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  2. Old Town was filled with commotion as noises started erupting from a manor of a very wealthy businessman in the Old Town district. Reports say that the manor of the rich Mr. Peter Bogton, a prominent friend to many of Stormwind's High Society, was left in shambles after a pandaren man on the larger side, namely 140kg, a red haired elf, a blond haired ragged man, and a hooded figure entered the manor. Fighting ensued inside the home. Weirdly enough, the red haired elf, the blond haired ragged man, and a succubus rushed outside and disappeared. However before doing so, the red haired elf warned the Stormwind Guard and the house was immediately raided and seized. From the carnage it was revealed a slave ring was in full swing right under the nose of the Stormwind authorities! A good number of girls were immediately rushed towards the Cathedral of the Light to receive immediate treatments while the manor was raided in its entirety and sealed. The authorities did not comment any further regarding the manner, however SI:7 agents were seen entering the building and leaving with ledgers. Finally, a black haired half-breed, wearing a sash of the Mage's Guild, exited the manor while cradling a half-breed youth and guiding two others covered in drapes towards the Cathedral. The Crown issued a statement that a full investigation is in full swing and any collaborators shall be caught and severely punished. Uncertain times.
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  4. Sri-La Village in Jade Forest was attacked by a numerous horde of Hozen pirates who burnt everything in their path, destroying the shoreline and rendering the fishermen incapable of rowing out at sea anymore. The Saltsail pirates were on route to the village to deliver some supplies and trade with the locals, but once they arrived they learnt that a second attack took place just moments before. The Saltsails, commanded by Captain Riley, will help the locals in fortifying the village and repel a next attack. OOC info: I will get a DM soon to run this, for the time being, the area is open for RP.
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  6. Smoke Rises from Steelhaven <The Hidden Mages> Smoke rises from Steelhaven, not smoke of destruction but of industry. Cloisters of mages have gone into hiding in cloisters deep in the hold. Protected from prying eyes, the thundering of hammers on anvils, black smoke rising from forges, and a mysterious hymn, the mages work day and night crafting armor and weapons far the war against the Legion. Many of the hold's mages seek entrance, few are permitted, and every fewer are allowed to remain. Those that do are sworn to secrecy, not speaking of the goings on in their cloisters. The Court Mage, Lady Maeva Almeras, has been seen acting as master to the mages. The mages that frequent the cloisters shed their robes, wearing leather, chain, or even plated gauntlets. Gone are their staves, mauls and hammers with foci embedded within them have replaced them. Aside from the rumors of these hidden mages, financial news also chimes up! The amount of Nickel and Iron that's been brought into the hold has been immense. Some of the warehouse workers even report the icecrown mineral of cobalt being imported. Samples of various other metals and minerals have been spotted as well. Most of the rarer elements find their way into the manor where the guards keep them from prying eyes. Lady Hawkmore is aware of all of this activity and assures her people that the mages have the interests of the realm in mind.
  7. Just a quick update for everyone; The Team Merge is still being finalized in the details. This also requires some back-end work that is above my knowledge and access for obvious reasons. Chronomancy is still underway thread-wise, but it will take a moderation meeting and some extra work to finalize.
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  9. If and when these meetings happen, can Edward Thalmore attend although he won't have a say in such matters? He'll be there to just observe and clarify how things are working in the HoN.
  10. THE STORMWIND HOUSE OF NOBLES - PUBLIC NEWS AND UPDATES THREAD This thread's purpose is to keep track of important information of public nature from the House of Nobles and its members, which may come from decisions and actions taken by the House's Sessions or by our current player nobles in the community. It also includes the time the House tends to meet. Please bear in mind that the time listed here isn't mandatory and is subject for changes as it goes. After all, our roleplayers hail from a wide variation of OOC locations, so not all of them may be present and sometimes we don't have enough players to warrant a House of Nobles Session happening. For the list of nobles and the information pertaining their respective Houses, lands and relations formerly represented in this thread's predecessor, check this. ||=========================================================================|| House of Nobles Meetings Usual DMs: Nathaniel Usual Days: Weekends (Saturday/Sunday) Starting Hours: 14:00/15:00 Server Time The date and hour of the meetings may be subject of change in the event that the roleplayers beseech a different Dungeon Master/Moderator to portray the King of Stormwind in case the Session demands his presence. In case changes happen to the schedule, the proper channels will be notified of such modifications. ||=========================================================================|| Participation in the Meetings Only the titled nobles or their representatives in the event that they can't be present due to IC/OOC reasons are allowed to weigh in on the topics discussed in the House of Nobles. In the event that the noble can't show up, we kindly request that you inform the respective DM so that the player meant to represent them officially may be allowed to come and weigh in on the Sessions. Non-nobles wishing to participate and watch ICly are allowed to as long as they're at least associated to the Player nobles in the session or are acting as their escort, advisor, or any sort of official representation, from the nobles or the kingdom. Examples: military officers, important businessmen, religious authorities, important civil servants, etc. ||=========================================================================|| OOC Considerations We kindly request that the posts in this thread be constructive and relative to its purpose. Most of its content is logically meant to be information pertaining the nobility of Stormwind ICly. Formal petitions to the King related to the Kingdom of Stormwind can also be posted in this thread and, depending on their weight, it may become a topic for the House of Nobles. So please keep it on topic. Shitposting and improper content will be removed. ||=========================================================================|| For more information regarding the House of Nobles, we suggest taking a peek at the current Lore Clarification pertaining the topic that can be found here. Alternativelly, you can seek our Moderation Team or the Administration for more info. Attentiously, Paragon Administration.
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    A Troubling Development

