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  1. Cydra

    Leaving the DM Team

    I've said that before, don't play high and mighty with me, Snax. That's a game you don't want to play. Especially as a trial mod. Cagi didn't have much of a choice in the matter, everything that happened so far was forced on both of us. All doing little more than to serve the moderator team. Thing is... you're not bothering me with the demotion. That doesn't wound me, that doesn't affect me. What does affect me is the shockwave that goes through the moderator's decisions. You went from losing one EM, to both. What does affect me is how your decision screws over the DM Team that we worked on. What affects me is seeing someone take my work and tear it down. The position is nothing.
  2. Cydra

    Leaving the DM Team

    No, I did read. All of it. The fact of the matter is that there is no talking with some of you. The same faults being pinned on me are going through the entire moderator team. A lack of admitting you're wrong or avoiding the consequences, pathetic excuses that end up ignoring the problem or silencing them. Cagi was being brickwalled by every single one of you. I could live with being demoted, I literally don't care. But the moderators have essentially dropped the F-bomb on the DM Team. The work that was put into it, the work that we did - in shambles. Good. Fucking. Job.
  3. Cydra

    Leaving the DM Team

    I've admitted to my mistakes on more than one occassion. There's also a difference between being wrong and handling things differently. I know very much so what I'm talking about, having seen just about nearly every single staff team on this server barring perhaps one. The moment you decided to screw over Cagi you also screwed over the DM Team.
  4. Cydra

    Leaving the DM Team

    Sad thing is he's not exactly wrong. Paragon is literally spiralling back into the same dark age people say they're pulling it out from - or trying to. Power returning to the moderators (staff), hivemind collective, curbing or ignoring those who question what's going on and sweeping things under the rug with a repetitive excuse.
  5. Second post of the thread is updated with more things regarding loot and treasures on Argus.
  6. After deciding to further dig in on Krokuun a small group set out to reach a unique piece of equipment that had disconnected from the Xenedar: Light's Judgement. A powerful laser cannon made by the Army of the Light that could obliterate a horde of demons with but a single, well-aimed beam of Light. When the Xenedar crashed the cannon had broken off amidst the fall and rested on the other side of the Shattered Fields. It is here that the Burning Legion sought to claim the weapon for themselves and likely twist it for a nefarious purpose. A group of mixed backgrounds ventured through the golden path that the Xenedar had left behind, facing a previously encountered Doom Maiden and her forces. Prevailing they moved on ahead towards Baraat the Longshot, a draenei archer of high position within the Army of the Light. From his position the group pincered an attack on the base the Legion had fortified around Light's Judgement and ultimately saw the job done - killing Siegemaster Voraan for the second time on Argus. The return of these two demons that were slain before remains a curiosity for now. With Light's Judgement secured the Army of the Light will attach it to the Vindicaar, providing the vessel with quite an offensive ability. In the meanwhile those brave souls were sent to the High Exarch, Turalyon, and Alleria Windrunner whose combination of Light and Void magic saw them reinforcing an injured Blademaster Telaamon. Together they would enter the Xenedar where people could see Xe'ra, the Prime Naaru - the Lightmother. Alongside Turalyon those who called upon the Light assisted in bringing the Naaru to the Vindicaar where she was reunited with her core. Upon her restoration she welcomed Illidan Stormrage, the Chosen One, as per her prophecy and tried to have him let go of his current form and embrace the power of the Light. Skeptical and wary of the Naaru's intentions Illidan refused her offer. In response Xe'ra would bind Illidan within a powerful ring of divine energy and began to reforge him in her image much like the Golden Army's soldiers were. In a powerful outburst of demonic energy Illidan broke free and destroyed Xe'ra with a devastating blast from the fiery orbs given to him by Sargeras. Enraged Turalyon drew his blade and tried to strike down the Betrayer who caught the High Exarch's weapon. The Light's Chosen sought to advance upon Illidan as well though they were blocked off by his chosen warriors, the Illidari. It took Velen's intervention to calm the situation down, claiming that even with her form destroyed Xe'ra could still benefit the cause. With or without the Prime Naaru the mission must continue. --------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------
  7. The second post in this thread is now dedicated to items people might find across Argus, much like what was done for the Tomb of Sargeras. Items are being worked on near-daily but will only be added to the list after they've been found. This to give people something to do on Argus when no event is happening.
