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  1. Wait' date=' how would that work? Aren't the ley lines made purely of Arcane? How would a divine spellcaster use this? <_<




    Simple answer? They're not purely arcane. They're just pure energy.

  2. KB7gNm.png


    You enter the dark smoky room, illuminated by candlelight, and stumble into a round table with five vacant seats gathered around it, the sixth already occupied. Before you sits a brightly-colored sagely man with the head of a bird, beckoning you to join him. After a brief while, the seats have been filled with other curious folk and the arakkoa flips open the thick tome before him, whispering:"Once upon a time.."






    OOC: Magical storytelling session where your characters shape the interactive story. The IC location of the room is in nearby Booty Bay, where the participants might have picked up on the fliers across the town promoting a 'One of a kind experience' in a hut at the outskirts.




    First story:



    Summaries going to appear in the THREAD.


    First reading: Chapter 1 (Completed)


    Second reading: Chapter 1 (Completed)/ Chapter 2 (Completed)