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    Updated with rewards. These are the only people eligible for rewards.
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    [v2] Secrets

    This is finished. Rewards will be added in and ping-pong'd on the Discord when ready.
  6. I can't wait for my Turtl-E to roll a 10/20 and Corgi malfunctions. -D
  7. Loot Table (I will keep this updated as my loot list gets approved) How do I buy loot? - Once you defeat the second boss... Grease Vault will turn into an allied area. You can ask Pan the Quartermaster to turn your Grease Vault Tokens into items. How do I get Grease Vault Tokens? - By defeating bosses! You receive 100 / Bosses. Thanks Turtle for letting me steal your system ily ==-Misc Items/Services-== ==-Items-== ==-Class Specific Items-== ==-Pet Battle-== ==-Mounts-== ==-Pets-== ==-Steam Suits-==
  8. Time to commit war crimes..... for Kul Tiras.... -D for deth
  9. Ultima-pog! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  10. Hello Paragon, As promised, we are taking a different approach to Battle for Azeroth. We've heard you and we're very excited to follow this path. We're taking our first steps towards making our stories more freeform, more open and accessible to player agency - your agency. As such, we've taken steps to ensure that the storyline in Silithus will be dynamic and subject to change depending on your choices in game. We will not be limited to the few quests that you will see below. You will be free to shape your own role in the story and we encourage you to contact DMs to help you fulfill that! Each questline can be triggered when and how the player desires. Some stories may intertwine and affect each other. Some threats will grow exponentially if left unchecked and, with that, you're in store for some pretty unique scenarios. All of this will be able to play out in one way out of many, and you'll be the ones deciding how! We ask you to please be patient with us and know that we are open to criticism. The system that we're employing is ever-evolving, and we seek to improve it as we go, since there's always new ideas coming in. Thanks for sticking with us and here's to an exciting new adventure! Kind regards, The Creative Team Something else is stirring in the south-western corner of our world. The corrosive taint of the Dark Titan is ever present in the desert sands, and it seems many are attracted to that place. There is something that has awoken deep beneath the shifting plates. A wound. The World That Does Not Sleep Travel to Silithus on behalf of your respective factions. 06.25.2021 Briefing at the Staghelm Encampment Operation: Sandscalp Twilight of the Cult Insectoid Examination Disappearances Briefing at the Southwind Encampment Saboteurs in the Area Securing our Operations Insectoid Examination Disappearances Periodic Cartel [Side-Quest]
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  12. I literally constantly stressed that I needed help and was told to ask for it from the Moderator Team, then when I asked and gave examples no one bothered to help. I’m not sorry, you can’t have your cake and eat it too, if you don’t want the responsibility, step down. For 30 days the changes to the character application list was posted and until a week prior to changing it, only Fizz has commented and even then we ended up constantly just at a dead end of ‘I yield this’. Iso and Turtle I won’t fault there specifically since they were brought on brand new, but that was insane that we had a team that simultaneously wanted to be consulted on each decision but couldn’t find the willpower to actually write a post that would take maybe 5 minutes unless sourcing every bit of it. I remember the first week I was admin, I had a moderator go on break for two weeks ‘deciding if they wanted to be a mod’ to ultimately quit while the entire team was left to clean up their mess and ultimately leave the server. Great person, but horrible moderator, but the community voted them in. Because the role of moderator is that poorly defined that it wasn’t actually vetting any skill but just who wanted to volunteer. I can only say I hope the Turtle and Denning leadership well, and think their decision are in the right course. I would have far taken a Drak based approach and simply purge the hell out of the moderation team instead of consulting the community, but that’s why they’re the position literally here to make decisions for the server and I’m not anymore. I think they’ll make it far more involved than I could have there.
  13. To be fair though it's new admins and that calls for a restructuring. I'd understand if it was dms or something, but new admins should have every right to re-evaluate people in moderation positions.
  14. I have no issues with wanting feedback from the community. I am stressed, true enough, but I've always been one to use words as I mean and not in a way that might be pleasant to hear. Gotta keep it real. I'm not calling anyone bad, or evil, or power hungry, or anything negative that could be implied. I'm simply stating what I appear to observe in an impartial light. Like I said, I'm hopeful that once all the information is known, my opinion will change.