  8. Since we've been getting some curious folk regarding this: Returning from Argus to Azeroth and vice versa is now possible thanks to a beacon installed at Dalaran at Krasus' Landing, as well as on the Vindicaar's lower floor. This will be the primary means of accessing Argus. So worry not, we were never planning on locking your characters on Argus, nor prevent people who missed the first events from being unable to get there. For Argus the three main teleports are: VindiKrok (Takes you to the back room of the Vindicaar above Krokuun) VindiMac (Takes you to the back room of the Vindicaar above Mac'Aree)*!* VindiAnto (Takes you to the back room of the Vindicaar above Antoran Wastes)*!* *!* These are, currently, not yet available ICly. But you can go there to explore OOCly, I guess. Each individual Vindicaar has a beacon that can return you back to Krasus' Landing. However the beacon at Krasus' Landing will return you to the Vindicaar at Krokuun by default. You'll have to use the other teleports mentioned above to return to the other two Vindicaar locations.
  9. How far they are altered is purely up to the players' actions. Depending on what you do or decide, we follow a different road through Argus - one that is either easier or more difficult. I just find it sad that we've had to stress that four individual times throughout this thread all the while this thread was being derailed into a circus-show of shitflinging. As for Antorus: We were never going to do Aggramar or Argus in the first place, it was briefly considered at first but we quickly dropped the idea altogether. Later on we held a community vote on the stories for Argus and Antorus and the majority voted to do Argus but not do Antorus. So that also means that some of the bosses we see in the raid normally will instead be present on the battlefield at the Antoran Wastes. The likes of Imonar the Soulhunter or the Hounds of Sargeras will come around to make life difficult there.
  10. The DM Team, myself and Cagi, and the Moderator Team can see what has been jotted down for Shadows of Argus. I'm not sure who's done it on retail, but I have, and I can tell you that it's not the same from what happens on retail. While, yes, the core of those events remain to ensure that in the end what is supposed to happen happens, it is still player action that determines the conclusion of an event being an actual success. You might achieve a victory but if you screwed up, knowingly or completely unintentionally along the way, you're still going to feel the after-effect of that further down the line. In the same sense the opposite is true: If you go through some of these missions with a near perfect execution you'll notice some of the next events will be significantly easier. The way players handle themselves in these events determines how the next event will play out. The scenario will change and it is supposed to encourage you to think differently. Do you want to overkill on something that became an easier target? Do you want to send out less people? Have you screwed up and do you need to suddenly face two or three more threats at the same time? Just like if you fail to help some of your allies in an event, they might be less inclined to trust you and help you. Honestly, the idea on the Legion ship... I'm not sure what to read anymore. First you wanted to preserve its core, then you wanted to shipjack it and send it crashing into Argus with no real target - claiming your demons would give you the answers on vital places. Now it would be a way in. While I do agree that using the Burning Steppes as a stepping stone for Argus is a good idea, I'm fine with either way of starting things off. On the artifact holders, since I saw them mentioned, you're probably only going to see like... five. Lady Liadrin, Aethas Sunreaver, High Priestess Ishanah, Kor'vas Bloodthorn and Jace Darkweaver. I'm writing this with little time on hand so I didn't really go and check if there were other candidates on this part.
