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  1. The Storyteller Request forums are for you to be able to request temporary DM powers to run an event of your own design. Your request will only be visible to the DMs, staff, and yourself. The storyteller role can be used to run chain events, or simply one off events. Players are able to provide RP for the public in their own medium, without the commitment to the actual Dungeon Master role. You are expected to provide the proper details and scope of your event. Not every details needs to be given, however, but the more specific you are the better. You can also request a co-DM from the Creative Team as a resource (i.e help with commands, spawning, and other event details). Approval of your role will pass through the Managers or Moderators. Applications can be denied due to: vagueness, severe lack of detail, inability to fill out the format, or if they violate server rules. You are not guaranteed the storyteller role, and your events might be subject to change. Changes might include: location, scope, or rewards. Creative Mangers may tell you that your event does not require the storyteller role and can be done without the need of commands. Please understand that our Creative Team works to provide you with a quality experience within the warcraft-universe. If you wish to share in that experience, express your creativity, or work with the people behind the scenes on Paragon, then this is the appropriate role for you. DISCLAIMER: Please note, that if your Storyteller Request has been approved, but not progressed in the course of 1 month (due to player fault or without excuse), then the Manager(s) reserve the right to revoke the temporary status of the applicant and they must apply again. Storyteller Request Format: Once your application has been reviewed and approved by a Manger or Moderator, you will be contacted in-game or directly on Discord. If your application sits for longer than one week, please contact a Creative Manger or Moderator. If you have any further questions about the format of the application or "what can I apply for, and what can't I apply for", contact an Creative Manger or Dungeon Master, thank you. This forum post is subject to change.
  2. Welcome to the information & template over applying for clarifications in the lore, be it for expanding some concept of a class or explaining a grey area of lore in detail. The Point of Applications World of Warcraft, Legion is an expansive story which covers many classes - from buccaneers to the Skardyn featured in Night of the Dragon. The WoWRPG books refer to many more, and the universe that Warcraft is in is much larger than what we have seen. However, not everything can be added. We can't be allowing far off planets to suddenly have species such as modernised mankind, and we certainly can't have Pacific Rim occurring on Azeroth for no apparent reason. Thus, custom lore applications exist to filter the ideas that don't fit in or are taking advantage of the 'infinite possibilities' that the Warcraft Universe might allow, and restrain custom lore to adjusting Blizzard Lore or detailing classes that suit already exist in Warcraft. Bards, Dancing martial arts are examples of things that don't break the current mechanics of magic or combat in Warcraft, and clarifications exist in order to correct what Blizzard might have overseen as contradictory. Lore Additions either based from current Warcraft Lore or the WoW RPG will be taken with more criticism by the Moderation Team and possibly the Community, but they have the chance of being included in the server canon as long as they are aligned with the logic and environment of the Warcraft universe. This system does not accept custom races. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– The Application Process In most cases your application will elaborate on what Blizzard hasn't. In some cases your application will bridge the gap between logic that Blizzard hasn't necessarily made. For instance, the motives of the Night Watch turning to the Legion. The application must be sound and fit within the constraints and requirements of Blizzard Lore. Upon approval, applications will either be filtered into 'Homebrew', which is used for very detailed outlines of a classes capabilities, or Blizzard, in which it modifies or clarifies some lore. Lore applications are never considered declined, but will be archived if not approved in their current iteration or no longer worked on for a long time. All Lore applications must be left up for review for a minimum of 14 days, prior to being approved. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Lore Clarification Application Template Both moderators and players are able to provide feedback, and moderators can either support or vote against the application. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
  3. Welcome to the information & template over applying for miscellaneous items for your character that they otherwise wouldn't start with. The list provided below is not considered complete and may be expanded upon in the future. Application Process The point of this application is to ensure that your character is skilled enough to be able to obtain the item or companion that requires more skill and, or, understanding than what's expected from a freshly made character. If you're obtaining an item from someone then the player creating the item must make the application for whomever its for. Certain forbidden summons/constructs can be used by players with the Antagonist Status. Please contact a moderator or manager for information. Certain races/classes do not need to apply for specific pets or materials. Please contact a moderator for information. The template is cut into several sections so you need only fill in what you're applying for. Questions in bold are mandatory however. Upon making an application you have to wait for the approval of two staff members and for them to move your application to Approved before you can use your item, or companion, in roleplay. Miscellaneous Application Template: Pre-Miscellaneous Template Since the miscellaneous application is new and players could have obtained things in the past via Contact Staff there is a section to avoid retroactively apply for something you already have. It's merely to help with documenting what players and their characters have. Things that require a misc application: Pets: [Contact Moderator] Pets: [Progression] Pets: [Forbidden] Advanced Summons: [Contact Moderator] Advanced Summons: [Progression] Advanced Summons: [Forbidden] Engineering [Contact Moderator] Engineering [Progression] Engineering [Forbidden]: Expanded Guide to Materials: Color Key: Progression, Contact Moderator, Free, Forbidden. Cloth (or used in tailoring): Leather (or used in leatherworking): Metals (or used in blacksmithing): Misc materials and Enhancements: Good luck with your application! - The Moderation Team
  4. ██████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ Welcome to the information & template for applying for an extension for either your characters house or your Guild HQ. Foreword Please only make an extension request when you know it will be used frequently. Don't make one just because you can. We expect proof that it will be roleplayed in often. You should only be making this extension application if you are adding a new room, small building, a garden, or something of similar scale. Depending on the scale of the extension an application may not be necessary. A few new pots and plants or objects in your interior merely needs you to ask a builder and get staff permission. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– The Application Process This application should only be made if you have a House application or a Guild HQ application that has been approved already. Upon making an application you have to wait for approval of one staff member in order for it to be approved. They will update the prefix of the thread to 'Waiting for Builder' Once approved, a builder is free to pick it up and assign it to themselves. They will also update the prefix of the thread to 'Being Built'. Upon completed, your interior will be moved to 'Finished'. If you fail to maintain contact with the builders, your interior may become Shelved instead. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Extension Application Template Your application will be in public for a total of three days before a final verdict can be made. During this time, however, both staff and players are able to provide feedback, and staff can either support or vote against the application. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ██████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████
