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  1. Akarian currently possess the Lionshead Lapel Clasp but will turn it in at a later date.
  2. For participating in the fight against Odyn, you are eligible for one of the following items: Favor of the Prime Designate - Holy Relic Odyn’s Favor shines upon you. Well… Specifically your weapon. It begins radiating with a golden glow. This Relic can be attached to a standard weapon. Only one Relic may be attached to a weapon at a time. Attaching this relic to your weapon will give it passive Light Damage. Once per five days, the weapon may be raised high to the skies. Holy lightning will strike down upon an enemy of their choice and chain to the nearest three enemies. Raven’s Sight - Arcane Relic A beautiful raven figurine made from masterfully cut onyx. It seems it can be attached like a keychain to your weapon. This Relic can be attached to a standard weapon. Only one Relic may be attached to a weapon at a time. Attaching this relic to your weapon will give it passive Arcane damage. Once per two days, an ethereal raven can be called from your weapon for five turns. Your vision can shift to the raven’s eyes at will during this time. Unforged Titansteel - Material A bar of Titansteel. This bar is enough to make one large weapon, one medium and one tiny weapon, or two small weapons. It is also enough to make one pair of gloves, OR a helm, OR a pair of boots. A belt can also be made with the remaining metal if armor is made. A blacksmith capable of smithing titansteel is required to forge this material. An NPC smith requires the approval of the Event Manager or a Moderator to use. Player smiths are still subject to misc apps. Mantle of the Victorious Dead - Cloak An elegant mantle worn by the Valarjar. It never appears to get dirty, even when coated in the blood of your enemies. Once per three days, while wearing this cloak, one can raise their voice to booming levels, providing magical morale to their allies and magically breaking the morale of enemies. Allies gain a moderate boost to their strength (magical or physical) while enemies lose strength (magical or physical). Gleaming Val’kyr Cuirass - Plate This beautiful golden cuirass is formed from the finest steel in the halls of valor. Though originally forged for the Val’kyr, it appears to fit rather well. Once per four days, while this armor is adorned, beautiful golden wings can sprout from the armor, providing flight to the user for one hour Robes of Celestial Adornment - Cloth These robes seem normal until the user moves. Beautiful celestial patterns shimmer and trail behind the one wearing these robes. Once per three days, the user may expel starlight from these robes, blinding enemies that look at them for three turns. This doesn’t appear to affect allies. Sky-Valiant’s Wristguards - Leather Beautiful leather wristguards made from the leathers of mighty beasts in the Fields of Eternal Hunt and accented with gold. The wearer is able to summon a mighty eagle spirit to fight beside him once per two days for three turns. Gloves of Issued Challenge - Leather Gloves of fine leather and gold granted to mighty hunters in the Fields of Eternal Hunt. When worn, the user appears more threatening to enemies, garnering their attention. Once per day they may point to an enemy, forcing them to face the user for five turns. Cinch of Light - Cloth A beautiful valarjar belt with a metallic skull pendant on its front. Once per day the eyes of the pendant will flare with light, releasing an orb of healing to the nearest injured ally. Goldrune Legplate - Plate Beautiful golden legplates adorned with ancient vrykul runes. While wearing these, the user finds their movement speed to be surprisingly faster, even in plate. Once per two days the user may perform a holy charge, slamming into an enemy and bursting with holy light. Leggings of the Undaunted - Mail Leggings worn by hunters that intend to face the mightiest beasts in the Fields of Eternal Hunt. They appear to be accented with dragon bones. While worn, these leggings help mitigate natural and supernatural fear to a moderate degree. Once per week the leggings will completely negate a single mental manipulation spell (unless specified by a DM). Radiant Soul Sabatons - Mail Boots formed from Valarjar steel and dragon bone. While adorned, the eyes of the user gain a radiant golden hue, as if their soul is suffused with light. Once per week this light may expel from the user in the form of a stomp, consecrating the ground around them in a ten yard radius. Ring of Ascended Glory - Ring A beautiful ring of gold, adorned with flawless rubies. When worn, the user feels more confident in their actions and aware of their surroundings. The