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  1. The second post in this thread is now dedicated to items people might find across Argus, much like what was done for the Tomb of Sargeras. Items are being worked on near-daily but will only be added to the list after they've been found. This to give people something to do on Argus when no event is happening.
  2. Since we've been getting some curious folk regarding this: Returning from Argus to Azeroth and vice versa is now possible thanks to a beacon installed at Dalaran at Krasus' Landing, as well as on the Vindicaar's lower floor. This will be the primary means of accessing Argus. So worry not, we were never planning on locking your characters on Argus, nor prevent people who missed the first events from being unable to get there. For Argus the three main teleports are: VindiKrok (Takes you to the back room of the Vindicaar above Krokuun) VindiMac (Takes you to the back room of the Vindicaar above Mac'Aree)*!* VindiAnto (Takes you to the back room of the Vindicaar above Antoran Wastes)*!* *!* These are, currently, not yet available ICly. But you can go there to explore OOCly, I guess. Each individual Vindicaar has a beacon that can return you back to Krasus' Landing. However the beacon at Krasus' Landing will return you to the Vindicaar at Krokuun by default. You'll have to use the other teleports mentioned above to return to the other two Vindicaar locations.
  3. How far they are altered is purely up to the players' actions. Depending on what you do or decide, we follow a different road through Argus - one that is either easier or more difficult. I just find it sad that we've had to stress that four individual times throughout this thread all the while this thread was being derailed into a circus-show of shitflinging. As for Antorus: We were never going to do Aggramar or Argus in the first place, it was briefly considered at first but we quickly dropped the idea altogether. Later on we held a community vote on the stories for Argus and Antorus and the majority voted to do Argus but not do Antorus. So that also means that some of the bosses we see in the raid normally will instead be present on the battlefield at the Antoran Wastes. The likes of Imonar the Soulhunter or the Hounds of Sargeras will come around to make life difficult there.
  4. The DM Team, myself and Cagi, and the Moderator Team can see what has been jotted down for Shadows of Argus. I'm not sure who's done it on retail, but I have, and I can tell you that it's not the same from what happens on retail. While, yes, the core of those events remain to ensure that in the end what is supposed to happen happens, it is still player action that determines the conclusion of an event being an actual success. You might achieve a victory but if you screwed up, knowingly or completely unintentionally along the way, you're still going to feel the after-effect of that further down the line. In the same sense the opposite is true: If you go through some of these missions with a near perfect execution you'll notice some of the next events will be significantly easier. The way players handle themselves in these events determines how the next event will play out. The scenario will change and it is supposed to encourage you to think differently. Do you want to overkill on something that became an easier target? Do you want to send out less people? Have you screwed up and do you need to suddenly face two or three more threats at the same time? Just like if you fail to help some of your allies in an event, they might be less inclined to trust you and help you. Honestly, the idea on the Legion ship... I'm not sure what to read anymore. First you wanted to preserve its core, then you wanted to shipjack it and send it crashing into Argus with no real target - claiming your demons would give you the answers on vital places. Now it would be a way in. While I do agree that using the Burning Steppes as a stepping stone for Argus is a good idea, I'm fine with either way of starting things off. On the artifact holders, since I saw them mentioned, you're probably only going to see like... five. Lady Liadrin, Aethas Sunreaver, High Priestess Ishanah, Kor'vas Bloodthorn and Jace Darkweaver. I'm writing this with little time on hand so I didn't really go and check if there were other candidates on this part.
  5. ------------------------------------------------------------------- LOOT & TREASURES ------------------------------------------------------------------- Inspired by people taking to occupy themselves with the item hunting in the Tomb of Sargeras, I've been seeking to continue that idea. Going out into Argus and facing uncommonly strong opponents or digging into the ruins of a broken world will be your primary means of acquiring items or loot. These items could be useful but, as is with any hunt for loot, they could also simply suck. While I'm not going to give you the list of what you can find - all items that are picked up or found will be posted here, even if they aren't the cool items that might tickle your pickle.