  5. ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ Welcome to the information & template for applying for a Guild HQ which your guild can inhabit and can be roleplayed as your guilds base of operations. Foreword Please only make a Guild HQ request when you know it will be used frequently. Don't make one just because you can. We expect proof that it will be roleplayed in often. In addition, only consider making a Guild HQ request if you have more than ten active guild members. Whilst your Guild HQ is being built it helps substantially if you keep in communication with the builder who has undertaken your interior build. These HQs are on a scale for a small guild, so keep your request within the constraints of six buildings. Interiors build in the Guild HQ and then distributed to the guild members do not require interior applications. The additional interiors should be small. All Guild HQs must not be in public phases. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– The Application Process Upon making an application you have to wait for approval of one staff member in order for it to be approved. They will update the prefix of the thread to 'Waiting for Builder' Once approved, a builder is free to pick it up and assign it to themselves. They will also update the prefix of the thread to 'Being Built'. Upon completed, your interior will be moved to 'Finished'. If you fail to maintain contact with the builders, your interior may become Shelved instead. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Guild HQ Application Template Your application will be in public for a total of one week before a final verdict can be made. During this time, however, both staff and players are able to provide feedback, and staff can either support or vote against the application. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████
  6. ██████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ Welcome to the information & template for applying for an interior which your character can inhabit and you can roleplay as your characters house. Foreword Please only make an interior request when you know it will be used frequently. Don't make one just because you can. Whilst your interior is being built it helps substantially if you keep in communication with the builder who has undertaken your interior build. These interiors are on a scale for an individual character, so keep your request within the constraints of two to three buildings. Tents (with or without outdoor utilities) that don't exceed 75 ingame square yards do not need to be applied for, but inform a builder or staff when you're done using it so it can be removed. All private interiors must not be in public phases. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– The Application Process Upon making an application you have to wait for approval of one staff member in order for it to be approved. They will update the prefix of the thread to 'Waiting for Builder' Once approved, a builder is free to pick it up and assign it to themselves. They will also update the prefix of the thread to 'Being Built'. Upon completed, your interior will be moved to 'Finished'. If you fail to maintain contact with the builders, your interior may become Shelved instead. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Housing Application Template Your application will be in public for a total of three days before a final verdict can be made. During this time, however, both staff and players are able to provide feedback, and staff can either support or vote against the application. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████
  7. Welcome to the information & template for applying for a character to be able to resurrect, or posting a resurrection attempt. The Application Process This application is to certify that you are allowed to resurrect other characters or to justify the resurrection of a character. The first application template, the Resurrector Application Template, needs to be approved before you can resurrect someone. In order to be approved to resurrect people you need two approvals from the staff team. If you choose to resurrect someone, you will have to make a new post under your application explaining why the resurrection is valid using the second application template, the Resurrection Application Template. In order to be allowed to carry out your resurrection you will need one staff approval. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Resurrector Application Template Your application is in public for at least of three days before a final verdict is made. During this time both staff and players are able to provide feedback, and staff can either support or vote against the application. You can ask for the admins to respond after seven days if the application is still pending. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Resurrection Application Template Your form is in public with no time restriction before a final verdict is made. You only require one staff approval for the resurrection to go through. You can ask for the admins to respond after three days if the application is still pending. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
  8. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Welcome to the information for applying for a rank, whether it be restricted or not. List of Ranks All Ranks are revocable if the moderation team deems that they are being misrepresented. Ranks which require in-game progression are in bold and underlined, and might have a note attached on how to consider progressing into them If any rank is marked with an asterisk(*), they have a higher expectation of quality and thus require an additional moderation team member to vote upon it. If any rank is marked with the [Limited] tag, only a certain amount may be active at one time, listed here. If any rank is marked with the [Ask] tag, you need to contact a Moderator before being able to play one. Keep in mind the ranks are listed here without possible army sizes (military) and detailed information. Every military/nobility/organization has a link attached to it with extra information. Be sure to keep to give them a read if you're interested in playing in any of these hierarchies. Faction Militaries For more information about army sizes and extra information regarding these ranks, visit the lore clarification or the faction mega thread. There are some new updated and improved clarifications for some races and these are within the spoiler tagged as (Clarification 2.0). Alliance Horde Nobility Ranks Nobility ranks are generally not seen as "progression-required" due to the fact that higher-tiered ranks are inherited due to your lineage/family having had these titles for a long time. We, however, won't make it impossible for players to gain the lowest of ranks through progression as a sort of reward from the Kingdom. However keep in mind if you're an established noble and would somehow like to move up the ranks that it is not impossible, however it will require extensive work from that noble's part to become one of the rare exceptions the kingdom may grant a higher title to. Don't put all your money on this route, it's the exception to the rule. Noble ranks that are being Applied for as inheritance, examples being when a Noble Character dies and the Player wishes to have it inherited by his son or someone else, requires only a Restricted Application. Humans Organizational Ranks These are groups/organizations that have a rank hierarchy but aren't necessarily part of the race's main militaries. All organization names are links to their respective clarifications. Church of the Holy Light Knights of the Ebon Blade Kul Tiras Navy SI:7 The Shattered Hand Silvermoon Magisters The Argent Crusade The Cenarion Circle The Cult of the Damned The Cult of the Forgotten Shadow The Royal Apothecary Society The Earthen Ring The Kirin'Tor The Order of the Silver Hand The Silver Covenant The Stormwind Mage Guild & The Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences The Stormwind Navy The Twilight's Hammer The Watchers (Clarification 3.0) The Argent Dawn Templars –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