ring passively increases mental fortitude and physical prowess to a moderate degree. Chains of the Valorous - Trinket Golden chains forged in the Halls of Valor. These chains wrap around the user, but release at the will of the owner. They may be cast forth from the user’s body once per day to wrap around an enemy of their choice to hold them for three turns. Their strength is that of mithril. Additionally, they may be used freely when removed from the user as normal chains. For participating in the fight against Guarm, you are eligible for one of the following items: Accursed Cuspid - Relic A fang from Guarm, wrapped in shadow. It may be pierced into your weapon’s hilt, where it will embed itself.and spread its dark energy through the weapon. Only one relic may be attached to a weapon at a time. Removing a relic from a weapon will destroy it. The Accursed Cuspid will provide passive Shadow damage to your weapon with each strike. Once per day, you may call upon a dark effigy of Guarm. A dire wolf sized version of guarm, made from dark shadows, will form for one minute and attack for you. While this effigy’s power is much weaker than Guarm’s was, it is still an impressive ally. Chilled Incisor - Relic A fang from Guarm, wrapped in a frigid chill. It may be pierced into your weapon’s hilt, where it will embed itself.and spread its frosty energy through the weapon. Only one relic may be attached to a weapon at a time. Removing a relic from a weapon will destroy it. The Chilled Incisor will provide passive Frost damage to your weapon with each strike. Once per day, you may call upon a frozen effigy of Guarm. A dire wolf sized version of guarm, made from hardened ice, will form for one minute and attack for you. While this effigy’s power is much weaker than Guarm’s was, it is still an impressive ally. Sizzling Fang - Relic A fang from Guarm, wrapped in flames. It may be pierced into your weapon’s hilt, where it will embed itself.and spread its fiery energy through the weapon. Only one relic may be attached to a weapon at a time. Removing a relic from a weapon will destroy it. The Sizzling Fang will provide passive Fire damage to your weapon with each strike. Once per day, you may call upon a burning effigy of Guarm. A dire wolf sized version of guarm, made from hellfire, will form for one minute and attack for you. While this effigy’s power is much weaker than Guarm’s was, it is still an impressive ally. Windwhipped Sailcloth - Cloak An old sailcloth that ended up on the cursed shores of Helheim. Even when indoors, the cloak seems to sway faintly, as if caught in a breeze. While the sailcloth is equipped, you find a lofty wind holding you up. Not only do you feel lighter, but your jump height has nearly doubled as winds push you upwards. Three times per day, the cloak may be gripped batman style, letting you glide with the help of the ancient winds from this old sailcloth. Hellbeast Skin Tunic - Leather This leather tunic appears to have been made from another of Guarm’s kin. Ancient vrykul runes mark the leather, imbuing it with the energy of Helheim. When worn, this tunic lets the user call upon the shadows of Helheim to hide them in plain sight for thirty seconds once per three days. Actions besides movement will cancel this effect. Their footsteps are hidden from view, and foliage doesn’t seem to move around their bodies. A true stealth. They are, however, still audible. Bite-Resistant Wristclamps - Mail Wristclamps no doubt once used to imprison the damned of Helheim. They appear to be made from carved bone. The dark energy seeping from these wristclamps hints at their accursed history. Once per four days, while wearing these, the user may call upon their dark power. The bones of the damned are summoned from Helheim’s shores to wrap the user in a nightmarish cocoon of bone and sinew to absorb one full attack in combat. Next turn, the user is affected by the whispers of Helheim. They see illusory figures of the dead around them, and may feel disoriented. This effect will wear off shortly after their turn. Helhound Hair Bracers - Cloth Braided bracers formed from the hair of Guarm. They appear to radiate his ancient power, glowing with a faint blue tone. When they move, wisps seem to follow them in a small trail. Once per two days, these bracers can be called upon. The power of Helheim floods the user for one turn, doubling the strength of one shadow, fire, or frost spell. Once this power fades, the user acquires a sharp headache for one turn on par with a serious migraine as the spirits of the damned scold them for tapping into their power. Kvaldir Exult’s Grips - Mail A pair of gauntlets formed from fish scales and bone. One is notably larger than the