  6. "We will take this war to the Legion's worlds... and prey upon them!" -Illidan Stormrage Following the recent events upon the Broken Shore Illidan Stormrage used the Sargerite Keystone to return those who faced the Deceiver upon his very own ship in the Nether back to Azeroth before his homeworld would become their grave. This created a link between Azeroth and the fallen planet Argus, bringing the Burning Legion closer than ever to Azeroth. Unbeknownst to all but those who plan to journey to Argus the link will serve as a distraction for the demons. Yes, it will allow them easier entrance into Azeroth, but it will also keep their attention away from defending their homeworld in the process. With the help of a new vessel, the Vindicaar, those who volunteer on what might be a one way journey for some will try to meet with the Army of the Light and if fate wills it two of the most fabled Alliance champions: Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner. ------------------------------------------------------------------- OUR THOUGHTS FOR ARGUS ------------------------------------------------------------------- It's been a long, strange trip but Paragon has finally made it to the ending of the Legion storyline, the last juice we can squeeze out of this demon-infested expansion after which we can get ourselves a good breather from most things demonic and fel-related. With that in mind we have been looking at some different ways of tackling Argus and Cagi has brought forth an idea that looks like it can deliver well at what we hope to achieve for this content. Originally we had thought about doing the same as we did with the Broken Shore. The issue we ran into here is that Argus is a lot more linear than the Broken Shore was and does not offer the same options. There was also the fact that the Broken Shore, because of how it was run, was dragged out way more than it should've been which led to a decline in interest or overal activity on this end. That combined with the reputation system were a nice change of pace but ultimately not what we were looking for with Argus. To give you a bit of a head's up we will be dividing Argus into altered versions of the original storyline. If you've played through the Argus storyline on retail you'll probably raise your brows at some of the things we've got planned but ultimately if you can set that thought aside you'll find that the core of that storyline is still maintained. There will be about 14 main events that focus on the linear story, divided over all three maps of Argus. Some of these events have a side mission or objective which makes future events easier or more difficult. While we won't tell you what those are, it's up to the group to determine how to proceed, they will determine if an event was a proper success or a shallow victory at best. I'm going to be personally looking at doing something similar like what was done with the Tomb of Sargeras in the form of fun items, materials or useful relics that people can hunt down on the surface of Krokuun, Mac'Aree and maybe even the Antoran Wastes. This is not a guaranteed thing yet but I'm working on some ideas. Just keep your eyes open, I suppose. ------------------------------------------------------------------- THE EVENTS ------------------------------------------------------------------- Event 1: Alone in the Abyss DM: Cagi DATE: Friday 11th September, 2PM ST and 6pm ST Azeroth's forces gather at the Exodar, to set forth in the newly-built Vindicaar. Led by the Prophet Velen you'll venture into Krokuun where your forces are under assault by the Burning Legion's forces. Your role is to ensure the safety of your only way back home and secure a landing site for your own forces. Event 2: Light Gathering DM: Cagi DATE: Sunday 13th September, 2PM ST and 6pm ST After you met the Broken of Argus you've found yourself a resilient ally against the Burning Legion. Together with High Exarch Turalyon a plan has been set in motion to reach the Xenedar and its precious cargo for without it the campaign on Argus may be doomed to fail before it even begins. ------------------------------------------------------------------- TRAVEL NOTES ------------------------------------------------------------------- You can travel to and from Argus using the Army of the Light's beacons. One has been placed on Krasus' Landing in Dalaran, the other can be found on the Vindicaar. While the Vindicaar spawns on Krokuun, Mac'Aree and Antoran Wastes have beacons that will return you to Dalaran, the beacon found in Dalaran will only return you to Krokuul. Teleport Locations: [VindiKrok] / [VindiMac] / [VindiAnto] [KrokulHovel] [ShatteredFields] [Xenedar]
  7. The evening Local Report of the day reads as follows: ... DUKE JOHN GATES ASSAULTED! A Resurgence of the Twilight's Hammer Cult!? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The roads throughout the Kingdom are not always as safe as the Crown wants them to be. Proof of that can primarily be found in Duskwood where lone travel is ill-advised. Even seasoned groups of adventurers find themselves beset by conflict, truly a testament to Duskwood's dark past, present and future? Following a meeting with one of his suppliers in Stormwind, Duke John Gates left the capital city in order to return to his stead in Duskwood. Joining him as his escort were several seasoned soldiers of Stormwind and a cleric of the Church. Urging them that he wished to be home as fast as possible the Duke and his envoy rode in the middle of the night through the dark forest where they were ambushed by unseen attackers. According to our reliable sources the Duke's steed was killed alongside two of the soldiers escorting him. A second attack resulted in the Duke's apparent demise at the hand of the Twilight's Hammer. While the tending cleric was trying to bring him back to the living world the cultists that bore attires of the Twilight's Hammer made their move to kill the whole party and leave no witnesses of it behind. A plan that was thwarted by the timely arrival of several individuals that, for some reason, were conveniently in the area. They ensured the safety of those who still drew breath. In the process the Duke was declared dead by the Cleric who couldn't bring him back until a blind monk spent a great deal of his own lifeforce in order to save the life of our fallen Noble. A missive has been retrieved from one of the Twilight's Hammer's corpses and the one captive that has been brought in continued to speak gibberish and plots that made little sense. When Stormwind officials made it to the scene of the attack the entire area was swept clean, bodies removed - even those of our own, not even the bloodstains remain. The increasing activity of the Twilight's Hammer continues to cause discord within upper echelons of Stormwind's as it places yet another threat onto the map to keep into account while the demonic agents of the Legion are pressing from the Burning Steppes. His Majesty has not yet given feedback on these dark events but the rejuvenated Duke Gates has assured he is well. More news as the case develops. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  8. Saopha donates the coin back to Stormwind.
