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  1. An addition has been made to the Suramar thread in regards to Shal'Aran and it's location/secrecy, as well as a bit of tid-bit info regarding playing Felborne or becoming one. You can find that at the top of this thread, within the first post. In other news, while Withered still prowl the area outside Shal'Aran such as Meredil, their numbers are more present around the borders of Meredil rather than immediately in the town itself. This makes Meredil a safe(r) place to hang out rather than being stuck inside the dusty sanctum of Shal'Aran. Do not take this accessability as the luxury to spawn more NPCs and tents. The idea is still to be subtle regarding Shal'Aran's presence.
  2. The Event Request forums is here so that you can request for a DM to run an event. This can be a particular part of your character's story-line or just something you'd like to see happen that's more public. You don't need to have planned out the event in full, even something along the lines of wanting to adventure to a dangerous zone with some companions but the more specific you are the easier it is to have a DM have an idea of what you're after. If you have an event idea and would like to run it yourself, you should PM your idea to an Event manager for potential temporary command access, not post here. The basic format is as follows; Once a DM has been found to run your event you can discuss a time best suited to run it and your thread can be tagged as [Assigned]. If your request has been open for more than 1 week without any DM interest, please contact a Event Manager. If you have any further questions about the format of Event Requests, direct them to an Event Manager, thank you. Your request will only be visible to the DMs, staff and yourself.
  3. Done, completed. Moving away.
  4. The first event has been completed. Shal'aran is now accessible for roleplay. At the moment the only resident is the First Arcanist herself but the plan is to gather allies and find more who may need refuge.
  5. Yesterday the tension in Westfall heightened as the forces of the Alliance prepared for retaliation upon the dreaded Lich, Fashkor, whom had taken control over Montarville after laying siege to it with his undead army. Sentinel Hill was where noble heroes, loyal soldiers or greedy mercenaries got themselves buckled up for battle. From there they marched alongside one another towards the razed province, willing to fight the undead out of the goodness of their hearts... or because of the potential to line their pockets. The battle started soon enough when the Alliance forces advanced upon the undead-occupied city in turn besieged by fetid and foul artillery. A shell of its former glory House Stahlbrad's risen troops supported a line of skeletal warriors and unholy soldiers with cannonfire, seeking to slow down the army that was coming down upon them with a burning need to dispense righteous justice upon the wicked and put the fallen once more to rest. True enough their efforts succeeded, making use of the battlements and towers to keep themselves with the upper hand. While the infantry and cavalry were slowed in their advance by the artillery of the undead forces magi and infiltrators managed to make their way inside of Montarville and began to dismantle the cannons and siege weapons the undead held or used them against the troops in the courtyard. Forced to engage in battle with an ebon knight that was enthralled by the undead fiend controlling the earl's domain, the spellcasters used defensive magics to keep the knight at bay. With the death knight occupied in battle and the artillery stalled the ground forces of the Alliance could advance to return the favor. Simultaneously a wing of gryphon riders flew overhead, duking it out in the skies with dark gargoyles, stone terrors with bat-like features, seeking to gain control over aerial territory. While ground forces, supported by an army of steel golems as well as two siege tanks, breached the openings in Montarville's walls, the skies were blotted out by a pair of dragons. Brilliant azure and glimmering golden scales shone over the battlefield in the sunlight as two large beacons... two large targets, hanging over the human domain as they sought to decimate the undead ranks in whatever way they saw possible and scaring those people not used to seeing large beasts in person. Ground, skies... battle was happening all over the place. Still what was likely the most important factor has yet to be given the just credits. Seafarers that operated alongside the Alliance laid siege to Montarville's undead-controlled port, engaging Fashkor directly. The Lich did what he could to hold these futile pests in place by working on decimating the ships they used to attack his position. Magic was being thrown around alongside barraging cannonfire, large spikes of ice seeking to destroy the vessels used for the battle. It was because of this assault that the ground troops had the momentum needed to press onward into Montarville in the first place. In a matter of moments, they may've seemed like an eternity compared to how much time truly passed, Montarville's courtyard was filled with ghouls, golems and soldiers - neither side willing to surrender ground while seeking to gain more. The Light was with those who sought to attack from the side of Montarville, allowing its champions to press on against the undead masses and flank Fashkor's forces. By the time they managed to gain entry on this side the residents of the attacking vessels were forced to make way to land, fighting for their lives against the unholy ranks. Fashkor's personal vessel had also been teleported up into the skies, dropping down more of its shocktroopers down upon Westfall's soil. Some of these warriors met their end due to the cavalry forces under the earl's control while others were forcefully pulled to the ominous 'Other Side', a Zandalari that was part of the seafaring crew praying to Bwonsamdi. The Loa of Graves answered and made a brief appearance to take what belonged to him. For the delivered gift he bestowed upon the crew a temporary boon to assist them in battle. Fashkor's ship was, due to one of the dragon's intervention, forced to plummet into the ground - a narrow influx of teleportation magic hurled any would be victims of this away throughout the earl's domain. The battle reached its climax when the Lich himself appeared near the side opening, engaging in battle by raising those who had already fallen. A plan that would've succeeded were it not for a repaired siege engine, the power of the Light and the Alliance's cavalry, rendering the risen forces to dust or debris. When the masses fell many of the forces converged upon the Lich's position and sought to bring an end to him. His trump card, an unholy giant, was brought low and banished while swift retribution was exacted upon the 'physical' form of the wicked soul that may've once been a good man. The battle had ended with his temporary demise, though he swore to one day return. In the aftermath people worked, still, to pile up the dead and burn the remains... to remove wreckage and save people underneath. By the time most of the people had vacated or took off to get some rest his royal highness, King Anduin Wrynn, arrived to offer his condolences and support with the Light to Montarville. The King stayed for several hours before returning to Stormwind Keep and while his presence was a sight for sore eyes one can only wonder if he could've been of more use if he had been present earlier. Now the time has come for Montarville to rebuild and to let the rain wash away the blood and gore of the fallen.
