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  1. If you're referring to the player that's DMing, then no. Which speaks for itself, if they don't log it - it's not viable. If you mean players that participated, they too can 'report' that they participated in the event. Kind of to ensure that it is logged in the first place. Events, player ran or not, that aren't saved will not be usable, because there's no confirmation that it actually happened. For your Shadowplague, I would say that such is viable especially considering all reagents except black lotus are fairly common. Normally I'd not even be bothered to let someone DM it in the first place but this was the now-admin's decision.
  2. Not exactly. If we do Syth's method and make a "Player" section on the sheet, players are still required to pass it on to us and we can record it and maybe even make some tweaks if necessary so that it's all good to go. That way it's logged, and those who need to have access to it, have said access. If you don't bring it to us to log it, then, yeah... too bad? That's the player's responsibility to also communicate back. You get this priviledge as a player but tit for tat.
  3. Something like this wouldn't end up in event requests as that's where you... request an event, not log things that's been done. They also wouldn't be visible for anyone but DMs, Mods and Admin (besides the player who made the thread). The idea is more likely to use Syth's idea to make a sheet in the DM tab, which is visible to the aforementioned ranked positions on the server. Especially because there's people notorious for complaining about who has what and why they did what they did and so on and so on. Let alone if we add into that that they got something that came from an event without a DM. If we were to log it in a public section of the forums, people would get to see everything another person does or got.
  4. I think over time the idea has grown that everything needs a DM and people feel they can't do anything on their own, when that was never intended to be the case. A scenario of losing ourselves along the way? Not the right analogy but I hope you understand what I mean with that. People were always able to do their small things but as time passed and systems changed, there has been a growing dependance on DMs which we're now trying to amend. As for being held accountable that's only normal I'd say. If someone does abuse the system, mods will have to deal with it. That's something to consider. We already do it in event requests where they say they'll be picking up a request but for smaller things this could be done as well. This I like. I won't be implementing it today anymore but I'll look into that this week still.
  5. That's a fair point. I'd say this is something that will become obvious very quickly when you have to justify where your items/money comes from. The idea behind this is that if I'm a non-DM, playing in... let's say the Barrens, with a group, that we can DM some quillboar or animal attacks without needing to go "Hey I need a DM!" and reap some benefit out of that isn't out of the question. Another scenario is where you might want to go and bring someone to justice just to keep busy with, sufficiently rewarded according to the job. At the same time we're hoping for players to be reasonable enough to not go overboard with what they can do.
  6. As Nathaniel mentioned, here's something Nuggie and I have worked on in the meantime. We hope these changes will make things easier to get things sorted, and less problematic for players. With a little luck we can add one more thing for you down the line but right now this is what you get, hopefully players and DMs alike will appreciate this. 1. We discussed this in the DM channel already, the limitation on how many DMs we can have at any given time. This is an arbitrary limitation that is easily disregarded. Even if our population isn't that desirable in terms of number, we don't see a benefit in putting a number on the DM Team. Turning away people with good potential for DMing is 'not done' and for that reason we will no longer, officially, adhere to it. I cannot say how this holds for the builder team and its limitation. 2. This one is primarily for our DMs, but may also be relevant for those who wish to become DMs. To give a little bit of context here: There are sheets that the DMs use to log their events. When was the event, what happened, who was there, what rewards were given out (if any). For years we also used this to gauge the activity of the DMs. While DMs are still expected to fill in this sheet when they host an event, no longer will it be used to determine their (in)activity. This takes away the pressure to pump out a dozen events just to reach an undetermined quota and means DMs won't be necessarily removed simply because RL gets them out of the game for longer periods of time. In combination with the point above, we see this as a way of going forward where they aren't necessarily hogging a spot for themselves. 3. For many years now we've had the restriction that, as a full-fledged DM, you aren't allowed to DM for your good friends. While, depending on circumstances, exceptions have been made we're going to do away with that. We find that the pro's overcome the cons in allowing it. In the past... and actually even in the present, we have found it to be much more of a hinderance when event requests or spontaneous gigs are put on hold for too long simply because the available DM may be their friend. There is also a certain pressure on the DM to avoid looking biased. Of course we know that this creates more potential for abuse but with our current situation of playerbase we would be doing ourselves a disservice to make hindering restrictions such as this. Should DMs actually be misusing this priviledge it will be handled but that's on a case by case basis for Nuggie, myself and the moderators when/if it happens. 4. On the topic of loosening up, we're also going to put a bit of an axe into event requests. No we're not going to scrap the section but we are going to try and redefine what you'd need an event request for. Commonly this will happen in one of two ways: When you're not certain if something would need an event request, you ask Nuggie or myself and we will tell you if it would need a request, or not. You just go ahead and make an event request, and when we check it out tell you that this doesn't really need someone to DM it for you. With the above in mind if people REALLY still want an event request for their idea then they can, of course, choose to reject our opinion and go through with their event request. The reason we're doing this is because we came to the conclusion that some of these requests can be handled through means of background writing, an application (of any variety). Some of them are trivial enough that you don't even necessarily need a DM to have it done. During this week we'll be going over the Event Requests and determine if a DM is at all needed and give the players a poke on their thread. 5. For now, this is the final one. DMs are much less inhibited by restrictions in terms of handing out rewards, although ludicrous ones still need a check-in with us to see if it's alright to go through. However... what if you're not a DM? What if you're just in a group with friends, want to kill some wolves in Elwynn? What if you're someone who wants to do some temporary DMing to do a storyline or entertain a group spontaneously? While, for the moment, DMing as a non-DM is a bit tricky due to lacking access to much needed commands improvisation goes a long way. Should you not be a DM, the limit on handing out rewards is as follows: Coin cannot go beyond 5 gold Special item rewards are restricted to 1 minor/lesser enchantment That's it right now. This should hopefully alleviate some concerns and immediate issues. Know that things aren't as restricted as they are and that you can do more than you might realize without necessarily needing the approval of myself/Nuggie or needing a DM. If you do have things you're uncertain about then you can still contact us regardless. Kind Regards, Paragon Dungeon Master Team & Event Managers.