other. When wearing these, the user finds himself smiling when he isn’t focused, regardless of his mental state. Perhaps lingering energy from the previous owner? When fighting, every strike upon you adds a charge to these gauntlets up to a maximum of three. Charges can be expelled from the larger gauntlet in the form of a triumphant punch. The more charges expelled, the harder the punch. Each charge adds a moderate amount of damage to the attack. If all three charges are used, the attack becomes explosive, bursting with spirtual energy as you involuntarily release a hearty laugh that doesn’t seem to be your voice, but the voice of a burly vrykul man. Reinforced Hound-Handler’s Gauntlets - Plate Golden bracers once worn by an ancient Vrykul hunter. How these found their way to helheim is unknown. The power of their runes still pulses, even in the darkness of this realm. While wearing these gauntlets, once per day the user may summon forth a spirit hound of divine energy to fight alongside them for two turns. The mighty dire wolf fights with physical and holy strikes. Leggings of the Lower Planes - Cloth These leggings appear to be constantly damp, regardless of how much you attempt to dry them. The waters of Helheim have seeped into the threads and refuse to release. These damp leggings carry the power of Helheim, letting you expel forth three bolts of unholy sea water every three days. The necrotic balls of water burn those they touch with moderate necrotic damage, but can be used to heal undead allies if the user chooses to do so. Lead-Soled Seabed Striders - Plate These boots are exceptionally heavy from their lead soles. Why would someone make boots with LEAD SOLES? Those that bear the weight, however, find the true use of these boots. While wearing these boots, your movement speed is reduced by 20%. Once per day, a bubble of cursed sea water surrounds the user in a five yard radius for ten minutes. Anyone that touches the seawater bubble outside of the user will suffer a constant moderate necrotic damage. The bubble serves as a buffer between attacks and the user, reducing damage done to the user by 20% until the bubble is dismissed. On top of this, the user has the ability to breathe underwater, but will -always- sink in water while wearing these boots regardless of preventative spells. Moccasins of Silent Passage - Leather These Moccasins are decorated with metal, making them quite useful for kicks and defending one’s lower legs and feet. While normally this would cause the user to be quite noisy, like a Clydesdale walking through a parade, these boots seem to mitigate that completely. In fact, all of your armor seems silent! While wearing these boots, your movements are completely silent. This does not extend to items you drop, twigs you may snap under your feet, or anything of the sort. You’ll still need to be good at sneaking to fully utilize these boots, but there is no questioning their benefit. For participating in the fight against Helya, you are eligible for one of the following items: Fury of the Sea - Relic This simple feather of Helya’s appears to be infused with the rage of the Sea during powerful storms. It tingles as you touch it. Laying the feather against your weapon, it will meld into it, leaving a black mark in the shape of a feather. Only one relic may be attached to a weapon at a time. Removing a relic will destroy it. The Fury of the Sea has only one ability. When you strike with your weapon, there is a 20% chance (roll 1-5 with 5 succeeding) that a bolt of lightning will strike out from the weapon, hitting the enemy you have targeted as well as one nearby target. Phylactery of Unwilling Servitude - Relic A blue-green brine swirls in this ancient phylactery made from perfectly clear fused quartz. There doesn’t seem to be a way to open this item. The small jar can be attached by a thin chain to your weapon. Only one relic may be attached to a weapon at one time. Removing a relic will destroy it. The Phylactery of Unwilling Servitude has one ability. When the weapon attached to the Phylactery strikes down an enemy, there is a 20% chance (roll 1-5 with 5 succeeding) that a ghoul will form from the remains. It is up to the DM if this will not work on particular NPCs. Swell of the Tides - Relic A beautiful sapphire gemstone in a teardrop cut. This mysterious jewel can be attached to your weapon. Only one relic may be attached to a weapon at a time. Removing a relic destroys it. The power of the tides is at your command. Once per day, for one hour, a skirt of water similar to that of djinn or higher tier elementals wraps around your legs, lifting you. While active, the water skirt increases your speed by 50%. In water, your speed is increased by 