do it, he's been an ungrateful bastard always. Farad would eventually act, his sword above his head. DO IT. He would gradually turn his blade away, breathing heavily. You're weak. Farad would turn to his half-brother, smirking. He pulled out a dagger, guiding him off into the woods claiming a 'hunt' for their new spoils, emerging in blood and enhanced Arcane energy from what he stole. A beginning, one that he would not be bound by the norms of the Sin'dorei any longer, nor his brother. This would only be the first of many of the void's tricks on this Ren'dorei; though he had learned to control the voices from being utterly in control just as the rest of the Ren'dorei did through Alleria's teachings, he would constantly still find himself at odds against the void, being submissive to some of its manipulations and tricks. He would first find that the teachings Alleria gave didn't entirely account for everything, having taken up missions to hunt down and capture renegade magi, he would find that although his resistance still was there against arcane, the void could and would manipulate him, forcing his mind to recognize the attack as a void based one and manipulating him into believing he was in pain, even if he truly wasn't. The situation continued to develop, finding that the situation between the void and light's presence and effects from the ritual becoming a Spellbreaker was... Dynamic. The void sought to consume Farad, ripping away his flesh, only learning more from Alleria's teachings to keep it at bay, however, the energy of the light and its resistance would be easily preyed upon by the void, looking to capitalize. With this, Farad would find himself in dire need, reaching out to priests who practice shadow magic, learning and understanding their ways of a balance of Light and Shadow. While this wouldn't have a direct effect on him with his resistance, he would find himself needing to learn and spend his time around the priests, be it shadow or any of the light who would have him attend, attempting to gain far more mental insight to combat the vicious hold the void continued to have on him, just as other Ren'dorei. Would he be successful? Of course not, the Ren'dorei was always to bear this curse, however, he at least as of now knew how to keep himself and this curse at bay. Justification of Promotion? : N/A –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Class/Race Description: A Spellbreaker is a bit of a vague sort of class when it comes down to it, we saw it in Warcraft III, and from there rarely saw any additional information until Mists of Pandaria when it was revealed that they were being re-trained. The entire premise behind the Spellbreaker is really being the 'Anti-Magic' unit, quite literally being adept at draining magic users, from the original Warcraft III ideas, being able to 'control' summoned units, play round robbin with magical enhancements (buffing allies with an enemy buff, impairing enemies with an allied impairment), being trained in enhanced spell immunity, and of course, mana drain through attacks. Now, of course, not all of this translates into actual in-game with the referenced Silvermoon Spellbreakers on Isle of Thunder using Spell Reflection. Plus with the Class Guide, we can really define out the two schools being Arcane and Light resistance, but not any other schools of magic. Ideally, you're coming in between a Tank and a Support based role. With the race, however, I thought that the Ren'dorei aspect would really provide a neat play on it, we know that Spellbreakers aren't immune to Void magic based around the Class Guide, so I figured there'd be no issue with the transformation, he would be just another elf that suffered through this. Though a relatively new race with minimal lore, I think the key behind it is really understanding that they still do face the consequences of being corrupted with the void, the whispers in their heads, and so forth really stand to prove this. They're not trusted likely by the Quel'dorei (with the story of the Ren'dorei being Sin'dorei), or likely most of the Alliance light-based users, Anduin even making note of this in the Allied Race quest chain. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– How many "NPCs" would your character lead and how? : N/A Class? : N/A Number? : N/A Upkeep? : N/A Total Number of NPCs? : N/A –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– What sources have you used for your application? : Class Guide Void Elf Magister Umbric Void Elf Questline Timeline Spellbreaker –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– By submitting this application you agree to follow Paragon's rules when playing your character. This means playing your character appropriately and responsibly. Breaking Paragon's rules when playing the character can lead to intervention of the Moderator team. Yes