  9. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Welcome to the information for applying for a restricted class or race. List of Classes & Races All Characters are revokable if the moderation team deems that they are being misrepresented. The Classes and Races which are restricted appear in a separate list and possess the following formatting: If any class or race is marked with an asterisk(*), they have a higher expectation of quality and thus require an additional moderation team member to vote upon it. If any class or race is marked with the [Limited] tag, only a certain amount may be active at one time, listed here. Races or classes in [Contact Moderator] require you to contact a Moderator before being able to play one. Most classes on the List have been explained or extended on in the Class Guide. Note: If you want to play your character in a specific way or race/class that is not specified on the list and would like to know if this is allowed on Paragon. Check the Class Guide to see if it has been written there, if not please make a thread in the Contact Staff subforum about it. Please note, if it's not implicitly stated in this list that the class/race is classified as 'Free to Play' (**This does not include RPG classes or races as Paragon does not use the RPG**). If there are any questions simply make a post in Contact Staff or ping the Moderation Team in Discord. Classes: [Contact Moderation Team] Classes: Restricted Classes: Forbidden –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Races: [Contact Moderation Team] Races: Restricted Races: Forbidden The best of luck with your application! ~ The Moderation Team –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
  10. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Welcome to the information about applications and the template that you'll need to use. The Point of Applications World of Warcraft goes beyond the classes and races that the character screen provides. Many have no official support from Blizzard, but are observed in the setting itself. In the players hands, this is untapped creative potential. We can have varying characters which produce different outcomes in roleplay, as well as both good, neutral and evil races that shape the storyline The point of the application system is to ensure that these races and classes are not grossly misused. There are much higher tier classes than the generic ones provided at the beginning, and these classes can become very powerful. We promote responsibility, and to do so we ask you to recognise how important fallibility is. 'Progression' is required for some classes, and is a perception of the community as to how much your character has developed from day one. The more you spend time on that character roleplaying, the more prevalence they have in Paragon: the more 'stage presence' they have. Progression is not fully reflective of what your character is capable of. Progression also refers to the in-character progress one makes towards a certain goal. The application you submit reflects your understanding. If there are errors, they will be pointed out. Warcraft's source material needs to be read and understood by the writer. We do not give you many chances to adjust or correct your application. Tweaking your application is fine, but fully overhauling the history following feedback is not acceptable. You are approved based on your understanding and responsible roleplaying with other people, not your ability to take criticism. You can only have one character/promotion application up at the same time (Misc. and Interior applications are separate from this limit). The following 'wait' timers are to be respected: Approval: 3 days from approval date until you can post a new application. Denial: 1 days from denial date until you can post a new application. Application thread titles need to contain your character's full name and what you are applying for. Meme, unclear, and/or vague titles can and will be denied. This is for archival purposes. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Categories of Applications Classes and Races: The application system that Paragon uses for classes and races has 3 categories. These four ways are the following: Free, Restricted and Forbidden. 'Free' does not require you to venture any further into the application system. Just see if the race or class you want to play is on the list at the bottom and you are free to make them and start roleplaying immediately. In these cases it's hard for you to mess up as you have very limited morals to abide by: they are all very physical or arcane based classes. However we also listen out for complaints regarding your character. If things sound illogical for that class or race, then we will investigate by inquiring with you and those involved. If we find that these complaints are true, we will consider revoking you. In most cases we will give a stern warning and one more chance. When you are revoked, you may not play as a similar race or class for up to a month. During that time we hope you brush up on your understanding of that race or class. Those that are Restricted are mostly titles and ranks, but have the odd Race or Class. These require you to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable enough to be able to portray a complex and often difficult character. We cannot accept an application based on 'retroactive progression' - you cannot apply for something you promise to train for in the future. Just like you can not make an application based on retroactive progression, we will not be accepting applications where you claim the character was something all along (such as only now revealing you were a Dreadlord all this time) We do allow applications to be applied for in Contact Moderation as hidden applications, however these are for races, classes, and ranks considered to just be a checkup to ensure you're prepared instead of a full application. The final category is a list of forbidden races and classes. It is obvious we do not want people playing as a Titan, or a Titanic Watcher, or an Old God or even a Naaru. Needless to say, these are increasingly integral parts to the storyline and few in number. If you're considering playing a Titan, then you really need to think about what makes a good character. Even if we were to allow them, they do not engage in mortal affairs and so would be an exercise in pointlessness. Ranks: The application system that Paragon uses for ranks has 4 categories. These four ways are the following: Free, Restricted, Progression and Forbidden. 'Free' does not require you to venture any further into the application system. Just see if the rank you want to play is on the list at the bottom and you are free to make them and start roleplaying immediately. This however, doesn't mean a Moderator may pull your ear for playing it wrongly or inappropriatedly, and the way you play it will incur in Character Revokal if the Team deems your method of playing it to be harmful to the rules. Progressed Ranks require you to have reached this rank through roleplay on the server. In other words they need to be ‘Progressed’ into. These cannot be applied for as fresh characters unlike the Restricted application ranks. The final category are forbidden ranks. These are ranks that are typically held by lore characters or have too much power to be held by a single player character. These cannot be applied for and applications for these will be instantly denied. Titles: Titles are perhaps one of the more special ideas you can achieve through an application. Titles are not directly tied to any sort of actual power (through combat or influence) and are usually heavily tied to a location/group/faction. Usually these titles are honorary and nothing more than that. There are certain organizations that are listed in Ranks that are once again listed in the Titles section. However the titles that are provided by these organizations are not denoting any real power level, are usually obtained in an honorary manner and are without any prior rank requirement. Forces: This application does not require you to have an active Character Application that has been approved already unless your approved character holds rank with a Forces limit in one of the organizations listed in our Lore Clarification & Additions If changes that have incurred in the original character application the ranking characters' cases, please append it in an additional post highlight the changes. This is only applicable for personality and understanding. Promotions: This application should only be made if you have an active Character Application that has been approved already. Moderators will vote on a Promotion Application using a different format similar to that used in the Forces Application. You will need two staff approvals for moderate ranks and forces and three for high ranks and large forces. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Character/Forces/Promotion Application Template: Before you start filling in this application, please ensure you have read the entirety of the Character & Promotion Application Format Template thread again to ensure you're not missing out on any crucial changes to the system. Finally, make sure that people have a gist of what your roleplaying is like. We tend to use this to decide whether or not you can cope with one of the restricted races or classes. We'd like to reinforce that taking a few more minutes to read the Template may avoid misunderstandings in the future. Character Application Template: Forces Application Template: Promotion Application Template: Both the Moderation team and Players are able to provide feedback, and the moderation team can either support or vote against the application. You can ask for the Admin to respond after seven days if the application is still pending. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
