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  1. we have to get an inactive, second copy of paragon for WMV to work that's how ive done it myself to make it work alongside paragon
  3. did people forget caretaker events
  4. there is a very huge flaw regarding this way of getting a cloud serpent how do i get one if i role play a frog
  5. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 3D ROTATION wanted that stuff for AGES before
  6. Tiny? Really? I gave up on building for the past few days just because it was incredibly tedious and heartbreaking to find the interior I was working, along with the PREVIOUS ones I completed ALL getting messed up because of a single crash. That means for every crash, I had to not only fix the interior I may have spent around an hour on for one section, but also go back to fix missing chairs, turned tables, and a BUNCH of different phased objects because they were being shoved into the main phase or just buggy in one way or another -- combine that with all the other interiors I finished, and possibly every other builder. And you call this TINY?
  7. fuck you, ok? :( Not like you could attend DC'ing every 5 minutes.