  19. Following one of its Assemblies, the Arkanford has elected a new Thearch to take the reins of the organization and launch it into the new world ahead. With the fall of the Legion and movements in the activities of the organization itself, the Assembly decided to move ahead with another individual who has shown dedication to Azeroth herself. Earlier, it was announced that Captain Eleanore Bradley was to take the leadership mantle of this omnipresent organization. The Assembly discussed matters such as the fall of the Legion, the whereabouts of certain eredars, the sword of Sargeras, the future goals of the organization, and more. Another major topic that came about was the long silence of the organization and its need to find new benefactors, especially after the demise of House Stahlbrad, and become a more active force in Azeroth. In all major cities of Azeroth, billboards now inform the populace of these new changes and the intent of the Arkanford. Envoys have been sent to all major players, seeking benefactors. A new era is upon us and the Arkanford shall serve. Knowledge, for its own sake. OOC: To make it clear to all: the Arkanford is open to all races and all classes. The only restriction is pure Necromancers. However, anyone else can join. tl;dr version of its goals: society of knowledge seekers who explore, discover, and learn all for the goal of providing unfettered protection to the innocent population of Azeroth. This is the vision of Eleanore Bradley. All interested in the mysteries of the world, in knowledge, in the Arcane, and in a democratic society that believes in serving Azeroth, feel free!
  20. ALL CREDITS GO TO SPROCK FOR THE BELOW POST. In addition, credits go to Be Rad (Lucas) and Jordy who have taken a break from Paragon and have consented to these changes. As a foreword, considering the history of the Arkanford and the need to not let such a project die, I want to re-make Sprock's post in order to modify it as needed. Knowledge, for its own sake. Imagine. Such a simple, yet powerful word... To create a fantasy as vast as our world is, one only needs to imagine. Then, I ask you, dear reader... To imagine. Imagine a society where one can come to share their mystical exploits and discoveries, without the bindings of misplaced bigotry or the chary progress made by archmages gripped by a fear of repetition. Indeed, wanton misuse and overuse of the arcane once nearly lead to this world's destruction. But, for a moment, allow your mind to soar freely over the land of endless possibility, the land where you've imagined magic could've progressed to, had we not been held back by this overwhelming fear. Imagine a society, held together by a long chain of trustees and confidants, where the research and development of the arcane isn't held back by fear. Imagine a place, where you can freely study countless fields of the mystical nature, without fear of mockery or defamation-- Where all, whether they be runemaster, warlock or magus are treated equally, when regarding their research. Where no one thing, save for the truly monstrous, lies beyond the grasp of your researching needs. If such a place is what one would desire, then your imagination mustn't run too far. The Arkanford Society opens it's arms wide, welcoming those who would become part of it's community. A group of scholar-adventurers, like-minded in their zealous thirst for knowledge. The Arkanford seeks, uncovers and thoroughly studies both ancient mysteries and new techniques, hoping to achieve enormous breakthroughs. Ultimately, the Arkanford's truest, ultimate goal is to make Azeroth a safer place, for knowledge and power go hand in hand-- In all things. Guild Leader: Eleanore Bradley Aevelm Embrysian (previously - and if he returns, takes it back) Guild Motto: Knowledge, for its own sake. Guild Goals: I. The defeat of the Burning Legion. Eradicate all remnants of the Burning Legion in Azeroth A special amount of attention is being paid to sightings and events involving Seris the Infinite and the man'ari, Malfegor the Depraved. These enemies have been long-time foes of the Arkanford and the guild will not rest until such a time when they are defeated. The creation of a forward operations base within the Broken Isles, preferably, something mobile in the form of The Spire or the planned Fort Nutlea. These are high-value projects which involve large amounts of manpower and Arkanian involvement. II. Defense of Azeroth Defend Azeroth from all that threaten the existence of all beings, from researching the Sword of Sargeras to protection of the innocent against evil. The defense of Azeroth has become the main goal under the new Thearch. This includes the protection of the innocent. Guild Goals may be altered in the