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  1. Knight-Champion Karsten Helmstag would, after getting a report about the complaint, send out four of his military Company's best trackers (worgens in worgen form) to help with tracking the child back. Their orders are specifically to prioritize finding the child alive over the valuables. OOC: Basically whether or not I get to be there for the investigation, feel free to use my trackers to help you out with it as a background thing.
  2. True aaaaaaaaaaaand... Yeah, that's pretty true. That's true and- yeah that's true. That's true. That's true- That's pretty true. That's pretty true, I mean- inhales ... That's true. Yeah. That's true. Uhm- That's true. That's fuckin' true. Uhm... That's how it is dude.

  3. Hello there, Christie Golden's latest WoW book. Apparently bridging the events between Legion and BFA. Found the EPUB version and converted it to PDF myself. I've not checked all pages, but so far it looks good. Find it here:!NpFxFA5T!C3s5SFqFb43VMp1mZptCNQ Kind regards, Data Core
  4. Hello there, Good point there. I agree with you entirely that there should be more events to keep people interested and I can confirm this is one of the talking points of "The skip to Legion". I'll see if I can quickly explain what I want to get out of this meeting: How we plan to `SKIP` WoD How we plan to regulate Legion? This ties in with how we want to do Legion's story: We're AGAINST linear AND predictable. Own stories? Diverging stories? More player interactions? How to keep people entertained BETWEEN lore-moving events (AKA events that advance the time lore-wise)? I'm sure there's more points to be made. But this is what I honestly have in mind in the "bigger lines". This will also come to pass the community's stage which means that you, and everyone else on the forums, Discord and server, will get a chance then to speak up and say "yo whaddup this shit is lit" or "this shit good, but change x and y" or even "no, fuck this shit". The skip to Legion isn't happening without a positive reaction from the community. Of course we're not going for 100% like but we can try our best to appease a majority at least. So to summarize: I agree with what you're saying and it's definitely already on the table. It'll cross your path too and I expect you to make the necessary feedback when it does get presented. On to Jakey-boi. The reason why we don't explicitly write down everything you can do by being original or using your imagination as that can create the cause/result of people once more thinking "Oh, it's not written down so it's probably not OK". That's the major issue of trying to write down everything you CAN do instead of opting for, what we did with our rewrite, to keep things ambiguous and open for creativity. The lack of all "so many variants" of a class or idea doesn't mean the absence or disapproval of. The best metaphor I can give is us opening the door and holding it open for you to try to push your idea into. Instead we went with the ambiguous option of, in example, "Warrior". Where, if you are, or know, someone who has the know-how to create items that could assist them it could be made into, as we earlier defined, a gravity warrior. Mind you, the above rhetoric is only applicable to the part where you want us to flesh out the custom classes list and (possibly) write down all sorts of variants you can do. I can only vehemently continue to state that I feel this is a bad idea. People will think that beyond all the listed variants they can't do more while we want people to understand we only list the "base" ideas and that you can BUILD onto these. Perhaps we should mention this somewhere though. That may alleviate some issues if there were some sort of phrasings here and there that explain to players that while our applications encompass base class ideas, it's never impossible to become original through actual means that can be found IG. Onto your stuff of Phlogiston and how the RPG sometimes can give a better definition on certain things.. Perhaps it may be necessary to allow Lore Clarifications to work case-by-case. What your phlogiston clarification did wasn't really a "Lore Application" but a clarification obtained through an exterior source, which Blizzard does not consider canon, which is the RPG. Paragon does not cater to the RPG nor is it an era we'll ever go to again. But I'm also not an idiot, nor anyone is that is against the RPG, to claim some of its explanations were also pretty reliable and perhaps even helpful if incorporated into normal lore. The above could be a point of discussion if we can allow this and make you able to give different clarifications that make more sense or logic (with obvious proven backed up facts, of course) in the game world. Perhaps something for the next meeting and even a community vote? I hope that answers some of both your words @Vykax and @Jake. Kind regards, Data Core
  5. Hello there, If you felt insulted, then I sincerely apologize. It's just that your OTT writing style brings nothing to the table when I'm looking for actual concise and decent examples. If that's your or my fault, who knows. But I'll take the blame with the addendum that I want you to tone your writing style down when you're coming to me for new ideas. Just to make it clear to me and not to sell me some inflated air. I want reality, not some OTT speak. No offense regarding that though, I'm sure it helps with convincing people here and there. Also, to your "quite, safe, linear and predictable" I'm going to guess you've not paid attention to the fact we're completely refurbishing the Legion experience. Linear and predictable is not what we're going with, the retail experience isn't either. It's something we're actively going to combat to focus more on player's stories and interactions instead of being Blizzard's little lore bitch. If you kept in touch, which I'm not going to point fingers at that you're not doing (It's possible we've not been too loud about this, or that you missed some of the chats in Discord about this), you'd know that broadening my horizons is more than your weird metaphor of oatmeal. (Also who the fuck likes oatmeal?) Actually, to come back to the former. I'm sure you've read my whole big post which explained this to Denning, so I'm pretty sure you knew that the predictable and linear are something we're going to scrap in Legion, with the community's help. So I'm even more surprised that metaphor came up, lol. Regardless, I hope you'll take the above as light-hearted since my writing style has always been perhaps a bit more brutal, honest, asshole-ish? But I guess it's to the point. No offense intended with anything, but I'm going to press you with your nose on the truths when I can even if you want to think/dream differently. ;) Kind regards, Data Core