  6. Suramar, the Empire's Jewel Long ago the region of Suramar was a prosperous and beautiful land marked with various night elven settlements. At the heart of this land was the enchanted city that held the same name as the region it was built upon. Ever since the War of the Ancients the people of Suramar have lived in seclusion, protected by a powerful barrier for thousands of years. The Burning Legion returned to Azeroth with a vengeance and brought before the leaders of Suramar an ultimatum: Relinquish the resources of Suramar in exchange for survival... a bargain accepted by Grand Magistrix Elisande who once stood in defiance of this same demonic force. Now the people of Suramar are forced to choose: Serve the Burning Legion or face certain death. It is up to those who fight for Azeroth to assist the Nightborne who resist Elisande's decision and fight for more than just their city. This is the Suramar zone's event hub. Suramar has... quite a lot of storylines to explore, ranging from the Moonguard that were obliterated, to bringing forth the Arcan'dor as well as dealing with naga on the shores. Traversing through Suramar will require a certain level of subtlety, for the Nightborne loyal to their Grand Magistrix traverse the realm in search of those who fled the city or sought to rebel against the laws and they won't hesitate to slaughter those who oppose the Burning Legion. The region also has other threats in the shape of Withered that seek sources of energy to feed upon and marauding agents of the Legion in Felsoul Hold. Events focused in the city will usually be designed around smaller groups ranging from 3 to 5 players. Due to the smaller group sizes those who participated in an event are the ones that set the stage for the next. Each event will also prioritize new players (note: players, not characters) so everybody can get in on the action and enjoy parts of the storyline. This means you WILL be expected to sit some events out. In short the priority list for invites is as follows: First Time Joiner > Recurring Character > Recurring Player Nightborne players who seek to rebel will need to understand that this second attempt at a rebellion isn't in full blown swing yet. While some characters are stupid or reckless, it's ill-advised to rush into denouncing the Grand Magistrix and side with Thalyssra unless you want to face the consequences thereof. In light of recent happenings: Shal'Aran Shal'Aran is a hidden location. That goes without saying. The Burning Legion and the Nightborne serving Elisande do not know where Shal'Aran is located. The reason for that is that next to Shal'Aran are ruins: Meredil. This ruined settlement is, for all intents and purposes, infested by Withered. As a result neither the Nightborne or their demon masters consider it time well-spent to go near this area. The location of Shal'Aran is close to being discovered in the Suramar Insurrection storyline however it never ends up being found by the enemy. As such I expect people to be reasonable enough not to try and tempt their luck to figure this out ICly. The First Arcanist isn't going to be found by the enemy but that doesn't mean you're not allowed to attempt to search Suramar to find her. The reasoning used here is that nobody in their right mind would try to settle down in a 'cave' that is potentially infested by Withered or where the outskirts are occupied by them. Felborne Felborne are playable and ultimately loyal to the Burning Legion. Nightborne can become Felborne through various means however way back in the elite areas of the city and the Nighthold, Felborne are made by having Doomguard breathe demonic energies upon them. Nightfallen can also become Felborne which not only returns their original body (albeit demon corrupted) but also gives them a burning need to consume souls as a side effect. There is no specific requirement of power for this, but know that the only one we see actively turn from Nightfallen to Felborne required a ritual to tap into the power reserves of a Legion Command Center. Odds are your average demon doesn't have this power just at the command of their fingertips. People are expected to keep the corruption of fel energy in mind when playing a Felborne, as well as the lore of the Nightborne/Nightfallen in regards to becoming Felborne in the first place. ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ 1. Nightfall - Wednesday 10/7, 1.30PM ST Khadgar has made an unusual discovery, one that he wishes to share with you and the Council of Six. Join him in Dalaran and find out what he has to tell you. Participants: Akarian, Azumak, Emeline, Ethallour, Rhiz'ga Khadgar has summoned a small group of relatively reliable people to the Violet Citadel regarding a magical message that he has found. After decrypting the message the gathered people ventured to the ancient land of Suramar in order to find First Arcanist Thalyssra, once a high figure within Nightborne society. Along the way they found that the Nightborne were also after the rogue arcanist to ensure her demise. Using a wand given by Khadgar they waded through Suramar, close to the city's boundaries, and dealt with Nightborne and their Withered counterparts until they found Thalyssra. Despite being wounded Thalyssra, for the most part, managed to keep her new allies safe but was not without needing help herself. They found refuge in an abandoned sanctum from which Thalyssra now seeks to operate to restart her rebellion against the Grand Magistrix and gather allies to do so. 2. Arcanist Kel'Danath - Thursday 18/7, 2.00PM ST An old friend of Thalyssra, Arcanist Kel'danath, was exiled for his Withered research going wrong. Perhaps he can be a valuable ally in the battles ahead. Participants: Alvia, Falgrim, Martellus, Misha, Mhairi, Zyranni The First Arcanist was still worried for her old friend, Arcanist Kel'Danath. A group of people present at Shal'Aran were requested to head into Ambervale and find one whose research could prove most beneficial to the efforts in Suramar. They set out, wandering through the untamed lands of Suramar to locate this missing arcanist. Along the way they, of course, fought through Withered while collecting various notes of the Arcanist - describing his research, his progress. While they encountered various mana crystals and chunks to take, doing so would've most likely resulted in less favourable results. As they found more of the Arcanist's notes they discovered that he met some success and even had a breakthrough with one subject. Still, there was no sign of him. Pressing on to Koralune Manor they stumbled upon ettin fighting the Withered and used the