future. Guild Description: The Arkanford Society is a primarily mage-focused group created by Aevelm Embrysian, a man born and raised amongst mages, magic and all manner of mysticism. Despite it's focus in the arcane, the Society isn't wholly limited to such. All classes save for Necromancers and the otherwise unforgivably evil are permitted. All races, within reason, are permitted. The Arkanford's primary goal is research and development of the mystical persuasion, however, the Society can easily become embroiled in other tasks unrelated to such a thing. The Arkanford Society prides itself in the fact that it allows much more freedom than the Archmages of the Kirin Tor; in fact, in recent times, some members of the Arkanford, including its Thearch, have been going out of their way to decry the Kirin Tor as an order of old fools-- Though not all of the Arkanians share this sentiment, fortunately. Recruitment: Due to huge demand, the recruitment process has been slightly altered for greater ease of access. Throughout the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, two groups have recently been recruiting. The Arkanford Research Society on the Alliance and the Arkanford Research Group on the Horde. To join either of these (totally unrelated) groups, all one would need to do is address a recruiter. A list of recruiters is available below. These recruiters will run the prospective member through an interview, upon which the recruiter may deliberate on how to proceed. Alliance Captain Eleanore Bradley Sir Aevelm Embrysian (inactive) Mr. Ainsley Harrington (inactive) Tate (inactive) Horde Interim: Eleanore Bradley (until I find someone for this) So'themar Entoras (inactive) The interview can go one of three ways, depending on how the Arkanian feels about the Prospect: They can be outright accepted, on the spot. This is the ideal situation. They can be taken into brief consideration, the Arkanian takes it back to other members of the society and describes the interview, hoping to iron out any discrepancies as well as get second opinions(this can end up going either way). They can also be outright denied, this should be the least common... This would happen in the occasion that the Prospect is perceived as a threat of some sort to the Society, should they join. Locations: The Arkanford's primary base of operations is currently the Arkademia, despite this however, the Arkanford may temporarily take control of any location belonging to one of it's members for the purposes of holding Assemblies. Allegiances: The Arkanford Society is currently without official allies. However, the Arkanford is in good terms with numerous other organizations-- Though, the nature of this relationship is distant, due to the Society's decision to remain neutral in lieu of the coming war. Any questions can be directed towards me or any of the officers listed below. The Arkanford isn't organized in a manner where a single person holds an overwhelming amount of responsibilities. All guild-wide decisions must be made during an Assembly. This means that every single guild member has a right to make his own, educated decision and cast a vote. Assemblies are explained further below. The highest echelon of rankings, the Thearch and Strategos can be considered the leadership of the Arkanford Society. However, even as leaders, they possess limited power over other arkanians. The Thearch has all the privileges of a Demiarch, in addition to having the capability to call for and preside over votes to instate new Demiarchs aswell as the Strategos. The Thearch's greatest responsibility is to recognize active threats to the Society and decide whether or not a Strategos is necessary to manage the situation. On the other side of the coin, the Strategos is a temporary rank given to a respected member of the Arkanford during a War-Assembly. The Strategos is the absolute leader of the secondary organization known as The Arkan Host, a military branch of the Arkanford erected to combat threats against Azeroth. A Strategos can only be brought into power by an executive decision made by the Thearch, whose responsibility it is to recognize when a Strategos is entirely necessary. The Strategos, then, possesses active command over The Arkan Host, which comprises the entirety of the guild's active service Minutemen and Censors. As the military leader of the Arkanford, the Strategos possesses the sole capacity of calling a War-Assembly, a meeting in which strategies for war are discussed by them and their fellow minutemen. During the heat of battle, Strategoi may opt to overrule decisions made during War-Assemblies due to tactical shifts in the battlefield. However, like all the ranks beneath them, if their actions taken during a battle are morally questionable, they can be summoned to an Assembly