  11. ------------------------------------------------------------------- LOOT & TREASURES ------------------------------------------------------------------- Inspired by people taking to occupy themselves with the item hunting in the Tomb of Sargeras, I've been seeking to continue that idea. Going out into Argus and facing uncommonly strong opponents or digging into the ruins of a broken world will be your primary means of acquiring items or loot. These items could be useful but, as is with any hunt for loot, they could also simply suck. While I'm not going to give you the list of what you can find - all items that are picked up or found will be posted here, even if they aren't the cool items that might tickle your pickle. How does one get loot? Some items are found by scavenging through the ruins of Argus or simply from killing enemies - a specific foe, or a particular race of creature. Another way is by locating the various treasure chests scattered over Krokuun and Mac'Aree. These treasure chests, however, are sealed away by colored runes. What are these runes? At the Conservatory of the Arcane are three individuals: High Wakener Aargon, Arc-Consul Velara and Grand Vizier Jarasum. They hold dominion over a specific aspect of the Conservatory's teachings and can bestow the gift of a specific colored rune upon you if you prove yourself worthy. A rune color can only be handed out once per day, and only one rune per person. These runes are then infused into your body, allowing you to serve as the key for the many barriers that cover the chests you wish to open. Wakener's Book of Crafting Taken by Arystor, given to Alvia Written by High Wakener Aargon, this old eredar tome describes an extensive list of designs, theories, calculations and materials on the subject of the fabled Argussian Vigilants. The book is written entirely in an ancient dialect of eredun, preceding the demonic and draenic variations thereof. Those who understand either can make out a few words but many phrases will look like random gibberish. While the tome describes the means of building a Vigilant the materials listed are only found on Argus. The book does not describe the means of soulbinding to attach a soul to the mechanical host body. Ring of Mirrors Taken by Tayu Damaged but not beyond repair this signet ring belonged to one of the elite of the Conservatory of Mac'Aree. In its damaged condition the ring is entirely powerless and, in fact, little more than a useless bauble that one can still wear on one's finger. In order to restore the ring one must use materials found on Argus and bring both with the damaged ring to a jewelcrafter that can work with the materials necessary. Repairing the ring might also bring back its hidden ability. Mold of the Defiler (Shoulders) Taken by Alvia When Archimonde swore his loyalty to Sargeras he had ordered the smiths of Argus to fashion himself new adornments that would befit his station as the commander of the Dark Titan's armies. This mold holds the same shape of the Defiler's signature shoulder armor. Armor crafted from this mold will resemble a replica of Archimonde's shoulder armor.
  12. "We will take this war to the Legion's worlds... and prey upon them!" -Illidan Stormrage Following the recent events upon the Broken Shore Illidan Stormrage used the Sargerite Keystone to return those who faced the Deceiver upon his very own ship in the Nether back to Azeroth before his homeworld would become their grave. This created a link between Azeroth and the fallen planet Argus, bringing the Burning Legion closer than ever to Azeroth. Unbeknownst to all but those who plan to journey to Argus the link will serve as a distraction for the demons. Yes, it will allow them easier entrance into Azeroth, but it will also keep their attention away from defending their homeworld in the process. With the help of a new vessel, the Vindicaar, those who volunteer on what might be a one way journey for some will try to meet with the Army of the Light and if fate wills it two of the most fabled Alliance champions: Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner. ------------------------------------------------------------------- OUR THOUGHTS FOR ARGUS ------------------------------------------------------------------- It's been a long, strange trip but Paragon has finally made it to the ending of the Legion storyline, the last juice we can squeeze out of this demon-infested expansion after which we can get ourselves a good breather from most things demonic and fel-related. With that in mind we have been looking at some different ways of tackling Argus and Cagi has brought forth an idea that looks like it can deliver well at what we hope to achieve for this content. Originally we had thought about doing the same as we did with the Broken Shore. The issue we ran into here is that Argus is a lot more linear than the Broken Shore was and does not offer the same options. There was also the fact that the Broken Shore, because of how it was run, was dragged out way more than it should've been which led to a decline in interest or overal activity