distraction to make way for the largest building. Here they found the remainder of Arcanist Kel'Danath's notes... and the withered form of the man himself. After a brief battle they were forced to put the man down, he was not fond of trying to reason - nor did he get the chance to as he was brutalized into death. Not a merciful one but a lasting peace on his mind. Discovering his spellstone and the successful subject 16, Theryn, they returned to Shal'Aran to deliver the news. Reward Replicate Spellstone A small crystal that looks a bit more ornate than the original Spellstone upon which it was based. The gem is smoothened, purple in color and rests upon a Nightborne-styled base. Within the base is a socket in which you can fit a small mana crystal but only those found in Suramar and possibly Azsuna would suffice - attuned to their signatures. It allows the owner to, temporarily, charm or repel a Withered elf. In the case of charming the creature, it lasts three turns. Fuel: 1x Small Ancient Mana Crystal / 2 hours Cooldown: One day Reward available on: Saturday 20/07 3. Chief Telemancer Oculeth - Monday 15/7, 1.30PM ST Responsible for Suramar's portal network, Chief Telemancer Oculeth would be a worthy addition to our ranks. Find him at his workshop and gain his trust so that he can lend his aid against Elisande and the Legion. Participants: Aerendyl, Ainsley, Mhairi, Regina, Vaediir, Venuris, Viona The First Arcanist presented a group of allies with the choice to find Chief Telemancer Oculeth or an old friend Kel'Danath. They opted to find the one responsible for Suramar's teleportation network first - making prompt way for his workshop right outside the city of Suramar. Upon reaching the workshop they walked into one of Oculeth's traps as he inquired for their presence before fiddling in Regina's bossom to pluck out the coin they said was given by Thalyssra. Convinced Oculeth set them to work by finding some of his belongings throughout his workshop. This led to a back and forth on the decrepit Nightborne's teleportation system and dealing with Elisande's agents who sought to use Oculeth's resources in the name of the Grand Magistrix. Despite the seriousness of the situation the whole scene took some comic turns before returning to the Chief Telemancer. Once his belongings were returned Oculeth had his new friends go on one last trip down to his testing chambers to send the facility into a lockdown. Also present were his old student Thwen and her underlings who were tampering with the system. After a short battle Thwen ended up blasting herself to kingdom come in an unstable area, brought there by Oculeth before returning to Shal'Aran for some just deserved rest. Reward Miniature Telemancy Beacon A small pylon much like the ones used by Oculeth's network but smaller in size. Activating this object has it emit an aura that can teleport the owner and up to two other people instantly to Shal'Aran. A handy device to get out of a pinch or to make a swift return. Can only be used in Suramar. Cooldown: One day Reward available on: Wednesday 17/07 4. Feeding Shal'aran - TO BE ANNOUNCED Shal'aran is receiving ley energy to supplement itself from elsewhere in Suramar. Perhaps finding the old facilities that were used to tap into the leylines can fuel Shal'aran with even more power to sustain the Nightfallen that now reside within. 5. Masquerade - TO BE ANNOUNCED The time has come to reignite the rebellion that Thalyssra has attempted before. Sneak into the city of Suramar and meet with one of her old contacts. From there the flame of the Shal'dorei will be enkindled to fight for its people. 6. Arcane Communion - TO BE ANNOUNCED One of Kel'danath's subjects, a Withered named Theryn, has been touched by something unique... a gift, perhaps. Using this Withered Thalyssra learned more about these feral elves and may even have unwittingly discovered salvation. ___________________________________________________ There's more parts of the story but we'll start with this
  7. Players that participated in one (or more) of the Bloodtotem events can pick any one of these rewards. Bloodtotem War Harness A pair of large and heavy totems strapped to a harness representing the Bloodtotem Tribe. This reward is ideally picked by those of a stockier build such as tauren or warriors up to the task to carry these things around almost constantly. This harness has been imbued with a portion of the Bloodtotem's fury and lust for battle, allowing the wearer to trigger an Enrage effect on themselves. While under the effects of this Enrage they are immune to stun and fear effects and attack more recklessly but at the expense of leaving themselves more often exposed to be attacked. Cooldown: 6 (player) turns Stonedark Idol A dark, fist-shaped trinket that fits right into your hand. Fashioned out of stone this idol shows brilliant craftsmanship and has been imbued with a drogbar runic mark on the back of the hand. By shouting "Flybrul!"and aiming the idol at a targetted location, the owner of the idol can summon forth a large fist from underground to punch whoever or whatever it connects with into the air. Height dependant on object or person in question. Cooldown: 4 (player) turns Stonedark Necklace A crude necklace, though lined up with earthen crystals that rest upon your chest. While carrying the necklace on you you have a small chance to send a pulse through the earth and call forth a Stonedark warrior or Stonedark geomancer to assist you temporarily in combat. The summoned unit remains for three turns. Only two units can be active at any given time. (Roll 20, DC17 => Roll 2 (1. warrior, 2. geomancer)) Only works on the Broken Isles or Broken Shore! Path of the Underdwellers (Shaman/Geomancer only) You've become so interested in the unusual way the drogbar travel great distances and at ludicrous speed that you wish to also learn this ability. For your help with the fel-corrupted Bloodtotem tribe and ridding the world of its chieftain the Stonedark drogbar are willing to teach you this unique method of transportation. Over the course of the training they will teach you how to sink into the earth without getting yourself killed and extending the travel to one other ally. Transporting more individuals will not be taught but can be self-trained if the person finds willing subjects. Training Duration: One OOC month
