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  3. So long as it takes less than 5 hours, I'm good. Mmm so aroused. Rofl Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  4. Oni

    [Dungeon] Maw of Souls

    Correct. Triple boss sweep.
  5. @Oni Is this going to start at 7pm and be for all those bosses? Awesome if so. My Valarjar char ought to have fun here. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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  7. While the greatest vrykul warriors are spirited away to the Halls of Valor to glory eternal, shiny and gold, the cursed and the damned find themselves on the shores of the Maw of Souls. Amidst fog and mist, they await the Naglfar, a fearsome ship formed from sinew and bone, which comes to deliver these poor souls to Helheim, and the clutches of Helya. Ymiron, the Fallen King - Sunday, May 26th: 7:00pm Server Time Participants: TBA (TBA HAS EARNED) Twisting Anima of Souls: TBA (TBA HAS EARNED) TBA: TBA (TBA HAS EARNED) TBA: TBA (THE REST HAVE EARNED) TBA: TBA 3 Gold for everyone who attended. Harbaron - Sunday, May 26th: 7:00pm Server Time Participants: TBA (TBA HAS EARNED) The Bonereaper's Hook: TBA (TBA HAS EARNED) TBA: TBA (TBA HAS EARNED) TBA: TBA (THE REST HAVE EARNED) TBA: TBA 3 Gold for everyone who attended. Helya - Sunday, May 26th: 7:00pm Server Time Participants: TBA (TBA HAS EARNED) Helya's Bargain*: TBA (TBA HAS EARNED) TBA: TBA (TBA HAS EARNED) TBA: TBA (THE REST HAVE EARNED) TBA: TBA 3 Gold for everyone who attended. Rewards will be announced after each boss. *Due to the nature of the Rogue Outlaw Hidden Skin, I have altered the Outlaw weapon unique. Thunderfury will not be available as a Unique reward so this is the supplement.
  8. What's the current status of this event?
  9. The Halls of Valor ends. The Aegis sits in Aegwynn's tower. The third Pillar has been recovered. A darkness spreads in the dark bay of Stormheim. Helya stirs. Prepare for Maw of Souls. A thread will be up soon.
  10. BLACKROCK TROUBLE UPDATE: 5-21-19 Late in the night a band of Blackrock Orcs marched upon the settlers of the camp. The orcs acted with a Warlock to try and reclaim a captive the camp was holding, having not yet decided what to do with him. After a lengthy battle, the settlers fended off the attack! Although at the cost of many grave injuries and a good portion of their shelters. Smoke rises in the morning but those sent to investigate found nothing... the site had been abandoned. Only the charred remnants of a few tents, and a pile of orc bodies remain! The present whereabouts of the group is unknown!
  11. I'll do my best to be present, but I can't make any promises.
  12. Oh shit, might be able to make some of these.
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  14. Edited post, added some more counters and dates for the bosses/events!
  15. Deep in the webways of the Violet Hold, a prison break has been staged. Through the Legion's insidious efforts, a high ranking agent has slipped through the city's careful eye and seized control of a part of the Violet Hold and now they've begun to set every murderous and prolific prisoner loose! The entire Hold's now in turmoil, prisoners carving a bloody path upwards in hopes of reaching the streets. Dalaran has sent out a call to arms in hopes of regaining control of the prison before the chaos spills out! Hey there, it's your boy coming at you with a hot take. Tass and I agreed the events of Violet Hold are pretty bad dungeon design and trying to mow through this event in one go would be more headaches for players and consistency errors than anything, so that being said.. the way this event'll be ran will be a surprise near the end of the first sequence! Expect some fun. Rewards: ? ? ? ? ? Millificent Manastorm - Thursday, May 30th: 3 pm server time. Blood-Princess Thal'ena - Thursday, May 30th: 3 pm server time. Sael'orn - Friday, May 31st: 3 pm server time. Fel Lord Betrug - Sunday, June 2nd: 3 pm server time.
  16. Gotta support my bro from the Brazil Empire. LNB (Nathaniel) has my support on this Also, i wish you luck with your IRL stuff Drak!
  17. Red Valley Renegades <Free Men in the Mountains> Rumors abound that, somewhere in the Rocky Mountains between Redridge and the Burning Steppes, lies a neutral camp of free men and women. Staying far from the conflict between the Alliance and the Horde. Stories tell that this small group remains friendly to all who do not seek them harm. Yet others still spread that these people may be some sort of dangerous cult, or perhaps simply a group of well organized bandits. Nothing can confirm these claims as of now. One known member of this group, Savion Drakkar, insists that the rumors of malicious intent are just that... false rumor. The residents of Lakeshire, who have regular dealings with the lesser know mage (Savion) have nothing but positive things to say of the man. When questioned of his demeanor they state he is a polite, and always fair individual in his trades with Lakeshire merchants. *more to come* - - - Faction Stances - - - The Alliance <Neutral> The Alliance has had very limited contact with the group as a whole. The grand bulk of the Alliance is not even aware of the group's existence, while Lakeshire shares a friendly enough trade relationship with the camp. The camp's representative, Savion Drakkar, comes and goes freely within Redridge and Lakeshire while he does business with locals. He has been known to eliminate Blackrock threats from the road, but not to seek them out. Overall, the Alliance knows very little and stands neutral with these renegades. Lakeshire's relations of trade puts them at a friendly, yet distant position with one another. No official representative of the Alliance has ever visited the camp. - - - The Horde <Unfriendly> The camp's proximity to the Stormwindian hold of Redridge makes it risky for citizens of the horde (or horde races) to access. However the limited few that have found the camp have all returned with no injuries caused by those within. All but one of the camp's current residents seem to be of Alliance or neutral races. The Horde may or may not be aware of the encampment, but it's size does not warrant worry from Horde locations within the nearby swamps or steppes. The residents of the camp do approach horde races with increase suspicion though, which comes off as rude at first. No official representative of the Horde has ever visited the camp. - - - Blackrock Orcs <Hostile> The Blackrock Orcs attacked the camp! The Renegades will slaughter any Blackrock orc that approaches while armed. - - -
  18. Ah, fuck it. Edmond Baldrick is here to serve on behalf of the Order of the Silver Hand. Paladins don't take too kindly to this shizz
  19. I'm sorry to hear about all this, Drak, but trust me, I understand how demanding real life can be sometimes. At the end of the day, everyone takes this just a little too seriously, so with all trolling aside, I'd like to put my vote in for Nathaniel. I think he's a perfect fit for the position, even temporarily.
  20. Well, this is essentially an emergency situation of sorts, so let's try to keep things civil in the interest of self-preservation. I wouldn't choose MissBooks mainly because I know her real life can hit her hard and fast at literally any moment, and the position of admin would probably be an unnecessary burden on her in return. She could be a great admin because she's already a great Mod, but this choice has the potential to end terribly for everyone involved at this specific time.
  21. Crap gonna miss the one today.
  22. Welcome to my life for 99% of events on here these days. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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