on this end. That combined with the reputation system were a nice change of pace but ultimately not what we were looking for with Argus. To give you a bit of a head's up we will be dividing Argus into altered versions of the original storyline. If you've played through the Argus storyline on retail you'll probably raise your brows at some of the things we've got planned but ultimately if you can set that thought aside you'll find that the core of that storyline is still maintained. There will be about 14 main events that focus on the linear story, divided over all three maps of Argus. Some of these events have a side mission or objective which makes future events easier or more difficult. While we won't tell you what those are, it's up to the group to determine how to proceed, they will determine if an event was a proper success or a shallow victory at best. I'm going to be personally looking at doing something similar like what was done with the Tomb of Sargeras in the form of fun items, materials or useful relics that people can hunt down on the surface of Krokuun, Mac'Aree and maybe even the Antoran Wastes. This is not a guaranteed thing yet but I'm working on some ideas. Just keep your eyes open, I suppose. ------------------------------------------------------------------- THE EVENTS ------------------------------------------------------------------- Event 1: Alone in the Abyss DM: Cagi DATE: Friday 11th September, 2PM ST and 6pm ST Azeroth's forces gather at the Exodar, to set forth in the newly-built Vindicaar. Led by the Prophet Velen you'll venture into Krokuun where your forces are under assault by the Burning Legion's forces. Your role is to ensure the safety of your only way back home and secure a landing site for your own forces. Event 2: Light Gathering DM: Cagi DATE: Sunday 13th September, 2PM ST and 6pm ST After you met the Broken of Argus you've found yourself a resilient ally against the Burning Legion. Together with High Exarch Turalyon a plan has been set in motion to reach the Xenedar and its precious cargo for without it the campaign on Argus may be doomed to fail before it even begins. Event 3: The Petrified Forest DM: Cydra DATE: Tuesday 15th September, 3PM ST Upon the request of the Broken chieftain Hatuun, a small party has made their way past the patrolling Fel Reaver into the Petrified Forest. Meet with Lead Wrangler Jerek and help the Broken people find out what caused the disappearance of a large number of their already scarce tribe. Event 4: Bounty Hunt - Commander Sothrenael DM: Sage DATE: Wednesday 16th September, 8PM ST A primary target had been discovered during the last assault of the Burning Legion on the Army of the Light. This fel lord known as Commander Sothrenael must be dealt with immediately! Event 5: Planning Phase DM: Cagi DATE: Thursday 17th September, 4PM ST High Exarch Turalyon has called together those from Azeroth and the Army of the Light alike to decide upon the next mission. They can choose between entrenching themselves further on Krokuun, begin to scout out Mac'Aree or set up at the Legion's front door on the Antoran Wastes. Event 6: Light's Judgement DM: Cagi DATE: Sunday 20th September, 2PM and 6PM ST With the prior meeting having concluded with the decision to entrench further upon Krokuun and solidify the defenses it falls to those opposing the Burning Legion to secure Light's Judgement. This powerful cannon was once equipped to the Xenedar but with its crash has become detached. With Grand Artificer Romuul's help this weapon could be placed upon the Vindicaar, instead. Event 7: Bounty Hunt - High Inquisitor Raalgar DM: Sage DATE: Thursday 24th September, 2PM and 6PM ST High Inquisitor Raalgar, a powerful demon, has been spotted en route towards Nath'raxxas Hold. He has been marked as an extremely dangerous target and must be brought down. Event 8: The Annihilan Pits DM: Cagi DATE: Sunday 27th September, 2PM and 6PM ST Now that the Vindicaar has been upgraded with the powerful Light's Judgment it has the firepower necessary to become an incredible asset upon Argus. Within the Annihilan Pits are three pit lords lorded over by their new king Aggonar. Show these demons that even their demonic might is no match for the power of the Light. Event 9: Nath'raxas Spire DM: Cagi DATE: Tuesday 29th September, 2PM and 6PM ST With the removal of the pit lords the Legion's last remaining bastion of power on Krokuul is Nath'raxas Hold, a large base with a spire at the very end with Lord Nath'raxas at the very heart of the hall. The Legion's hold on this area must be broken entirely and the only way out is to bring down the eredar lord that leads the Legion here. Event 10: Vengeance of the High Inquisitor DM: Cydra DATE: Friday 2nd October, 3PM ST Despite having been declared dead, the presence of the fallen High Inquisitor Raalgar can still be felt throughout the area where he met his supposed demise. Lord Illidan and his Illidari seek to investigate the area and snuff out whatever remains of this upper level demon permanently. Event 11: Landing on Mac'Aree DM: Cydra DATE: Monday 5th