  7. As foretold as a dire warning by a mysterious, Light-bound stranger, the Netherlight Temple became the target of the insidious Burning Legion. Under the command of the dreadlord Balnazzar the demons invaded the Conclave's holdout in force. When the assault began Calia Menethil made her way to the Sanctum of the Light beneath Light's Hope Chapel to ask the Order of the Silver Hand for aid. The paladins rallied under the call of Lord Maxwell Tyrosus and advanced towards the priests in order to drive back the Burning Legion. Confronting Balnazzar's forces led to a bloody battle upon holy ground and ended with several portals shut down to prevent more demons from entering the halls. When Balnazzar himself confronted the priests and paladins alike he took away their vision, made him their sole opponent. While these images of Balnazzar were many they were also vulnerable and feeble, their deaths serving to weaken the dreadlord himself. It was then that he tired of these mortal games and slammed an oppressive force down upon everybody. During this he tore open numerous portals of demonic nature and an endless amount of Felguard surged through to bring the defenders of the temple to their knees. With impeccable timing the Light-bound stranger appeared upon the raised platform - looking very much like a dreadlord himself though touched by the Light. Declaring himself as Lothraxion, High Commander of the Army of the Light and that his presence was on the order of High Exarch Turalyon, his reinforcements descended into the Conclave's order hall as pillars of light. From these pillars stepped forth a small contingent of draenei empowered by the Light itself. Their weapons, their armor - their very being all carried the radiant glory of the Light. They waged battle with the army of demons despite being outnumbered five, even six to one while the defenders of Azeroth brought down Balnazzar. When the battle was finished, Lothraxion joined the Order of the Silver Hand in their Sanctum beneath Light's Hope Chapel and the Priests began to rebuild their damaged temple, ceremoniously handling the remains of those who fell. PARTICIPANTS: Altaius, Andorwyn, Beredict, Carlyn, Dalton, Delaney, Elyon, Eydis, Logan, Vasarian, Vissar REWARDS: The Altar of Light and Shadow, as well as the Altar of Ancient Kings, were empowered by Prophet Velen and Lothraxion respectively to serve a temporary higher calling. By placing their current weapon upon the altars the objects of power transformed them, reforged them into something new. The price of this, however, was that their old weapons would be forever gone along with their old powers. Greatsword of the Righteous, Ashbringer's Legacy The Light's demand for swift and just retribution resonates through this weapon's blade, constantly giving it a faint yet easily distinguishable layer of divine energy. Forged in the image of the legendary Ashbringer, the iconic aspects of this weapon are the Lordaeron crest and the spark of energy near the tip of the blade. Ornate, heavy and unwieldy in appearance, attuning yourself to the weapon makes even the most difficult of strikes feel trivial in comparisson. The weapon was taken by the high helf Altaius. PASSIVE: Each strike made with the Greatsword holds a small chance to perform an additional strike coming from the weapon itself. This additional strike takes roughly a second to come through but follows the exact same pattern of your original attack. (Roll 1-20, 18-20 triggers the effect) ACTIVE: Call upon the echo of a random legendary paladin (roll 1-5) to fight by your side for two turns. This only affects the echoes of deceased paladins. As it is an echo the paladin will acknowledge you as an ally but will not acknowledge their status of being deceased. Cooldown: Three days Uther the Lightbringer Grand Crusader Saidan Dathrohan Gavinrad the Dire Lord Tirion Fordring (without Ashbringer) Commander Alexandros Mograine (without Ashbringer) Fist of the Fallen Watcher, Tyr's Legacy A greathammer that crackles and pulses with the power of the Light. As if unable to contain the divine powers it bears within, it seeps outward from the core, through the head of the weapon. The weapon holds the original weapon of the Watcher Tyr as the foundation for its making, representing the Silver Hand on the sides of the weapon's head. A libram filled with ancient scriptures and holy texts forms at your waist the moment you take up the weapon, and can be used as an individual item. The two, however, are linked as if a singular item. This weapon was taken by Logan Theirin. PASSIVE: The power of your Auras are magnified, gaining half their effectiveness in potency. Paladins who focus on weaving their Auras in battle can augment this effect further, allowing a second Aura to be active at all times. ACTIVE: Place a Beacon of divine energy upon two allies. Invoking healing spells upon any ally other than these two will also heal those imbued by the divine beacon. The potency of the heal is split in two for each active Beacon. This effect has no cooldown and can be redistributed at one's leisure. SECRET QUEST: The language of the libram seems to be unlike anything you've read before, ancient symbols that seem awfully titanic in nature. By unraveling the scriptures one can unlock greater mastery over their weapon. Light of the Titans, Truthguard's Legacy The Altar took upon it your weapon and fashioned it into a towering bulwark with a blade to match. Both objects have an ornate and regal appearance, to the point where you might not even want to take into battle out of fear it'd be scathed or otherwise damaged. At the center of the shield is a rotating disc, each full cycle causing a brief glimmer of golden light to wash over the entirety of its surface. Both sword and shield have a clear trail of light coursing through as a never-ending current. The blade and shield were taken by Kain C. Delaney. PASSIVE: The Light protects and provides. The Light has blessed both these items in your possession and has made them unbreakable. They will not suffer physical damage and cannot be shattered by mortal means. Environmental damage or magic can still affect their physical state, however. PASSIVE: So long as the rotating disc is glimmering with the Light, each attack blocked with the barrier strikes the attacker with a jolt of weak to moderate holy damage (1-2 quarters: weak, 3-4 quarters: moderate) ACTIVE: Each time any attack is blocked with the shield, a quarter of the rotating disc flares up with a bright, glimmering light. Upon reaching four successful blocks, the wielder can release the stored power within and send forth an image of the shield to both slam into opponents, dealing significant holy damage and potentially stunning them for two turns. ______________________________ Embrace of the Old Gods, Xal'atath's Legacy The Crucible at the heart of the Netherlight Temple has reforged your weapon into a twisted dagger. Its appearance reminds you of the fabled weapon Xal'atath albeit more ominous. On