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  1. God tier: goblins, bronzebeard dwarves Good tier: blood elves, gurubashi trolls, zandalari trolls, dark iron dwarves, orcs Okay tier: undead, night elves, tauren, wildhammer dwarves, other flavors of troll Whatever tier: humans Shit tier: worgen, any other elves, all flavors of draenei, pandaren, all other furry races Gnome tier: gnomes
  2. trigger warning (curse words) Back on topic: Firstly, I like the idea of a council of player characters in charge of a class hall. I believe it to be in spirit of Legion and gives more people the opportunity to feel relevant and cool in the grand scheme of things. The concerning part is how are we going to set the bar of who gets to be on the council on a freeform roleplay server with no tangible statistics to measure a character's power and worth with. I'm certain everyone sees the inherent fault in a popular vote, first-come-first-serve approach or 'pass this trial' event. Secondly, I am all for custom player artifacts as opposed to granting player characters the "honor" to wield these utterly pathetic shiny lore-baubles that Blizzard undoubtedly came up with the day before they released the game. I would take ParagonBozo#243's 'N00B 514Y3R' over Ashbringer at this point, at least this way we could mock him in character repeatedly, whereas it would be extremely difficult to find and then convey to Magni Bronzebeard exactly how -fucking retarded- the Ashbringer looks. My suggestion on how to differentiate regular powerful magic items from these artifacts, each unique in their respective regard, is to limit the amount of artifacts per player, causing the player to pick one (or more, just bear with me on this one) character of theirs that essentially is crowned main, and they only get to wield one (or more, I don't fucking know what exact number you guys want okay) artifact/artifact pair of weapons that is then anointed by their respective class hall, and recorded into a Cool List of Cool Artifacts That We're Going to Kick Serious Ass With (maybe this could be a thread on the forums even, people could write a concise little blurb for their little toy, isn't that rad). If recognition alone is not enough for a magical thingamabob to be considered an artifact, they could even get some neato additional effect, maybe. Balancing the extra effect could be difficult.
  3. I hope y'all ready for the king of thieves with some snazzy shanks.
  4. we grind daily quests of course.
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    Sons of Uther

    do you have very cool things..
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    Sons of Uther

    could sul join this..
  7. Sion support, Volibear jungle and Zyra mid/support. - Am I cancer or?
  8. Can you? - With minimal effort, yes. Will it make your character a giant snowflake? - Absolutely.
  9. little did the commies know, Casimir "Hostage-Killer" Watsiro had set them a trap..
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    Rate the Sig above.

    a serious lackaje in the signatureaje department;garbage aesthetics/10 - IGN
  11. hot midget sucks and fucks
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    paragon VIRGIN!

    people that claim that fucking in water is a bad time, have never fucked in water.
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    kick this off with my favorite.
  14. le ebin 4chin maymays, /b/ro! ! NewFags Can't Triforce AmiRite!? â–² â–² â–²
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    this isn't a gun don't diss mai raifu.
  16. can I apply for an AU variant of SOMEONE ELSE'S CHARACTER???
  17. 1. People often complain when things don't go their way. What do you think is the cause of this? 90% of the community plays to enjoy a power fantasy. It's not a power fantasy if they can't get off on how cool they look by shoving everyone's shit in. Others don't like it because they've 'progressed' their character for an eternity, and don't want all their hard effort to go to waste. Hence I think that completely abolishing the need for class/race applications COULD help alleviate this, since POWER would matter a lot less than the connections you've made and how your character has grown as an individual. 2. The niche that 'evil' rp occupies is small, and it's only getting smaller. Do you agree or disagree? Why do you think so? They're very bland, a very uninteresting and blatant type of 'Stupid Evil'. Also seeing how this is a noblebright setting, most people that get involved with it, tend to indulge in their power fantasy by being the Super Cool Hero that crushes all the Stupid Evil. 3. What kind of goal do you 'aim' for in a conflict? Complete and utter domination of your opponents? Entirely depends on the character, some are more compromising than others. I always prefer not to slay PC enemies OOCly, it ruins someone else's fun, and effectively ends whatever story could've spun out of allowing the conflict to persist. 4. As a follow-up to the above question, why? Shit, uhh.. I'll just .. I always prefer not to slay PC enemies OOCly, it ruins someone else's fun, and effectively ends whatever story could've spun out of allowing the conflict to persist. - There's less issue with NPCs since they're essentially plot devices.
  18. yeah i've come across various incarnations of the living graveyard monster, they're super rad to behold.
  19. it only works if you're not a dumbo.