100%. You will leave a watery trail behind you while traveling, and your skirt can be frozen. You are neither immune to the cold or to the wetness this ability causes. Token of the Lightning Keeper - Relic A blackened coin with a fel green skull. One who aligned himself with the Legion must have fallen to Helheim’s tides. Touching the coin, it seems to surge with faint demonic electricity. It can be placed against a weapon, magnetically sticking to it. Only one relic may be attached to a weapon at a time. Removing a relic from a weapon will destroy the relic. While attached to your weapon, the Token imbues it with passive moderate lightning damage. Once per week, you may expel forth a powerful fel chain lightning that launches from your target to two other enemies, and then from them to two MORE enemies each. The first target receives superior fel damage, the second targets receive moderate fel damage, and the third targets receive mild fel damage. Sea Fan Pendant - Necklace A beautiful pendant made from various shells carefully carved and crafted into a piece of jewelry. You can feel the power of the seas in the shells. Once per day you may call upon the power of the pendant to breathe underwater for two hours. Drape of the Unworthy - Cloak A cloak given to the Helarjar that seek vengeance upon Odyn for deeming them unworthy of the Halls of Valor. A trail of fog seems to follow the cloak. Once per two days, the user may dissolve into fog, travelling through the air for five turns. In this form, physical attacks will not harm you. Magical attacks still will. Corroded Val’kyr Chainmail - Mail This corrupted Val’kyr armor appears to be partially decayed. It was no doubt once glorious. Though originally forged for the Val’kyr, it appears to fit rather well. Once per four days, while this armor is adorned, black feathery wings, partially decayed in appearance, can sprout from the armor, providing flight to the user for one hour Calcareous Wristclamps - Plate Prisoner Wristclamps covered in calcium deposits. They’re not that comfortable to wear, honestly. The dark waters of helheim appear to constantly drip from them. When striking with melee attacks, there is a 25% chance for each attack to add an additional moderate poison damage that will last for three turns, gradually harming the victim. Oiled Rigger’s Handwraps - Cloth Wraps of cloth soaked in oil. You hands seem to leave an oily trail on surfaces while these are adorned, but come out clean. While worn, you may touch enemies with the palm of your hand for a 50% chance to coat them in highly flammable oil that will cause them to lose traction easily. Anchor Chain Waistguard - Mail A rusty belt made from the chain of a sunken ship. You know it’s weighty, but it feels quite light on your body. At will, the user can let the chains lash into the ground, rooting the user in place to prevent being moved. This effect will remain for two full turns before it can be turned back off. Krakenbone Waistplate - Plate An ancient bone armor. You feel the Kraken’s power in this item. Once per week, you may tap into the Kraken’s Fury. You will double in size and quadruple in weight for four turns. In addition, your speed and strength are doubled during this time. After the effect dissipates, you are stunned for one turn. Strand of Whelk Shells - Leather A strand of whelk shells on a leather belt. They seem to hum with energy. You may touch one of the shells every three turns, creating a bubble of water around you that protects from a minor amount of damage. This effect can stack up to five times. This bubble is quite susceptible to lightning damage, which will be extra harmful while the bubble is active. Sucker-Scarred Leggings - Leather These leather legs appear to be an article from a poor soul that was tricked into falling to Helheim. While worn,.you feel a strange desire for revenge… But you don’t know with who, or why. While wearing these pants, you find your agility and your strikes are notably faster by about 30%. Treads of the Drowned - Cloth These cloth slippers appear to be made from the canvas of drowned ships. When dry, their power is hidden. When standing in water, the power of the treads activates. You find yourself capable of expelling cursed water bolts (shadow/water moderate damage) as an action while standing on a wet surface. Brinewater Slime in a Bottle - Trinket Slime formed from brinewater and the remains of a long dead corpse.The bottle appears to be sealed tightly to all but you. When you open the bottle, a brinewater ooze will follow you, formed from cursed seawater (water/shadow). The slime is capable of attacking and listening to simple commands. If killed, the slime will take 7 days to reform in the bottle.
