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  1. Are you sure about that? :)
  2. I agre with this. Though I believe we should start from the bottom to the top and from the top to the bottom at the same time, if we really want to improve. I agree wholeheartedly. I read something not too long ago, where someone said that people use the excuse 'have a thick skin' to be an asshole. And they said that was absolute bullshit. People are interpreting this the wrong way entirely. 'It's the internet' 'Have a thick skin' 'It's an RP community' should be considered in the way that you might find opinions that will be different to your own opinions and should be aware that this will never change unless we all homogenise. Which, unless we take away free will entirely, will be utterly impossible. You'll always find someone who disagrees with you on some level. What it should NOT mean is that it gives you permission to spew the vilest vitriol you can (and sometimes don't) think of when someone disagrees with you. People need to be reminded that, even if, yes, this is the internet and yes, you should have a thick skin, those are real people on the other side of the screen. Even if it doesn't look like whatever diarrhoea you shat all over them didn't affect them, it can stick. And it probably will. Hell, it might bite you back in the future. Yes, you can try to convince them why you think your opinion is correct. But once you start saying they should off themselves/die in a fire/whatever, they'll be a lot less inclined to sway over to your side. Either way, I think the atmosphere here is easing up a little. Maybe it might be because a lot of people made an exodus (albeit probably temporarily) to the other server, but who knows? I'm running out of things to say to make this more relevant to the OT.
  3. Of course, I understand. I just think it'd be better to at least put the idea in people's head at least so maybe they're more receptive to it, rather than slingshotting right into the deep end and pissing people off because of it. Besides, we're achieving this OOC discussion right here. It is a start, better than nothing. It just needs to be a bit more constructive about how we can come to a conclusion that almost everyone is satisfied with rather than pointing fingers and leaping to one extreme conclusion like everyone likes to do. You know who you are, (Totally not pointing fingers). Let's put our grudges aside for now, mmm? I'm sure we're capable of that much.
  4. I'm going to have to agree with the points above against server wiping. I've thought about it myself on and off for a while, and I too hate the stagnation the server has come to. I don't even like to log on much anymore because I see half the server often sitting in the mall and it demoralises me to the point where I often just log off again. But I don't think wiping the slate will help because people will still have their attitudes, their grudges, their vices. These will stick and dictate how they guide their progress on their new characters, if they even stick around at all. I know it was said above that people will likely be bitter. Losing all that time and effort because some other people can't get along or get out of their bubble? Sucks to be you. I would sure be upset to lose both my major characters because, even if I haven't really actively done much on them lately, I still feel like there is a lot I could do with them and so do a lot of people. There's a lot of time I put into their stories and roleplay, and I haven't had the chance to end it in the right way yet. Now I can understand the desire to start fresh. I have an anxiety about roleplaying with people outside of my trusted friends and peers. I fear that people will judge me for making wrong decisions or perhaps mucking a piece of lore up because I was unfamiliar with it at the time. I fear that I will create lasting opinions upon these people that will tarnish how they look upon me and consider roleplay with me in the future. With a fresh slate, everyone has to start over and not fear the establishment, right? Except, like I said above, people already have their opinions and attitudes about each other, and a wipe won't really help against that if Paragon's community is anything to go by (not to mean it in a derogrative way at all, nor targetting anyone in particular with that statement). I'm probably rehashing someone else's statement but whatever. A wipe could make people's opinions better, or worse. But it is a big gamble to take that might not pay off, so would it be worth it? I just think there needs to be more incentive to get out there and maybe revitalise the scene a little. I'm just throwing an idea out there, but I think something smaller scale, like a 'new character week', where everyone has to make a new character, and the DMs host event chains exclusively for these new characters over the week to get to know and socialise with each other as well as set up plot hooks and storylines for future could be a different idea to consider. Just my two cents, though. It would be up to the community to arrange, as it would be a large-scale co-operative effort in order to pull off.
  5. Have you ever seen those videos done in Super Smash Bros Brawl with the moveset swaps? It'll probably end up sorta being like that. I'm not saying it won't work. You probably could transfer animations, if anything I bet I could do it with WoW Model viewer and a few hours in Maya after I do some reading up on transferring animations over. But in most cases it just won't work properly, even if Blizzard is smart enough to maintain naming conventions for bones and such across models (I hope they are these days) the scaling will be off, so if you put an orc's animations on a gnome he'll end up all stretched out and that's no fun for anybody. Unless you like seeing spaghetti gnomes, or something.
  6. Ahhh fuck it. I'm down. My skype's Iristlypie. Probably won't mic.
  7. Excuse me, I think you mean Sinari and Sariel.
  8. I guess for the few people that know that I left for vacation in North Cyprus, passing through an Istanbul airport (not Atatürk, name is eluding me), aside from a 4 hour delay on the flight from Istanbul I'm fine, was quite messy in the airport with the displays not updating (aside from a shitload of cancelled flights) and not a single member of airport staff around until like 9 in the morning, having arrived around 7. All good, for those who care, and my condolences for those who had suffered during these events.
  9. I would be so down for this, if you don't start in the next two weeks. I'm going on holiday :(
  10. Like I told ya, I'll be throwing Druna into the fray, might as well get something for the old wumman to do. She's been observing the comet with her own eyes, with the idea that the comet is the sign of an ill omen and that some serious shit is going to go down when it gets closer.
  11. Iristle


    Is it not possible to pass by the barrier by using the .go rel command? I'm pretty sure that command ignores objects that are in the way.
  12. You are a White Planeswalker. You embody morality, order and structure; believing that an absolute form of right and wrong exists. You place value in the group, the community and civilization as a whole - caring for others more than anyone else. You believe the perfect world is a group effort, envisioning a society where everyone can finally forsake their selfish desires and accept the part they play in contributing to the community. At your best, you are selfless, inspiring and upright while at your worst you may be intolerant, restrictive and oppressive. White, not sure if this suits me or not but a lot of it makes sense. I also rolled Red/White in a previous test.
  13. Sudormi, I know I've RPed a lot with you on other characters, but I think this is progressing too fast. Considering this is practically a new character and both Kel'tharis and Sinari had both existed for a long time before being promoted to their respective faction's nearly highest levels of command, this feels like a simple grab for power. You are aware that you don't need to be a Ranger-Lord to be in charge of a squad, or multiple squads? It's a pyramid based structure. The Ranger-Lord would keep in line a large group, which will include a few Ranger-Captains, which all manage multiple squads of the lower ranks. Yes, you can still manage squads without being the top dog. Who would've known? A single person would rarely be expected to manage a whole army; they have people down below as well as advisers which allow them to consider tactical moves from many different points, to catch things they missed as well as to do the nitty gritty stuff, such as telling the blighters the orders they'd been given. So, I offer this to you instead. Rather than apply for a Ranger-Lord right away and most likely get rejected (I have talked with others in the Conclave and, I will be honest here, we have all agreed that we think this is a bad idea right now) you work towards it. Instead of applying straight for the top you work up like we did, so you can get a feel for it and that we know, both IC and OOC that we can trust you with the position. At the most, go for a captain, but no higher, since this character is new and hasn't made very many connections. People may say progression is bullshit, but it helps a fuckton if you do it right.