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  1. Bounty is now active in: All Steamwheedle Cartel establishments All Alliance/Horde capital cities. Small towns on Eastern Kingdoms. Small towns on Kalimdor.
  2. The Tomb of Sargeras Over eight hundred years ago the might of Sargeras descended upon Azeroth in the form of the Dark Titan's very own Avatar. Battling for supremacy with the Guardian of Tirisfal, Magna Aegwynn, the Dark Titan's colossal shell was defeated at the very roof of the world. Using the sacred and abandoned Temple of Elune Aegwynn locked the Avatar of Sargeras away, hoping that within Azeroth's earthen depths the titan's husk would remain dormant. In more recent times the allure of power has uncovered the renamed Tomb of Sargeras from the seas and Aegwynn's wards have been torn down by the warlock Gul'dan, opening a doorway for the Burning Legion to invade Azeroth. With the Legion on the brink of another defeat they seek to command the Titan's power to usher in their victory. Venture into the Tomb of Sargeras, battling your way through the dark opposition you'll find within. Opposition ranging from some of the most vicious remaining demons on Azeroth to the sinister naga that have snuck their way into the watery depths of the Tomb. Among some of its defenders are spirits of a time long gone and more recent ventures either by being forced into service by the Legion or tormented by their untimely ends. WARNING All of the creatures you find in the Tomb of Sargeras are designed to kill your character. The DM Team, despite having a license to kill, is still obligated to give everybody a fair treatment when hosting their events. That does not mean you're safe from harm - if you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes and the DMs can only give you so many chances before there is simply no way out. The Tomb of Sargeras will have three distinct forms of character development, unlike other raid instances done in the past. This is primarily due to how the instance has been built in a similar fashion to Karazhan. Bosses - As expected with Paragon's way of handling dungeons and raids, the DM Team will be spending time and effort on organizing the boss encounters for the Tomb of Sargeras. Each boss will be listed below, with the corresponding DM able to input the time and date, as well as list the participants. The Tomb of Sargeras has nine boss encounters that will, hopefully, be a challenge for your characters to overcome. Reputation - Like with the Broken Shore Campaign and Cathedral of Eternal Night the Tomb of Sargeras will feature the Reputation system that has been put to use for the aforementioned content. That means that each boss encounter will present you with 1 reputation point. The Fallen Avatar and Kil'jaeden will reward 2 reputation points, each. Exploration - While there are diverging pathways, lots of hallways and chambers in the Tomb, the DM Team will still try to guide you on a fairly linear path to the bosses, or drop you as close to the boss as realistically possible whenever they start their respective events. During downtime, either after a boss fight or in between events in case of some downtime, there will be a possibility to explore parts of the Tomb. I will provide the DM Team with the necessary information of what might be lurking... or stashed away. Like the Cathedral of Eternal Night, the Tomb of Sargeras will feature no loot in the same way you're used to from previous dungeons or raid instances. While we don't want to disencourage people from advancing their character's equipment we're stepping away from what is, essentially, spoonfeeding rewards and great items with minimal effort. How do you get loot then? Very simple. Scavenge parts from a lurking creature or a boss (within reason, I still decide whether or not it's okay). Plunder the Tomb's halls for relics of the past (this will primarily be done during the Exploration). Gain rewards by getting your character's reputation up (these are outlined on the Broken Shore Campaign page). Goroth the Blighted As punishment for past failures Goroth's flesh is marred with searing wounds. With every movement this behemoth makes, his flesh crackles and hisses with unending torment, a scourge he is happy to inflict upon those who oppose him. DM: King of the Mushan Date: Friday, July 10th Time: 3PM Participants: Demonic Inquisition Anticipating the arrival of mortal forces invading the Tomb of Sargeras, Kil'jaeden has called on his best captors, Atrigan and Belac, to lock down the interlopers and prevent them from using the Pillars to advance deeper into the dungeon. DM: King of the Mushan Date: Saturday, July 11th Time: 3PM Participants: Harjatan Harjatan was trained from birth to demolish his enemies. Through a conquest of savage brutality, he gathered throngs of cave dwelling murlocs who see him as a god. Now, the naga brute merely has to bark a command and hordes of devout followers set themselves to task. DM: Nuggie Date: Time: Participants: Mistress Sassz'ine Mistress Sassz'ine has spent a lifetime binding the denizens of the ocean to her dark will. With this power, she summons nightmares from the briny depths to wash away any who dare challenge her. DM: Date: Time: Participants: Sisters of the Moon The Sisters of the Moon served as wardens for the temple long before the avatar of Sargeras was buried beneath it. Even in death, the sisters maintained their vigil, but over the millennia something twisted their ability to distinguish friend from foe. Their madness slowly consumed them, and now any who enter their sacred chambers are put to death. DM: Sage Date: Sunday, July 12 Time: 3PM ST Participants: The Desolate Host Once, this was a sacred burial site for the Night Elves, but the Legion has twisted these grounds with the Engine of Souls. This foul machine draws upon the energy of the dead, twisting them into abominations. Due to this corruption, these tormented spirits have become monstrosities, looking to feed on any who descend into the tomb's depths. DM: Sage Date: Monday, July 13 Time: 3PM ST Participants: Maiden of Vigilance Charged by Aegwynn to defend the Tomb of Sargeras, the Maiden of Vigilance has stood watch for hundreds of years. Yet, the guardian did not forsee what effect the avatar's seeping fel energy would have on this titan construct. Slowly warped by this maleficence, the Maiden now seeks to destroy any in her path. DM: Sage Date: Time: Participants: Fallen Avatar When Aegwynn defeated the Avatar of Sargeras, she was unable to destroy his avatar. In an effort to seal it away, the armor was entombed beneath the Temple of Elune, where it remained dormant for hundreds of years. Now, with the Legion tearing down the tomb's barriers, Kil'jaeden is in a position to reanimate the armor and unleash its power on Azeroth. DM: Cydra/Tass Date: Time: Participants: Kil'jaeden the Deceiver Since striking the bargain that chased the draenei into the stars, Kil'jaeden believed the Legion could not be stopped. Yet, none of his deceptions have prevented you from reaching this critical moment. Infuriated that Sargeras' promise of victory has never come to pass, the demon lord prepares to face you himself, for a final battle that will shape Azeroth's destiny forever. DM: Cydra/Tass Date: Time: Participants:
  3. Deal. That sends 3 gold to Kingsbay and 27 gold my way.
  4. Item Description: Horn of Mephistroth Item Condition: While the horn has been seared at the base due to how it was removed from the Dreadlord, it is otherwise in relative pristine condition. Fel energy still greatly radiates from the horn at all times. Starting Bid Price: 25 gold Buyout Price: 30 gold Shady or Not: Yes. This will be sold on the Black Market of Kingsbay's Auction House.
  5. Description and Last Seen updated. Bounty is now active in: All Steamwheedle Cartel establishments All Alliance/Horde capital cities. Present in small towns on Eastern Kingdoms. Halfway this week small towns on Kalimdor will have these bounties as well.
  6. Bounty is now active in: All Steamwheedle Cartel establishments All Alliance/Horde capital cities. By the end of the week small towns will also have this bounty active.
  7. Name of Bounty: Ashrynn Val'noire Description of Bounty: Race: High Elf Hair: Messy, black of color Eyes: Blue Unique Traits: Emanates an aura of void magic and ominous whispers. A woman of Thalassian ancestry with a penchant for using the umbral energies of the Void. Typically found wearing darker garments, was last seen with a split black robe. Her raven hair is messy, unkempt and reaches past halfway her upper back. As a High Elf she sports blue eyes and has a mesomorphic bodybuild. Her choice of magic causes ominous whispers to occur in her presence. It is likely she will be using disguises to wander around to avoid being found. Last known disguise was of a dark haired elven man wearing black robes. Possible Locations/Last Seen: She was previously seen in an area of Icecrown fighting against undead forces. Current location unknown. Frequents places of moderate to high importance. Spotted at the Cathedral of Eternal Night on the Broken Shore, posing as a dark haired male elf prior to getting her disguise removed. Escaped before any apprehension could be done. Rewards: Rewards are to be discussed upon succesful delivery of the bounty's head but can include coin or funding of projects. All items looted or found on the target's person are yours to keep. Head will be checked for validity prior to considering the bounty completed. Delivery point: Booty Bay, upper tavern floor. Notes: B´╗┐ounty is now active in: All Steamwheedle Cartel establishments All Alliance/Horde capital cities. Present in small towns on Eastern Kingdoms. Halfway this week small towns on Kalimdor will have these bounties as well.
  8. Hello there! When we started out Paragon's story in Legion you may remember that various events were held reflecting on the acquisition of the Artifact weapons as well as the Order Hall campaigns. These stories come to their end prior to the Nighthold but continue on the Broken Shore. Unfortunately we will not be DMing these for several reasons. First and foremost is interest, not everybody is interested in re-doing that which they could just read up on. Secondly is the workload, the sheer amount of time that would have to go into these events is time we could better spend on other venues for roleplay or to continue the Broken Shore. For that reason the extra quests that add onto the Order Hall campaign and the Mount questlines will be considered as completed in the background. While they will not be roleplayed out you can still use the stories and events to supplement your own character. After all these actions do not go unnoticed. Perhaps you can even discuss it with moderators if they will allow your character to have been there but that's something I don't decide over. Note that these events are not 100% copied from the quests and have had some small twists or spins on them to make them more logical. Despite that, all in all, they follow the same start and result. I have, intentionally, left the fate or access to some of these mounts vague in the event that the moderator's a-okay the acquisition thereof. Examples of such are the fabled wolfhawks or the newly forged wrathsteeds. There are a few of them, however, that are strictly unique or limited like Ban-Lu or the Lightsworn Seekers (with only three in existence) which should not be available. The events of the Mage Tower will be added as well but I decided to get this out of the way first. Death Knight Under the command of the Lich King himself, the Knights of the Ebon Blade have split up their efforts in order to further bolster their already impressive, unholy offensive. By their hand a party of volunteers, living and undead alike, ventured to Thorim's Peak and sought out a group of storm dragons but in particular were after a broodmother named Daumyr. On their way to the peak's summit to collect a beacon's fire they slaughtered their way through the juvenile spawn whom were risen into undeath by the lich Amal'thazad. At the peak they found the fire to signal Daumyr and claimed it for themselves. Upon calling forth Daumyr the fierce matriarch fought to destroy those who had summoned her and defiled her young into undeath. In the end her viciousness and ferocity were not enough to fend off the unholy crusade of the Death Knights and she too was brought back into damnation to serve against the Burning Legion. Unbeknownst to any but the Ebon Blade and the party present these dragons were of the Thorignir. _____________ A more personal mission was given to the Deathlord, Thassarian. He has ventured to Northrend in order to investigate unusual behaviour in the feral undead as they were following a source of great power. The Lich King, however, could not reach past the boundaries of Icecrown to fully see what precisely drove the undead forward with purpose. Through Thassarian's scouting it was discovered that these undead came upon the skeletal remains of a great dragon, once coveted by Arthas. Still, where he sought he found only icebergs and frozen water. Knowing that the dragons themselves likely had more information, Thassarian was sent to Wyrmrest Temple and forced the information out of a bronze dragon known as Trizormu. With the knowledge gained of glaciers that had drifted away the Red Dragonflight was questioned as well who forcefully rebuked the death knight. Upon entering the Ruby Sanctum, where the dragons kept their records, the Reds were already expecting Thassarian. They fought valiantly against the advance of the Deathlord but for their defiance a great deal of them were slain in the battle, leaving the Sanctum with less than a handful of dragons alive. Claiming what he required, Thassarian once more ventured to Icecrown at the Lich King's behest. At the so-called Lost Glacier he fought through the feral undead until he found himself at the remains of the dragon. Still pulsing with vigorous life energies Thassarian corrupted these powers into that of death and rose Kyranastrasz as a mighty wyrm in the