  9. "Sometimes the hand of Fate... must be forced." Archmage Khadgar returned from distant Azsuna to his quarters in Dalaran. Tired beyond compare, exhausted and strangely enough with a somber outlook on his visage. Seating himself within his chair at his desk the old, usually aloof magus reached for his journal with the enchanted quill tucked inside, and began to write. "When this war began we had no idea what turn of events would occur to us. The skeleton of our plan was there, of course, but if someone told me Argus would appear before our own eyes I would've told them to see the comedy show in Shattrath City. And yet the truth is undeniable: The truth... it isn't just Argus being within our reach, to access and make landfall upon. No... the truth is that we closed one portal only to tear open a new one. A bigger portal that allows the entire Legion's host to invade our world." "Our efforts in the Tomb of Sargeras were a success but not without struggle. We've faced some of the mightiest generals Kil'jaeden had at his command and Azeroth's heroes have brought them low. The lost Temple's very own former residents, while content in their own absent states, had few who were brought under the demons' thrall as well. My heart goes out to those who never had the chance to truly pass on..." The old mage leaned back, pausing in his writing for a moment. He recalled the entirety of the Tomb's events. "We could not have succeeded within the Tomb's depths without the daring heroes that conveniently show up every time we need them." "'Heroes'..." Khadgar scoffed a little at the word. In his thoughts he would recall each individual person that has entered the towering cathedral of Eternal Night or ventured the spirit-filled depths of the Tomb itself. Perhaps it was his own cynical nature that took over, perhaps he knew deep down that not everybody was as good as they played themselves off to be. "Did everybody truly help out at the Broken Shore and in the Tomb because they felt the need to purge wickedness, to bring down the Burning Legion and save Azeroth? ...No, of course not. For every genuine champion rises another driven by greed and selfishness." The Archmage inhaled deeply before letting out an exhausted sigh. "We can only hope that those who are not as righteous see the severity of the overhanging threat and don't take advantage of the panic this is causing." "Sometimes the hand of Fate must be forced." "These were the words spoken by Illidan when I demanded an explanation for his actions. Cryptic as ever the demon hunter wasn't revealing much of his intentions. Was it a mistake to trust him or is this truly the crossroads between fate and our own determination to survive? The words haunt me even now, they will for many days more. Reports are coming in from across the world, of demonic attacks threatening entire regions. Is this the fate you foresaw, Illidan?" Once more dwelling off into the recesses of his own mind, Khadgar recalled the events at Karazhan. How the Burning Legion nearly managed to use the tower as their new foothold. He recalled his time spent there as a mere apprentice, his mentor. "Medivh... if only you could've been with us there. You would know what to do." "It may be simpler to shut a door than to pass through it. But sometimes a step into the unknown is required to break the bonds of fate." Realization dawned upon Khadgar. He snapped back into action and resumed to write in his journal. "Of course! I get it now. Oh, Medivh, your wisdom helps us even to this very day. Illidan's actions, they all make sense now! Closing the door to Argus was the easy solution but to prevail... we truly have to step into the abyss. To shatter this corrupt cycle of war with the Burning Legion. We aren't supposed to merely force the hand of fate... we must break it. Still... how would we get to Argus? Teleportation would be a momentous task even if we combined all the magi on Azeroth and we wouldn't be able to funnel whole armies..." For a fleeting moment the Archmage was about to learn back, admitting the end of his own wisdom but then he remembered the draenei and the Naaru. They came from Argus through dimensional vessels. He remembered that in the past the draenei were trying to repair the Exodar and leave Azeroth. He rose up from his seat and called forth his trusted servant. "Yes?" "You are to deliver this message to the Prophet Velen at once: In order to reach Argus we need the Exodar. We need it to transport our armies to Argus and defy the bonds of fate." The Servant of Khadgar was recording the Archmage's message until he stopped speaking. With a slow but submissive nod the creature faded away in a flash of bright, blue light. Where once it stood residual energies of arcane nature could still be felt. "At last we will show the Legion that we will not just wait for their next attack. We will take our fight to their doorstep..." ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ A long overdue gossip regarding the latest chapter on Paragon. While the gap between the Nighthold and the Tomb of Sargeras was a big one and our road leading us through the Broken Shore and Tomb of Sargeras was one that took longer than anticipated we made it through, ready for future events and stories - part of which will be on the Legion's world of Argus. First and foremost I'm thanking @Cagi for setting up the Broken Shore in such a way that it wasn't linear storytelling and giving it a unique feel, different from how it was played out on retail. Secondly, @Sage @nuggiemancer @Warlord Grinch @Link @King of the Mushan for helping to host the various encounters within both the Cathedral of Eternal Night and the Tomb of Sargeras. Without their help this wouldn't have gone as smoothly as it did. In that same line of thought @Razmataz for lending a hand with some of the more technical aspects of the instance such as the elevator and the chamber of the Avatar. Naturally without participants none of this would've happened in the first place so like with the Nighthold I would also like to thank the playerbase for participating in these events, whatever reason you may've had for it. The Broken Shore and Tomb of Sargeras yielded results in more than one way for us to utilize in order to provide a better experience for everybody on this server. And since apparently me summoning people out from Kil'jaeden's area cut the cinematic short:
  10. The Tomb of Sargeras has been finished. Not only does this complete the Broken Shore campaign but it also marks the end of retail-style raid events. However while people have tried their best to scavenge the Tomb for items a fair few of them went unfound or unclaimed. I'll post the list of unclaimed items here: Stormreaver Runes (5 Runes) - 4 Runes Remain. / Taken by Lockjaw (1) When Gul'dan opened the Tomb of Sargeras ages ago he logged his journey through its halls in his own blood. Sparked with new life because of the alternate Gul'dan's arrival on Azeroth, these runes show the warlock's tale to those who read it. At the end of the vision, on the inside of their wrist, an orcish rune is forcefully carved into one's flesh. Each additional rune will be carved for a pentagram formation. At collecting five of these runes, the pentagram is forcefully carved by connecting each rune and a portion of Gul'dan's essence takes over control of your body! While you gain considerable warlock power, you will become Friendly to the Burning Legion and Hostile to the Legion's enemies. When you 'die', the warlock's essence is driven out and you will wake with scars corresponding to the injuries you took. The marked pentagram will remain forever inscribed into your flesh and you keep the memories of the event. Each rune will also haunt you with nightmarish visions periodically, in and out of combat. -Although the runes remain outside of the Tomb of Sargeras, you cannot become possessed by Gul'dan's spirit outside its halls or leave the Tomb while possessed. Each visit following the collection of five runes has a low chance of randomly triggering this effect. (Roll 100, 85+) Heart of Perfection Queen Azshara held many titles. One such refers to her as perfection personified. An elven jeweler, his name lost to time, had made it his life's work to create a sapphire heart to bestow upon his great Queen as a gift. Rumors state that while Azshara was fond of the relic's beauty, she had it placed within the Temple of Elune because it didn't match the style of her eternal palace in Zin-Azshari. Unbeknownst to the Queen, the jeweler had enchanted his work and it kept within its core some of the Queen's perfect radiance. Those who carry it will gain a different effect reflected by their personality. A person of good and selfless nature will look as the perfect image of their race and is able to use the effects of all his spells, abilities and magical items without any cooldown (invulnerable effects not included). This effect lasts five turns can only be used once every two weeks. A person whose heart is selfish, arrogant and ugly will take on the monstrous appearance of a naga. Each spell or attack made will strike themselves for the same amount and magical items will not be usable. This effect is permanent until the person changes, or no longer holds the Heart. Shadow Orb (1-4 Fragments) - Taken by Alvia (2) / Lockjaw (1) Once collected by the Warden Maiev from the Tomb of Sargeras, the Burning Legion had claimed a dark orb from the Vault of the Wardens. Due to the clumsy nature of one of its wyrmtongue the orb was dropped and once more shattered with imps scurrying off to hide the fragments like possessed beagles. Your negative traits become augmented for each fragment you possess however your spells and attacks have a chance to strike with minor shadow damage (Roll 20, 18/16/14/12 based on amount of fragments collected). Each fragment urges you to collect the others as well, by any means necessary. Shadow Orb (5 Fragments/Complete) Collected and put together once more, the Shadow Orb serves as a worthy addition to your arsenal but such power comes at a price. So long as you hold this orb, your personality and thoughts will slowly become even darker and malignant. When two weeks pass with the orb in your possession, your alignment shifts to evil. Melee attacks made will, within a distance of ten yards, create a ranged shadow copy of the attack in case the original strike fails. Spells and abilities will lose their original magical type and will always be treated as a shadow spell. Each succesful spell or attack will also rejuvenate you for a small amount. Once the orb turns its owner to evil allignment, or if the owner is already evil the orb will trick them to create the belief of providing a benefit when it no longer does. All enhancements given by the orb will be taken away. It will, however, cause great growth of the owner's most notable obsession and their form will take on a darker tone. Eye of the Pit The actual eye of an annihilan that once dwelled within the Tomb of Sargeras. Slain by the Warden Maiev and her forces, the Pit Lord's eye has been changed by lingering demons into a trinket of demonic power. By gazing into the eye one can see the pit lord's final moments as he battled the vengeance-obsessed Shadowsong. The Eye's power resonates well with those who resort to demon magic such as warlocks or demon hunters. By focusing the eye, the owner can create the image of a pit lord's head before them and let it release a torrent of demonic fire that sets everything in a frontal cone of fifteen yards far and ten yards at its widest. This effect can only be used once per day. While carrying the Eye of the Pit, the bearer will be marked by the Burning Legion and attract demonic entities. Elunite Nightblade A dagger made from Elunite, truesilver and nightsaber leather inlaid with three amethysts. The handle and crossguard were forged from thorium and wrapped with the nightsaber leather. The amethysts would be socketed on each side of the weapon. The dagger's blade was made from Elunite but something was off about it. Rather than shine with the glory of Elune's radiance, it drew upon the umbral aspect of the Goddess instead. The Moonlance family crest is inscribed at the blade's base on either side. Each strike made with the blade has an average chance (Roll 20, 14+) to also strike your target with a burst of Umbral (Arcane/Shadow) damage. When applying a burst, one of the amethysts will light up ominously. The side-effect of the Nightblade becomes known when three succesful Umbral bursts have happened. If three consecutive bursts occur, both the wielder and the target suffer the combined damage of the three individual bursts. Fragment of Goroth (Unlimited) - Taken by Terin A fragment taken from Goroth that looks and feels exactly like it belongs to one of the Burning Legion's typical siegebreaking infernals. However upon further inspection you can discover that the piece you hold is in fact Annihilan skin that has hardened beyond the point of typical reinforced hide or scales. The torture the Burning Legion inflicted upon Goroth for his failures had mutilated his entire body down to the very core to a level where he no longer represented his original self besides the overal structure of his body, giving him the traits of an Infernal: perpetually on fire and rock-like in appearance.
  11. Item Description: Honor Guard Za'rassj's Trident Item Condition: The trident has, despite its long time spent in the watered basement of the Tomb of Sargeras, remained in nearly pristine condition without becoming worn off or losing quality. Nearly pristine comes from the fact that the trident's fork and length has several striking marks where it has connected with another bladed weapon. Special Properties: The trident is made out of osmenite, a metal whose name, properties and exact origins are unknown to the surface world of Azeroth. In fact, many blacksmiths around the globe haven't even heard of the metal - let alone worked with it. Because the trident comes from the naga however one can deduce that whatever materials went into its creation come from the empire of Nazjatar. Despite not knowing what the metal's properties are it is quite likely that it prevents the negative effects of prolonged exposure to water. Electricity coils around the weapon's fork perpetually, though seems not to harm the wielder even when in watery or soaked environments. Each day the wielder can call down three singular lightning bolts of moderate power by raising the trident skyward. Alternatively, a singular forked lightning can be released by aiming the trident at a target or object. Original item description: Starting Bid Price: 10 Buyout Price: 20 gold Shady or Not: No. This item will be sold on the regular Kingsbay Auction House.