  11. Welcome to the information & template over applying for for a moderation team position on Paragon. The Moderator Rank What is a Moderator? The Moderator role has many responsibilities and roles that it places in the server. On one side, the Moderator is responsible for enforcing the rules on the server in all vectors, however, the Moderator is looked at by the community as the Loremaster, and with such is expected to have an intimate understanding with Warcraft and Paragon custom-developed clarifications and additions. Lastly and most importantly, the Moderator is a mediator, finding a resolution for conflict in a viable way. Below are some of the basic outlines of what a Moderator should strive for: The Moderator is able to moderate everywhere (Discord, Forums, In-Game) to ensure the Rules on Paragon are followed, to assist Players both new and old in any way they are able and review Applications on the Forums. Ideally the Moderator should be striving to have the utmost coverage. Players RPing on the game server should always have a means to contact the Moderator (In-Game or Discord works the best). Whenever possible the Moderator should help promote Roleplay whether it's by creating content for a while or share rumors and event schedules. They shouldn't have the idea they sit on a high chair enforcing rules but rather help Paragon and it's Community be active and flow with Roleplay and ideas. Finally, the Moderator will have to show sufficient activity In-Game or their rank will be taken from them. Their presence on the Forums and Discord is also expect to handle with In-Game matters but not so much for moderation of these mediums. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– The Application Process The application process usually (but not always) lasts for up to a week and begins with your filling out the form of questions below. Make a new thread under this section of whatever topic name you want, and copy and paste the below questions into your new thread and answer them. Please consider formatting them in a legible state: Whilst you probably won't get credit for making it appear fancy, it's still nice to see a change from monotonous grey text. Make sure to pick [MOD] prefix tag, so the community understands what you're applying for. After the application process has ended, the voting process starts -- how long it will last is at the discretion of the Administration. This is done through a full community alternative voting system. A form will be created and everyone is requested to vote on their preferred Candidate to become a Moderator. Depending on the size of Paragon's population at the time the minimum percentage someone needs is 51-60% to get a Trial run. After the Voting Process is closed, the voting rounds and results are published to the community in a thread. The most popular candidates are picked in order to fill trial slots as required. The normal trial period follows immediately hereafter and the Community is expected to give feedback through forms anonymously. The voting process functions in the following form: The Community, the Moderators, and the Administrator each represent 1 vote. If the Community votes reach the required percentage mentioned earlier in this Template, it is considered a Yes. Less than that means No. In the Moderation Team, an impasse is considered a negative vote automatically. And then the Administrator gets 1 vote. Abstentions makes the vote invalid. A candidate requires 2/3 votes to be granted a Trial as Moderator. It is valid to remember that the 3 groups voting can always outvote one another depending on the situation. At the end of the trial, the community's feedback will be compiled and the administration publishes the outcome. Depending on the reason for a trial being failed, if at all, you may receive a Punishment on your Warning sheet (Ex: If you failed because of harassing players or abused your powers) Keep in mind it is entirely possible for the Administration to pick a candidate without needing to go through the Application process as well. If the Administration believes someone would be a good pick for a Trial they can talk to the person directly about being given a Trial Moderator run. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Application Template Moderator –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– After the Application If you succeed in becoming a part of the Moderation Team, you will be on trial for up to a month (if not longer), with the same abilities as a full-fledged team member. This title means nothing and is just a means of saying "you're settling in" so as not to throw the entire ton of bricks over your head with no notice. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the admin on the forums or in-game. They will be happy to answer any and all questions regarding Moderation Team applications. Good luck!
  12. Welcome to the Information and Application Template of the Paragon Creative Team. THE CREATIVE TEAM Our server, being a roleplay community, relies heavily on events and the constant change of the environment we find ourselves in in order to provide the immersion necessary to conduct our fun, basically. While in the past we kept 2 Teams, those Teams are now unified as the Creative Team though the roles of Builder and Dungeon Master remain, with a third one encompassing both for those people who seek to either be more productive or have the time and effort to employ in both areas of our content production. THE DUNGEON MASTER & BUILDER ROLES The Dungeon Master provides danger, story, quests, puzzles, and purpose to the roleplayer and community. They are expected to be adaptive, creative, and to manage interactions impartially and responsibly with the community's wishes always in mind. Their powers consist of spawning and manipulating creatures, objects, spells, environments, sounds, and even players. Their goal is to provide an elevated and satisfying roleplaying experience above the norm. Adventures can be short and sweet, or span weeks; they can be mundane, or epic; they can be for one man, or twenty. The Dungeon Master can repurpose retail content or work from scratch. There is no rule forcing them to do either. ====================================================================================================== The Builder is responsible for building interiors and exteriors, and occasionally redecorating environments or helping Dungeon Masters make event areas on request. The Builder has access to .gameobject, .npc, .tele, .waystone and .wp commands, among a few others. The Builder may do unofficial builds or redecorate existing areas if they inform the Builder Manager beforehand and document their work. The Builder may use their powers to DM if they wish to, but must inform a DM Manager beforehand for permission. Abuse of these powers or failure to uphold these requirements will result in loss of the rank, and possible additional punishment for cases of abuse. THE APPLICATION PROCESS Pre-Application Requirements: At least 1 month of community membership. No past records of abusing your position, if you are re-applying. Application Timeline: Make a new application here using the template below. No special title is required, but the application must be easy to read. Your application will be reviewed as soon as a Manager is available. Upon acceptance, you will be given Builder or Dungeon Master powers and your evaluation period starts. Evaluation Timeline: Your evaluation will last one month, during which people may give feedback about your events to an Event Manager. You are expected to make an attempt at your duties within one week. Inform an Event Manager if real life circumstances prevent this. If applying for Dungeon Master, you will occasionally be checked on during this period and taught the basic customs of being a DM. At the end of your evaluation, a decision will be made based on the Event Manager's observations and any feedback they may have received. THE CREATIVE TEAM APPLICATION TEMPLATE AFTER THE APPLICATION PROCESS After you have been approved as a member of the Creative Team, you will need to remain somewhat active on the server to keep your rank. Even attempting to host an event counts as being active. You're also expected to spend your time helping other characters progress. For more information, please check the Paragon Rules' section dedicated to Dungeon Masters and Builders. Good luck in your Application! Kind Regards, Paragon Administration.