Ebon Blade's service. For their actions, the Knights of the Ebon Blade are considered great enemies of life and the Red Dragons. Demon Hunter Remembering Illidan and therefor the Illidari's affront to them upon their own worlds with Marduum in particular, the Burning Legion held quite the grudge and had a big score to settle with the Demon Hunters. Following the rejection of Kil'jaeden's offer and slaying his two champion Demon Hunters, the Burning Legion sought to rally some of its forces and went for a direct assault upon the Illidari's ground forces that were preparing on the planet's surface. Through the gateways that they opened up, the Legion poured out in hordes to bring the Illidari to their knees for defying the demonlord. Taking the charge was Kor'vas together with Vandel, searching for Lady S'theno who had taken it upon herself to fight back the Burning Legion remarking her disappointment in the demon hunters' vigilance over the planet. Together with Lady S'theno and Kor'vas a party of demon hunters freed those who were taken captive, closed the portals while slaughtering their ways through the ranks of the demonic aggressors. It was then that several Legion vessels surrounded the stationary Fel Hammer and prepared to board their former ship to conquer it. In the process of the fight the Legion took out the Fel Hammer's weapon systems while overrunning the entire area. The Illidari fought off the demons as well as the demon responsible for the attempted ship-jacking and would begin to make the necessary repairs to their damaged base of operations. _____________ Following the takeback of their ship the Illidari managed to capture a wild, mature felbat known as Lixahl as it attacked their encampment. Going down upon Matron Mother Malevolence's request was Jace Darkweaver. The plan was to make this bat their own, rather than destroying it. The specimen's aggressive nature and boldness to attack the Illidari outright would be a great boon on the battlefield. During the fight, Jace was forced to chase after the felbat several times before finally forcing her to submit to the superior force. The Illidari outfitted the demon with vicious armaments to make it a proper beast of war. Druid The demonic armies are branching out as much as they can while the forces of Legionfall are occupied on the Broken Shore. One such areas is the Shrine of Aviana in far-away Hyjal. A band of druids made their way to the home of the fabled Druids of the Talon to rally to their defense. When the demons were driven out and the imp mother responsible for the attack slain the assault was revealed to be a distraction from the true goal of the Burning Legion. To find out more the druids communicated with the Mother of the Skies, Aviana. The Ancient spoke of the ferocious Goldrinn who has been in a state of depression following the death of his champion, Varian Wrynn, slumbering in the Emerald Dream. The demons seek to corrupt the Wolf God to their side while he is unable to defend himself. Inside the Stormrage Barrow Dens, where Goldrinn slept, the Burning Legion has invaded and set up portals in the sacred halls from which they poured in reinforcements. Closing the portals through magical vines, the druids made their way to Goldrinn's location. Three eredar were working their foul sorcery upon the Great Wolf but were, thankfully, stopped in their efforts. Roused from his slumber the noble ancient was moved from his depression by the druids. Together with Goldrinn, the Cenarion Circle found out the eredar in charge of the attacks on him and Aviana's shrine - bringing him down with the wrath of nature. _____________ The Burning Legion, dissatisfied with the results of their assault on Aviana's Shrine and the interference of the Talon Druids, sought to eliminate them as a threat altogether. They staged a second assault upon the Talon sanctuary at Mount Hyjal shortly after their previous assault. This led to the defending druids who were still licking their wounds to fight an uphill battle against the demonic attackers. Amidst the battle one of the Skylords was revealed to be the dreadlord Infazzar. The demon stole the Idol of Aviana and because of its absence the Talon druids could no longer access their flight forms - forcing a retreat to the Dreamgrove. The druids have tracked Infazzar to Azsuna where he commands two of the Legion's mighty airships. The battle with the dreadlord took place on both of these ships where the druids were faced with not only the typical demonic soldiers but also with vicious, fel-corrupted harpies. Transformed by the tainted Idol of Aviana, these winged terrors nearly overwhelmed the defenders of nature until Aviana bestowed the aid of two ancient Lunarwing. These mythical owls turned the tide of battle and allowed the druids of the Talon to reclaim their idol, seeing it purified. They built a new shrine in the Dreamgrove to protect the idol more securely. Hunter While the druids were occupied securing their Ancients and recovering their gift of flight, it fell to the hunters of the Unseen Path to investigate the rumors of wildlife around Suramar that has fallen victim to the power the fel possesses. The animals have become sick, or aggressive and showed signs of fel corruption over their scarred bodies. In their search they came upon a manasaber known as D'Bynn and soothed the creature's wounds. Nearby, imprisoned by the Felborne, they found Nighthuntress Syrenne - D'Bynn's trainer. Liberating her from the prison, the Unseen Path cleared out the area of both Night- and Felborne elves while tending to the animals. From their overseer they recovered orders of another Nighthuntress, who was leading a menagerie of sorts on the Broken Shore where animals were caged up and awaited corruption by the Fel. The Unseen Path made their way to the Shore and shut these operations down. They freed the creatures and cured them of their fel taint through the means of manaroots. During this mission they found Nighthuntress Lexara and slew her as well. The surviving band of trappers that worked under the Nighthuntress still remain to this day, using corrupted wildlife to bolster the Legion's ranks. _____________ In the meanwhile Hemet Nesingwary received an invitation from the mighty Odyn himself to take part in a celebration of hunters and marksmen at the Field of the Eternal Hunt! A rare priviledge to be joining the legendary vrykul in their sacred domain. Here Odyn provided the famed dwarven hunter with a moment of reprieve from the horros of the Burning Legion and the call of adventure into Azeroth's far reaches. But it would not be a true feast without some sport along the side. Odyn challenged Hemet to combat fabled creatures that resided in the Fields of the Eternal Hunt, to track them down and fight them. Each beast he defeated bestowed the blessing