  8. "Together we are Highmountain." Across all of Azeroth few places are as beautiful yet perilous as Highmountain. Its rugged slopes crawl with vicious, wild animals - grown strong by surviving in such a rigorous environment. The sound of crashing waterfalls can be heard throughout this ancient land if only one focuses on drowning out all other sound. The deep canyons as well as the great peaks of the mountain are true marvelous sights to behold... and only require you to brave the journey to witness it for yourself. Highmountain, an area named after the legendary Huln Highmountain - a hero of the War of the Ancients, and primarily inhabited by his descendants, the Highmountain tauren. The tauren are said to be in possession or know the location of the Hammer of Khaz'goroth, crucial in the world's defense to stave off the invading Burning Legion. Initially planning to go personally, Archmage Khadgar instead has delegated Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem as an envoy to the Highmountain tribes. Indeed, we're finally opening Highmountain for roleplay. It's been a long time coming and after the slow pace of Stormheim we're going back at it to finish the Legion storyline in our own way and with the DM Team that I trust to be creative enough to follow the story without directly following the story. Confusing perhaps? Totally with you on that. I'll get to you on that in another paragraph. First things first, though. Unlike before we're doing away with individual DMs having 'dibs' on an entire zone and being responsible for the conclusion of said zone. The method simply doesn't work and we all have different views or perhaps even various interests in hosting parts of a zone. Each DM is encouraged and at liberty to pick up events in the zone and ensure that people have something to keep themselves entertained while being in the zone for roleplay. Furthermore, I've implored the DMs to provide unique opportunities specifically to tauren as they're the most relevant to the zone. This can be for both the normal variety as well as those from Highmountain themselves. Highmountain as a zone is also free for all to explore as they see fit with few things off-limits. Everything related to the Feltotem Tribe is prohibited until we get there in the storyline, there are two such villages - one by the beach and one more to the north up high. While the main storyline is important, so is the need for people to feel like they have an impact on the area. This is something that can easily be achieved but requires a smidge of an effort from the players, as well as obvious effort from the DM team. We're still following the storyline, of course, but the DMs are encouraged to run events in the zones that tie in with the primary story. Consider these off-story events as a means to link together with the main story, to give people a chance to figure out plots, discover areas and interact with other people. Even make allies or enemies. These events are to be spontaneous and unannounced, meaning that they'll only happen if people actually bother to be present in a zone and actively roleplay. Highmountain opens up on THURSDAY at 13.00 ST. NOTE: Highmountain uses area phasing. There are two areas that have a pre-destruction and post-destruction appearance. If you teleport to Highmountain from any other zone on/off the Broken Isles you will see the pre-destruction version. If you log into Highmountain you will get the post-destruction version. Depending on where we are in the storyline an additional teleport or relog might be necessary.
  9. A while ago the Forsaken sought to conquer the vrykul village of Skold-Ashil in the name of the Dark Lady, having been met with significant resistance from the maidens that inhabited the area. Under the command of Lady Sylvanas Windrunner the Horde forces besieged the holdings of the Tideskorn, laying siege to it in order to secure the nearby vault that held the Banshee Queen's prize. To remove the barrier, however, the Horde was on the lookout for anything of a lead. Simultaneously, Alliance intelligence caught wind of the Warchief's plans involved with Skold-Ashil and sent forth a small group to a forward post commandeered by Lorna Crowley. Just as they had gotten there and a short briefing had occurred the Banshee Queen gave her champions and forces the direct order to assault the vrykul town which prompted the Alliance to move out immediately to intercept the Horde's forces in battle. Although the Alliance was focused on stopping the Forsaken, an attempt to halt their advance, the vrykul inhabitants of Skold-Ashil did not appreciate their presence all the same. The vrykul, partly stuck between both the Horde and Alliance suffered significant losses - though mostly because of the Horde than the Alliance, most of whom tried to incapacitate the vrykul maidens one way or the other. Amidst the battle with her forsaken troops, the Banshee Queen made a personal appearance in attacking those who sought to impede her goals - harassing the aid sent by King Greymane to disrupt their own progress. The Horde's forces had found what they needed to break the barrier of Eyir's vault, requiring a ritual to ascend using sacred relics belonging to the Val'kyr Queen. As most of the Horde's forces present were undead, a tauren sunwalker and orcish warrior were tasked with securing the appropriate blessings to breach the vault's defenses - an effort the Alliance picked up on and sought to prevent to the best of their ability. This afront to the Warchief herself was met with merciless retaliation, resulting in the death of a persistent footman in the process. Rumor has it he managed to strike the Dark Lady across the face with his shield sometime before his untimely demise. Nevertheless, the Horde succeeded in their mission to open the vault of Skold-Ashil, leaving Sylvanas with the ability to usher in a new age for the Forsaken... and the Horde. Storming the Vault the Dark Lady began to use a special lantern to bind the Val'kyr Queen Eyir only to be forced to deal with King Greymane. The champions of both were locked in battle while the two leaders had their own fight going on, with the Alliance managing to retreat with a poisoned Greymane and the Horde left robbed of their prize as the Gilnean king shattered Sylvanas' lantern and allowing Eyir to escape the area. REWARDS - ALLIANCE Favour of the Wolf-King For your bravery and loyalty, King Greymane is willing to listen to any that wish to request a favour of him. Mind that not all requests can be adhered to, and may be toned down or rejected. -------------------- 1x Commissioned Weapon This weapon has been commissioned by the King of Gilneas, Genn Greymane. At his expense one can acquire an Alliance-styled weapon of their own choice, enchanted with one active and one passive enchantment of the champion's choosing. The weapon is made out of materials found on the Broken Isles. OR 1x Commissioned Armor The piece of armor has been commissioned by the King of Gilneas, Genn Greymane. At his expense one can acquire an Alliance-styled armament of their own choice, enchanted with two passive enchantment of the champion's choosing (Includes shields). The armor is made out of materials found on the Broken Isles. __________________________________________________________ REWARDS - HORDE Warchief's Goodwill If bold enough, the champions that served the Banshee Queen in Skold-Ashil can request a favour from their Warchief. Mind that not all requests can be fulfilled and may even be rejected. -------------------- 1x Commissioned Weapon The weapon has been commissioned by the Warchief of the Horde, Sylvanas Windrunner. At her expense one can acquire a Forsaken-styled weapon of their own choice, enchanted with one active and one passive enchantment of the champion's choosing. The weapon is made out of materials found on the Broken Isles. OR 1x Commissioned Armor This piece of armor has been commissioned by the Warchief of the Horde, Sylvanas Windrunner. At her expense one can acquire a Forsaken-styled armament of their own choice, enchanted with two passive enchantments of the champion's choosing (Includes shields). The armor is made out of materials found on the Broken Isles. NOTE: Enchantments are to be cleared with me either through Discord or Forum PMs before being permitted. Rewards Claimed Alvia A team of necromancers/bloodmagi to aid with restoring the dead elf's body. Dwalin A custom, dwarven designed, chain-mail shirt commissioned by Greymane at the request of Dwalin. The armor is fashioned from stormscales on a mithril base making surprisingly mobile and unrestrictive. 1. Draconic resistance: The scales of the armor grant the wearer increased resistance lightning and fire based attacks, alongside the normal benefits of mithril. 2. Storm thorns: When the wearer is touched by a foe, the dwarven runes etched in some of the scales will activate and shock the attacker. Keeyana A tauren sized, one handed sword commissioned by the Warchief. The weapon has its metal origins in a combination of Thorium and Leystone, the former to add weight with the leystone used to coat the bladed edge. 1. Anshe's Strength - While wielding the weapon the holder feels mightier, the weapon enhancing their strength by a moderate amount. 2. Fires of Justice - The weapon can be swung about to unleash a fire strike that blasts anything in its path. Richford A gauntlet fit for Richford commissioned by King Greymane. The gauntlet has been made by the Priests of Elune from Elunite and has been enhanced by the worshippers of Elune to give it some additional power. 1. Moon Strike - The gauntlet's strikes deliver minor, divine lunar damage to their target upon hit. 2. Moonfire - Blast the designatated area with a pillar of divine lunar energy once per day.
  10. With the Horde and Alliance scrambling about in Stormheim in search for the Aegis of Aggramar, the allies of God-King Skovald had exhumed and stolen the remains of Queen Ashildir, the ruler of the Valkyra battle-maidens. A party comprised of both Alliance and Horde, as well as Valarjar was assembled by Havi and one of Ashildir's brethren with a mission to recover the lost bones of the Valkyra queen from the city of the dead, Haustvald. Within the city they were beset by conflict in the form of the Bonespeaker's slaves, skeletal warriors that had risen from the ground or called forth to protect the homes that the vrykul dwelled or practiced their vile magics in. As they ventured through Haustvald they found pieces of a vrykul skeleton, glimmering with radiant energy. Each of these bones were part of Ashildir's body, severed and hidden in containers. The brave souls collected all of the missing parts, and used a reformation rune in Haustvald to reassemble Ashildir's body and in doing so her weakened spirit. Confronting the leader of the Bonespeakers, Runeseer Faljar, the heroes and Ashildir met a decent match through his army of skeletal soldiers. In the end, however, the Runeseer had enough of this petty fighting and banished their souls to the dark realm of Helheim, the domain belonging to Odyn's eternal enemy Helya. It is there that they felt themselves considerably weaker. Forced to fight through Helheim in their weakened states, the adventurers met a powerful adversary in Helheim's native denizens, Kvaldir. Only through teamwork did they get past the Kvaldir and a massive three-headed hound named Guarm, a pet of Helya. Once at Helya's throne they found the Warchief of the Horde, Dark Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, in a conversation with Helya. The latter had mentioned a bargain of sorts in the process which did seem uncomforting to the approaching people. The Banshee Queen gave little regard to the Alliance, hoping dearly they wouldn't make it out of Helheim. Her Horde champions instead were urged to find a way out and secure the Aegis of Aggramar. Upon leaving, those trapped in Helheim sought to commune with its ruler but were issued a challenge instead - to best her pet in combat. For their disrespect their souls were fractured further and split up. On their way to find their soul fragments they met up with Queen Ashildir once more. The Valkyra queen sought to rescue her captured sisters while her allies restored themselves to full power. Once both had their tasks completed, an awe-inspiring battle took place on the Eternal Battlefield, maidens on golden wings together with the heroes or brave adventurers. Through teamwork and determination the rotten giant was brought low and they escaped the clutches of a furious Helya. For their valorous deed they were given Ashildir's blessing. ______ Valkyra Blessing A gold-glowing runic mark that appears as the winged helmet of a Val'kyr. The mark is randomly inscribed upon the receiver's body and symbolizes the presence of Queen Ashildir, queen and ruler of the Valkyra battle-maidens. By willing the power of the rune into action the bearer of the Valkyra mark can take on the aspect of the Queen Ashildir's caste. The mark itself effectively doubles the power of your next non-defensive spell or attack (can also affect healing spells). When in the presence of other bearers of the same mark the true power of this magical symbol is revealed. For each other holder of the Valkyra mark, the effectiveness is doubled once more. !This effect only works in Storheim, Helheim and the Halls of Valor until Helya's death in the Trial of Valor raid.! Cooldown: One OOC week