with the sole purpose of investigating their choices and reasons; if they are found to be guilty of committing a heinous act, they are turned over to the appropriate authorities for such. The following echelon is headed by the Demiarchs, Arkanians elected by other Arkanians to call Assemblies, serve as living information booths and keep everyone informed on the decisions made during Assemblies. The Demiarch is perhaps the most important rank in terms of guild organization. It is the Demiarch's task to make sure everything is in place, to make sure everything is running as it should be and everyone is doing their part for the Society. The Demiarch also selects Syndics whenever an Assembly is called and may preside over Assemblies if such a thing is necessary. Syndics are the speakers of the Arkanford. When Assemblies are called, Syndics are the ones chosen to debate in favour of a stance. It is their job to convince the Arkanians to vote for their particular school of thought-- To this end, Syndics must debate with other Syndics during Assemblies. Syndic is not a permanent rank, however it lasts for as long as an Assembly is called, in which case, they are treated to the Society's equivalent of a politician. The Syndic rank may be retained if the decision involves outside elements, in which case the Syndic leads the efforts himself. If a vote is made to take an expedition somewhere, the Syndic who championed said cause shall lead the expedition. The Thearch, Strategos and the Demiarchs cannot be Syndics, however may champion their own causes-- In which case, they merely gain an extension to their rank(Syndic-Thearch, etc.) A new rank voted into the structure during Assembly, a Censor is the military reflection of a Demiarch. As one of the component ranks of the secondary organization known as the Arkan Host, the Censor acts as a sort of connective tissue between the Minutemen on the front and the Strategos at the back. They are the eyes and ears of the Strategos on the battlefield and report to them whenever possible. Their job is to function as small unit leaders when the Arkanford is called to military action. They are allowed to make heat-of-the-moment decisions that go against the wishes of the Strategos, though must remember to document every moment of their engagements. If a decision made by a Censor is brought into question, an Assembly will be held to investigate the claim. The lowest, but at the same time highest, echelon of ranking among the Arkanford Society includes the backbone of the entire group. Arkanians are in-charge of casting votes, ultimately it is this collective of likeminded individuals that possesses the ultimate power over which direction the Arkanford is taken. During times of Peril, Arkanians are asked to become Minutemen-- An equivalent rank that may freely vote in War-Assemblies. Minutemen are regarded with great respect and rewarded at the end of their service, doubly so if they suffer injuries whilst fighting to ensure the Society's survival. Technically, the Strategos may call all Arkanians to service, but none are actually forced to become Minutemen and fight. Covenanter is another new rank voted into existence during an Assembly. They operate independent of the rest of the ranking structure, functioning as a shieldwall against corruption and internal damage caused by the same. If they believe a member within the Arkanford is corrupted, they are allowed to summon forth an Inquest-- A sort of Syndication that follows a different structure. The subject of an Inquest may or may not be informed of their status, though they will be extensively investigated until it is determined, without a shadow of a doubt, that they are entirely uncorrupted. Additionally, the rank of Covenanter is granted to sub-organizations that decide to join under the umbrella of the Arkanford, such organizations are given the title of Covenant and their members known as Covenanters. These organizations are, also, entirely independent from the remainder of the ranking structure, though their leader possesses the rank of Demiarch and their organization may weigh in during Assemblies, though are not necessarily fully considered. The Arkanford Society is primarily run in the same manner that a democracy would be-- Any decisions that affect the entire guild or a small portion of the guild should call for an Assembly. Whilst everyone has the right to vote at the end of an Assembly, only Demiarchs and the Thearch have the right to initiate an Assembly. However, most arkanians possess the right to request an Assembly over a particular matter- Which the Demiarchs or Thearch may grant or deny. The Strategos is the only member of the group that can overrule a decision made in an Assembly and only if he has the consent of the Thearch, the Demiarchs and the