of ancient kings upon the hunter and his companion Hati. It was after several trials that the spirit of Haukenulfnir revealed herself to Hemet. Facing off against the wolfhawk spirit was a true test of Hemet's skills, witnessed by Odyn and the vrykul of legend. In the end he prevailed and her spirit bound itself to him. But more importantly with Haukenulfnir's spirit upon Azeroth through Hemet, her wolfhawk children have begun to be spotted on the Broken Isles but many dismiss these rumors or sightings due to the extreme rarity of these beasts. Mage While the efforts upon the Broken Shore rage on they also drain the city of Dalaran from valuable resources in both supplies and security. It was during a moment of weakness that the Burning Legion infiltrated the floating realm of magi and disabled the Violet Citadel's spire which doubled as a potent magical weapon, as well as its defense. The saboteur responsible for the shutdown of the Citadel's power was one of Aethas Sunreaver's own members, bearing Horde colors. There was consideration amongst the Council of Six to once again send out the Sunreavers from Dalaran, believing they could not be trusted. Before they made a decision they believed the situation warranted further investigation. During the investigation it became known that the Burning Legion had staged this infiltration to break the ties between the blood elven magi and Kirin Tor and weaken the mages of the Tirisgarde. Still, the mages had to see about repairs and fast. A band of mages overseen by Aethas Sunreaver and the blue dragon Kalecgos searched through the Tirisgarde's vaults and resources for suitable supplements of magic to restore Dalaran's systems before the Burning Legion would stage an all-out attack once more. The most prominent of these items was the Nightborne Soulstone which still contained the demon Kathra'natir. In order to use the Soulstone they had to build a Nightborne-made shield generator to make sure the demon would not break out as the Soulstone was repurposed. As it turned out Aethas found himself a nightborne apprentice named Ryanna who was glad to lend her assistance. In order to build the Shield Generator the magi worked throughout Suramar and opposed local Legion-loyal Night- and Felborne as they secured the resourced required as well as a gift for the Tirisgarde to make the welcome of the Shal'dorei easier. Ryanna assembled the Shield Generator which would become attached to the Nightborne Soulstone, preventing Kathra'natir from doing anything while his power would be used to re-arm Dalaran's defenses. For now, the Soulstone was a quick-term solution until actual repairs can be made to Dalaran's spire. _____________ Long before Dalaran's destruction during the Third War, Archmage Antonidas had a project of his own alongside three of his friends. Alas limited by the magic of his time this project was left unfinished and abandoned with the Archmage's death. Stumbling upon one of Antonidas' journals, Kalecgos discovered the project and wishes to see it completed. This project spoke of a disc that one could use to travel through air which attuned itself to the riders' magical specialty. Alas the pieces of the disc were scattered amongst Antonidas' friends. Retrieving the Arcane piece belonging to Archmage Celindra was an easy task. She willingly gave it for the cause. Khadgar's piece was lost inside Karazhan and moved to the Master's Cellar where demons had once more taken hold of the area. Eradicating them, the Tirisgarde retrieved the Fire fragment. Archmage Cedric possessed the Frost fragment of the disc but it was stolen by Crushridge ogres who returned to the fallen city of Alterac. Reclaiming the piece from the ogres gave the Tirisgarde all three. The problem was merging them together. Kalecgos suggested to fuse them at the Eye of Eternity through means of the Focusing Iris. Using the Iris to purge excess energy from the three pieces, they merged the discs into a singular piece. While mass replication of the disc is still a work in progress, for now it is being tested for use by Aethas Sunreaver. Monk After discovering the Storm Brew a while ago, the Order of the Broken Temple has been working together with the legendary Stormstout Brewery to mass-produce this brew to combat the Burning Legion. However it's been noteworthy that several shipments have never made it to their destination. A band of monks made their way to the brewery in the Valley of the Four Winds where the demonic armies had occupied the area and slaughtered the majority of the monks and workers present. They found the remains of young brewmaster Blanche, and her torn spirit nearby. In her moments of dying a dreadlord commanded a Felskorn vrykul to contaminate the brew and shipping it directly to the Broken Shore. As a potent brew on its own, fel poisoned Storm Brew was not allowed to happen. Despite being quick to brew up a purifying brew, the monks were too late with reaching the Broken Shore and a great deal of the poisoned brew had been distributed amongst both the Legionfall guards and some of the order members present. After they administered the counter-brew to the afflicted soldiers and workers present a small team snuck their way into the Garrison of the Fel, a strong demon outpost on the Broken Shore. It was here that they destroyed many of the fel spreaders responsible for raining the poisoned brew down upon the Legionfall forces and slew Alchemist Korlya who had contaminated the brew's recipe. _____________ Ever since the Burning Legion's assault upon the Peak of Serenity a legendary tiger called Ban-Lu, a son of Xuen, had gone missing. Watching over the Grand Masters of legend, Ban-Lu was struck with grief and sadness when Grand Master Hight fell in battle. It was during his time away from everybody else that the tiger had been reflecting upon himself, the world and the monks he was watching over as well. He decided to challenge the Order of the Broken Temple's greatest masters by letting them journey through Pandaria, most notably the region of Kun-Lai, to see if they were worthy of his companionship with Hight gone. During this quest he took on the form of Master Bu, guiding the party of monks among which Taran Zhu and Iron-Body Ponshu. The monks all had their own forms of trials to conquer, honoring the races of Pandaria and putting value in the humility of their ways to live. After having performed their trials they returned to Master Bu who requested they spoke with the jinyu of Inkgill, to let their waterspeaker Ryuli guide them to the next step. By Lake Kittikata Master Bu awaited, asking them if the monks had found Ban-Lu yet. Shaking their heads the old pandaren smiled before assuming his true form as Ban-Lu. Fighting them, he acknowledged the Order's skill. Instead of pledging himself to one Grand Master he