  11. Entry #745 "As I write this message, darkness has already descended upon Azeroth. For what happened today nobody could've foreseen. I sent a band of Azeroth's adventurers, we've come to know them as heroes or champions in their own right regardless of their motives or goals, down to Suramar to investigate an object that had descended from the Felstorm. This mysterious object was discovered by the paladins of the Silver Hand and news was brought to me by their Highlord Tyrosus. The paladins were stretched thin but one of their own was nevertheless present among the group. Observing them I watched as they retrieved a Light-touched object from an angered sea giant. I called them back to Dalaran to discuss what to do with the relic they've retrieved. It was in Dalaran that my greatest surprise would come... when they delivered the foreign object to me it came to life as I tried to lay a hand upon it. Lifting itself from the ground the relic activated a message of sorts. A message from a dear friend I had believed long lost: Turalyon. Though I should rather call it a warning of impending doom. The Army of the Light is fighting a desperate battle in the depths of the Nether and right now we have no means of reaching them. Prophet Velen however was supposedly the key to unlocking the object's knowledge, thus I sent the same people to the Exodar, awaiting their return. And return they did... but with dire news. The Exodar had fallen under siege by the Burning Legion, an assault led by an eredar I would find out to be Velen's own son. The orders had responded quickly to the draenei's cry for aid. Earthen Ring, Valarjar... the Knights of both the Ebon Blade and Silver Hand but still there were many casualties. Those who were able to flee make refuge in Darnassus or Dalaran. In the conflict at the Exodar the naaru O'ros was destroyed, the last remaining one that could unlock the knowledge of Light's Heart, the object retrieved. While the Legion was repelled and their assault on our draenei allies put to a grinding halt we must not forget that this battle was still a triumph for the demons. Today is the day the Light died..." -Archmage Khadgar Participants: Akham, Baltux, Balu'zu, Bevin, Cerairah, Duskcloak, Jengar, Novani, Pirris, Ronric, Thorean Loot: Runed Portalstone A small white rock, sized to fit into your hand just perfectly. Crafted carefully with a smooth surface and well rounded an arcanic rune has been inscribed upon the surface of the item on both ends. This rune is the Kirin Tor's typical Violet Eye inscription. Through a phrase of power the user of the stone can open a portal to any known location to them, suited for up to two allies or companions. The portal stone stores a total of three charges. With each use the power of the stone weakens until in the end it is a powerless but still fashionable rock. Violet Eyes A pair of goggles, pieced together by the engineers that labour in Dalaran tirelessly to come up with inventions that can assist in vanquishing the vile Burning Legion. These rose tinted goggles are not just for show, also possessing their own unique ability. That ability is for them to be able to look upon an item and having a chance (DC20, 15+) to determine magical properties upon it, including magics that are not so good-alligned. There is no cooldown on this trait but wearing the goggles comes at the price of potentially looking quite ridiculous. Infinite Healing Potion A vial containing the typical and potentially all-too familiar red liquid that healing potions are known for. While the potion itself is relatively average in restorative qualities, what is the most interesting factor would be the that the vial never empties itself. One could go through a whole day worth of chugging from the potion and there would still be a full vial ready for use! The downside of the potion would be that the vial also keeps the potion healthy in the first place. Distributing it in another vial or container will turn the bright red potion black, the healing properties fading away. Multi-Formula A special formula written upon an exquisite piece of parchment. The language used is unsurprisingly common, the letters glittering with an arcane-blue shine. That very shine indicates that the means to write the words was not done by mundane means but a method that finds its origins in a mage's magic. Reciting the phrase upon the scroll aloud will create an exact duplicate of yourself temporarily. This duplicate thinks, functions and fights exactly the same as the original and lasts for three player turns or until destroyed. There is a price to pay, however. Creating a duplicate will effectively cut your overal power in half, giving it to the copy. Cooldown: One day Wondrous Wisdomball A magical orb containing an image of Archmage Khadgar's head. The Wisdomball functions exactly like a Magic 8 Ball though unlike one does not need to be shaken to give you an answer that the Archmage will present to you personally*! The enchanted object will follow you around wherever desired when called forth, floating besides you on its own. Cannot battle and will reject assisting in combat. *Archmage Khadgar will not appear in person with the use of this object. Please do not report this as a malfunction to the Kirin Tor. Reputation with the Kirin Tor Should one forego their right for a reward from the Kirin Tor, they can instead choose to improve their standing with the mages of the magical city of Dalaran. Not all battles can be fought alone, for even heroes and brave adventurers can stand to gain from diplomacy and valuable allies. In these dire times one might never know when the power of the Arcane can lend a helping hand.
  12. Following the Horde's investigation of Aggramar's Vault they were directed by the vrykul sage Havi to assist the Thorignir storm dragons. Thorim's Peak, the dragons' domain had come under attack by God-King Skovald's Felskorn vrykul with the intent to both finish the trials as well as enslave the ancient dragons - succeeding in the latter would not only deny others the right to complete Odyn's trial but also provide the Burning Legion with a wing of corrupted dragons, neither were good results. Having been sent halfway up Thorim's Peak they found the God-King beating up an already wounded Vethir. The God-King left, stating he already had what he needed from the dragons and that his underlings would secure the rest. The Horde, not letting their heads down, assisted Vethir to get back up. The dragon, in turn, requested they save his brethren and mother from the Legion's grasp. A fierce battle between fel-corrupted vrykul, demons and the Horde's fury resulted in a loss for the Burning Legion - Urion and Thorean being