October, 3.30PM ST The time has come to traverse to Mac'Aree and begin to assemble the Crown of the Triumvirate. As you descend into the ruins of eredar civilization, however, you realize that the past and present are reuniting... Event 12: The Sigil of Awakening DM: Cagi DATE: Wednesday 14th October, 2PM ST and 6PM ST Now that a forward post has been put together at Triumvirate's End the search for the fragments of the Crown begins. Starting at the old Conservatory of the Arcane the Sigil of Awakening is the first of the pieces to be sought for. Event 13: Old Ties: Talgath DM: Cagi DATE: Monday 19th October, 2PM ST and 6PM ST Following the retrieval of Archimonde's piece of the crown the Army of the Light has discovered that Prophet Velen has gone missing. Worse than that, they report that it was the Burning Legion who supposedly found the Prophet and are delivering him unto an old familiar of his: Talgath. Make your way to the Prophet before he is lost to us! ------------------------------------------------------------------- TRAVEL NOTES ------------------------------------------------------------------- You can travel to and from Argus using the Army of the Light's beacons. One has been placed on Krasus' Landing in Dalaran, the other can be found on the Vindicaar. While the Vindicaar spawns on Krokuun, Mac'Aree and Antoran Wastes have beacons that will return you to Dalaran, the beacon found in Dalaran will only return you to Krokuul. Teleport Locations: [VindiKrok] / [VindiMac] / [VindiAnto] [KrokulHovel] [ShatteredFields] [Xenedar] [DestinyPoint] [MacAree] [TriumviratesEnd] [ConservatoryoftheArcane]
  13. The Tomb of Sargeras has been finished. Not only does this complete the Broken Shore campaign but it also marks the end of retail-style raid events. However while people have tried their best to scavenge the Tomb for items a fair few of them went unfound or unclaimed. I'll post the list of unclaimed items here: Stormreaver Runes (5 Runes) - 4 Runes Remain. / Taken by Lockjaw (1) When Gul'dan opened the Tomb of Sargeras ages ago he logged his journey through its halls in his own blood. Sparked with new life because of the alternate Gul'dan's arrival on Azeroth, these runes show the warlock's tale to those who read it. At the end of the vision, on the inside of their wrist, an orcish rune is forcefully carved into one's flesh. Each additional rune will be carved for a pentagram formation. At collecting five of these runes, the pentagram is forcefully carved by connecting each rune and a portion of Gul'dan's essence takes over control of your body! While you gain considerable warlock power, you will become Friendly to the Burning Legion and Hostile to the Legion's enemies. When you 'die', the warlock's essence is driven out and you will wake with scars corresponding to the injuries you took. The marked pentagram will remain forever inscribed into your flesh and you keep the memories of the event. Each rune will also haunt you with nightmarish visions periodically, in and out of combat. -Although the runes remain outside of the Tomb of Sargeras, you cannot become possessed by Gul'dan's spirit outside its halls or leave the Tomb while possessed. Each visit following the collection of five runes has a low chance of randomly triggering this effect. (Roll 100, 85+) Heart of Perfection Queen Azshara held many titles. One such refers to her as perfection personified. An elven jeweler, his name lost to time, had made it his life's work to create a sapphire heart to bestow upon his great Queen as a gift. Rumors state that while Azshara was fond of the relic's beauty, she had it placed within the Temple of Elune because it didn't match the style of her eternal palace in Zin-Azshari. Unbeknownst to the Queen, the jeweler had enchanted his work and it kept within its core some of the Queen's perfect radiance. Those who carry it will gain a different effect reflected by their personality. A person of good and selfless nature will look as the perfect image of their race and is able to use the effects of all his spells, abilities and magical items without any cooldown (invulnerable effects not included). This effect lasts five turns can only be used once every two weeks. A person whose heart is selfish, arrogant and ugly will take on the monstrous appearance of a naga. Each spell or attack made will strike themselves for the same amount and magical items will not be usable. This effect is permanent until the person changes, or no longer holds the Heart. Shadow Orb (1-4 Fragments) - Taken by Alvia (2) / Lockjaw (1) Once collected by the Warden Maiev from the Tomb of Sargeras, the Burning Legion had claimed a dark orb from the Vault of the Wardens. Due to the clumsy nature of one of its wyrmtongue the orb was dropped and once more shattered with imps scurrying off to hide the fragments like possessed beagles. Your negative traits become augmented for each fragment you possess however your spells and attacks have a chance to strike with minor shadow damage (Roll 20, 18/16/14/12 based on amount of fragments collected). Each fragment urges you to collect