chose to watch over the monks as a whole upon the Wandering Isle. Paladin As the effort against the Burning Legion continues the Order of the Silver Hand has been overburdened with new potential recruits to their cause. While many might be suited for the horrors of this conflict there are those who are not. When deeming one such example as insufficient a Nathrezim appeared from the body and began an attack upon Light's Hope Chapel where he and his underlings were quickly routed from. Following this passing of judgment Delas Moonfang, a recent Kaldorei addition to the Order doubted her own worthiness as she has been finding her own family crest among the demonic runes she had been deciphering. Worried as to why her ancestral family was known to the Legion, she and a small band of paladins sought to root out this mystery. In Val'Sharah it turned out that the Burning Legion was twisting the Moonfang dead into doing their bidding, reanimating their remains and tormenting their spirits into damned servitude. At the behest of another Moonfang, Erelyn, they brought down the eredar darkbinder responsible for these horrors of death and suffering. In return they gained access to the family's possessions where they discovered that one Nerus Moonfang had made a dark pact with the Burning Legion in order to see his relatives happy... at least until their own lives would come to an end. It is through demonic pendants that the Kaldorei ancestors would be bound to the demons, pendants that could never be removed once worn. Through the divine power of the Light the pendant in the care of the family was destroyed, freeing Nerus Moonfang who was promptly scolded for his actions by Delas. In ancient elven ruins near Vengeance Point many more of the Moonfang ancestors and other families dwelled, forced to work for the Legion as the pact had decreed. With Nerus and Delas' assistance, the Silver Hand sought to break the contract struck between elf and demon and succeeded. To atone for his actions, Nerus Moonfang's spirit joins the Silver Hand alongside his relative Delas. _____________ Catching wind that the Cult of the Damned once more sought to claim dominance over Stratholme, the Silver Hand mobilized towards the cursed city that remains ablaze even so long after the Culling. At the head of these cultists was a necromancer Raemien the Soultaker who had also claimed Baron Rivendare's very own deathcharger Shadowmane. Retreating to Light's Sanctum Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker reminisced about the times where he had sent out paladins to acquire their very own Charger mounts. Realizing that Shadowmane was a powerful deathcharger, it would become a great ally of the Light if redeemed while also bringing down the necromancer at the same time. He collected a party of paladins to secure several important materials from the Broken Isles, as well as retrieving holy water from the cursed city itself. It was at Stratholme that the Silver Hand purified the divine barding that would cleanse Shadowmane from its vile state. Together with their mission close to heart, the power of the Light shone once more in Stratholme... if only briefly. It was then that Raemien was struck down and his plans of ruling the fallen city undone. Shadowmane was restrained and brought to Light's Sanctum where the purified barding was applied - bringing new life to the fallen steed. It now serves Maxwell Tyrosus, for only a Highlord would be worthy of such a gift. Priest Word has reached the Conclave that a mysterious illness has begun to spread amongst the lower areas of Highmountain. Fearing for their own lives, those who inhabited these areas have fled the area. A Banshee by name of Aethalyste and her assistant Roland Abernathy were investigating this phenomenon, reaching out to the Conclave as poor Roland was also affected by this malady - a curious effect seeing how he was Forsaken. With Aethalyste's guidance the Conclave's party of priests and clerics collected samples from the shores. Bringing them to the Banshee she discovered this illness to be fel in origin and was very similar to the original Plague of Undeath where its victims would have common flue symptoms, following by a change in color until a state of mindless undeath would result in a feral zombie. When they returned, it turned out that Aethalyste had fended off a few such mindless tauren. Using their remains for more experiments and research. Combining the results with the found samples, a mixture of both Light and Shadow magic counteracted the Legion's sickness. Returning to Netherlight with Aethalyste the priests were informed of this same sickness being present on the Broken Shore. Immediately heading to a small remote island the armies of Legionfall had begun to show the early and midstage symptoms of the demonic plague that had been spread around. Through the means of Fel Spreaders an Inquisitor named Ozzuk the Corrupter was contaminating the area. Put down by the Conclave, the Legion's operation has been shut down for the time being and the cure is being produced in proper amounts in case future application thereof was necessary. _____________ The temple of Netherlight had been visited by the Speaker himself, Magni Bronzebeard, and his brother Brann as they were gathering a party of capable priests together with Betild Deepanvil - one of the Dark Iron residents at Netherlight. Having woken from his diamond prison, Magni has been communicating with Azeroth herself and unto him was revealed the location of a Titan vault near the torrential Maelstrom. While he is not known with the contents of the vault, he knows it is deeply connected to both the Light. A submarine commissioned by Brann saw the party of dwarves and priests to this vault. As the door opened, Caretaker WH12-B4NG scanned the people present and identifies Magni as the Speaker, inquiring if he sought the Seekers stored in this vault. Confirming the request, they were being released from their stasis orbs. When reaching the final one it was corrupted and altered by malevolent void energies. Protocol demanded that the creature be purged during which several titanic constructs became hostile and attacked. Forced to bring these servants of the Maker down, one of the present Shadowpriests succeeded in calming down the energies that surrounded the dark-touched Seeker. During the battle the vault periodically fell out of power, alerting the group that it wouldn't be long before the complex was shut down. Not wanting the Seekers lost forever "Azeroth told Magni" they were to be brought to Netherlight Temple. Here they could live out their lives and be valiant allies to the priesthood. Rogue Prior to having secured the Broken Temple by the Silver Hand powerful demons were located here, plotting their insidious schemes to bring about the end of Legionfall