both sides of the weapon's hilt is a functional eyeball, a dooming gaze beholding its surroundings. The blade is reinforced by what appears to be flesh tissue that has been hardened. In addition to the blade the Crucible also fashioned a tome of similar making, flesh-bound and inlaid with a functional eye. Within the book are over a hundred spells written in the language of the Old Gods, incomprehensible to most mortal minds. One can try to unravel the secrets within but such knowledge does not come without a price... This weapon was claimed by the high elf Vasarian. PASSIVE: The power of the blade fills you with an aerie presence, as if another entity is present with you at all times. Your voice rings with the echo of another being though its voice is concerningly serene. Spells of umbral, Void nature are augmented by roughly a quarter of their original power. ACTIVE: Draw out the spectral entity from the blade to fight besides you for three turns. This entity takes on your own appearance though murky and darkened. The entity replicates each spell you weave and selects its own targets at will, refusing control by its owner unless they grow fond of them. Cooldown: Three days SECRET QUEST: Begin to pry into the secrets of the book, to gain a deeper understanding of the Old Gods and their role in the cosmos. Unlocking their power might be a great boon to you as a person but the dark cost may be too high to pay. Crest of the Redeemed, The Scarlet Legacy Light, Dark... they find themselves coalesced within this single staff whose physical form represents Light's Wrath. This reformed incarnation of the weapon possesses a perfect balance of both Shadow and Light. Only when one can understand the true nature of the weapon can they learn to wield the powers of both cycles stored within. This weapon was taken by the human Eydis Yrelion. PASSIVE: Upon casting a Holy spell, the power of your next Shadow spell is empowered by a fifth of its original power. When casting a Shadow spell, the power of your next Holy spell is empowered by a fifth of its original power. PASSIVE: Each time a spell of its corresponding type is woven, the staff implores you to continue using that same type of magic. Resisting the guidance of the staff is instrumental to wield it to its full potential. (Roll 1-20, 16-20 to resist) SECRET QUEST: Study the staff and its effects to learn the potential of its balanced nature. Banner of Purity, T'uure's Legacy A brilliant, Naaru-shaped crystal creation rests at the top of this staff, resonating harmoniously as its crystalline wings move around the head. The blessed crystal illuminates in the night, both natural and unnatural, guiding the way for those lost in the darkness. It acts as a beacon, calling out to those sought after by the wielder. The rest of the staff is ornate, exquisitely made and draenic in appearance. The power of this weapon has transformed Elyon's bow with the same properties. PASSIVE: The staff can call out to allies within the same zone, or any zone adjacent to it, at the will of the wielder - guiding them closer. Allies see this as a golden star, urging them to find the wielder. PASSIVE: The staff acts as a beacon in the darkness, illuminating a six yard radius around the wielder. Those beyond six yards can still see the beacon but they are not illuminated. PASSIVE: When wielded by beings of malevolence, the staff's melodious song becomes much like nails on a chalkboard or a nightmarish thrumming that causes headaches. The weapon refuses to shine brightly in their grasp and its other abilities are disabled. ACTIVE: The wielder can take on the appearance of a lesser Naaru, significantly empowering their healing spells by doubling their potency. Allies within ten yards constantly feel renewed in your presence. This effect lasts for three turns. Cooldown: One week ______________________________ Paladin/Priest Ally Any paladin who did not take upon them a weapon of power from this battle can instead choose to accept the companionship of a priest of the Conclave to fight by their side on the Broken Isles and Broken Shore. This skilled wielder of either the Light, Shadow or both can be any possible race that has access to priests that find membership in the Conclave. Any priest who did not take upon them a weapon of power from this battle can instead choose to accept the companionship of a paladin of the Conclave to fight by their side on the Broken Isles and Broken Shore. This skilled wielder of martial weapons and the Light can be any possible race that has access to paladins that find membership in the Order of the Silver Hand.
  8. Meanwhile wondering where all the money keeps coming from. Funding Montarville's reconstruction, a brewery, helping another brewery set up, now an academy.
  9. The Nighthold As the largest structure across the entirety of the Broken Isles and as one of the grandest throughout all of Azeroth, the Nighthold stands as the ultimate testament of the Nightborne civilization's achievements. As the Nighthold is centered around the Nightwell, the sacred fount of arcane energy that fueled Suramar for thousands of years, these grounds were built as a safe haven - away from the world. However recently the Burning Legion has poured out from the former Temple of Elune across the ancient court's bay while Darkness Incarnate, Gul'dan, resides within the palace's heavy guarded walls. If you seek to breach the palace's defenses... you're in for a fight. Skorpyron Chronomatic Anomaly Trilliax Spellblade Aluriel Star Augur Etraeus High Botanist Tel'arn Krosus Tichondrius Grand Magistrix Elisande Gul'dan
  10. Court of Stars Although the Legion's forces roam and patrol the streets of Suramar and strike fear into the hearts of the citizens that live within, the Nightborne socialites and nobles continue to desperately cling to a semblence of living their lives and follow their customs. Tonight revelers' cheers and cries echo through the cold air, the largest mansion of Suramar's elite district has opened its doors for a grand ball. Rumor has it that even Elisande herself might be present for this party. If such were the case it would undoubtedly be to take away the worries of her people and closest allies. A couple of notes so you know what you're in for: Both the Arcway and Court of Stars dungeons will be run completely on the day they're scheduled. That means that for the Arcway we will push through all five bosses in a singular sitting while for the Court of Stars all three bosses will be done within the same sitting. If you seek to participate in these dungeons I hope you've got a lot of time set aside because the idea won't be to chew through these within an hour or three, they might actually take a while! Not all bosses will come with loot or rewards. After a discussion in the DM channel we've decided to test something out for the Arcway and Court of Stars dungeons and may apply it to dungeons past the Nighthold as well if successful. Whether or not a boss drops loot will be determined by where