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  1. If the druid, by personal choice, is a vegetarian? No.


    Otherwise absolutely nothing forbids the druid from eating meat or doing absolutely horrible, horrible things.





    Have you seen nature? It's a fucked up place.



  2. Lots of valid points from Sorel' date=' Saiyuu, etcetra.


    You may be trying to purely add variety, rather than increase the strength of the class overall, but some really dumb things have been done with good intentions in mind, and overall any sort of new custom patterns you add would likely be so heavily policed/criticized by the community they'd come out weaker than the current patterns.


    One thing I'd like to reiterate just like everyone else, though, and add a point on top. Everyone who plays a runemaster seems to think they're Goku, flying around at mach speed, throwing kienzan destructo discs, ki blasts, etcetra. But they're not, it's only in their head and they only get away with it if you let them and don't report that shit.



    sort of like people play mages..


    with BLINKING around, casting with perfect concentration while being mauled by vicious grizzly bears..