before it could manifest proper. Not wanting to be caught offguard, the Uncrowned devised their own plans to weaken the hierarchy of demons and a number of their forces. Together with Princess Tess Greymane and the Bloodsail leader, Tethys, a shady band of thugs and assassins made their way to Dead Man's Bay in sunny Azsuna to appropriate enemy pirate resources. Through means of forgery and 'selfless' destruction of booty and property the Uncrowned found a stash of Fel-enhanced gunpowder. Securing this payload and the ship it was stashed on, the Uncrowned set out for the Broken Shore where all the action was happening as they made a supply of explosives with their honestly obtained merchandise. Sneaking into the cavern of the Broken Temple the shady agents sabotaged the area with the demon-touched gunpowder, enough to level a serious amount of the cavern and wipe out many of the demons within. The rogues made certain to strategically place the explosives so that the structures itself would suffer minimal damage while the enemy forces suffered the brunt of it. On their way out, some more of these explosives were placed with destruction of forces rather than territory in mind. Setting off the charges from their new vessel, the demons were weakened enough to let the paladins secure the Temple for Legionfall. _____________ With the presence of the demon hunters, the demons had to resort to new manners of infiltration. For this they have been using homunculi, undead creatures that are lifelike and well preserved - difficulties hard to spot unless one truly has a keen eye for such details. One of these creatures was discovered by Lilian Voss, a Kaldorei named Tearir seeming off to her. As she figured out his true form she took him down after which she, Master Apothecary Faranell and a party of rogues sought to investigate the body. On his person it was also revealed that these homunculi have managed to steal a series of great, magical ravens that were in Jorach Ravenhold's personal care - bound to smoke bombs to summon them. The Uncrowned collected intelligence about the presence of these undead creatures, reporting their presence in several cities of the Horde and Alliance. To make sure that their deaths would not cause any confusion amongst the population the Uncrowned's agents split up their efforts by mobilizing themselves to their opposing factions. After all, an assassination on a Horde-appearing race by one of the Alliance would seem more logical and vice versa. In the meanwhile Jorach set out himself to retrieve that which belonged to him. Once alll the known targets were slain, the Uncrowned returned to their basement establishment in Dalaran. It was here that Jorach showed the great Omen to his fellow rogues. A few of them now assist the Uncrowned as silent means of transportation while others have been noted to be "up for grabs" if one is worthy. The rumors of the latter have yet to be proven true... Shaman By the Maelstrom, the Earthen Ring gained the visit of one of the most notorious of tauren known to Azeroth: Magatha Grimtotem. Originally she and her tribe were not summoned by the collection of Shamans due to their poor reputation and numberless crimes. At the time they did not care however when the Burning Legion laid siege to the world they also attacked the Thousand Needles where the Grimtotem make their primary home. It was here that they slaughtered a great deal of Grimtotem, abducted a powerful serpent pet from Magatha and stole the Doomstone. Begrudgingly the Elder Crone sought out the Earthen Ring's help primarily to retrieve the powerful artifact, knowing that Arikara would not be stopped by death. The Earthen Ring sent some of its best shamans to assist the Elder Crone in routing the demons from the Grimtotem home and liberate those who were imprisoned by the Burning Legion. The leader of the invasion, Doomsayer Baelresh, held the Doomstone in his possession but lost it to the efforts of the shamans and Elder Crone. With the demons gone Magatha demanded the Doomstone back but was denied. Blackmailed by the Ring she opened a portal to the Maelstrom and joined, refusing to lose sight of the stone. Her presence enraged Muln Earthfury who hadn't forgotten her hand in seeing to the death of Cairne Bloodhoof. Despite his pleas, Magatha and her people were allowed to assist the Earthen Ring. No time to settle, reports came in that the Burning Legion was trying to command the power of Azeroth's elements. Worse than that they were succeeding, making progress. The Elemental Lords would not stand for such an appaling affront and rallied their own subjects to battle - allowing the aid of the Earthen Ring to assist. Forging Infernals by fire and stone they directly made transgressions against the Stone Mother, Therazane and Firelord Smolderon. Both Elemental Lords demanded the demons' rituals be stopped and the source thereof destroyed. At the helm of these operations was a powerful Overfiend. This demon with a body bathed in hellfire drew power from the Firelands and Smolderon, weakening the Firelord and assaulting the Earthen Ring with twisted, elemental fire. To destroy him, the Earthen Ring resorted to using the Doomstone. While its power was great, it was uncontrollable. Those at Deliverance speak of a horrifying storm of elemental power that destroyed large chunks of land, ending with the death of many demons but also some of the Earthen Ring's own shaman. In the end, it was decided to safekeep the Doomstone at the Maelstrom, keeping it away from any mortal. _____________ During the great Cataclysm, heroes banded together and brazenly stormed the Throne of the Four Winds to defeat one of Deathwing's elemental allies - the Windlord Al'Akir. Defeating the Conclave of Wind drew his ire and he too was subsequently slain leaving the Skywall without a leader and sending the realm into a turmoil much like the one faced by the Firelands. Elementals battling for supremacy to claim the seat of power and dominion over all their kind. When Prince Thunderaan was released from the blessed blade Thunderfury he assumed the position of Windlord as one of Al'Akir's immediate sons. However the Conclave of Wind made up of three of the mightiest djinn disagreed with his ascension for they wanted Prince Sarsarun as the true heir to Al'Akir's legacy. Without the Conclave's support Thunderaan could not properly ascend to command the elementals of Air to serve him. He reaches out via Consular Celestos to the Earthen Ring, whom send some of their wisest and fiercest shamans to assist the Windlord. They unite their powers to face off against Anshal, Nezir and Rohash and beat some sense into the djinn so that they would be convinced to support Thunderaan. As a token of gratitude, he called forth a group of greater elementals to assist the Earthen Ring. Warlock