  13. The following gossip can be heard in settlements across Eastern Kingdoms: [==============================================================================================] With the Argent Crusade's critical losses in the disastrous 1st Battle of the Broken Shore, where Highlord Fordring himself was a casualty of war, a massive recruitment project was initiated soon after, which saw a considerable number of Azerothians from many races and different nationalities traveling to the lands of Lordaeron, specifically Hearthglen and Light's Hope Chapel, in order to begin their path as Argent Crusaders. After such influx of people joining the Argent lines, the high command of the Crusade endeavoured a rather significant expansion in their business across the Plaguelands. It is said that the farmlands north of Andorhal are once more producing at full speed, though not as plentiful as it once were before the Third War. Regardless of the soil's recent recuperation, it is said that the production will be much helpful in maintaining the Crusaders -- whom until recently depended mostly on donations and patronage. As such, Felstone Field and Dalson's Farm are now firmly under Argent control. Many refugees from Lordaeron who were living in the Alliance lands to the south have flocked to these lands once more, believing in the protection provided by the Argent Crusade to be safety enough for them to farm the lordaeronian soil once more. Where once an agent of the Cult of the Damned operated, Malicia's Outpost has been turned into an Argent fort under command of Icecrown veteran Captain Grondel. It was informed that the fort is meant to provide cover in the otherwise untamed eastern region of the Western Plaguelands, providing safe travels to caravans and Argent detachments coming and going from the Eastern Plaguelands. Furthermore, the once last bastion of humanity in Lordaeron, Tyr's Hand, is said to be bustling with activity. Convoys rich with goods of animal and natural resources, apples, grapes, milk, leather and meat, arrive all over the Argent bases across Lordaeron. The Brotherhood of the Light, supported by champions, have done a commendable job in removing the undead agents dubbed as 'the Risen' from the sacred city during the harsh times of the Cataclysm. Crusade Commander Korfax, Champion of the Light, has been appointed as military commander of the Argent forces stationed in Tyr's Hand. Archmage Angela Dosantos was appointed to head scholastic pursuits in the city, while leadership of the settlement itself was given to Crusader Lord Latinga, a veteran from Zul'Drak. The Tyr's Hand Cathedral (once known as 'Scarlet Bastion'), a magnificent temple of the Holy Light that can easily compete with the Cathedral of Light from Stormwind City, was entrusted to High Cleric Gregorios, a man of long term service to the Holy Light. The Church of the Holy Light has expressed interest in assuming control over the Tyr's Hand Cathedral via one of their Bishops, but the Brotherhood of the Light has 'ignored' their pleas, stating that pilgrimage of all those who believe in the benevolence of the Holy Light are welcome to do so in Tyr's Hand, though the Argent religious sect will oversee all religious activities within the sacred city. Lord Maxwell Tyrosus (supposedly de facto leader of the Crusade) has proudly acknowledged the progress of the Crusade throughout the battered Kingdom of Lordaeron, stating that the Crusade's work so far is motive of pride and celebration as they work tirelessly to undo the terrible damage caused by the Scourge, offering his deep thanks to the Cenarion Circle in their support and the champions of Azeroth. Still, he also stated that, while much has been achieved already, there is much more work to be done in the Plaguelands. [==============================================================================================]
  14. THE STORMWIND HOUSE OF NOBLES - PUBLIC NEWS AND UPDATES THREAD This thread's purpose is to keep track of important information of public nature from the House of Nobles and its members, which may come from decisions and actions taken by the House's Sessions or by our current player nobles in the community. It also includes the time the House tends to meet. Please bear in mind that the time listed here isn't mandatory and is subject for changes as it goes. After all, our roleplayers hail from a wide variation of OOC locations, so not all of them may be present and sometimes we don't have enough players to warrant a House of Nobles Session happening. For the list of nobles and the information pertaining their respective Houses, lands and relations formerly represented in this thread's predecessor, check this. ||=========================================================================|| House of Nobles Meetings Usual DMs: Nathaniel Usual Days: Weekends (Saturday/Sunday) Starting Hours: 14:00/15:00 Server Time The date and hour of the meetings may be subject of change in the event that the roleplayers beseech a different Dungeon Master/Moderator to portray the King of Stormwind in case the Session demands his presence. In case changes happen to the schedule, the proper channels will be notified of such modifications. ||=========================================================================|| Participation in the Meetings Only the titled nobles or their representatives in the event that they can't be present due to IC/OOC reasons are allowed to weigh in on the topics discussed in the House of Nobles. In the event that the noble can't show up, we kindly request that you inform the respective DM so that the player meant to represent them officially may be allowed to come and weigh in on the Sessions. Non-nobles wishing to participate and watch ICly are allowed to as long as they're at least associated to the Player nobles in the session or are acting as their escort, advisor, or any sort of official representation, from the nobles or the kingdom. Examples: military officers, important businessmen, religious authorities, important civil servants, etc. ||=========================================================================|| OOC Considerations We kindly request that the posts in this thread be constructive and relative to its purpose. Most of its content is logically meant to be information pertaining the nobility of Stormwind ICly. Formal petitions to the King related to the Kingdom of Stormwind can also be posted in this thread and, depending on their weight, it may become a topic for the House of Nobles. So please keep it on topic. Shitposting and improper content will be removed. ||=========================================================================|| For more information regarding the House of Nobles, we suggest taking a peek at the current Lore Clarification pertaining the topic that can be found here. Alternativelly, you can seek our Moderation Team or the Administration for more info. Attentiously, Paragon Administration.
  15. In order to give feedback, please make a new post under this thread using the below template! Although our list of races and classes has already undergone dramatic changes since the removal of the RPG there's always a chance the community's perspective of the list changes. Min-maxed wombo combos or repeated misuse across a single race or class can greatly affect how we, as a community, view the requirements or even possibility of playing those in the first place. To accomodate to a changing perspective modifications may happen to the application list. Suggested changes can be discussed under this post and, if a consensus has been reached for the alteration of a class or race's position on the list it will be made. Races and classes can be moved across these several regions: Free, Revokable, Restricted, Restricted & Progression Required, and Forbidden. Keep in mind that the Revokable section means that occasional misuse can be looked into, and that the Restricted & Progression Required needs some method to reach them through the development of your character or their class. Examples of this would be to go from Druid to Archdruid or ascending into the upper echelons of a faction's ranks.
  16. STORMWIND NOBILITY INCOME TEMPLATE The following Template is for people in the Noble RP scenario. It is entirely optional, which means not everyone needs to fill one of these and throw our way for analysis. But if you do, this is the system we'll need you to use. The system is simple and based off the new Nobility Income System designed to make it easier for Noble RPers to calculate and administrate their incomes and how much money they'd be producing off screen without wronging the Passive Income rules of Paragon. Before filling in the Application, make sure you read the Nobility Income Guide and has the correct calculations in agreement with it to provide us with logical values so we can properly grade your Nobility Income Thread. After filling the Template, post it on the Contact Moderation Team sub-forum for Review.