  3. Since Loken's betrayal, Odyn has been trapped within the Halls of Valor as Helya plots in the shadows to claim the souls of his valarjar champions. In recent days, however, great heroes have arrived in the lands of Stormheim in the Legion's wake. Hoping that their might and determination could tip the scales and end Helya's reign, Odyn summons these champions for a final test. This is the Boss Thread for the Trial of Valour. The following list will detail the bosses, the DM, and the date/times the event is hosted on. [Raz] Odyn - Script To be hosted on 28th June, 2019 @ 2PM Server Time. If the attempt fails, also to be hosted on 29th June, 2019 @ 2PM Server Time. Participants: Akarian, Logan, Akkrim, Cephirian, Azumak, Pirris, Rothilion, Urdren, Ronric, Grissom, Rimeblade, Neja, Fallow, Taelus, Edmon, Jengar, Duskcloak, Gjorg, Arald, Nevana, Baltux [Raz] Guarm - Script To be hosted on 5th July, 2019 @ 2PM Server Time. If the attempt fails, also to be hosted on 6th July, 2019 @ 2PM Server Time. Participants: Ronric, Rimeblade, Cephirian, Jengar, Gjorg, Fallow, Edricc, Taelus, Fuála, Grissom, Edmon, Akkrim, Azumak, Baltux, Duskcloak, Elyon, Akarian, Logan, Varastrasz, Nevana [Raz] Helya - Script To be hosted on 3rd August, 2019 @ 8AM Server Time & 3rd August, 2019 @ 2PM Server Time with a 15 player cap in both events. Participants: Urdren, Dalton, Cephirian, Pirris, Baltux, Azumak, Elyon, Elidyr, Logan, Kaulder, Adrian, Martelus, Taelus, Artegore, Mhairi, Jengar, Naerios, Noni, Omar, Gjorg, Grissom, Barli, Neja, Richford, Kevyn, Corrigosa, Keral, Tihshoh, Jarreth, Alvia, Akkrim, Rolan, Rimeblade, Ruby, Bala'zu, Zaenius, Senn, Akarian
  4. Xavius has been defeated after a gruelling 4 hour 30 minute event. Thank you very much for your participance everyone, and thank you for humouring me with the ensuing clusterfuck!
  5. Dates assigned to all bosses - first weekend & week of December. The choice of Il'gynoth, Elerethe Renferal, Ursoc and the Dragons of Nightmare will be made by players for that event.
  6. Should've. Isn't. Not got time And for the record I'd settle with doodads, but by scanning them you get creatures and then the least I can do is help out DMs etc by indicating "Hey, this is what is on retail" because I've noticed that manual spawns of creatures with more detail (anims, waypoints, etc) is the preferred answer.
  7. I've been given rather conflicting info on whether or not my Dark Portal event was good or not. Obviously, the negative feedback will be far more abundant now since no one is actively saying it was good as it's a thing in the past and done. I'd argue there we benefits to doing it the way I did it, but here's not the place and now is not the time, so, noted. I am still strongly for the use of scenes, though. However I must appeal to the pointlessness of you showing a picture of nature, a large plains with a mountain in the distance. For I can immediately counter it with the same logic. And therein lies that technical complication: It's not about the NPCs. Lemme know the exact object position and rotation (thankfully not 3D) of the ~3 objects used to fix this tower. And I don't mean 'roughly where the textures come together'. I mean 3dp precision because otherwise it will just look slightly wrong and that'd trigger people.