    Gah, website ate the rest of my post. Give me some time to edit this.
  12. With a month of backbreaking labour behind them, the
  13. Recently, brigands have been taking advantage of the chaos surrounding Lakeshire and the region of Redridge. An ambush along the road from the Three Corners to the city of Lakeshire nearly claimed four lives, that of a young youthful high elven girl, a high elven warrior, a human priestess and a local footman on patrol, Private Arthur Mullsey. According to reports, the group stopped by in front of a man begging for coin along the road, intending to do him a service, but were caught up in a trap. Suddenly, the group was surrounded by a mix of orc and human bandits, the lone beggar appearing to be their ringleader. To make matters worse, the human woman was taken hostage. Fortune had it that another traveler on the road caused the bandits to lose their cool and split their attention, allowing the group to fight for their freedom and safety. Though the group managed to survive, only the bandit ringleader was captured and brought to justice. The other bandits perished during the struggle. While Investigators determine the identities of the bandits and evaluate the potential of more allied bandit groups, guardsmen and citizens alike celebrate the efforts of Private Mullsey for his successful arrest. Given recent events, travelers are encouraged to take care when coming and going from Redridge, and avoid approaching strangers and suspicious individuals while on the road. When it doubt about such suspicious people, travelers are asked to report to the nearest guard post or patrol and inform them of the situation.
  14. Syth

    Lakeshire Care Package

    Marquess Kyra Hawkmore has also chosen to donate coin, adding 200 gold of her personal savings and 250 gold from the coffers of her march, raising the total sum to 550 gold. Marquis Jean-Phillipe de Montarville has followed suit, donating from his reserves, the stock of the Westfall Trading Company and the stores of House de Montarville, a package of lumber, metal, food totaling a worth of 350 gold, alongside 20 workers to help put the supplies to use. With such sums and resources at their disposal, the administration has made plans to reach out to organizations such as the Earthen Ring and Cenarion Circle to quickly undo the damage to the region and its wildlife.
  15. Syth

