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  1. This section is dedicated to everything related to bounties and was created due to community request in the following topic. Application Format You do not have to 100% follow this format, but it's given nonetheless to help you out just in case. Also feel free to add an image to your bounty. Each bounty must contain a prefix! [b]Name of Bounty[/b]: This can be either a person or an item. If multiple, make sure to properly format your post. [b]Description Bounty[/b]: Describe the person or item as good as possible so people can recognize them. Metagaming rules apply, don't just use an OOC name. [b]Possible Locations/Last Seen[/b]: Optional, but may help for interested people. [b]Reward for the Bounty[/b]: How much is the reward? Make sure you actually own this ICly, insane prices can lead to GMs speaking to you about how you've obtained this money. Note: This is not the place to request for an RP or anything of sorts, this is solely for placing bounties for both persons and items. Let your creativity flow and happy hunting! ~ The Staff