  15. I didn't initially read Iso's feedback as inherently aggressive, I pegged it more as stressed out. I understand where he's coming from in regards to his feedback at least. We aren't a nation, or a government, and despite how much its memed, its true that at our core, we are not a democracy. The Administration holds total power over the server, and the only thing keeping the Administration in check is large scale backlash from the community. This recent event that passed was the result of Developers not wanting to meddle in server politics, which is understandable, and past Admins not deciding their successor as precedent has shown. Even if both of you say that "We're a democracy now, and future admins will be decided this way." Nothing stops future admins from simply retracting that, just as you guys are retracting Blacklists now. In fact, the rules of Paragon change with every new Administrator, and sometimes even several times in an administrators term (which has no limits, by the way). That being said, I'm glad that Paragon has gotten two administrators willing to listen to every individual persons plights and feedback. I believe that Iso has a right to be distrusting and stressful about the two of you despite that however, as with the amount of power both of you have over what most of us here on Paragon would consider our favorite hobby has the potential to be used for bad, even in spite of the good that's been done so far. Given the context of past administrators as precedent for what I'm about to say, if both of you hold out as long as they did, you'll each be in power for a minimum of 1 year. 1 year is a lot of time for someone to change their minds on how things are run. EDIT: Please note Iso replied before me on the previous page of comments.
  16. I've already packed my bags, Turtz, I am not concern about my position. The community can decide if I do good work or not. I am concerned about the process as a whole. My brevity comes from posting on mobile. If there's sarcasm then maybe you may missed my points. Admins were voted in to take the leadership of the server, but we are told constantly in discord that we are all a team making decisions together. Obviously, none of us were consulted about the changes made to Paragon, and neither was the community. What I am trying to point out is the blatant hypocrisy that the Administration is putting out. No I do not know what is going on behind closed doors. I only know what is perceived, and that is what it is. Perhaps things will be made more clear when it's finally released, but you asked for feedback so there it is.
  17. Very true. At any rate, @IsolimTso Your position is up to for vote and I can see why you’re upset about that, but if you could refrain at the attempts at sarcasm and tell us how you really feel then we can have a proper dialog. We’d appreciate more constructive feedback rather than statements that go... nowhere. Cheers, Turtle
  18. Because we could have avoided you making baseless accusations that are only based on speculation. A team only functions as well as a team wishes to function. A team either fails together or succeeds together. It then all gets traced back to the top and the true at fault becomes the leader of said team. Yes, I am happy to be quoted on this point and I expect all to take my word for it. If there is a failure in the Creative Team, Managers, Moderators, or server itself, it's the fault of the Administrator. That being said, we could have clarified and hammered certain points together and the tone undertaken seems more of a contrarian attempt and more aggressive than anything. I would like to draw comparisons with Sam's questions, a member of the Paragon team but who raised points in a very solid, respectful and grounded way. The Moderation Team and the Administration must put a united front together for proper governance. That's how the rules of professionalism and efficient team work dictate.
  19. It was very clear that this is a public forum. Not sure why I would take it to Moderator Chat.
  20. I'll only answer points addressed to me for now. The job entails executive decision. Just because we don't want to take them doesn't mean we won't. That's what an Admin does. The process will be clarified and the reason we stagnated was to determine as to how we are going to proceed. A lot of these questions could have been clarified in the Moderator Chat. That being said, it will be clarified shortly. We decided to wait a day to scope certain actions and see how we were going to proceed. Moderators are the only ones who are elected, that's why. The Administrators were put up to vote and new names came in. The community should have a say on who they voted in pursuant to the feedback to Moderators provided. These accusations are patently untrue and baseless. I have my thoughts about the rest, but I'm deferring to Turtle.
  21. Well, that's concerning. Except this isn't politics, it's a private roleplaying server. Trying to introduce real world political concepts into this community will only backfire. Except we literally did just that, so...? You do realize Paragon isn't a democratic structure, right? That was the whole point of appointing Admins. If you wanted a democratic solution to the process, then I suppose some sort of voted-in Council concept could've been put forth, considered, and given some actual merit by the then Moderation Team. Oh wait. Don't need to say anything here. You and Denning both are so overemphasizing the idea that you aren't making executive decisions while making executive decisions that it literally is asking to be meme'd. There's not a lot of trust because the process hasn't even been clarified yet. On top of all of this, I am confused as to why the Moderation team is the only one being recounted. Why aren't the rest of the team also being put up for election? Is this some sort of way to try to absolve some sort of misplaced sensation of favoritism as the mod team placed the candidates for the voting process? I am have serious doubts about the objectivity of it all. More to follow.
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