    Lakeshire Care Package

    Following Kain's example, Baroness Chelsey Rivemere has donated a large amount of goods and sent some of her laborers to assist Lakeshire with its recovery.
  16. In an effort to assist with mitigating the adversities suffered by the population of Lakeshire, Kain Teller, Co-Owner of Merchants of Menace, has started a donation drive for the city, starting it off with his own donation of 100 gold coins. The money will go to repairs of the city and the welfare of the citizens of Lakeshire. Those who wish to aid the residents of the city may also choose to donate other things in place of money, such as clothing, building materials, preserved foods, clean water, medicine, as well as weapons and armor, and anything else that could help the residents survive the present crisis. Separate of the donations to the city, the Mage of the Steppes has added a 30 gold bounty as a bonus on top of the existing reward for the removal of the demons in Redridge. The money is in the hands of Marshal Marris and will be evenly split among those who help with the task.
  17. The evening Local Report of the day reads as follows: ... REDRIDGE GOES AWRY BY THE DAY! Citizens Claim For Help! Officials Try Their Best To Control! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ As the demonic incursion is progressively fought back in the charred lands of the Steppes, the province of Redridge suffers further with the demonic incursion. After more damage caused by Infernals, the foul magics that happened in the region have left behind a most unwelcome fog that covers the horizon, making it difficult for the local forces to secure the area and ensure its safety. The local government has declared situation of calamity with so many attacks from all sides -- Lakeshire suffering its second attack, coincidently by Infernals. The Stormwind Army under command of Knight-Captain Vladimir von Karstein, Count of Shalewind, has secured most of the township's vicinity and the town itself with the help of the Lakeshire Guard. Marshal Marris has declared that Lakeshire is officially on lockdown and all citizens going in and out are thoroughly inspected by the military with the help of a Cleric, and mages if the situation demands. It is also said that Magistrate Solomon has been secluded under preventive measure, so the town is now completely under the grip of the Stormwind Army for the time being. The population is said to be on the edge of a breakdown and Light only knows what can come from the terrible reality faced by the province and its main township in these dire times. Rumor has it that undead was also spotted in the southern region. Local farmers and other tradesmen are demanding action from the forces of security. His Majesty the King sends his regards to those engaged in the defence and maintenance of order in Lakeshire, and that He and his auxiliaries are doing their best to at least maintain a proper supply line to the province. There are rumors in Stormwind City, critics to Redridge's local aristocracy and the supposed inneficiency from both them and the government of the province. The King's advisors are doing their best to suppress those rumors to the best of their ability, which apparently includes threats to bring the SI:7 into the matter if such perfidious gossip won't die quickly. More news as the case develops. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  18. While some celebrated Hallow's End in other parts of the world, the armies surrounding Blackrock Mountain saw an entire day of battle. On loan from the Alliance, the 7th Legion took up the post of the dwarves that kept the demons at bay for so long, leaving the veterans free to liberate their home. It was one of the bloodiest battles to occur in this already gory war, bringing with it both hope and despair. The strange crystal that fell a week before the battle was also recovered and discovered to be a beacon from a lost bunker belonging to the Lightforged Army. With assistance from the forces of the Steppes, and the intervention of the Mage of the Steppes, the lost Lightforged were able to survive the fall, and fight their way to safety through the largest cluster of Infernals to be dropped in one place yet. The leader of this group called himself High Vindicator Vulaan, leading four others. The majority of them had been exhausted from a month lost in space, but those with the strength and enthusiasm to fight would join forces with the dwarves, humans, mercenaries and other allies during their plunge into Blackrock Mountain. With their aid, and the assistance of the Army of Ironforge in the Searing Gorge, path through the mountain was cleared at last. Though some demons remain tucked away, they have been routed and isolated. Shadowforge's path through the mountain has been opened up once more. Despite the hard-earned victory, few celebrated. Five squads of Dark Iron forces were completely wiped out. Six damaged groups were reorganized into 3, leaving 3 officers to be temporarily withdrawn. Three squads of Bronzebeards faced similar results. A squad of mixed forces volunteered by House Von Karstein unfortunately lost half its members. Three members of the Illidari also joined: a demon hunter, and two demons. While the hunter survived, one demon perished, though it is believed they may reform, while the other was left unaccounted for. In the wake of the battle, while the respective armies involved recover, those on both sides of the mountain try to celebrate the bittersweet victory. The names of the fallen are briefly honored during this short reprieve, with the promise of a more deserved ceremony when the fighting is truly over. The collection of the bodies, both mortal and demon, has been a slow and difficult process. Some bodies may never be recovered, having fallen in to the lava pit in the mountain; they are still being identified. The Mage of the Steppes has taken on the task of handling the demon corpses and cleaning up whatever corruption they have left behind.
  19. Syth