  17. STORMWIND NOBILITY INCOME GUIDE This Guide is a basic system and expands upon three separate modifiers (population, area and prosperity) originally put forward by Syth and Blaine. These modifiers are assigned actual numbers and ranges such as population numbers, and general prosperity in the form of tax taken from the average citizen and from those two numbers, the tax is worked out in full. The noble in question will be given 10% of that tax, which results in a more diverse range of numbers per House. These modifiers are as follows: =================================================================================== Title - The title that your character holds generally denotes the size of your land and population. For example, the boundaries of population vary widely from Baron to Count and Marquis, thus they tend to bring in increasingly more taxes the higher they are and may even emcompass other nobles within their land. That means that if a Count's land encompasses a Barony, his population won't be any larger than the average necesserily, it just means that both of the ruling Houses' populations cross over, but this doesn't really effect the end result. Both are going to be getting 10% of what they gather anyway, not matter how many Houses the taxes go through. Population – This denotes high is your population based on your title. Baronies may only ever have a few thousand, while the higher ranks very rarely drop to around that number. This may be effected by things like climate, prosperity and even war. Though there are a designated lower and higher ranges of populations that fit with these titles, this means that the rare promotion does not entirely hindge on your population, but once promoted, you gain stewardship of more land, giving you a higher population to deal with. Area – The region that your land is situated in. This also majorly effects your income in the Warcraft setting, a region like Duskwood has a much more sparse and poor population in comparison to somewhere like Elwynn, which situates the capitol. Rarely does this ever change once it's decided upon, but there are rare instances of nobility standing in from a fallen kingdom after war, when there is a space for stewardship. Prosperity – This denotes your populace's over all prosperity, not your individual prosperity but the average wage of a worker in your division. This can also be affected by having a booming courtier scene, but a large amount of workers in your mines will bring that down as well meaning that your businesses will heavily take this into account - somewhat mirroring the system seen in Warcraft III. This generally means that much larger populaces will have more stable averages, whereas lower population places have the prospect to gain big here. Again, this is no indicative of your individual wealth! We also suggest putting a hard limit on the prosperity as well as this effects the taxes more so than the population number does in theory. ==================================================================================== Any areas prosperity can range from 15 (Silver) to 25 (Silver). Regions with more opportunities and jobs will logically have higher values whereas regions with scarce opportunities and jobs will provide less. This specific number is the amount you take from the citizen on average for their yearly taxes, which is set to 10% of their overall earnings for simplicity. This does not mean that every single person in your estate earns 250 Silvers a year, it just means that this is an average. There could be a select few who earn around 1000 Silver, but this will be significantly rarer than the average labourer who earns around 125 - 150 Silver in a year and realistically, these low paying jobs will make up a bulk of the citizens. The math to work out the end number of all of this involves taking the Average income per citizen (In Silver), deviding that by 10 to get the taxes they are required to pay, multiplying that number by the population of the estate, then dividing that number by 10 to get the amount the noble will be alloted. The math is below if numbers look better to you. Here we have a range of numbers to denote how much Population and Income ranges a noble can have in their demesne. Mind you, these numbers are barely a basis from which you're going to draw an example to figure out your income. Taking in consideration the region you find yourself in and the development of it (Elwynn would allow a higher number, whereas Duskwood not so much, per example.) is key to getting the most accurate income possible. The image is as follows: With this, we hope to make it easier for the Community interested in developing the system from which they will justify their Passive Incomes as Nobles. A Template has been designed to fit these values and calculations if you're interested in bringing it forward to the Moderation Team, and can be found here. Again, this is entirely optional, but useful for the sake of accuracy. Moderation Team's Notes _ while this is an optional guide for your income sheet, we urge you to use it in case you intend to bring your income to us through a Contact Moderation Team thread. As stated previously, there's going to be a template for you to use, making it easier for both Player and Moderator. _ we will be using this to regulate Nobility Incomes as we go to facilitate our policing and moderation of nobles, as well as to control noble RPers suffering from the Syndrome of Stahlbrad (I couldn't resist). _ Inactive Nobles will be scolded and immense ammounts of money 'saved' will also be treated with a frown. Roleplaying your noble and making deals is one thing, but sitting tight doing nothing and receiving rivers of money doesn't sit well. _Revoked Nobles are authomatically not receiving any surplus gold from their taxes and revenues. All the money is (OOCly) being used to keep their demesne in order and pay the King's due properly. Special thanks to Blaine, who proposed the initial idea of the income system, to Syth for contributing with his overly mathematical brain, and Jordy for fixing and improving the system. Kind Regards, Paragon Moderation Team & Administration.
  18. The Event Request forums are for you to be able to request a DM ran event. Your request will only be visible to the DMs, staff, and yourself. This can be a particular part of your character's story-line or just something you'd like to see happen that's more public. You must have the details and the scope of what you would like your event to be; while this doesn't include every detail, you must give the Creative Team a scope to work with. If you have an event idea and would like to run it yourself, please reach out to the Creative Team Manager for your idea, do not post here. Your application can be denied due to vague/little details or if found in violation of server rules. You are not guaranteed any desired results. The Creative Team is not obligated to provide you with exactly what was asked; reserving the right to reward you with something different or nothing at all. The Creative Team Manager may tell you that your event does not require an event request and can be done through roleplay without a DM. Please understand that our Creative Team works to provide you with a quality experience within the parameters of the Warcraft-universe. It's their love for roleplay and the server that they do this for you. Be considerate and remember there are people behind the screens. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns with a DM, please contact a moderator or event manager. DISCLAIMER: Please note, that if your Event Request has been approved but not progressed in the course of 4 months, the Manager reserves the right to decline the event. The basic format is as follows; Once a DM has been found to run your event you can discuss a time best suited to run it and your thread can be tagged as [Assigned]. If your request has been open for more than 1 week without any DM interest, please contact an Event Manager. If you have any further questions about the format of Event Requests, direct them to the Creative Team Manager, thank you.