  8. I like Draenor. But I must admit the most alluring part about it is the environment, not the story. Nagrand, specifically, is gorgeous. Quite like the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, I would happily spend the entire day just sitting there and enjoying the view. In character. The storyline is not what I'd have wanted for Paragon, but I felt it was necessary. I hoped it wouldn't turn out as tedious as Mists of Pandaria but as expected it fell worse. My first concern is that Legion would be one and the same. Just like Pandaria was before Draenor came along. I admit that there was less positivity for Draenor was than for Pandaria (I still, to this day, question peoples dislike of Pandaria as relative to Cataclysm and Draenor it is superb. But I digress). I don't see why Legion would be any different. You'd just get bored of it within four months like we got bored of Draenor. I will definitely agree that the amount of content that we can do while sticking to the storyline is 100x more in quantity in Legion than in Draenor, and you go from Broken Isles to Kalimdor to Northrend to Eastern Kingdoms and there's a treasure trove of class-related stuff, profession-related stuff, old-zone related stuff (+ invasions) and new-zone related stuff to keep it diverse, but that only prolongs it. Right? Ideally, pacing needs to be kept up. Each zone needs a month at least, plus the relevant dungeon. Each consecutive patch needs maybe a month and a half + variety of other custom player stuff, which would give us just under a year - probably suitable pacing wise. But this is very unlikely realistic. Listen to me talk as though I was Blizzard trying to handle their patch cycles... My second concern is what is necessary to kick Legion off. Draenor had a rather good start, relatively speaking compared to Pandaria. Legion is a bit more difficult to pull that off. The very first event is the Broken Shore scenario which is very complex to DM. Not only are there two sides of the story that should happen simultaneously, there is a ton of NPC micromanagement, scenes, spell sequences and content to get through within ~2-3 hours in order to remain well paced. I'm not sure if people saw the script (which doesn't even scratch the passive NPC behaviour) responsible for making the Dark Portal event work, but something of similar contents would be very beneficial to make for the Broken Shore and that takes a lot of work. My third concern is the actual content on the Broken Isles. I have a 671.2MB file of me flying around Draenor, trying to paint over the terrain with a ~90 yard radius circle brush centred on my character. To indicate how ridiculously small that is, take a look at this picture. That tiny red blip is a circle of 90 yards radii. I have to paint the entire terrain with that. Sure, flying at 310% makes it a lot less slower, but... I don't play retail anymore. I don't even have flying on Broken Isles. I can't do that scan - someone else has to. As far as I know, Draenor hasn't even been done yet. So, absolutely nothing is spawned on the Broken Isles. Anything that players might try to spawn could end up being completely misplaced, really difficult to actually place properly, or plain old missing stuff. It's more reliable to use data from retail and then cut and prune it. Ultimately, we're not that far off from HFC. A small bit of Nagrand, Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry and Tanaan. We'd be skipping plot given in raids and, we've got garrisons - just send our armies to deal with them? Might work. Or, we can just use Chromie's time-warping device and jump forwards. But from a developer standpoint, from a world-creating standpoint and from a content standpoint, we are miles from our goal and unable to meet them with the time constraints that both developers are experiencing. TLDR - IMO, the grass is greener in Draenor.
  9. People wanted him to become a villain so he became one. People wanted Illidan Stormrage to have a redemption story so he had one. People probably want Jaina to be a dreadlord so she'll become something of that calibre. Be it Jaina or not actually Jaina.
  10. Nah. That's how these leaks work. "Oh, they've got Kul'tiras armour. Let's make it into a zone." "Oh, Night Elf paladins seem plausible. Let's add that to the list." "Now that it seems logical, time to throw some hard balls!" We'll find out at GamesCon.