the boss fight is held and what type of creature the boss is (obviously a beast creature will not carry much for armor or weapons on its person). The reason behind this is to potentially stop the overburdening of magical items in the world and to make loot feel more rewarding. Participation in the Arcway and Court of Stars will be determined by having participated in any of the Suramar events that led up to these dungeon events. Restrictions may be loosened depending on the character and their background, however. This in order to prevent characters who've had no involvement to randomly show up for no real reason. Since these dungeon runs happen in a single sitting, there may be a player cap in place. SEPTEMBER 14th - 2PM ST Patrol Captain Gerdo Captain of the Duskwatch, Gerdo has devoted his life to keeping the peace within the walls of Suramar. Though he has a growing unease since the arrival of the Legion, he remains faithful and loyal to the leadership of Suramar. Elisande has safeguarded them for generations, and she knows what is best for the people of the city. Tonight, Gerdo's task is to ensure that only citizens with the proper credentials are able to enter a gathering of particular importance at the manor. Self-Forging Credentials Documents of Shal'dorei making and fully written in Shalassian. Unless you're a nightborne or can have someone translate the documents for you you can't make head or bottom out of these words. However once you do get to comprehend what they mean, however, you can forge your own name and credentials for use across Suramar. The arcanic energies stored within have a high chance to compel those who read it to believe what is written down when done by the common guards and magi, though a reduced chance on the elite soldiers and spellcasters. In combination with Ly'leth Lunastre's mask this makes for a valuable asset in the war against the Legion-affiliated Nightborne. Cooldown: Two weeks Flask of Solemn Night Gerdo wasn't unknown for indulging himself in a special concoction called "Solemn Night". In case you do take one of the snatched bottles Ly'leth secured for you you can get at most three full wine glasses of drinking out of it. When imbibing the Solemn Night you feel your senses sharpening, becoming more focused and swift. Your melee and ranged weapon attacks (no spells) become faster and accurate, even with heavier weapons. This effect lasts for two turns. Once the effect wears off the alcohol hits you like the Deeprun Tram, getting you absolutely hammered. Cooldown: N/A Talixae Flamewrath A sadistic eredar sorcerer, even as she understands the importance of the nightborne to her master's plans, Talixae chafes at the indignity of standing guard over a building full of elves. Nevertheless, she and her lieutenants remain vigilant, and while they live, no intruders will disrupt the gathering. Due to Talixae's body being crushed underneath a statue, there was nothing to retrieve. Advisor Melandrus First Blade of the Grand Magistrix, Melandrus rarely leaves Elisande's side. He has eschewed the magical arts, instead harnessing the power of the Nightwell to heighten his reflexes and his movements to inhuman levels. Edge of the First Blade (Looted by Taelus - Unique) One of Advisor Melandrus' blades. While they look very similar to the standard issue weapons used by the Duskwatch the hilt of the weapon is far more intricate and decorated, indicating that it wasn't taken from a common soldier. The 'M' of Melandrus is inscribed upon both sides of the crossguard. The energy of the Nightwell, although incredibly faint, pulses through this weapon - perhaps the enchantment upon the blade is linked to it. Two of these blades is what caused you so much trouble and it's easy to see why. The enchantment upon augments your melee skill significantly, enabling stronger and more accurate attacks. This effect only extends to utilization of the sword. The caveat is that it is tied to the strength of the wielder, when the wielder is weakened or otherwise severely injured the weapon will not possess the same accuracy. The enchantment upon this weapon loses its effect once the Nightwell is destroyed following the events at the Nighthold. Manawracker Bindings Bracers that combine a fine layer of folded leystone and shalassian silk and arcane energies in order to be both 'fashionable' and yet effective in combat. While wearing these bracers into battle all melee attacks you perform will also burn away a small percentage of the target's magical power, mana, if the hit deals successful damage. ONLY ONE ITEM CAN BE PICKED, BARRING THE UNIQUE ONES
  11. The Arcway Thousands of years ago the labyrinthine tunnels that compose the Arcway were built deep underneath the city of Suramar. With Suramar's people highly dependant upon the Nightwell's power the Arcways provide that very same lifeblood to the Nightborne elves. Yet despite their importance these tunnels lack any real supervision or oversight, causing many forms of filth and refuse to take up residence within. If only the people of Suramar knew what crawled underneath them... A couple of notes so you know what you're in for: Both the Arcway and Court of Stars dungeons will be run completely on the day they're scheduled. That means that for the Arcway we will push through all five bosses in a singular sitting while for the Court of Stars all three bosses will be done within the same sitting. If you seek to participate in these dungeons I hope you've got a lot of time set aside because the idea won't be to chew through these within an hour or three, they might actually take a while! Not all bosses will come with loot or rewards. After a discussion in the DM channel we've decided to test something out for the Arcway and Court of Stars dungeons and may apply it to dungeons past the Nighthold as well if successful. Whether or not a boss drops loot will be determined by where the boss fight is held and what type of creature the boss is (obviously a beast creature will not carry much for armor or weapons on its person). The reason behind this is to potentially stop the overburdening of magical items in the world and to make loot feel more rewarding. Participation in the Arcway and Court of Stars will be determined by having participated in any of the Suramar events that led up to these dungeon events. Restrictions may be loosened depending on the character and their background, however. This in order to prevent characters who've had no involvement to randomly show up for no real reason. Since these dungeon runs happen in a single sitting, there may be a player cap in place. SEPTEMBER 12th - 2PM ST Corstillax This massive construct patrols the tunnels beneath Suramar, searching for anomalies and correcting them. He has detected one such anomaly - a breach in one of the conduits that carries the power of the Nightwell - and works to repair it. But living outsiders wandering the tunnels are also an anomaly; one that Corstilax is empowered to remedy. Corstillax Power Core One of