Syndics who participated in the Assembly Debate. Assemblies are a fairly simplistic process that -can- become complicated if too many options present themselves during the process. When an Assembly is called, a facility must be chosen where the debate is to take place. During this process, an Arkan Host is selected whom will prevent the parties from straying too far from the subject aswell as maintaining everything within the bounds of civility. All arkanians that can attend the Assembly, should. Once the Assembly begins, a minimum of two Syndics are chosen. The task of these Syndics is to inform other arkanians of the decisions that will be available in the ballot. Prior to the vote, the Syndics have a civil debate over the pros and cons of the decisions to be made. There can be any number of Syndics. Once the Assembly Debate begins there are a number of steps behind. Firstly: All participants present their subject, give a brief speech of it without including the others' subjects. Next, the Host asks a number of questions to the participants-- Then the Participants are allowed to freely debate. Finally, the arkanians present are allowed to ask their own questions to the hosts. The final step of an Assembly is for all present, save for the Syndics and the Host to vote. The votes are tallied on the spot. When the Arkanford Society is under an immediate threat or involving itself directly with some sort of conflict, Assemblies become War-Assemblies. The process is more or less the same, except the debate is eschewed for a simple presentation by the Strategos to available Minutemen. The Strategos and Thearch may present numerous options to the Minutemen and, when the War-Assembly comes to an end, the Minutemen vote. Their vote is merely considered, in the end, the decision falls on the shoulders of the Strategos. When a Syndic is elected for the purpose of carrying out a task within the Arkanford, they activate the concept of a Syndication. A Syndication is representative of a concerted effort by the assets within the Arkanford. Once successfully voted into action, a Sydication can last anywhere between hours to months or even years. During a Syndication, the leading Syndic possesses absolute authority over the integrated members beneath them, lest the Syndication find itself engaging a military enemy, in which case the Strategoi will always have precedence of command. Syndications are the main vehicle through which the Arkanford exerts itself upon the world at large. A modified version of a Syndication, an Inquest was a recently voted-in function of the Arkanford. As explained above, Inquests are the domain of Covenanters. They are called when one or more arkanians are under suspicion of being a servant of evil masquerading as one of their rank. When called, an Inquest can be summoned on any individual within the Arkanford-- Or even beyond it, if voted upon by a host of arkanians. Calling a vote for an Inquest requires no Demiarch and could be called on the entirety of the Demiarchs, on a strategos or even the Thearch. The Inquest is tasked with investigating the suspect. If necessary, they are allowed to capture and interrogate the suspect, though must provide ample reason and some measure of evidence as to their actions before doing so. Wild allegations are not accepted as valid criteria for an Inquest and, eventually, the individual who called for the Inquest unfairly will be punished for such actions. An Inquest is finalized when the suspect is neutralized or absolved of all suspicions.
  21. "Have you ever heard of the tale of the Embalmer? It's quite the tragic tale they tell kids these days. It speaks of a kindly Alchemist who, in their sorrow at losing their beloved, took his own heart and gave it to her that she may live once more. However, his wife soon began to develop a hunger for human flesh, and so the Alchemist had to keep her buried." This was a statement from Lord Ello Ebonlocke 17 years ago, before his identity among the Veiled Hand was discovered. As adventurers came to reclaim the heart of Abercrombie, the Embalmer, from the chest of his wife, Eliza. They thought that she was laid to rest at last, but they were wrong. Reports found of a skeletal woman in a bride's dress with a bouquet of roses and a lantern stealing away Night Watch and feasting upon their flesh. Lady Myla Koslov, the new caretaker of Tranquil Gardens Cemetery, used her new charge to attract would-be adventurers, acting as a host to draw attention to recent issues in the region. She, among a quartet of odd fellows, were able to track the rerisen Eliza back to Raven Hill Cemetery, and saw her soul to the other side. The question is raised though: Where is Abercrombie? Reports have seen him leaving the area of Duskwood years ago, and has not been seen since...
