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  1. Boost

    IRL Pic Thread

    You should show these to Velkar. You would be his new best friend I am pretty sure.
  2. You will find plenty of people willing and wanting to join it, just make sure to make it a free standing guild rather than one where people await either yourself or someone else to get on so they can then RP. Noticed that with a lot of guilds in the past, people stand idle until the leader gets on then suddenly its a mass surge for everyone to RP with everyone else in the guild then it dies off again when said leader is not online.
  3. Not seen a more perfect example for Progression anywhere else. Sums it up pretty perfectly. Progression =/= Power something most people don't seem to get q_q.
  4. Boost

    IRL Pic Thread

    Dem eyes. And dat... chest.
  5. Siurocko Evesbloom Support based Paladin. Trained: "Let the light flow through you." Selected: "Commander?" "Good day there." "You require something?" Move: "Of course." "I will light our path." "Because walking around in such armour is not difficult at all.." Attack command: "By the light be purged!" "They stand upon hallowed ground." "I shall grant you death." Special (optional): "It is not what you are but what you do that defines you." *Casting a heal on an ally.* "Be bathed in light my friend." Repeatedly selected: "Amusing.." "You can stop this now." "Do you not have better things to do with your time?" "It would seem I have found a new chew toy for Hujarah.." "Light.. give me strength to shatter this imbecile.." Revival (optional): "Another chance to make things right." Death: "Merely.. a.. flesh.. wound.."
  6. Boost

    Funny Screens I Got

    HOW DO I GET THAT GOATEE ON MALE BLOOD ELVES PLEASE RESPOND Wouldn't that be a Human with a Blood elven native slapped on top? Or something like that. I am not down on the correct morphs but it would have to be Human first I believe.
  7. Spikey haired dude checking out the flashy girls ass... yep.
  8. Boost

    IRL Pic Thread

    Am jelly, and don't you mean, your on the bottom, Corb is on top? ;D
  9. Boost

    IRL Pic Thread

    Is it me or he reminds Zackaroth from Freedom? Spy may be? Not at all.
  10. Boost

    IRL Pic Thread

    Cool hair cut dude. Photobombing the chicks picture aint cool tho. :/ Also.
  11. Boost

    IRL Pic Thread

    So uhh.. the fuck has happened to this thread?