Corstillax' numerous auxillary power cores. The object, large enough to sit within your hand much like a focus, still hums with frequent internal spikes of energy surges, merely holding it puts your hairs on end from the static. Still, remnant power would suffice in your grasp. The power core has abundant room within to store several spells where the arcanic matrix will alter them. Up to five of the owner's spells can be stored within the orb at any given time but they only linger within for a day before they become one with the core. Offensive spells taken on a more electrical appearance, doing arcane lightning damage instead of their original type of energy. Healing spells give their target a small electrical jolt, to kickstart them and bring clarity back. This brief powersurge allows them a single turn of doubled movement speed. Ivanyr Cut off from the power of the Nightwell and cast into the dark expanse of the Arcway, Ivanyr wandered aimless, slowly withering away, until he came upon a trove in the foundations beneath the great library of Suramar. He spends his days feverishly working to decipher the tomes there, feeding off the power of relics in the archives in order to sustain himself. But even as that magic sustains his body, his mind cracks and weakens. Ivanyr's Hunger A piece of Ivanyr's massive Nightcrystal that didn't end up dissolving when the entirety was shattered. This very piece of crystal still has sufficient amount of energy stored within but one can only imagine how long this will last you. Holding it, however, makes you feel a little bit uneasy as Ivanyr's prolonged usage of the large crystal had made him quite insane. You can tap into the power of the crystal to briefly nullify the effects of any and all injuries on your person for one turn per use, essentially freezing them in time. The downside of this, however, is that once the effect wears off those wounds will begin to take effect at an accelerated pace. Cooldown: N/A Charges: 3 (Do not replenish) General Xakal When Gul'dan threatened Suramar with destruction if Elisande did not comply with his demands, those were not idle words. A Legion invasion force has burrowed into the tunnels beneath the city, and Xakal leads those forces. He awaits further command, ready at a moment's notice to surge forth and bring death and destruction to the streets of Suramar. Terrorbound Nexus A Legion made insignia, several of which were on Xakal's massive being. This medallion of sorts is styled as a skull with the head cracked open out of which a purple-colored Burning Legion emblem rises up, with a black background. Strangely enough the dark powers that surround this object don't come with fel energies, despite that it was on the person of a demonic general, but instead provide a power of shadowed origin. Release a horizontal, crescent-shaped wave (5 feet in width) of bladed shadow energies that figuratively cut through anyone or anything with but the swing of your weapon. After travelling fifteen yards the crescent returns in the same path to its starting point. This wave does not discern between friend or foe. Cooldown: Five turns Nal'tira This massive spider made its nest in the hollow beneath a great mana tree. Over the years, loose magical energies and runoff have warped the creature, imbuing Nal'tira with arcane energy that makes her perhaps the deadliest predator in the Arcway. Nal'tira's Broken Fang (Unique - Taken by Thaeline) One of Nal'tira's fangs, shattered and broken from the damage the body sustained. While there is still some residual arcane energy lingering on the fang, it doesn't offer you anything but a fancy and purple-glowing trophy... pity it is damaged. Nal'tira Mojo (Unique - Taken by Val'zan) From the massive Nal'tira Val'zan took a small amount of blood, enough to make the supernatural mojo trolls like to employ in their rituals. The mojo hums with a faint echo of arcane energy, in part because Nal'tira was oversaturated by those very same powers. Whatever Val'zan uses the mojo for will be no doubt affected by this, even if a minor amount. Due to Nal'tira being an overgrown animal, there was nothing to retrieve besides her bodyparts. Advisor Vandros Vandros is one of Elisande's closest advisors, and an adept at harnessing the arcane magic of the Nightwell, second only to Elisande herself. He would not ordinarily venture into the Arcway himself, but after monitoring the state of the nightfallen resistance and their allies, he now feels the need to take matters into his own hands. Advisor Vandros' Broken Armaments (Unique - Taken by Ethallour) For some reason Ethallour stripped down Vandros of his armor, what remained of it anyway, and seeks to fix it up. Since Advisor Vandros only had his armor and head taken before his lifeless body was left behind, there is no other loot from him. ONLY ONE ITEM CAN BE PICKED, BARRING THE UNIQUE ONES
  12. From the moment of its mysterious creation, the purpose of this dark tower has been intertwined with the history of the Guardians of Tirisfal, once Azeroth's greatest bulwark against the Legion. It is now best known as the home of Medivh, who tragically betrayed Azeroth and brought the unbroken chain of Guardians to an end. This legacy makes Karazhan a place of particular interest for the Legion, who have descended in full force in an effort to open a new front in their war on the denizens of Azeroth. Opera Hall - August 11th 2pm Server Time - Sage Participants: Adrian, Alhazred, Alvia, Azgrim, Azumak, Cephirian, Hugo, Kevyn, Karn, Kazmir, Marcelson, Maylene, Mhairi, Nilstrasza, Renald, Rimeblade, Ruby, Rynn, Tihshoh, Vasarian Arcanum of Weightlessness - ARCANE RELIC Participating in the odd play within the Opera Hall has caused the latent magic of Karazhan to form around your weapon. This has caused the weapon to become charged with passive ARCANE damage. However, once a day, the magic around the weapon can cause it to become without weight for two turns. Taken by Kazmir Inordinately Wonderous Wristguards - WRISTGUARDS Strange how khorium-made wristguards can end up in Karazhan, but Medivh was a collector. The wrist guards are wondrously charged with an inordinate amount of arcane - bringing about something of an enchantment to them. Every two days, the bearer of these wristguards may increase their size excessively - essentially an Enlarge Person spell. This last for three turns in total. It is also heavy as heck given its khorium. Taken by Karn The rest have earned: A Witch’s Little Broom - Trinket Who knew that the Monkey King had this up his sleeve, but then again the King is quirky. He gifts you with a mini-broom that can dangle from your neck or wrist. The magic of the broom allows the wearer to be swept off their feet - and land a few steps in another direction. 