the others as well, by any means necessary. Shadow Orb (5 Fragments/Complete) Collected and put together once more, the Shadow Orb serves as a worthy addition to your arsenal but such power comes at a price. So long as you hold this orb, your personality and thoughts will slowly become even darker and malignant. When two weeks pass with the orb in your possession, your alignment shifts to evil. Melee attacks made will, within a distance of ten yards, create a ranged shadow copy of the attack in case the original strike fails. Spells and abilities will lose their original magical type and will always be treated as a shadow spell. Each succesful spell or attack will also rejuvenate you for a small amount. Once the orb turns its owner to evil allignment, or if the owner is already evil the orb will trick them to create the belief of providing a benefit when it no longer does. All enhancements given by the orb will be taken away. It will, however, cause great growth of the owner's most notable obsession and their form will take on a darker tone. Eye of the Pit The actual eye of an annihilan that once dwelled within the Tomb of Sargeras. Slain by the Warden Maiev and her forces, the Pit Lord's eye has been changed by lingering demons into a trinket of demonic power. By gazing into the eye one can see the pit lord's final moments as he battled the vengeance-obsessed Shadowsong. The Eye's power resonates well with those who resort to demon magic such as warlocks or demon hunters. By focusing the eye, the owner can create the image of a pit lord's head before them and let it release a torrent of demonic fire that sets everything in a frontal cone of fifteen yards far and ten yards at its widest. This effect can only be used once per day. While carrying the Eye of the Pit, the bearer will be marked by the Burning Legion and attract demonic entities. Elunite Nightblade A dagger made from Elunite, truesilver and nightsaber leather inlaid with three amethysts. The handle and crossguard were forged from thorium and wrapped with the nightsaber leather. The amethysts would be socketed on each side of the weapon. The dagger's blade was made from Elunite but something was off about it. Rather than shine with the glory of Elune's radiance, it drew upon the umbral aspect of the Goddess instead. The Moonlance family crest is inscribed at the blade's base on either side. Each strike made with the blade has an average chance (Roll 20, 14+) to also strike your target with a burst of Umbral (Arcane/Shadow) damage. When applying a burst, one of the amethysts will light up ominously. The side-effect of the Nightblade becomes known when three succesful Umbral bursts have happened. If three consecutive bursts occur, both the wielder and the target suffer the combined damage of the three individual bursts. Fragment of Goroth (Unlimited) - Taken by Terin A fragment taken from Goroth that looks and feels exactly like it belongs to one of the Burning Legion's typical siegebreaking infernals. However upon further inspection you can discover that the piece you hold is in fact Annihilan skin that has hardened beyond the point of typical reinforced hide or scales. The torture the Burning Legion inflicted upon Goroth for his failures had mutilated his entire body down to the very core to a level where he no longer represented his original self besides the overal structure of his body, giving him the traits of an Infernal: perpetually on fire and rock-like in appearance.
  14. This, to me, seems like you already made up your mind before anyone even posted. I was never here to persuade you or anyone else, however. How I feel in this entire ordeal isn't really relevant. What is relevant is that the entire post is one side of a coin and people seem to enjoy only wanting to look at one half of that coin. You won't probably believe Data if he decides to post, you definitely won't believe me. You basically immediately jab at both of us and leave no real room for any discussion. Such a post closes the door on the spot and that's that.
  15. The thing is... Data Core keeps being brought up over and over again when he has absolutely nothing to contribute. He's not an admin, he's not a moderator. He's a developer and yes, he owns Paragon. Which is something he can't get away from unless the server's new owner has a credit card necessary for the donations. The misperception that he puppeteers Nathaniel is a bold and unproven accusation. Just like Jordy accusing Data of pulling me ahead because we're RL friends. Despite the fact that the first years we knew each other we didn't exactly met on good terms and Data still tells me clearly enough when and if I'm being an idiot. As for me? I read the whole thing and suffice to say if that's how he feels about the whole situation that's his issue. I don't need to agree with everything he laid out here. Especially since some of it is twisted, wrong or just his own perception. Edit: It's no secret that I can't stand Jordy. I've never exactly hidden it. So most of what I think about the whole matter isn't necessary to be put down in a post.