  11. Requires a precedence reset to be enforced.
  12. I have been subject to occasional moments of "I'm sick and tired of this, I'm going to resign." So while I am not a person who has handed in their badge (although some believe it is long overdue) I hope to have some answers. Unfortunately, this post could also cause a considerable amount of off-topic to the heart of this conversation as to why people resign. I hate politics. I hate being involved in authority. I know that no matter how you try to go about doing what you think is right, someone will detest you for it. I know that no matter how hard you try to argue your point, someone will take a snippet of it, twist it out of context and use it as ammunition against you. I know that no matter how the public votes, there are things they just don't see. There are things even the authority doesn't see either, or is acutely aware of but cannot resolve. (i.e. the cycle Cali refers to) I hate people. I have seen how intoxicated people are by power. How quick people are to stab others in the back. How narcissistic so many of the worlds population are. I find myself unable to see anything but the worst in many people which more often than not is complimented by my first impression of them. I hate bullies. This is something that has been prevalent throughout my whole childhood, teenage years and now young adulthood. The lengths that people went to harass me while the teachers did bugger all sickened me. Nothing was never enough. They would just come back after their three day isolation or exclusion and go at it again. And the next punishment would be just starting over from scratch, warnings, as if the previous months of abuse had no impact. https://streamable.com/lyogm That aside, I want to do the right thing and I want to be in the position to be able to do it. To stop people from being bullied, to stop people from being subject to backstabs and narcissism and to stop people from being subject to awful politics. I want to have a positive, lasting impact on people, even if its just the briefest of warm lights for them. But I am compounded by those three factors. And the fact that not everything I do stops people from being bullied, stops people from being backstabbed, prevents narcissistic behaviour and removes the ugly politics from the situation. And when I fail at that, then there is nothing positive about my work on Paragon. And now, unfortunate for me but fortunate from Paragon, all but one of my interests in the community have evaporated. I have very little incentive to roleplay on Paragon now which puts me in a stronger, more impartial position. Think back to when Data Core first joined, I suppose. Of course, peoples impressions won't change. I will remain the biased, secret builder power granting, selective and oppressive administrator. We'll see what amounts from it in due course, if there is enough time for it anyway. But, in a vain attempt to return to the actual topic, if I were to resign it would be because the benefits I get from doing my work will be outweighed by the detriments. Or because I have found something that has a better ratio of that. (I will not be replying to any responses/inquiries to this post in this forum. If you want answers, please PM me)
  13. Personally, over the course of Paragon's lifecycle one can consider that the population has been in a state of unstable equilibrium. An easy way to visualise this is a ball, a hill and a ditch. The unstable ball is technically not moving and is in a state of equilibrium. However, a gentle force applied to one or the other side will make it lose equilibrium. Naturally, a force to the left would be the total community pressure one large opinionated mass would have, and a force to the right would be another. It is of my opinion that we have managed to not only move the ball off of the equilibrium but also managed to apply a force in a direction other than left and right. How? Well, just think of it three dimensionally I suppose. Through some failure of negotiation I have failed to maintain that equilibrium and consequently the server population has fallen as people have expressed their disgust / disinterest in either the actions undertaken by the server community (including staff) but mostly myself or the direction that the server community (including staff) but mostly myself has chosen to take. However, I do not believe this is considered a bad move. Unlike the image, the 'stable' region is a non-existent region. In truth, it is only a small ditch followed by an even steeper decline. The more I would pander to one side of the general argument, the more I would ostracise people. But of course, there are absolutely other factors. Some people have been reluctant to go to one server because of the controversial administration but the features are now available on another server which is less so, others have been reluctant to come to Paragon because of our limitations on freedom and phasing and have seen a mass migration to another server. I've also heard from some that they have made their departure because of how vocally abusive some people in our community can become and how that sort of behaviour changes how they themselves behave. But I want to iterate once more that population has never been a terribly big deal for me. We don't actively advertise because in order to retain some degree of the 'elitism roleplay quality' that people expect from us, I felt the need to apply some inconvenience filters. Nor do I want to expose people to the considerable hostilities our community can show and have them get unfortunate impressions of the server (and in extension, the people who play on it and manage it) All in all though, I have convincing (to myself) evidence as to why there has been a diminished population. I don't particularly want to share it.