The Council of the Black Harvest was founded on the belief that the terrifying forces of the world could be harnessed by the fel in order to gain even more power and be unstopple forces beyond reckoning. The original leader, Kanrethad Ebonlocke, joined his ally Jubeka to Outland hoping to find out the great powers that were once commanded by the Betrayer himself. Succesful in his venture, he stood tall atop the Temple's summit - transformed into a terrifying demon. Nearly overwhelming those who opposed him he was banished by Jubeka who keeps him in that state for all eternity by the Hand of Gul'dan. Even now, in present times, there are those who seek to emulate Kanrethad, worship him as a god. They seek to bring him back and restore him to power. These cultists had collected near the Broken Temple prior to Legion's loss over it and summoned the banished Kanrethad to their location. Jubeka rallied several of the Black Harvest's warlocks to prevent his return. Corrine the Devout, leader of the Cult of the Green Flame, oversaw the cultists' work to worship Kanrethad and mimic the process he had undergone in order to ascend. When the Black Harvest fought her, she turned out to be a disguised Nathrezim instead. Drawing power from Kanrethad the dreadlord was a powerful adversary but his source of power, the bound demonic form of Ebonlocke, was resisting. His desperate pleas rang out to the warlocks to be liberated from the demons. Kanrethad was whisked away by Dark Summoner Rezara to Azsuna, to prevent the Black Harvest's warlocks from collecting him. In the meanwhile the members of the Black Harvest began to devise a plan to restore Kanthrethad, bringing him back to sanity and denying the Legion a mighty ally. For this, they collected several fel crystals to store the power that gripped the man. Tracking Rezara down, the Black Harvest and their demonic servants attacked the demons' base in Faronaar and the Council itself used the power of the crystals gathered to siphon away Kanrethad's. At the end of it he was human once more but no longer possessed the terrifying power he had on Outland. _____________ In the early days following the Third War, a shady man known as Mor'zul the Bloodbringer was responsible to assist young warlocks to summon forth the nightmarish dreadsteeds and subvert the steeds to their will. When he was forced to withdraw from his camp near the Altar of Storms in the Burning Steppes he refused to relent in his quest to learn more about these horrifying equine terrors. Summoning forth a wyrmtongue he discovered that Lord Hel'nurath, ruler of Xoroth, has been working on empowering the dreadsteed to create what was called the Wrathsteed. Successful in creating such a steed it was given to Hel'nurath's general Arax'ath. Alas the general is always on Xoroth and rarely appears in the open. In order to acquire the steed, Mor'zul devised a summoning incantation that would forcefully call the general from his location. The Black Harvest's acolytes collected the ingredients and reagents necessary to perform the ritual. Angered by the warlocks' quest for power as they dabbled in forces they could never hope to control completely the general fought but in the process lost his life at the Dreadscar Rift. Left behind was a single Wrathsteed that was restrained and bound by the Council of the Black Harvest and some of its most valued warlocks. In his death, however, Arax'ath revealed that they would never be able to call forth the other steeds that were succesfully created which left the warlocks to wonder how many there were... Warrior For generations the strife between Odyn and the furious Helya tore at the vrykul people. Both wanted to have the mighty dead under their rule as capable soldiers and while Odyn was succesful in holding many a great warrior from Helya's clutches there were almost equally as many vrykul that fell into the realm of Helheim, a perpetual wasteland of despair and eternal suffering. Now that Helya has fallen and Odyn released together with his Valarjar he seeks to claim the warriors that were always meant for him. In order to restore these warriors to their rightful glory a group of the Valarjar's champions were sent down to free them from their bound states. With the war against the Burning Legion raging on, the Valarjar also took with them supplies of the Kvaldir - raiding their stash of armor and weapons. They also claimed Helya's Horn with which they could rally the Kvaldir into battle. Despite their eternal curse they could still be valued allies on the battlefield. Back at the Skyhold the freed vrykul stood before Odyn with their cursed forms still. In a display of power and perhaps a slight bit of arrogance the mighty Odyn held high his hand, drawing forth the ancient powers that had shapen him. Redirecting these energies at the vrykul their bodies were changed, uplifted. Forevermore they would be known as Stormforged Valarjar. As their first test they were sent down to scour the Felrage strand for the missing Eitrigg and Darius Crowley. Both of which were out in the field to retrieve their captured soldiers. Assisting the new Stormforged, the Valarjar's champions followed to assist them. Together they killed a giant named Felbeard and a new naga warlord before vacating the area. The freed warriors join the Valarjar as the 7th Legion under Darius, and a renewed Kor'kron unit under Eitrigg step up to lead them into battle. _____________ Every year, Odyn hosts the Trial of Rage, a test where warriors challenge each other in a one on one combat duel. As is expected the Trial only holds one winner by the end that it is over. Due to the Broken Isle's solitude from the rest of the world the trial participants are those races who live upon the Broken Isles. Damrul the Stronk was representing the drogbar while Omanawkwa Steelhoof stood for the highmountain tauren. Surprisingly even nightborne were present here with their representative Asrea Moonblade who was the undefeated champion of the Trials of Rage. Last but not least was the vrykul Thyri, one of Eyir's chosen valkyra. The time was well spent between the four races and various challengers that sought to overtake take them in battle. One of these warriors was none other than the legendary Saurfang himself. The veteran orc bested the drogbar and highmountain tauren in battle as well as the undefeated nightborne. Unfortunately Asrea was unable to accept defeat and forced the High Overlord's hand to kill her. Last but not least was Thyri who, despite putting up a great fight, lost the battle to experienced warrior. For his valor and martial supremacy, Odyn gifted Saurfang with a fierce proto dragon. Grateful for the gift Saurfang suggested it be given to Thyri instead. The mighty warbeast now serves the vrykul in battle on the Broken Shore as a vicious combatant.
