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  1. Nightwell Drop (Azu & Thorean cuz Seal on the former) Krosus hand in (Azu, cuz Seal.)
  2. Forsaken > Band of mercenaries.
  3. drakmar

    Barrens Bonanza

    Updated post with time and date, be there or be ALLIANCE SCUM.
  4. drakmar

    Barrens Bonanza

    Small update, due to a busy as fuck work schedule cuz of the time of year. (menu planning etc) will probs leave this until start of Feb so I can knuckle down and not half-arse it.
  5. drakmar

    Barrens Bonanza

    Will do, currrently mucking around with the DM Commands.
  6. Strange happenings have started stirring within the Barrens; the Quillboars have gotten aggressive, attacking trade caravans, patrol routes and small camps consisting of scouting parties. Little is known about the attacks, nor why, now, of all timings they have gotten restless. With the Horde still reeling from the Broken Shore, and some of the troops preparing for the sail to Stormheim, Warlord Bladewind has sent out missives to Horde outposts, requesting the aid of mercenaries and 'adventurers' in this flourishing problem. This is the start of an event chain that, hopefully, will promote and kick start good ol' fashioned Horde RP. It'll start off relatively easy and progressively get harder as the story unfolds. If you fuck up however, you still fucked up. As this is one of the first events I'll be doing, taking it with a pinch of salt will be advised. I'll try to make it smooth and the sorts but mistakes will most likely happen. Date/Time: 06/02/2019. 12pm Server Time. Invites will be going out 15minutes before hand. People Limit: Around 5-10, once I've gotten used to commands and all that I'll increase the limit.
  7. I can come on the 31st for Horde side. Alune/Scottie's one
  8. Drakmar - magic carry/support midlane or roamer. Disruptor, DOTA2. Cuz there's only one true moba.
  9. I can bring Drakmar to this, if you could 'reserve a spot'.
  10. drakmar

    Madness in Malice

    Drakmar'll come, hopefully.
  11. Egh, the only tidbit you find about shamanistic origins is that the original blademasters that were redeemed, 'replace' fel energy which made them exceptionally fast/mirror image, with the ancestors. I sort of think, due to the whole, 'warriors become so damned supernatural' that they learnt to just become sonic the hedgehog. For the mirror image, I kinda think of it as - he moved so fast he creates an image so of shit. Honestly, can do either or.
  12. YES, Winston is there as the only black fella.
  13. the xp boost subs got is now gone anyway. Fallen Empire is a reasonably good story tbf, though it's a cake walk. Considering all companions can now be either healing, tank or dps.. and healing for the most part on companions is savage anyway. FUCKING TREEK HNNNNNNNNNGH
  14. Honestly the whole 'where do insults come from' is a bit odd, considering I bet you don't know how 'cunt' or 'pussy' got turned into an insult. Insults derived from slang is just part of language 'evolution'. Understandably there would be a racial difference in insults, being called a pig-skin lover on an orc would be an offence if he was a Horde Loyalist, and vice versa to a human.