    Into The Breach

    INTO THE BREACH . . . . . . . Date and Time: 10/31/2020 12 PM Server Time** **Date subject to revision in the event of shitty circumstances.
  20. Just a head's up that the below item I got from Emerald Nightmare has been gifted to Vikki. Last Breath of the Forest - Spear (Exclusive to Adrasteia) - Ursoc sacrificed his life for the wilds twice, but he leaves behind a legacy for other noble defenders to uphold in his absence. This spear represents part of that legacy. -While equipped with this spear, a spiritual bear companion will fight to the death beside you. This bear damages with physical and spirit damage when it attacks and can be ridden. If the bear is killed, it will reform over the course of a week. The spear naturally increases your strength and speed by a moderate amount in combat.
  21. Second post of the thread is updated with more things regarding loot and treasures on Argus.
  22. Syth

    A Light in the Ashes

    After a series of bombardments by the Burning Legion, all eyes watched the skies carefully in the Burning Steppes, both day and night, a constant unease present. Hours before dawn, a golden light broke through the layer of perpetual ash clouding the region and struck down. The celestial object crashed into the stone bridge leading up Blackrock Mountain, sending disarray into the flood of demonic ranks pouring along the structure. Dark Iron forces watching the bridge identified the foreign object as a glowing golden crystal, distinctly different from anything of Legion origin. The crystal has drawn attention, frequently attracting demons to its glow. In response, the best marksmen among the Dark Irons have been focusing on any demons attempting to claw their way up to retrieve the crystal, making for easy pickings. Despite being preyed upon, this has not discouraged the desperation of the Legion's efforts. Rumors abound that the liberation forces plan to use the chaos introduced by the crystal to retake the bridge. No official word has been given, but defense of the front line has been slowly transferring into the hands of the Alliance's 7th Legion while more Dark Iron forces are rallying near the stone bridge.
  23. As of last night the bounty has been recalled by the Count von Karstein due to the investigation having progressed and the person in question being apprehended as per public knowledge. Ashrynn was seen entering the military encampent above Lakeshire, only to later emerge in the company of Senior Magus and Sergeant Major of Echo Company, Eleanore de Montarville-Keiramont. After a brief exchange with a few figures of some renown, the two were seen teleporting away.
  24. Hardly a week had passed before the Legion sent another volley of Infernals into the Burning Steppes. Their defenses were less prepared to stop the Infernals mid-flight this time. A desperate attempt by the Mage of the Steppes altered the trajectory of some of the rock giants, but four still crashed into the city of Chiselgrip, one striking the Mage's own tower. Due to prior experience with this sort of attack, the city had run drills in advance. The felslate monstrosities were spotted in the sky minutes before arrival and the townsfolk managed to hide themselves indoors and underground in time. What followed was a very brief and desperate clash between the four Infernals and the combined efforts of the guards of Chiselgrip, the mercenary soldiers of the Mage of the Steppes, and a mixed collection of adventurers and wandering warriors. Names of note were a High Mage of Stormwind and frequent visitor of Chiselgrip, Tayu Lamiaceae, and a once-native to the region, Gorrbrox Stormhowl. The pair were able to stop one of the four Infernals from detonating itself in the local tavern-turned-shelter, saving hundreds of civilian lives in the process. The act came at a great price, leaving Stormhowl's body in a disfigured mess, surviving within an inch of his life. Great pains were taken to heal the orc for his valorous deed, and he was able to walk again, but little more beyond that. The casualty report that followed was sad, but relieving. The town only lost ten of its guard, two mercenaries, and one of the five raiders following Stormhowl. No civilian lives were lost, but many of the town's Chiseled Golems were damaged or destroyed. Cleaning of the fel corruption began immediately, and repairs to the town and inventory of golems will follow in the proceeding days. While the residents are in unanimous agreement that the disaster could have ended far worse, the Mage of the Steppes and prominent members of the Thorium Brotherhood, have declared this a lucky strike of the Legion's, and that they will not manage to follow through with such an attack a third time as Chiselgrip further prepares its interception strategies against such precision long-range attacks.
  25. Syth, we're going to discuss your reply directly to what I posted - your suggestions that is. They're pretty good ones.
  26. That would apply under "appropriate IC Means" for #1, but there are also some artifacts that could do it. In any case, the possibility is there for story reasons, but closed off from unrestricted use. For #2, there's really no reason to restrict it to the bronze flight. Farseers, for example, have been able to see phrophecies or foresee certain events or moments in the future with varying degrees of accuracy. As for non-divine magic users: Mages and Warlocks can use dimensions that intersect time at different points to look backward or forward through time. Since this is functionally not much different from reading a history or a memoir or doing a very good investigation, it's not all that overpowered. Hell, we know demons can exist in many different timelines at once, too. Some warlocks may specialize in gleaning information about the timeline from demons. The accuracy of the info is not guaranteed to be perfect or even remotely correct, but it should still be possible.
  27. Good but I'd leave # 1 and 2 only in the hands.of the Bronze Dragonflight and its adherents. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  28. Chronomancy suggestions: 1. No free physical time travel without: A) moderator approval B) a good narrative and C) an appropriate IC justification. 2. Divination through time is okay. Looking into the past is always successful if the spell can be cast, but the spells come at an ever-increasing cost. Looking into the future is exponentially difficult with an increasing failure rate based on how specific your divination target is and how far ahead you look. 3. Modifying flow of time relative to 1 target is okay. Haste, Slow, Time Stop, Temporal Stasis. 4. Modifying the flow of time gives you increasingly limited effects on the world proportional to how much freedom you get. Inversely, it limits how much the world can affect you for how much freedom you strip from yourself. Example: If you trap yourself in Temporal Stasis, you are invincible until the Stasis goes away but you also cannot do anything. If you are in Time Stop, you have freedom to do whatever you want, but your actions have no effect on the world around you until time resumes. (If you're having trouble wrapping your head around these concepts, you can water it down to: You haste yourself so fast it's like time has stopped, but you are moving too fast to affect the world. Or you Slow yourself so much, you appear frozen to the rest of the world, but everything around you takes so long to affect you that it's like you are invincible until you are freed from your time prison) 5. Manipulating time is the most taxing form of spellcraft and employing any of the extremes "Time Stop or Temporal Stasis" would deplete most if not all of a mage's mana pool if they can even cast it. Most mages should not even be able to cast these spells. 6. Most uses of such time manipulation are limited to static effects from spells built directly into ley-lines or other extremely powerful mana sources, such as the fermentation rooms used by the Nightborne to create Arcwine. I don't think that's a good idea because there will always be someone who thinks of a way to get around the IC imitations or even use them to their advantage. I wouldn't call OOCly policing of time travel to be too heavy handed. I would call it the only reasonable solution for maintaining a very desirable form of order in an inherently linear-time interaction: roleplaying. You don't need to have a doctorate in general relativity to be able to understand that roleplay makes a lot more sense when time loops don't exist, so rather than trying to justify why it can't be done, you just say it can't be done because that works out better for everybody.
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