  12. Bounty is now active in: All Steamwheedle Cartel establishments All Alliance/Horde capital cities. Small towns on Eastern Kingdoms. Small towns on Kalimdor. Small towns on Northrend
  13. Bounty is now active in: All Steamwheedle Cartel establishments All Alliance/Horde capital cities. Small towns on Eastern Kingdoms. Small towns on Kalimdor.
  14. The Tomb of Sargeras Over eight hundred years ago the might of Sargeras descended upon Azeroth in the form of the Dark Titan's very own Avatar. Battling for supremacy with the Guardian of Tirisfal, Magna Aegwynn, the Dark Titan's colossal shell was defeated at the very roof of the world. Using the sacred and abandoned Temple of Elune Aegwynn locked the Avatar of Sargeras away, hoping that within Azeroth's earthen depths the titan's husk would remain dormant. In more recent times the allure of power has uncovered the renamed Tomb of Sargeras from the seas and Aegwynn's wards have been torn down by the warlock Gul'dan, opening a doorway for the Burning Legion to invade Azeroth. With the Legion on the brink of another defeat they seek to command the Titan's power to usher in their victory. Venture into the Tomb of Sargeras, battling your way through the dark opposition you'll find within. Opposition ranging from some of the most vicious remaining demons on Azeroth to the sinister naga that have snuck their way into the watery depths of the Tomb. Among some of its defenders are spirits of a time long gone and more recent ventures either by being forced into service by the Legion or tormented by their untimely ends. WARNING All of the creatures you find in the Tomb of Sargeras are designed to kill your character. The DM Team, despite having a license to kill, is still obligated to give everybody a fair treatment when hosting their events. That does not mean you're safe from harm - if you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes and the DMs can only give you so many chances before there is simply no way out. The Tomb of Sargeras will have three distinct forms of character development, unlike other raid instances done in the past. This is primarily due to how the instance has been built in a similar fashion to Karazhan. Bosses - As expected with Paragon's way of handling dungeons and raids, the DM Team will be spending time and effort on organizing the boss encounters for the Tomb of Sargeras. Each boss will be listed below, with the corresponding DM able to input the time and date, as well as list the participants. The Tomb of Sargeras has nine boss encounters that will, hopefully, be a challenge for your characters to overcome. Reputation - Like with the Broken Shore Campaign and Cathedral of Eternal Night the Tomb of Sargeras will feature the Reputation system that has been put to use for the aforementioned content. That means that each boss encounter will present you with 1 reputation point. The Fallen Avatar and Kil'jaeden will reward 2 reputation points, each. Exploration - While there are diverging pathways, lots of hallways and chambers in the Tomb, the DM Team will still try to guide you on a fairly linear path to the bosses, or drop you as close to the boss as realistically possible whenever they start their respective events. During downtime, either after a boss fight or in between events in case of some downtime, there will be a possibility to explore parts of the Tomb. I will provide the DM Team with the necessary information of what might be lurking... or stashed away. Like the Cathedral of Eternal Night, the Tomb of Sargeras will feature no loot in the same way you're used to from previous dungeons or raid instances. While we don't want to disencourage people from advancing their character's equipment we're stepping away from what is, essentially, spoonfeeding rewards and great items with minimal effort. How do you get loot then? Very simple. Scavenge parts from a lurking creature or a boss (within reason, I still decide whether or not it's okay). Plunder the Tomb's halls for relics of the past (this will primarily be done during the Exploration). Gain rewards by getting your character's reputation up (these are outlined on the Broken Shore Campaign page). Goroth the Blighted As punishment for past failures Goroth's flesh is marred with