crucial in dealing with the eredar in charge of the whole operations. While true, the demonic forces that perished would regenerate themselves over time the deaths of the vrykul were still reduced numbers of the Legion's ranks in the region. For their valiant efforts the broodmother of the Thorignir gave the would-be heroes the blessing of the Storm Dragons. Thorignir Blessing: A blue-glowing, Vrykul runic mark that is inscribed randomly on the receiver's body, symbolizing the completion of the Trial of Will and the blessing of the Thorignir Storm Dragons. By willing the power of the runic mark into action the bearer can empower their next spell as if it were Lightning based OR enhance their next melee attack to deal moderate Lightning-damage. This effect can be used twice per day. Cooldown: One day ____ The Horde has done their share in securing the Aegis and the Alliance had work to do in this regard as well. Gathered by King Greymane fighters of the Alliance met with Havi right outside Greywatch. In order to obtain the blessing of ancestral vrykul rulers they would need to speak with Vydhar, for the ancient vrykul had already passed away. The stout tree in the center had his power sealed by the Bonespeakers, twisted in their ways and opposing any who would try to commit to the trials for the Aegis. Splitting off, Genn Greymane went to destroy one of the two remaining runestones while the cluster of people dealt with the Bonespeakers nearby to take care of the other. After a lengthy scuffle the Bonespeakers lost and the runestone was demolished by Urdren's roots. Once Vydhar was liberated he bestowed upon the group a special branch that could be used to awaken the leaders of the vrykul that had long since passed away. Heimir of the Black Fist, Rythas the Oracle and Oktel Dragonblood were challenged in this order and bested - each giving their blessing upon the group. The last leader, Queen Ashildir, was to give hers as well but upon arriving at her gravesite the group found the body had been exhumed and stolen by the Bonespeakers. For now rest and feasting was advised by the old Havi for the triumphs they did get - though all could keep one blessing the kings had given. Drekirjar Blessing: A red-glowing, runic mark - the symbols shaping the form of a Storm Dragon head. The mark is randomly inscribed upon the receiver's body, symbolizing the presence of Thane Dragonblood's blessing and by extension that of the other vrykul leaders. By willing the power of the rune into action the bearer of the Drekirjar mark gains the ability to temporarily acquire the breath weapon of the Storm Dragons. This allows them to unleash a furious lightning breath from their lungs. This effect lasts two turns. Cooldown: Two days Runeseer Blessing: A yellow-glowing runic mark - the symbols shaping the form of intertwined circles. The mark is randomly inscribed upon the receiver's body, symbolizing the presence of Rythas the Oracle's blessing and by extension that of the other vrykul leaders. By willing the power of the rune into action the bearer of the Runeseer mark gains the ability to conjure a golden-glowing rune underneath their feet, spanning a diameter of 4.9ft (1,5 meters). The rune projects divine energies, slowly rejuvenating and healing those in the rune's circle from their injuries. The user of the rune can choose to detonate the symbol, causing a burst of flames to erupt skyward to incinerate those within. Rune remains for three turns. Cooldown: One day Tideskorn Blessing: A teal-glowing, runic mark - the symbols shaping the form of moving ocean waves. The mark is randomly inscribed upon the receiver's body, symbolizing the presence of Heimir of the Black Fist's blessing and by extension that of the other vrykul leaders. By willing the power of the rune into action the bearer of the Tideskorn mark gains the ability to call upon an ancestral Tideskorn vrykul raider to temporarily assist them in combat. The raider remains present for a total of four turns. !This effect only works in Stormheim, Helheim and the Halls of Valor until Helya's death in the Trial of Valor raid.! Cooldown: One day
  13. Stromgarde... once a proud and mighty kingdom, a great ally to the lineage of Lordaeron and heavy supporter of the Alliance. Now... little more than a ruin. While Stromgarde has been nothing but a deteriorated city for the past decade, the buildings in heavy states of disrepair, the curtain has finally fallen upon the human kingdom. Prince Galen Trollbane ruled the ruined kingdom in the wake of his father's death but couldn't prevent that of his own at the hands of the Forsaken. Inevitably his former comrades and subjects joined him in undeath, after which he abandoned Sylvanas and the Horde and operated independantly from both them as well as the Alliance. The kingdom was... alive, in a sense. Soldiers, citizens and a new king in Galen Trollbane. While it would never reach the splendor and might Stromgarde had displayed during the reign of Galen's father Thoras one could consider that this was the best situation it could ever have at this point. Sure, Witherbark trolls were still present but the Syndicate was routed. With the trolls in one corner of the city there was a relative sense of peace despite the unholy touch of undeath being involved in the kingdom's status. Death... it's almost disheartening at how much death seeks to claim Stromgarde, one way or the other. Last night the kingdom's ruined remains were visited by the Knights of the Ebon Blade. By the will of the Lich King; Highlord Darion Mograine, Thassarian and the fallen general Nazgrim made their way with a small group of death knights to meet with "King" Galen. Seeking access to his father's tomb, the Death Knights' intent was to reanimate Thoras Trollbane as the second of the Four Horsemen. A futile resistence of Stromgarde, ordered by the prince who would be king, was crushed by Acherus' unholy knights and resulted in Galen's true death. With the princeling killed, the rebirth of his father could not be denied further. The last king of Stromgarde lives once more as a champion of the Ebon Blade and a harbinger of the Lich King's demanding will. Those who would seek venture into the fallen city of Strom will find little more than ravaged corpses, civilians and soldiers alike... and the tomb of Thoras Trollbane opened, deprived of its contents. The king's current whereabouts as well as that of the ancient blade Trol'kalar are unknown but undoubtedly the world will soon learn the fate of King Trollbane, a fate the Alliance will not appreciate the death knights for. Credits to Scottie for the event. Was great.