3 Gold for everyone who attended. ______________________________ Opera Hall - August 11th 2pm Server Time - Sage Participants: Adrian, Alhazred, Alvia, Azgrim, Azumak, Cephirian, Kevyn, Karn, Marcelson, Maylene, Mhairi, Nilstrasza, Renald, Rimeblade, Ruby, Rynn, Tihshoh, Urion, Vasarian Flames of Justice (Unique) - In an age long past did the Dark Riders make off with a strange artifact from a paladin they slew. It had somehow gone from their vaults to the mighty hand of the Maiden of Virtue - whose last breath was to imbue the artifact with a vestige of her holy might. This imbuement of power warped the artifact - granting it new power and igniting it in wrathful flames. The strikes of the hammer grant each blow passive Holy damage. The bearer also finds their healing spells moderately enhanced. Due to the Maiden's imbuement a paladin who has committed acts of evil will find their hands burning - even if they believed to be just. The burning stops when the wielder atones for their sins. This hammer acts on the behalf of the Light. Once per day the wielder can strike the ground, causing blue flames to erupt in a shockwave. All foes are burned by moderate Holy damage, while allies are instead rejuvenated and restored - grievous wounds sealing up and their drive to fight is reignited. Taken by Kevyn Faith's Crucible - The beautiful golden crucible appears to be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. You can feel a gentle warmth from the object, but it appears to be empty. Once per three days you may pour the crucible. Five superior healing bolts will expel from the crucible and shoot out toward the five most injured allies, entering them to heal them. If the user is injured, he will be prioritized unless explicitly stated otherwise. Taken by Cephirian Drape of Shame - The exterior of this cloak appears to be an elegant and beautiful design. The cloak fits perfectly, and appears to be incredibly comfortable in both temperature and material. When worn, it appears like it can't be removed for 24 hours. The secret of the cloak is revealed when worn. The interior design shifts, becoming embroidered images of men and women of various races in rather... Explicit positions. Shameful. SHAMEFUL. The intense drawback is supplemented by the power of the cloak, as once per two days the user may enact a holy bubble at will to negate one attack unless explicitly specified by a DM. Taken by Maylene The rest have earned: Stone of a Maiden - The Maiden of Virtue wasn't exactly well kept when the barbarians finished with her. Pieces of the maiden and her golden armoring fell off - allowing you to pick it up. No matter the time of day, this stone gleams with a radiant light. The stone, when held high to the sky, may briefly shine bright - blinding any and all who look at the stone for a single turn. This effect can be used once per day. 3 Gold for everyone who attended. ______________________________ Attumen the Huntsman - August 12th 2pm Server Time - Cagi Participants: Alhazred, Alvia, Arther, Azumak, Corvintheus, Dalton, Falgrim, Ruis, Karn, Kevyn, Khem, Maylene, Mhairi, Renald, Rimeblade, Rynn, Taelus, Thavi, Tihshoh, Vasarian, Zimiraku Reins of Midnight - The mighty steed of Attumen, once more stolen from him. Midnight is a powerful unholy steed capable of very fast travel and can hold her own just fine in combat with a durability to match her might. She resides in the Shadowlands, able to be summoned and dismissed by the owner as needed. If killed, Midnight will not return to the user for one week to recover. Midnight is quite strong and combat capable, moving swiftly and efficiently in combat, using the spikes of his armor, horns, and hooves to slice, stab, and beat opponents into submission. His speed is notably faster than the average horse, making him difficult to catch and quick to evade. Be wary, hero, for one day Attumen will return for his steed yet again. Midnight is capable of both ground travel, as well as flight. Midnight is attuned to the Shadowlands, and will carry its rider to the Shadowlands following their death. The rider will be lost in the Shadowlands for eternity, with no hope for resurrection. Taken by Rynn Essence of the Executioner - Distilled from the skulls of great champions, this weapon offers great power to those willing to pay the dark cost. The axe-like staff radiates with a demonic energy and seems to make those around it, outside the user, feel weaker as if their energy is being very faintly leeched. You swear every so often you can hear the chuckles of a woman… Users carrying this staff find that all of their spells, regardless of their abilities, now leech and drain health equal to half the damage caused by the spells. Spells that leech magic now drain 50% more health on top of what they originally drained. Once per five days, the staff may be raised high. Enemies in a twenty yard radius feel a drain soul effect as their energy is drained into the user. This effect varies on the magic strength of the user. If the user beheads a living enemy with this weapon, they will receive a moderate amount of mana. Taken by Alvia Helm of Phantasmal Scars - A haunted plate helmet filled with the voices of fallen soldiers of old. Once every week, the user can activate the effects of the helmet to become incorporeal and ignore all attacks (aside from spirit-based) for 1 turn. The user can return attacks in this form, but any damage done is done in the form of psychic damage as opposed to physical. Taken by Karn Choker of Barbed Reins - A vile accessory that carries the ire of dozens of dead steeds. If the user takes damage, they take a d20 roll. On a roll of 16+, the choker will fire metal barbs at all enemies in a 5 yard radius. Taken by Khem The rest have earned: Spectral Carrot - Why is a wolf so drawn to this vegetable? Well regardless, the thing can't be eaten, but it doesn't mean your mount won't try. The carrot will float in front of your mount to increase its speed passively by 10%. 3 Gold for everyone who attended. ______________________________ Moroes - August 13th 2pm Server Time - Cagi Participants: Alvia, Karn, Azgrim, Corvintheus, Renald, Ethallour, Zimiraku, Alhazred, Ceadrae, Rynn, Kevyn, Rimeblade, Dalton, Azumak, Falgrim, Logan, Annastasia, Boras The Legend of the Monkey King - This beautiful mogu brew barrel appears to be wrapped in spiritual energy. Recovered from an undisclosed location and located away in Karazhan, this barrel was used to serve the most delicious of brews to guests during their time dining in the cursed tower. Those with spiritual sense can detect the spirit of an ancient Mogu following the staff’s user. The Legend of the Monkey King is an ancient staff of unknown origin. Limitless brew of the finest quality pours from the mouth of the barrel. Once per day, a mug of powerful brew may be poured, glowing with spiritual energy. This brew is capable of mending severe wounds and restoring energy to near maximum. It can be shared, the effects splitting depending on how much of the mug is consumed. Once per three days the spirit of a mogu may be summoned for one hour, attracting the ire of enemies. This spirit is hearty and powerful, extremely tanky but lacking in damage and healing notably. Taken by Falgrim Seal of Darkshire