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  1. Aww yus. Scenarios.
  2. Do note that it'll still be RP PvE / RP PvP. Emotes only.
  3. Why no neutral chars on neutral events though?
  4. I like the first recorded use of the calendar on Paragon. 10/10 regardless of what happens next.
  5. I'd be willing to bet a hundred bucks that there'll be drama. Nonetheless good luck!
  6. Nicely paced and fair event. 10/10 paid us upfront - ign
  7. Most of these are adaptations from The German school of fencing. So I also recommend a read on that for techniques. It mostly describes the different guard stances and attack moves.
  8. Kraxizz

    Dragon Soul

    Characters that have taken part in other major events and have a reputation. Pretty much characters you know oocly. Alythas, Akarian, nobles, pretty much all our Archmages, etc. Atleast that's what I'd figure.
  9. Kraxizz

    Dragon Soul

    Indeed. It had some really well-executed mechanics and overall was great fun compared to my previous DS experiences (especially Hagara c;). I hope to see more great work like this' date=' Raz! [/quote'] Hagara was one of my favourite ones so far tho :l Ultraxion was good but not the best (was 1st group too).