  19. 8.0.1 Starter Pack This is a step by step guide on how to install WoW and allow you to log onto Paragon 8.0.1. In-Game Account Your forum account, contrary to popular belief sometimes, is not the same as your in-game account and can not be used to log in to the game server. You'll need to register (and verify) an account through the website's registration system found here. Instructions As Blizzard no longer provide data for 8.0.1, we need to use a torrent to get all the retail information and then use Paragon's Launcher to download additional patches and connect to our server. -Paragon's Torrent: We have a torrent hosted on the game server which will give you all of the Blizzard content, however it does not contain a launcher or some of the custom patches that are required on the server. You can download this torrent from the download links provided below. -Alternate Torrents: It is also possible to use alternate torrents to get the required data. While we don't officially support these, many players have found success with using Firestorms 8.0.1 torrent - you will be able to find this on google. 01: Download and set up the torrent of your choice 02: Once the torrent download is complete, also download our Starter Pack from the download links provided below 03: Copy the files from our Starter Pack into the folder with the torrent. Skip any files or folders you are asked to replace. 04: Run Paragon Launcher.exe and wait for the program to open. Note: Choose English (US)! It won't open immediately, don't worry though! This means it's downloading the necessary files from the server. Note: For Mac users you will be prompted to enter your password into a Terminal window. Your password won't display, but type it out and then press enter. This is a one time prompt needed to run the World of Warcraft application as admin. 05: Close your World of Warcraft when you see the login screen and check if WTF/Config.WTF has SET portal "", this resets after the first opening of the Starter Pack and otherwise you won't be able to connect to Paragon once the server is live. 06: Log in with your account (@paragon isn't necessary anymore, so user@paragon becomes user, both options still work however). What version is it? The Starter Pack is version Note: Keep in mind all versions are x64, we (and blizz) no longer offer x86 (32bit) support as of 8.0.1. Download Links Below are the download links for these torrents & files. The torrents are raw files while the starter packs are offered in .zip and .rar versions (.rar is generally smaller, but requires winrar or 7zip to be opened). Note: All links are protected through so bots can't sniff them out and have them deleted. They, generally, only ask for you to fill in a captcha. No ads or anything. Updated by Razmataz as of 10/08/2021 Paragon Torrent GitLab (2019-11-17) Mediafire (2019-11-17) Mega (2019-11-17) If the links above do not work, please use: (Temporary) Starter Pack (Windows) .zip compressed Mirrors GitLab (2019-08-22) Mediafire (2019-08-22) Mega (2019-08-22) .rar compressed Mirrors GitLab (2019-08-22) Mediafire (2019-08-22) Mega (2019-08-22) Starter Pack (macOS) .zip compressed Mirrors GitLab (2019-08-22) Mediafire (2019-08-22) Mega (2019-08-22) Troubleshooting If you still have problems with this, first check our common errors thread, and if none of the solutions work post your full error message in the Technical Support forum or join our Discord and post your issue inside the #tech_support channel for real-time support. Alternatively, PM Razmataz or DataCore the error and they will attempt to help you.
  20. 8.0.1 Update Files Below you can find the latest updated files (DB2, Addons, etc..) that you can download and apply on top of your Starter Pack. Note: This is not a full Starter Pack, you can't use these files alone to log in to our servers. This is meant as an update to our Starter Pack so you don't have to download hundred of MBs. Links updated by Razmataz as of 10/08/2021 Updates (Windows) .zip compressed Mirrors GitLab (2019-08-22) Mediafire (2019-08-22) Mega (2019-08-22) .rar compressed Mirrors GitLab (2019-08-22) Mediafire (2019-08-22) Mega (2019-08-22) Updates (MacOS) .zip compressed Mirrors GitLab (2019-08-22) Mediafire (2019-08-22) Mega (2019-08-22)
  21. DEFINITION Vampyr are a type of undead known to drink blood. Up until the third invasion of the Burning Legion on Azeroth, knowledge of vampyr was mostly limited to the San'layn. With the people of Azeroth flocking to the Broken Isles, Sir Finley Mrrgglton of the Explorers' League discovered an ancient vrykul vampyr in Stormheim who upon being woken up from his slumber by human pirates transformed them into vampires as well. This ancient vampyr, Blood-Thane Lucard, was killed by an order champion, though Mrrgglton had his doubts as to whether vampyr can truly die. ORIGINS OF THE VAMPYRS Illidan Stormrage led an expedition to destroy the Lich King (Year 22) under order of the demon lord Kil'jaeden. Along with him came an army of naga led by Lady Vashj and an army of blood elves led by their Prince, Kael'thas Sunstrider. The expedition eventually failed due to the advantage brought by the Lich King's champion Arthas Menethil and the fallen nerubian king Anub'arak. Illidan was severely wounded by Arthas, causing Vashj and Kael to retreat and return to Outland with their wounded master. The Blood Elves that died to the Scourge were risen as undead vampyrs - the San'layn - to serve the Lich King in his vile purposes, being led by Blood-Queen Lana'thel from within the gargantuan Icecrown Citadel. From there, the Lich King has selected a few of their most prominent agents to go across the continent of Northrend and command the Scourge from selected HQs. Consequently, their affliction has spreaded the curse to other beings. THE CURSE OF THE VAMPYR General Information Basically, for one to be infected and transformed into a Vampyr, the person must have been a victim of a San'layn - them being the sole known races to inflict the curse upon other beings. The victim must be living for the curse to take effect, meaning other undead will not be susceptible to be afflicted by the curse. It is unknown if other races aside from Humans and High/Blood Elves can be afflicted by the curse, but it is known that none of them can pass it to other living beings like the San'layn can. Physical and Biological Transformations After the curse is inflicted upon a living being, the physical effects are quick to begin. The skin becomes pale and (in some cases) cold to the touch as the person becomes a bloodthirsty undead being: not entirely alive but not dead either and dependent on the blood of the living. Humans that are lost to the curse have been shown to become pale and their eyes turning red due to the blood magic aspect of the curse. Not every victim of the curse will develop each and every trait of it, of course. A feature known to happen with vampyrs are the grown out fangs that are used to bite and provide the opening in the victim's skin to suck their blood. It is hinted in Lore that Vampyr's are immortal. Although undeath basically grants a person that boon, it's no more the fact that one might be relativelly difficult to tackle and kill being undead. Natural biological means will not take them down given their bodies are pretty much already dead, so that's where the general idea of immortality comes from. A very capable weapon against Vampyrs are, as some might believe, the Holy Light. It is the force known to be heavily effective against all sorts of Undead creatures, so the Vampyrs are no exception to this case. Paladins and Priests are the most feared individuals a Vampyr supposedly has, so in all instances they'll eventually try to avoid them. Other sorts of Vampyr Hunters might show up, like wandering Paladins or bounty hunters. In the latter's case, they'll have to use of their own means to put an end to the Vampyr they hunt - given the Light is the most effective weapon and some hunters might be an expection in being Light wielders. The Curse of the Vampyr has 3 distinct phases: Essence of the Vampyr is the first sympthom and will last for 3 IC days. Shortly after being a victim of a San'layn, the individual will start to suffer from a tormenting hunger for fresh blood. The blood of another vampyr will be of no use, so another living victim must be found. Frenzied Bloodthirst will affect the victim after 3 IC days after being afflicted and will last for more 3 IC days. The victim of the curse will start to suffer an almost unbearable hunger for blood. At this point, the victim will be starting