Nobility - An unholy ring that aids the user in the thick of combat. When an opponent is struck by an attack of whoever wields the ring, they are marked with a raven tattoo until they make their next attack against the ringbearer. The attack will deal 50% less damage and remove the tattoo, freeing them from its influence. If the target is still alive following the encounter, they are immune to the ring's effects for one week. Taken by Corvintheus Bloodstained Handkerchief - A blood-soaked cloth bearing a raven silhouette over its design. Once per day, the user can use the magical cloth to shadowstep behind a target. The cloth can be curled into a thin but surprisingly sharp garotte. If a target is cut by this garotte, the wound cannot be closed for a turn by any form of healing. Taken by Alvia The rest have earned: Eternally Festive Glass - Congratulations, partygoer! You've survived this far. A toast to your might! The glass is filled with an expensive red wine from Karazhan's cellars and refills and cleans itself every 5 minutes. The glass also has an illusion cast over it to conceal any poison that enters, however blatant the change. If someone dies from the effects of this glass, through poisoning or drinking too much, their soul joins Karazhan's spectral festivities for all eternity. Undead can also get drunk when drinking this. 3 Gold for everyone who attended. ______________________________ The Curator - August 17/18th 5pm Server Time - Nuggie Time Participants: Tihshoh, Akarian, Boon, Loana, Corvintheus, Ethallour, Keral, Petra, Shuza, Ainsley, Alvia, Azumak, Baltux, Beredric, Caedrae, Cephirian, Dalro, Indomihasti, Kevyn, Marvius, Maylene, Pirris, Renald, Thaeline, Vantheol, Rimeblade Everburning Crystal - An ice crystal wrapped in flames that don’t seem to burn. The staff of frostfire appears to be a battle of attrition between cold and heat. This relic was once a spare core for the Curator, retrieved when he fell yet again in the halls of Karazhan. This staff appears to be charged with both powerful cryomancy and pyromancy. Users of this staff are able to convert their frost spells to fire, and their fire spells to frost. Once per week the user is able to conjure forth a powerful frostfire storm in a 40 yard radius. Allies inside this storm are protected while enemies are assailed by raining fire and biting ice shards. Taken by Pirris Everyone Receives: Deteriorated Construct Core: Other. The pieces of the Curator were still full to the brim of arcane energies, perhaps this could be useful in the fight against the Legion. The construct core can be used to enchant ONE item with ONE of the following effects. Upon the use of the core, it shatters. Armor enchantments: Defender of the Tower: Shield. Your shield has become more resilient to the profound magics of the arcane. Once per day, the shield can be used to reflect a mid level spell. (DM discretion for spell strength.) Gaze of the Guardian: Helmet. Your helmet has been imbued, the mark of a raven now visible upon it. Once per day, you may focus the helmet on a humanoid, beast, or demonic enemy, a beam of arcane overloading their senses for one turn, interrupting spellcasting. (DM discretion if the enemy is too large.) Drape of the Raven: Cloak. The familiar raven symbol would take form on the inside of your cloak, a piece of black velvet magically appearing within. Once per three days, the user may disappear in an unkindness of ravens, reappearing elsewhere. If all five of the ravens die, the user reappears at the original location. The ravens take an entire turn to travel, but the user will feel no damage if any of them dies. Weapon enchantments: Mark of the Arcane: Melee Weapon. The Curator’s core was full of unstable arcane magics, so it makes sense that one would try and enchant their weapon with it, right? This weapon will now deal moderate arcane damage on hit, stealing a tiny bit of mana as well. Relic Hunter’s Boon: Bow/Gun/Sling. This projectile weapon no longer requires ammunition, instead, it will conjure arcane arrows, bullets, or stones. The weapon will still have to be “reloaded”, thus preventing rapid-fire effects. The projectiles deal minor arcane damage on hit! Atiesh’s Blessing: Staff/Other Spell Focus. The power of the Guardian’s construct empowers all matters of foci, yours not being any different. Your spells feel a bit more… powerful. Twice per day, you may empower a spell, causing it to double-cast the spell in question. Two fireballs, a second pyroblast after charging it for a turn, even a death knight’s howling blast could be duplicated. Support spells can gain two targets instead! 3 Gold for everyone who attended. ______________________________ Shade of Medivh - August 20th 0.30pm Server Time - Kaiba Participants: Alvia, Azumak, Steelblood, Ainsley, Ruis, Logan, Corvintheus, Ethallour, Laracia, Petra, Lethril, Kevyn, Vantheol, Taelus, Dalton Scroll of Sunfire - A scroll from Medivh's personal collection, describing how to imbue one's weapon with a Sunfire enchantment. The scroll possesses the power to enchant a single weapon with this power without a material cost. A weapon imbued with the Sunfire enchant improves all offensive spells, giving them a dual nature of dealing their original element in damage while also striking with the fire damage of the same power. Raven Eidolon - A small idol in the shape of a raven, humming with a faint residual presence of the Last Guardian. Those attuned to magic can sense the undeniable presence of arcane around the statuette. Twice per day an Arcane Raven can be sent out from the idol to shield an ally, providing them a personal arcane barrier that makes them invulnerable for one turn. When the barrier expires its power is drawn into the person who was given the barrier, healing them for a small amount. Aran's Relaxing Ruby - A ruby gemstone, small enough to fit into your palm, that seemed to be perfectly crafted, smooth and warm to the touch. An echo of power of its former owner still resides within the beautiful object, filling you with an almost unnatural serenity. By aiming the Ruby upon an enraged being, an arcane pulse resonates outwards that puts them in a state of tranquility. This effect has no cooldown but may be resisted after the first use when used on the same target, each use becoming weaker. Anthology of Horrors - A relic of Shadow that seems to function much like a paladin's libram, containing prayers and verses of demonic origins. Unlike other 'relics' the Anthology is not attached to a weapon but rather carried on one's person. Any Holy relics claimed will destroy the Anthology in the process, causing it to dissolve into burnt, arcane dust. Any Holy relics already present upon claiming the Anthology will be destroyed. Carrying this unholy libram with you enhances your melee attacks to deal moderate shadow damage upon hit, while also giving your spells the dual nature of dealing minor shadow damage in addition to their original element. Once per day, the owner can call forth two lesser flesh beasts that seek to harass and constrict a single, fixated enemy - they cannot be commanded to pursue someone else once unleashed. These beasts are frail and vulnerable to divine magic, but last until killed. Book of Polymorph: A Zoo of Fun - A purple-covered book with silver trimming. On both sides of the cover is the image of a sheep. The scriptures of the book are over a hundred pages dedicated solely to the theories behind the polymorph spell and the effects thereof upon subjected beings, as well as holding many known animal variations of the spell. There are many pages torn from the book. The final readable page was a half-finished writing of affecting a whole area with the polymorph ability. From the incomplete writing one could still learn some knowledge, being able to subject a singular person with a Polymorph effect and chaining it to designated enemies within five yards of the original target. One could complete the book, if they were willing to search for the pages - likely scattered throughout the world. 