  14. When Azshara spoke of her incoming wrath, one could only imagine the form it would take. Since the journey to the off-coast isle in Azsuna that Wrath has been given a physical, Arcane-fueled form. The Wrath of Azshara, a colossal being with naga-like features, was causing turmoil and chaos at the center of this island. With its very body fueled by Arcane energy, the titanic Tidestone of Golganneth and the Heart of Zin-Azshari, Azshara's victory was thwarted still by Azeroth's defenders or loot-thirsty adventurers. The Court of Farondis have worked together with the Kirin Tor to provide for an adequate item reward for the efforts performed here. Like before it also means you can take two items from one boss if you don't find a suitable reward from the other. People who participated in both this and the previous event are also able to take another piece of loot from Parjesh/Hatecoil/King Deepbeard or Serpentrix' loot tables if they don't find anything adequate from the Wrath of Azshara. Rejecting an item reward significantly increases your standing with the ghosts of Farondis' court or the Kirin Tor - useful for later, no doubt. Eligible people (Actual in-game names): Aevelm, Alvia, Beverly, Cephirian, Colby, Duskcloak, Faelon, Faeraline, Shallah Wrath of Azshara Pact of Vengeful Service || Life Relic This verdant ribbon, bordered with gold made out of mageweave has ages ago been empowered by an ancient druid. By attaching this ribbon to a weapon (shield excluded), each strike dealt passively rejuvenates the wielder slightly, undoing surface wounds like scratches and bruises. The ribbon has deeper, latent power than just restoring one's physique however, and can also transfer any amount of the wielder's lifeforce into any desired target - replenishing their life instead. The ribbon, however, lacks any sort of safety measure and can kill its user if they give too much of their own lifeforce. [Cooldown: Ten Turns] Tempest-Binder's Crystal || Arcane Relic A fragment of a reagent used by the naga ritualists that sought to usher in Azshara's Wrath upon Azeroth and the Broken Isles. Latent arcane power resonates from the crystal, compelling it to attach to any type of weapon or shield. Attaching this to a weapon of your own choosing will allow the weapon to deal passive Arcane damage to whatever it strikes, be it person or object. The wielder can channel the power of the crystal shard through their weapon, allowing them (an attempt) to control of a summoned creature - but only if they are demonic, arcane or elemental in nature (Holy and Void are uneffected). This effect cannot last longer than five turns, can be dismissed at will. [Cooldown: One OOC Week] Stormcharged Choker || Necklace A metallic choker that bristles with fierce, electrical energy. Strangely enough while worn the piece of equipment does not cause any bit of pain or injury to its wearer. Any other person or creature that touches the choker would be met with a jolt of blue-tinted electricity in a defensive reaction. The choker also absorbs a portion of any electrical damage the wearer takes, allowing them to either: Empower a weapon with lightning, causing it to deal electric damage upon successful hit (Lasts for one hit). Unleash a greater Lightning Bolt upon any target or object desired.
  15. King Deepbeard, a mighty giant king of the sea-dwelling colossals has been brought low in his own domain at the off-coast island. Similarly, the great beast known as Serpentrix has been felled as well. The Court of Farondis have worked together with the Kirin Tor and Unseen Path to provide for an adequate item reward for the efforts performed here. Like before it also means you can take two items from one boss if you don't find a suitable reward from the other. People who participated in both this and the previous event are also able to take another piece of loot from Parjesh/Hatecoil's loot if they don't find anything adequate from Deepbeard or Serpentrix. Rejecting an item reward increases your standing with the ghosts of Farondis' court or the Kirin Tor - useful for later, no doubt. Eligible people (Actual in-game names): Beverly, Cephirian, Colby, Faelon, Kaldurian, King, Lannaya, Lucy, Mina, Regina, Souldrinker King Deepbeard Heart of the Sea || Frost Relic A bright, luminiscent sphere - seemingly made out of sapphire. The orb writhes and seethes with ancient, elemental energy commonly associated with the domain of the great Tidehunter, Neptulon. Strangely this orb has a pull towards your weaponry - including shields, allowing it to attach to the weapons' surface or be embedded within. Any weapon with the relic attached deals passive Frost damage upon hit. The Heart of the Sea has different effects based on the type of weapon it is attached to. [Cooldown: One OOC day] Staves/Wands - Changes the damage type of any two spells to Frost. A Fireball will thus deal Frost damage instead of Fire. Blunt weapon/Shield - Puts a layer of spiked and jaggy ice shards over your weapon's surface. Effect lasts 3 turns. Can be dispelled. Bladed weapons - Conjures a gnome-sized ice spike at the designated location that bursts up from the ground. Mainsail Cloak || Cloak A thick, heavy cloak - likely fashioned from a ship's remaining and tattered sails - it's fabrics repurposed to serve as an all-around, comfortable wear. When the winds pick up, the cloak can be expanded and utilized much akin to a parasail - allowing one to ascend towards the skies. Also allows one to glide downwards from great heights to safety. The cloak is enchanted that enables it to call forth a gust of wind by the wearer. [Cooldown: Five Turns] Keelhauler Legplates || Pants These legplates, despite their heavy appearance, are surprisingly light. Fashioned from a combination of layered scalemail and mithril, they are suitable for anyone prefering some more protection around their lower limbs. Although anyone can make use of these just for their defensive properties, those who prefer bladed weapons can have an additional benefit from them. The hardened and layered scales can be used to sharpen your bladed weapons at any given time, provided you don't mind the weird looks of scraping a weapon over your leg. Serpentrix Blazing Hydra Flame Sac || Fire Relic Coming from one of Serpentrix' fiery offspring, this flame sac was used to scorch and incinerate its prey. Warm to the touch, it can weld itself to a weapon of your own choice. Beneficial even after the beast's demise, it provides a passive Fire damage enhancement to your weapon. The user can set themselves aflame while carrying a weapon enhanced by the Flame Sac. While aflame, the user is immune to Fire damage and periodically burns anyone around them with their blazing aura. They are, however, significantly more vulnerable to Frost damage. Lasts three turns. [Cooldown: Two OOC days] Wristbands of the Swirling Deeps || Bracers Enchanted silk bracers, reinforced from the inside with leystone links - thus combining Highborne "fashion" with a small layer of protection. While wearing the bracers the wearer can breathe underwater and move in water unhindered, as if they were on land. It is in- and underwater that these bracers are the most effective, allowing the wearer to extend the benefit of the wristwear to up to four allies. This effect lasts four turns. [Cooldown: One OOC day] Seawitch Hood || Head The, albeit, corrupt-looking remains of a naga's headwear. This exquisitely embroidered cowl grants the wearer an improved insight into naga spellweaving, particularly those of Azshara's loyal seawitches. While wearing the hood one can call upon the thundering storms the naga's mightiest spellcasters are known for, conjuring forth a vicious thunderbolt from above upon the designated area that shocks and potentially paralyzes anyone hit. Requires two turns to build up. [Cooldown: Three OOC days]