to lose their mind, thinking solely on the fresh blood of the living and desperately seeking it. Chances are that the first living being to come across them will be their first victim. Uncontrolled Frenzy comes at the 7th IC day. The victim will lose their mind completely to the hunger, becoming mindless undead that can be easily bound by the strong will of a poweful being, such as the Lich King. Their features though are not going to become distorted at first, but continuous lack of feeding on the blood of the living will surely make them wither and become even more twisted. All in all, it will take 7 OOC days for one to become completely mindless and lost permanently. An Option to the Curse: The Amulet of Blood Magic The only known way to avoid becoming completely mad with frenzy is by having an amulet of blood magic crafted and worn at all times. According to what Blizzard seems to suggest (you know how vague can Blizz be sometimes) the Amulet is indeed Blood Magic and it somewhat contains the wielder from going all mad and frenzied with the curse. There is though, only 1 of these amulets shown up until now and it may be found in Stormheim's questline regarding Blood-Thane Lucard and the Red Blade pirates. A possibility to contain the curse for other victims though, is to have such an Amulet crafted by: skilled Jewelcrafter + powerful Hemomancer. It's not only one or the other, it's both. A skilled Jewelcrafter is necessary in order to do a perfect trinket (amulet, ring, collar, etc) with the correct gem to become imbued with the Blood Magic necessary to contain a cursed person from going nuts. The gem's required property is to have magical affinity. A powerful Hemomancer is necessary because he is the one imbuing the amulet with the magic to contain the cursed individual from going nuts, thus a spell that requires more skill than just wave hands and play with blood. Mind you, that the loss of this amulet will trigger the Frenzy, and the 7 IC days without the amulet will be enough to turn the person into a frenzied, mindless undead craving for the blood of the living. Metagaming these effects will end in Character Revoking. OOC Information: Such amulets are, as shown by Blizzard, not as common as bread and cheese - therefore uncommon to exist and will take two skilled professionals to make one. It is for such reasons and in the name of Character limitations that these amulets are [Limited] and having such a trinket ICly will require Players to write a Miscellaneous Application. In the situation that a Vampyr is under Character Application process, the Amulet will be counted as part of the story, but will still be added to the Limited list. FINAL CONSIDERATIONS This Guide has been worked on and provided by Paragon's Moderation Team in order to further ensure that we have solid bases on the race and everything related to it so we can better moderate it. This Guide has been written to further clarify, complement and explain the Lore regarding Vampyrs since Blizzard has always been relatively numb and unclear about them. The following Lore sources have been researched in the progress of writing this Guide:'layn'thel'ena's_Ruby_Amulet We hope that this Guide may further aid the Community in their Roleplay and complement their experience in our server. Kind Regards, Paragon Moderation Team.
  22. This thread is similar to the other Application List changes, in that this one focuses on the Misc. Apps while the previous one is for the Character Application section (Race/Class/Title/ etc). In order to give feedback, please make a new post under this thread using the below template! Considering the Misc. Application List isn't perfect it's possible that there are things that should be added or removed that wasn't considered when it was originally made. Or later information proves something on the list is no longer necessary to be there.
  23. Hello Paragon, This thread's only purpose is to highlight many of the custom NPCs that have been made on Paragon. Be it by yours truely, Razmataz or Data Core. They've been used before on multiple occasions and in many situations they appear a lot in the actual cities or establishments belonging to each specific race. Using them is of course not mandatory but I figured this would be an easy place to find entryIDs for each race's custom NPCs without having to go through a long list of .lo npc Suffice to say, while only builders and higher can actually spawn the NPCs it is nice for players to know they can look for something and have it be spawned if circumstances allow it. If there are any errors with the NPCs (this particularly holds true for 'mount' NPCs that are supposed to come with a rider, or flying NPCs that aren't sticking in the air or aren't animated while airborne) just let me know in the comment section below. If there's an NPC not on the list that you feel should be added, let me know and I'll see if I can add it in. Simply follow this example template (remove the actual answers and replace them with your own): Important notes: Some of the NPCs (more to follow) have custom displayIDs and will give you little of use when you do .npc info (and thus cannot be used in the NPC Item Finder). If they're wearing a set you like you'll need to poke myself, Razmataz or Data Core so they can pass you the items. Furthermore, NPCs with custom displayIDs are dressed by whoever made the actual displayID so your tastes may not agree with the NPCs appearance. In many cases this will likely be mine vs yours. Excluded from this list are named NPCs or NPCs of importance. These are commonly scattered throughout the world in areas that makes sense for them to be at such as the main cities or settlements. To prevent the thread from becoming excessively large, each race will have their entries put in a spoiler at some point. Sooner rather than later. When suggesting a set, refrain from utilizing Artifact weapon skins. I'm not going to add artifact weapon skins to regular NPCs that may see common or widespread use. When suggesting a set that wears a Guild Tabard, ask a GM or Admin for the guild's ID and provide it as well. Stormwind Ironforge Gnomeregan Exiles Darnassus Exodar Gilneas Thalassian Orgrimmar Undercity Darkspear Tribe Thunder Bluff Silvermoon Bilgewater Non-Horde Goblins Ebon Blade Argent Crusade The Kirin Tor Order of the Silver Hand The Highborne Twilight's Hammer Burning Legion Mercenaries Ethereal
  24. This section is dedicated to everything related to bounties and was created due to community request in the following topic. Application Format You do not have to 100% follow this format, but it's given nonetheless to help you out just in case. Also feel free to add an image to your bounty. Each bounty must contain a prefix! [b]Name of Bounty[/b]: This can be either a person or an item. If multiple, make sure to properly format your post. [b]Description Bounty[/b]: Describe the person or item as good as possible so people can recognize them. Metagaming rules apply, don't just use an OOC name. [b]Possible Locations/Last Seen[/b]: Optional, but may help for interested people. [b]Reward for the Bounty[/b]: How much is the reward? Make sure you actually own this ICly, insane prices can lead to GMs speaking to you about how you've obtained this money. Note: This is not the place to request for an RP or anything of sorts, this is solely for placing bounties for both persons and items. Let your creativity flow and happy hunting! ~ The Staff
  25. This post details and explains some of the most common errors, their causes, and suggests solutions. The thread was last updated for version BLZ51901021 Explanation: Your client attempted to connect to the Blizzard servers instead of Paragon but doesn't have the proper portal, so it can't even do that. Solution: Ensure that tc_bundle.txt is in your World of Warcraft folder with the client. BLZ51901001 Explanation: Your client attempted to connect to the Blizzard servers instead of Paragon but doesn't have the proper portal set in your Solution: Ensure the first line of your file in your WTF folder is set to SET portal "". BLZ51900003 Explanation: Your username and password combination was not recognised. Solution: Make sure you're logging in using the correct account name: Username@Paragon, and the correct password. BLZ??????? Explanation: Pending new common issues. Solution: Pending new common issues. Troubleshooting: Pending new common issues. If these solutions do not work, please post the full WoW Error Report in your thread and anything else you might find necessary and informative to help solve your issues.