  9. Cydra

    Broken Shore Campaign

    The Ebon Blade has led a party to acquire a fleet of storm dragons from Stormheim. After that they laid siege to a region on the Broken Shore with their new trophy pets. Participants: Adrian, Algosh, Alvia, Baltux, Barli, Drakarn, Kevyn, Marghra, Muramas, Yorick, Zeyas The Burning Legion has staged an assault on Alvia Duskgaze's base. While the attack was repelled, the damage to the base was too great to keep it present. Instead they will be fortifying the chokepoints leading to the beach. Participants: Alvia, Artehun, Baltux, Bevin, Celana, Dimos, Don, Druzlek, Ecro, Elenore, Emma, Faeir, Izusa, Kralgath, Pipsy, Terin, Varro Legion: -Shadow Fracture (2) (Connected to Dark Stockades and Wrynnfall) (Officer deceased) Commanding officer: N/A -Garrison of Fel (4) (Connected to Soul Ruins, Dark Stockades, Wrynnfall and Scav Edge) Commanding officer: Felbringer Xar'thok -Soul Ruin (3) (Connected to Garrison of Fel, Dark Stockades and Scav Edge) Commanding officer: Treasure Master Iks'reeged -Felrage Strand (2) (Connected to Screaming Cliffs) Commanding officer: Flamecaller Vezrah -Dark Stockades/Impsorrow Approach (4) (Connected to Shadow Fracture, Soul Ruins, Garrison of Fel and Scav Edge) Commanding officer: Lord Hel'nurath Legionfall: -Deliverance Point and Aalgen Point (2) (By default) (Assaults only) -Vengeance Point (3) (Reinforced by Deadwood) (Assaults only) -Deadwood Landing/Lion's Oath/Stonefin Shoals (2) (By default) Commanding officer: Lt. Commander Alderic Bradley. Occupying forces: 46th Company, Alliance, purified treants+wildlife -Lost Temple (2) (By default) Commanding officer: Navasi Occupying forces: Cenarion Circle & Silver Hand -Creeping Grotto (2) (Connected to Vengeance Point) Commanding officer: Caemesh Occupying forces: Blood Knights -Path of Suffering (2) (Connected to Aalgen Point) Commanding officer: Kralgath Occupying forces: Earthen Ring -Scavenger's Edge (3) (Connected to Garrison of Fel, Dark Stockades and Soul Ruin) (Officer deceased) Commanding officer: Tyrik Dawnblade Occupying forces: Blood Knights (Bloodsworn)
  10. Cydra

    Broken Shore Campaign

    The Burning Legion assaulted Fort Providence, and succeeded in wiping out mortal resistance from Felrage Strand. The Legion's forces have re-occupied the naga base. Attendees: (Defending) Sheppard, Philippe, Chelsey, Dalton, Binky, Bevin, Kralgath, Navasi, Aevelm (A) Mae'fal, Brod, Tevanessa, Wiglaff, Xothorash, Hctib Legion: -Scavenger's Edge (4) (Connected to Garrison of Fel, Shadow Fracture and Soul Ruin) Commanding officer: Morzuun the Plaguebringer -Shadow Fracture (4) (Connected to Soul Ruin, Creeping Grotto and Wrynnfall) Commanding officer: Lord Aram'el -Creeping Grotto (2) (Connected to Shadow Fracture and Wrynnfall) (Assassinated Leader) Commanding officer: N/A -Garrison of Fel (5) (Connected to Soul Ruins, Shadow Fracture, Wrynnfall and Scav Edge) Commanding officer: Felbringer Xar'thok -Soul Ruin (4) (Connected to Shadow Fracture, Garrison of Fel and Scav Edge) Commanding officer: Treasure Master Iks'reeged -Felrage Strand (3) (Connected to Screaming Cliffs and Path of Suffering) Commanding officer: Flamecaller Vezrah Legionfall: -Deliverance Point and Aalgen Point (2) (By default) (Assaults only) -Vengeance Point (3) (Reinforced by Deadwood) (Assaults only) -Deadwood Landing/Lion's Oath/Stonefin Shoals (2) (By default) Commanding officer: Lt. Commander Alderic Bradley. Occupying forces: 46th Company, Alliance, purified treants+wildlife -Lost Temple (2) (By default) Commanding officer: Navasi Occupying forces: Cenarion Circle & Silver Hand -Coast of Anguish (4) (Connected to Deliverance, reinforced by Lost Temple and Felrage Strand) Commanding officer: Alvia and Erron (NPC) Occupying forces: Forsaken, Cenarion Circle & Silver Hand
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