  22. To give a quick rundown: The salary range for these mercenaries is between 60-85 silver per month, depending on their roles. This does not include their bonuses for contracts and such, and they get this paid even if they are doing nothing for the month. If we average that range (even thought there's a lot more of them earning towards the bottom range of the salary) that comes out to 72.5 silver per month. Times that with 102 and that is 7,395 silver - or 73 gold and 95 silver. That amount is barely over the average disposable income that the Count earns for his titles alone. His business ventures with the Stonemasons' Guild and the Free Traders' Guild generally provide higher than that itself, not to mention his smuggling operations to which the Free Trader's Guild serves as a front. But of course, that wouldn't be included in any official records. I hope that clarifies things, and if you would like further information, I can direct you to a C-Mod thread I made way back in the days when I applied for the character itself. It has details on the County itself in a more informative manner.
  23. I feel like one hundred and two men are a bit much to start off considering that he would have to be paying out of pocket and I'm not really all that clear on what sort of revenue these make:
  24. What is the in game name of your character? Karstein What is the full name of your character? Count Vladimir von Karstein, Lord of Shalewind County, Lord of the Viscounty of Sharwick What is your character's current rank? None - leaving the rank of Knight-Captain of the Stormwind Military Previous Applications? ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Class: Men-At-Arms (Medium Infantry: equipped with shields, spears and swords) Number: 53 Upkeep: Gear and salary provided by the Redwind Security Solutions company. Bonuses paid for every assignment and/or contract. Class: Riflemen (Light Infantry: equipped with breech-loading rifles, a breech-loading pistol and a dagger or sword) Number: 32 Upkeep: Gear and salary provided by the Redwind Security Solutions company. Bonuses paid for every assignment and/or contract. Class: Commando (Specialized Infantry: equipped with camouflage equipment, firearms and explosives for behind-the-lines operations) Number: 10 Upkeep: Gear and salary provided by the Redwind Security Solutions company. Bonuses paid for every assignment and/or contract. Class: Section Leader (Commander Unit: equipped with a sword, a breech-loading pistol, a flare gun and grenades) Number: 2 Upkeep: Gear and salary provided by the Redwind Security Solutions company. Bonuses paid for every assignment and/or contract. Class: Field Medic (Medical Infantry: equipped with heavier armor, a breech-loading pistol, a sword and medical supplies) Number: 5 Upkeep: Gear and salary provided by the Redwind Security Solutions company. Bonuses paid for every assignment and/or contract. Total Number of NPCs: 102 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Justification of NPCs: With recent budget cuts and dismissals from the armed forces of the Kingdom of Stormwind, Vladimir has taken to providing work for the people who would still take up arms in the name of the Alliance - but the Crown cannot afford to pay for them. To this extent, Count Vladimir von Karstein has formed the Redwind Security Solutions company under which he offers a salary comparable to that of an Alliance Guard with added bonus payouts on both acquiring and completion of assignments and contracts. The company itself is being supplied with the starting funds from the own coffers of the Count and further bolstered by his business ventures from the Stonemason's Guild and Free Trader's Guild registered under his name. The main bulk of these mercenaries - contracted to only be hireable by the Alliance and by extension, still retain a loyalty to Stormwind - is made up from the Redridge Militia, which Count von Karstein trained himself during the Legion invasions. A more diminutive portion of the forces are from the actual Stormwind Military, made up of men and women who were forced to let go of due to the budget cuts issued by the Crown. At the same time, the Count has finally laid down his arms as Knight-Captain of the Stormwind Military. Whether this - in conjunction with the forming of the 'private military company' - was in protest to the budget cuts is debatable, as there were rumors of him already thinking of leaving the military life behind; at least to an official capacity. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– By submitting this application you agree to follow Paragon's rules when using the NPCs for IC activities. This means using these forces appropriately and responsibly. Breaking Paragon's rules when employing these NPC forces can lead to intervention of the Moderation Team.
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