searing wounds. With every movement this behemoth makes, his flesh crackles and hisses with unending torment, a scourge he is happy to inflict upon those who oppose him. DM: King of the Mushan Date: Saturday, July 11th Time: 3PM ST Participants: Akarian, Alvia, Dalton, Elenore, Elyon, Karn, Lyonia, Navasi, Telrathan, Terin, Vaiallia Demonic Inquisition Anticipating the arrival of mortal forces invading the Tomb of Sargeras, Kil'jaeden has called on his best captors, Atrigan and Belac, to lock down the interlopers and prevent them from using the Pillars to advance deeper into the dungeon. DM: Nuggie & Grinch Date: Saturday, July 18th Time: 2PM ST Participants: Akarian, Akirie, Alvia, Dalton, Sayek, Tayu, Telrathan, Thaeline, Zaethas Harjatan Harjatan was trained from birth to demolish his enemies. Through a conquest of savage brutality, he gathered throngs of cave dwelling murlocs who see him as a god. Now, the naga brute merely has to bark a command and hordes of devout followers set themselves to task. DM: Nuggie Date: Monday, July 20th Time: 3PM ST Participants: Tayu, Navasi, Miruna, Lockewood, Dalton, Alvia, Elenore, Telrathan, Seabreeze, Azumak, Karn, Baltux Mistress Sassz'ine Mistress Sassz'ine has spent a lifetime binding the denizens of the ocean to her dark will. With this power, she summons nightmares from the briny depths to wash away any who dare challenge her. DM: Sage Date: Saturday, July 25th Time: 1PM ST Participants: Alvia, Elenore, Elyon, Karn, Lyonia, Mina, Ordmar, Senn, Tayu, Telrathan, Thaeline Sisters of the Moon The Sisters of the Moon served as wardens for the temple long before the avatar of Sargeras was buried beneath it. Even in death, the sisters maintained their vigil, but over the millennia something twisted their ability to distinguish friend from foe. Their madness slowly consumed them, and now any who enter their sacred chambers are put to death. DM: Sage Date: Sunday, July 12 Time: 3PM ST Participants: Karn, Urdren, Elenore, Tayu, Azumak, Telrathan, Akarian, Lyonia, Alvia, Horadin, Sinari, Akirie, Zaethas, Lockjaw, Navasi, and Cerrin The Desolate Host Once, this was a sacred burial site for the Night Elves, but the Legion has twisted these grounds with the Engine of Souls. This foul machine draws upon the energy of the dead, twisting them into abominations. Due to this corruption, these tormented spirits have become monstrosities, looking to feed on any who descend into the tomb's depths. DM: Sage Date: Monday, July 13 Time: 3PM ST Participants: Elenore, Tayu, Lockjaw, Urdren, Azumak, Akarian, Karn, Telrathan, Alvia, Lyonia, Baltux, Navasi Maiden of Vigilance Charged by Aegwynn to defend the Tomb of Sargeras, the Maiden of Vigilance has stood watch for hundreds of years. Yet, the guardian did not forsee what effect the avatar's seeping fel energy would have on this titan construct. Slowly warped by this maleficence, the Maiden now seeks to destroy any in her path. DM: Sage Date: Saturday, July 25th Time: 3PM ST Participants: Alvia, Elyon, Karn, Lyonia, Mina, Ordmar, Senn, Tayu, Telrathan, Thaeline Fallen Avatar When Aegwynn defeated the Avatar of Sargeras, she was unable to destroy his avatar. In an effort to seal it away, the armor was entombed beneath the Temple of Elune, where it remained dormant for hundreds of years. Now, with the Legion tearing down the tomb's barriers, Kil'jaeden is in a position to reanimate the armor and unleash its power on Azeroth. DM: Cydra/Tass Date: Saturday, August 1st Time: 3.30PM ST Participants: Akarian, Alvia, Baltux, Dalton, Telrathan, Ordmar, Tayu, Bevin, Alderic, Karn, Naerios, Urdren, Neela, Sinari, Sayek, Vaiallia Kil'jaeden the Deceiver Since striking the bargain that chased the draenei into the stars, Kil'jaeden believed the Legion could not be stopped. Yet, none of his deceptions have prevented you from reaching this critical moment. Infuriated that Sargeras' promise of victory has never come to pass, the demon lord prepares to face you himself, for a final battle that will shape Azeroth's destiny forever. DM: Cydra/Tass Date: Saturday, August 1st Time: 3.30PM ST (After Fallen Avatar) Participants: Akarian, Alvia, Dalton, Telrathan, Ordmar, Tayu, Bevin, Alderic, Karn, Naerios, Urdren, Neela, Sinari, Vaiallia, Azumak, Raven, Mirana