  6. Hello there, Currently the sole requirement of Lore Clarifications is that it's got a base founding in Lore. I think that's honestly the minimum amount of necessity we can ask for when it comes to Paragon. World of Warcraft is a fantasy world and there's so many different things that I'm sure you can probably come up with wicked class designs. Tinkers making anti-gravity things and giving it to a warrior and boom you've got yourself some special anti-gravity warriors (and this is just me talking out of my ass so far). If people need to be able to write down custom things instead of being a bit creative with the knowledge that lore has then it's either because they don't grasp the knowledge or because they don't want to put in a bit of effort to try to come up with something. Up to now, none of you two have really given me any compelling argument except for "we need to do stupid shit again" to rebrand Lore Clarifications as Lore Applications. Paragon isn't here to "do stupid shit". We cater to our niche and we're actually broadening our horizon. But you can broaden your horizon without taking that approach as well. When I expected to hear examples, I honestly considered it more something along the lines of Jake posting. Something that exists in Lore, has specific usages but multiple sources give it a different meaning. This is where we can probably take a look at it and figure something out which can be Paragon's canon. But that's not really the idea of "doing stupid shit". I wish I was given more examples of this, which actually show more creativity than just going "all sails loose" which just waters down to half-assed concepts that most of the time we can't even defend or really comprehend. Our recent(ish) cleaning of the custom classes and lore has shown us literally nobody plays these things even if we still allowed them up to that moment (they got grandfathered in). Regardless, I need more ideas like your Phlogiston argument Jake. I can work with that and we can actually look into adding an idea like "If it exists in WoW, but the RPG gives it a better definition" or "Multiple sources give contradicting information" to sort our own canon or a "logical" canon. Kind regards, Data Core
  7. Hello there, Paragon's members have gotten more and more IC creativity over the past year and that'll be even more in the upcoming Legion expansion. Please indulge me in something that you'd like to do and feel like you can't yet and do bring actual examples to the table and not some vague stuff. Can't work with the latter. Kind regards, Data Core
  8. Hello there, Gave it a good read and found some time to answer some of these concerns. I'll work with bullet points where the bold parts are your points and afterwards my answers to them. massive exodus of DM's and Staff members: Both staff members that left us made posts explaining their reasons for their leave. We shouldn't need to release an extra post regarding this which would just re-iterate what they're saying. Most of the DMs that left us did us in favor of RL like work picking up or timezone issues. The former is not something that can be pinned on Paragon and we encourage people to go for this. The latter is something Paragon can be a deciding factor for if more members are brought in. immediate opening of staff applications...: We were reworking staff applications and have communicated this here and there. If that still wasn't enough for you then I sincerely apologize and will look into more ways to make this more obvious next time. But we decided pretty quickly we were going to open up both Staff and CMOD positions, it just needed polishing. Applications: A direct result of us having less Staff. This should be alleviated once we bring in more Staff and CMODs, the latter who will focus more on the forums and hopefully pick up on character applications pretty fast. It's also a bit unfair to bring it up as a separate issue all in all since it's an obvious effect of losing people. But I'm also not saying you can't, it's a fair point and this should get fixed. The staff does not believe in the future of Paragon: That's a pretty harsh statement to put after all the work most of put in. Sure, we can't cover all timezones nor can some of us work 24/7 (I'd love to if I could) but just because we're working on stuff and it goes slower doesn't mean we don't believe in it anymore. It's an accusation that shouldn't be thrown around and while I understand why you did I can only stress how wrong you are in this. Fast Forwarding WoD: This is still on the agenda, but unfortunately I guess you didn't know the big picture. The person behind this was Smeg and he recently left us. I'm doing my best to pick up what he had going and working to make sure we can push this towards the Staff and DM team for meetings and then push it to the community so they can say their pieces on it. I once again think this should be nuanced and that we deserve a bit of leeway when the main people behind it leave. The current plans, to me, are to post out massive posts to the Staff and DM team to work together on figuring out how we'll tackle Legion on Paragon and then once we've come up with some ideas on how to go about it we'll push it to the community for their opinions. We won't skip the community's side here, but we want to approach them with a plan. I expect to start these meetings this week, but I can't promise that results will also be seen this week. This isn't something we can just "quickly decide". But I can promise we're working on it as we speak. Events: This is something that can only be attributed to the DM team and not necessarily to the staff. Drak as the main guy behind temp-DMM will probably be looking into this. However something I've noticed is that sometimes I see 3 players online and a DM and apparently that's not enough for a small