3 Gold for everyone who attended. ______________________________ Mana Devourer - August 20th 12.30pm Server Time - Kaiba Participants: Alvia, Azumak, Corvintheus, Ethallour, Petra, Lethril, Kevyn, Taelus, Dalton Suffused Manapearl - The remains of a mana wyrm not unlike the Mana Devourer itself. This luminiscent pearl still has faint residual magics coursing through it. These energies won't remain for much longer so you must act fast if you want to get the most out of them. (1x Use) Grinding the pearl over your weapon allows it to strike with a wave of arcane energy once per day that strikes with Arcane damage and potentially knocks back enemies (DM/Player discretion). By grinding the pearl over a shield bestows it the ability to consume a singular spell once per day. This spell can be replicated at the behest of the wielder. Greater spells, however, might be too much to handle. Taken by Ethallour Miniature Bonfire - A lighter in the shape of a bonfire, made out of dark iron. At the base of the lighter is Medivh's iconic raven insignia that serves as the 'button' to use it. This lighter has a faint trace of lingering arcane magic pulsating through it. You can't help but wonder what the purpose of it really is. While normally this item functions as an ordinary lighter, by pressing the raven insignia three times in quick succession has its flame become an arcanic purple in color. Whatever you set on fire with this flame burns with an uncontrolled, arcane blaze of destruction. Taken by Alvia Pendant of the Violet Eye - A silver chain necklace with the insignia of the Violet Eye as a pendant. Likely pilfered from a fallen member of the order. Nevertheless you can still feel the arcane enchantment upon the necklace, giving it a purple sheen. While carrying the pendant around your neck, you feel its energies flowing through you. This influx of lesser energies absorb a small amount of power from any spells you cast, making them 1/5th weaker. After having cast five individual spells you can tap into the power of the pendant, releasing an instant Pyroblast from your hand. This Pyroblast is unaffected by any enhancements (through beneficial spells or enchantments) the user has. Taken by Corvintheus Mender's Heart Ring - A golden looped ring with a ruby gemstone in the shape of an ornate heart. You can feel divine energies flowing through it, though it is difficult to discern the nature of these powers. Were they Light, Nature? Who knew. Nevertheless the life-giving power cannot be denied. The ring's life-giving powers can be used twice per day, a flash of blue energy washing over a designated target. The target is rejuvenated for 1/5th of their overal health and also cleansed from any disease or plague effect. Taken by Kevyn You have also earned: Miniature King/Warchief figure - A chesspiece molded in the shape of King Llane Wrynn (Alliance) or Warchief Blackhand (Horde). You feel a strange sensation about this figure. By staring intently into the eyes of the chesspiece, it transports you and up to four nearby (7 yards) people to a different realm... perhaps even another time or universe!? You find yourself in a grand room, decorated as a massive chess board. Only by beating the game can you leave this pocket realm. The pocket realm has enough food and water to last you two days and nullifies all magic used within. ______________________________ Viz'aduum the Watcher - August 23rd 2pm Server Time - Sage Participants: Rimeblade, Keral, Ethallour, Lethril, Azumak, Vantheol, Karn, Corvintheus, Boras Ring of Collapsing Futures [Vantheol] - This dark ring came from the body of a demon summoned to reinforce Viz’aduum. Its twisted craftsmanship leads into a strange purple gem at its top. The gem swirls with smoke that flashes with images of futures to come - all of them being one where the Legion wins. Tapping into the magic of the ring allows the bearer of this ring to see moments into the future - allowing them to predict one oncoming blow. However, in doing so, they are afflicted by a strong headache after the battle. The headache will fade in a day after the fight they use it in. Eye of Command [Karn] - A jeweled eye of Viz’aduum made into a dangling trinket. The eyes of a darkglare are rather scary when in their proper place - but this is just a touch creepy. Still - there is magic charging around the eye. The bearer of this eye may tap into the magic of the jeweled eye - and find their next blow strike true. It is as if the eye commands them to never miss, and their next attack will follow this command. However, in the aftermath of the fight, they will feel a burning pain in their dominant hand that will last for a few hours. Viz'aduum's Mindstone [Azumak] - Viz’aduum the Watcher bore a jeweled crown that was broken by a mighty blow - and from it fell this stone. The stone itself glows with a faint fel aura that seems self-contained. Imbedding it into a piece of armor grants a passive minor resistance to assaults on the mind. Every two days, the bearer of the mindstone can tap it and read the next action of their enemy. This allows them to perfectly counter, defend, or plan for the action they take next turn. However, this connection goes both ways - and the enemy may read their mind for the round after. Rift Stabilization Shard [Corvintheus] - A rocky shard that once belonged to the structures often used for Legion portals, it was found on a cache upon Viz’aduum’s final ship - and crackles with fel lightning every few seconds. This shard may be embedded into one’s belt or gloves - giving them a passive boos to their channeling of spells. This bonus makes it a touch harder to interrupt their spellcasting. Every two days, the bearer of the shard may activate the relic and close down a portal. The process of doing so causes the area around the relic to receive moderate fire damage - searing the flesh. 3 Gold for everyone who attended.
  13. I believe what Satan means is to stop this legendary weapon gig. In which case I'd agree