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  1. Oooor, you could simply play a normal being human, and be much more of an interesting character, and not use stuff, only used by hero units in warcraft strategy games :^) But hey, I'm just ranting
  2. Sounds a lot like the Brown Buccaneers, who were eventually chased out by the powerful characters on every corner. It was fun while it lasted. I wish you luck on this, I may even join this too.
  3. The same reason why people do spin/jump attacks. They want to look cool, while being oblivious, that it would only make them easier to kill in a real fight. High fantasy :^)
  4. i don't think you quite understand how momentum works. really the only thing hindering any kind of rolling even in heavy armor is if it's got some stupid fucking design on it like varian's shoulders that could get caught on something Enjoy that momentum when you can barely break in to a sprint unless you're a bonecrusher or some shit. Only an absolute idiot would wear armour he's not able to move in. While of course, the extra weight will drain a person's stamina... But eh... Does anyone even roleplay fatigue anymore?
  5. It is possible of course... But not with the pauldrons that everyone is wearing
  6. Enkas


    Nothing is incorruptible. Even the naaru, beings of pure light, can and have been corrupted.
  7. Hem... If I actually get any people to my fledgling of a merc company, I would like to do stuff with this as well :o
  8. Enkas

    Stalwart Brothers

    Stalwart Brothers Stalwart Brothers is a rather poor mercenary band, formed by a retired soldier, Laugevad Sauvetere. He does not exactly have a lot of coin, nor good equipment, but he has a decent experience in combat, which he is willing to share with men who have not held a sword in their hands. Peasants, vagrants, fishermen, all of them are welcome, as long as they are tempted by the tales of glory of adventure and not dissuaded by a meager pay. They will be trained, they will be drilled and they will become brothers to one another. So anyways, this group should be consisted poor and simple characters wanting to be soldiers. Folk that can afford guns and ammunition, the ones that can afford plate armour, would probably not be interested in mere two copper per day, as maintaining their equipment would probably cost more.. Experienced characters would probably know the dangers of combat, and would not risk their lives for that.. And powerful characters are out of question. This would be all about training the plebians, using tactics in combat and hopefully, getting contracts. People who'd join this rag-tag group should probably expect their characters to die or get badly injured. Due to the somewhat racist nature of Laugevad, only humans and dwarves can join. Those wanting to join, shoot me a PM, send a message to me on Skype (srekas3310), or seek out the person IC.
  9. A missed opportunity for something different, and probably more interesting, honestly. Well, at least a character died a stinky death, when he burned in his armour, and having his organs cooked inside his body... And thus, the lad died, vomiting, choking and suffocating... That caused some IC tears, and I felt gud.
  10. Enkas

    The Broken Lance

    Oh right. Srekas3310
  11. Enkas

    The Broken Lance

    Well then, whisper Oswald, or PM, or track me down and leave a horse's head on my bed.. Whatever seems most convenient to you
  12. Enkas

    The Broken Lance

    After yet another break from Paragon, I've decided that I want to bring this guild back, if anyone would be interested in joining.
  13. I eat the crust first, so that I can enjoy the delicious topping for the last. I am a dog person Neither. Both of them are shit.
  14. I will try joining, if my internet connection will try not being a potato D: