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  1. I did a bit of thinking about part of why I end up avoiding roleplay (aside from just not feeling it, which is an irrelevant point in this context) and I think I pinned part of my reasoning down to being I'm not given much to work off of so I always feel kind of wishy washy going in. Like, often there's never really a stated 'goal' or 'progression' (Lul) when I've been asked for roleplay. It's just 'hey do you want to RP'. I think most of that is my own doing, though, because I feel like I give my characters rather nebulous goals, hobbies, professions or not any of the above so there's not much for me to personally pursue/be present for through emergent roleplay over arranged roleplay. And there's little personal story to follow on, unless something happens ICly that would happen to inspire me. It's all well and good following a story through events, but sometimes the emergent stories that come up through organic stories can be the best ones, and ones that I definitely prefer. I know I have my own problems staying properly engaged in events on Paragon, partially because of how encounters are done, but also partially because I never feel personally involved. But then there is still this fear of pursuing goals and objectives outside of the watchful eye of the DM in the case that what you need/want to do needs to be 'observed over by a third party'. It's an awkward situation. There's only so many times I can personally stand purely social roleplay before I wanna go 'ugh, we're just talking about the same shit again'. At least when it comes to events I can at least go 'Okay, here's the reason my character would be involved, they have a goal to work towards'. But then I have my own problems about events and how they're handled. Or maybe I'm just avoidant of all roleplay and I'm clinging onto vestiges of the past hoping they can give me the same enjoyment they used to.
  2. So... Originally I considered making a measured post, and then a more irate one, and then I flipped back to the first, because, to be honest, Paragon doesn't need anger at the moment. If anything, it's had too fucking much of it, so, y'all, chill out. I'm sorry it had come to this. But also, I want to help break this cycle of hostility, and so I'll do it first. I read your post, Jordy, and in doing so I knew I had helped contribute to some of the recent issues you encountered. Namely, with Legend and Greygarde. At the time, I'd just come back from a leave of two years (give or take a couple months) so I had no idea Greygarde had become a thing. When Legend came about as a roleplay opportunity, I jumped on it as an interest of finally being part of one of those cool adventurer guilds that I always saw but never seemed invited into (Either due to my own failure to inquire or simply missing opportunities, or never getting them, I don't know). Only before it started, Greygarde came back up and Sage decided to merge into it. At the time, I felt upset because it felt like the guild had been usurped by someone else and, I will admit, the first Greygarde event I had gone to didn't really grab me. (that's no fault of your own, of course) I'd helped convince Sage to bring it back up after a point because I did design a character in mind for it, and I definitely had been looking forward to it more than Greygarde by that point. At this point, I guess I began to search for reasons to dislike you more. The way you felt pushy and generally dismissive of my ideas when I talked with you in the 'Lore Discussion' section of the Discord, looking back to past times where I never felt included, among other minute things that I don't remember too well except in fleeting. I talked to others to gather more information, for some fucking reason. I guess I felt like I needed validation. At the time, I didn't really care because I felt like you were one of the 'problems' of Paragon, the wall in the way of progress because it felt like you always wanted to take the stage. But... honestly, I don't think it is. Or if it is, it's minor in comparison to this pervasive attitude problem that people on Paragon have. I looked over my reasons to dislike you, and in the grand scheme of things, they seemed petty and pointless, no reason to hate you, but places to discuss and try and make amends, which is something Paragon seems strangely allergic to. Finding reasons to dislike you seemed pathetic and it's behavior that belongs on the school playground rather than on a roleplay server that is 90% run by and populated by adults. So, I'm sorry I contributed, and I hope you don't think of me any less for it. I realise that one of the issues I want to help fix on Paragon I'm actively contributing to, even if I didn't make it clear that I am to the person until now. I don't intend to steal anyone's thunder, I just want to bring issues to light that should be addressed. And I want to remind everyone else in this thread that, you know, everyone is human. This includes Data Core, Nathaniel, Sage, Jordy, Tass, me, and you. Even if they don't show it, they're affected by what you say. And, crucially, there's the saying 'to err is to be human'. And I'm sure all of you know humanity is stubborn as hell too. So, think about that when you talk to people, maybe? Put yourself in their shoes for once. I don't want to turn this into a preachy post; I want to make an example of myself and hope that others follow suit. But ultimately, that's up to them, not me. I can't force anyone. (it's also 3am so I might sound like a delirious idiot, so apologies for that, too, don't pick me apart pls)
  3. Iristle

    Server Feedback

    We have 3 moderators, and not many of the DMs are active, at least in the sense of actually doing events, or even doing the backed up event requests (If anything, that's a whole other problem right now, but it's not my place to criticize). I don't think the staff population is the problem, but rather what they're doing, or not doing with their role. The onus is on -all- of us, and I know I'm just part of this problem. Paragon has this big problem with people not being proactive. I like the people in this community, there's a lot of great faces out there that offer great RP, the problem is nobody really pushes to encourage it out of events, and that's my biggest problem with the server right now. On top of that, I cannot accurately describe why but there's this oppressive atmosphere of restriction which makes me afraid to try and be really out there. It comes from the way people speak to each other, the way lore and lorebending is treated, instead of going 'why not', you go 'why'? And, I know that there's been issues in the past where people have hidden stuff from the staff team before to reach end goals that nobody would have allowed or seen coming, and I understand that in that respect you do need to proactively police and have transparency, but fuck man, I don't know how to really deal with the feeling because everyone has merit in the problem. Maybe it's a feeling of 'why bother'. Also, Syth's point is very true. If you don't fit the bill for what the server currently offers, you're basically SoL for consistent RP - Which the server doesn't really have anyway, I don't count consistent events as RP because, to me, they barely feel like roleplay anyway (In their current state, it's like you go to something, do something vaguely attack based for a couple rounds and win anyway; there's no player agency, I can't even fucking tank a boss because it's all roll determined to hit random people, where's the threat, the picking off of key targets?) not like I can easily show up to them half the time, which I've made clear multiple times. Personally, I would focus on encouraging roleplay outside of the current bill. Maybe give people IC money or incentives (You're moderators, so it's up to your discretion) to start businesses, create hubs, markets, taverns, questgivers, anything to encourage more social RP and contact making. But maybe I'm just full of crap, I dunno. Talking to other people has made me wonder if Paragon is just simply not what I'm looking for out of roleplay because other people seem relatively fine with the current climate, even if they know there's problems with Paragon too. But it sucks to feel left out just because of circumstance.
  4. Valeris Lestoire, Nightborne Explorer/Spellbow -Staying in Booty Bay waiting for news on potential new jobs. -Seeking new and interesting journeys and adventures to take her all across Azeroth. -Looking for new and unique species to document and draw to show her 'Friends back in Suramar'. Sinari Skywatcher, Knight Lord of the Blood Knights. -Recovering mentally and physically from events on the Broken Shore. -Seeking reparations from someone (May be the Burning Legion, may be someone else) for the troops she lost on the Broken Shore. -Considering retiring once the Legion threat is extinguished from Azeroth. Druna, Orc Shaman -Helping out on the Broken Shore or wherever needed as both her duty to the Earthen Ring, as well as her own desire to see the Legion defeated. -Considering pursuing a pilgrimage to Outland to see if the tales of the Naaru in Oshu'gun are really true, as well as potentially speak to the spirits of her dead Clan, the Whiteclaws.
  5. I just say that because if someone has a problem with what -I'm- saying, I don't want it to interfere with the thread at hand. If they deem it necessary to be discussed on the public forum, that's also fine. I'm just reminding people that that avenue is there should someone feel it is necessary.
  6. I'm not trying to sound ungrateful. I feel like people have quickly lost the spirit of this thread, which is just to try and collect information about how the server feels without pointing fingers. The more people attack one another, and I'm not pointing fingers at anyone when I say that, the less we forget about improving the server and more have it turn to trampling on someone else because we don't like what they did. Yes, people are upset, because someone always fucking is, but goddamn can we try to get some constructive opinions going for once? I'll be honest, I asked these questions originally because I was having my own doubts about the server. Two years away and it still feels like the server struggles with something crucial, and I can't pinpoint exactly what it is. The people, the desire is still there, we just need to coax it out rather than jabbing away. And I'm sorry, LNB, if you feel like this. I'm not omnipotent, nor is anyone on this server. I just wanted to know how everyone else feels so I feel more confident about trying to make changes. Please, remain civil. If you can't write anything kind about someone in this thread, please rethink it. I am not looking to turn this into yet another thread where someone is bashing someone else. And, if you have an issue with what I have said, please DM me over on Discord rather than cluttering up the thread.
  7. She was Knight-Lord while you were still here you nerd. Also, please refrain from shitposting in this thread. I want to keep it solely for opinions and discussion.
  8. I'm still here because I've made friends with a lot of people. The features are also a great plus. My biggest qualms right now is I feel like there isn't much of a consistent player-base outside of events, which I feel hampers getting good story-lines going that aren't based entirely around events, and doesn't really encourage organic, improvised roleplay, which is what I personally love the most. Sometimes the best stories can come out of something that was entirely unplanned and that is what I stay on Paragon for, to help facilitate and tell good stories. I'm not here to rag on the events. Some of them are -great-, but I feel like the communities reliance on events stagnates unique roleplay. And I also understand that that is honestly what some people are here for, to go to events to fight big monsters in a roleplay setting. And, of course, it is, at the end of the day, just my opinion. I have my own ideas about trying to help bring people out of event reliance that I may or may not suggest or try in the near future. And that is also why I wanted to field this poll, to get an idea for where the greater Paragon population sits on their own opinions rather than complaining in the mall about another 2pm event I can't attend. (It also totally feels that it may be interpreted that this is just a long way around me complaining about events, but, interpret it your own way, just please don't hurt me :( ) (I also realise there are some options I could've added to the polls on a second think over but some people have already voted so oooops. That'll be for WKOSDYSPTB 2: Electric Boogaloo )
  9. So, I've been pondering along with some other people on the server lately. I feel like the identity of Paragon kind of sits between states at this moment, with some people expecting one thing from the server, and others expecting other things. Which is why I wanted to pose the question to the rest of you guys to get a gauge of where the majority of the active player-base sits in terms of their thoughts on the server. This is simply out of curiosity, and can also help provide some considerations to others about where Paragon may actually lie compared to their thoughts of it. But none of it should be taken as gospel, just collecting opinions. There's four questions, all multiple choice. I tried to field the best answers for it but, I'm only one person so if you have any suggestions for points to add, please let me know. The poll is also anonymous so nobody feels called out by their choices, although if you want to reveal your answers and explain why you chose them, then that would be mightily appreciated. I'll leave my own opinions for a separate post down below so I don't clutter up this one. Thanks for your time, and please be civil. Think and proof-read before you post. PLEASE NO SHITPOSTING. THIS THREAD IS MEANT FOR MEANINGFUL DISCUSSION
  10. Excuse me, I think you mean Sinari and Sariel.
  11. I would be so down for this, if you don't start in the next two weeks. I'm going on holiday :(
  12. Like I told ya, I'll be throwing Druna into the fray, might as well get something for the old wumman to do. She's been observing the comet with her own eyes, with the idea that the comet is the sign of an ill omen and that some serious shit is going to go down when it gets closer.
  13. Iristle

    The Firelands

    Funny, but probably gonna bite us in the ass later. :(