little event.. While I'd personally argue that three players is already something pretty decent. I mean, we keep them happy and maybe they'll pick other people up again? Or maybe others will notice em RPing and try to join in? I'm just thinking out loud and I certainly don't want to point any fingers at any DMs. It's just something I've noticed, but this has gone on for many countless of DM teams. Custom Cities: We discussed this. It may happen, but with population issues that may not necessarily be the way to go just yet. But still, an idea on the table. Lack of transparency: We post all our meetings publicly and most of our stuff goes through the public sections lately. There's no 'lack of' anymore, there's just nothing to give out yet except ideas that aren't finished. Again, due to staff members leaving we had to re-schedule and fix stuff up and take over possible projects they left and that can take time. Consistency: Admittedly something to work on, but I'd say we're doing better. It's actually in a rising line if I have to look over the past few years on Paragon. Even if there's issues, I feel like you're just pointing out stuff without ever really showing that there's increases here and there. It's essentially a 'snapshot', without appreciating what came before which could create this into a 'timeline'. Activity: Losing members hurts and while I don't disagree we have activity issues, at the same time it's not just the staff that's entirely an issue in this regard. However, more Staff and CMODs should alleviate some of these issues. Plus the possible introduction of a way to check activity and force certain requirements in the spirit of "You can't put out, you shouldn't be here.". It sounds harsher than it is, don't worry. But I just want to clear that we're looking into that. Uncertainty towards the server's future: As I said above, we're working on things and they'll drop sooner or later. We don't enjoy dropping half-finished or half-abandoned ideas and with the recent staff leaving (see how this comes up again?) I had to take up projects I wasn't leading before. I pushed out the new Moderation stuff and my next plan is a new Application list (this is about done). Afterwards come those meetings and bigger push towards the WoD fast forward to Legion. Once more information becomes available about that, it'll probably be published. Lack of RP and Stagnant RP: While I agree the Staff can be a deciding factor in this, I also want to point out that I don't entirely agree that it should be fully pinned on us. We have a pretty toxic community at times that isn't always that welcoming. Just blaming the stagnant or lack of RP on us entirely is unfair as it's just as fair to say our players should at least try as well. We offer countless of opportunities and tools for players to start their own RPs and sometimes they're just not grabbed. Arbitrary ideas of "But I can't RP with just two other people" are what's killing the smaller RP and honestly detrimental to a honest and decent RP environment. I do agree the staff needs to work on this, but I also feel like the community as a whole should. I'm not pointing fingers and I'm guilty of not RPing much as well due to both my RL migraine issues and development on 7.3.5. TLDR: we should all work on this. There, that's the whole question and answer part over. Give it a read and make sure to do it entirely as I tend to say some pretty controversial or blunt things but nuance towards the end. If something still doesn't make sense, or you don't agree with it, then you're free to air that. I'm not trying to attack anyone with the way I write, it's just a side-effect of having English as my third language. Kind regards, Data Core
  9. Hello there, As Miller mentioned.. The title did not disappoint. Although I did expect something else coming from you, Seir. Kind regards, Data Core
  10. Hello there, Internally. The amount of access and stuff we give out for administrators is something we (or at least I, as the owner of the website and VPS bills) try to regulate to a certain extent due to the damage and legal things (money-related) that could happen. The candidates are usually pulled from the staff team though, and only the ones willing. So the picks shouldn't be too random. Kind regards, Data Core
  11. Hello there, I'll just slide in and say I'll be taking the spot of Staff Manager. :) The joke aside. We (Raz and me) are still looking into to see if we actually pull in a staff manager again or switch one of us around. Neither of us have had to stand in the staff manager title, so it's unsure if we perform well or bad in it. Who knows? But what I do know is that we'll most likely wait before fully going into "Third admin, yes/no?" and "Raz or Data for staff manager?" until the trial picks have become full staff. On a side note though: We do have a staff manager ad interim right now, that's me. (Considering I dealt with the picks this round) Which means if you have any concerns or issues with the staff that you don't want publicized, feel free to DM me on Discord (DJScias#0812) or PM me on the forums. Kind regards, Data Core
  12. Hello there, The blame for Chaud's ban can only be pushed on Raz, Granodd and me. As we received the (obviously lacking now) evidence and acted upon it. Staff isn't perfect, but that one can't be chalked up to them. I'm taking my responsibility as an admin to say that wasn't their call, nor had they part in that. Kind regards, Data Core PS: We should go back to silly meme off-topic, this gettin' too serial for me.
  13. Hello there, 1. Group efforts most likely, we don't know yet. Perhaps ask the community for ideas in the end? 2. I guess it's time to start farming again, literal farming. Heroes be too gud for y'all. In all seriousness, we'll see. Being part of a bigger group that helps them out isn't too bad. 3. Hey, it's only as boring as you guys make your own RP. We just move the story forward and make sure y'all don't lasting damages that need lore-repair. Aside from that the players fix up their stories and shit. Kind regards, Data Core
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    Hello there, Why does everyone play on the NA servers... Kind regards, Data Core
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    Hello there, That title though. Kind regards, Data Core