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  1. Personally' date=' aside from using the excuse of the Old Gods/Saronite/Anything magical corrupting your mind, none of you really can really say what causes people to go mad. It could be any of what you're discussing or none of them. As far as I know, insanity exists as an excuse for people to create 2edgy5u characters or to incorporate the OOC desire to do stupid shit IC.






    clearly you've got a Ph.D.




    not like people go mad irl for various reasons.



  2. Well yeah. I consider a flying machine filled with rocket launchers ready to rapidly bombard a field with missiles little too much to allow just anybody to have.


    Yeah I took care of that with the guy in question.


    I questioned him over it and he said he just got caught up in the moment and that the vehicle isn't that decked out.





    This shit is a mini-army on it's own.

  3. Before everyone disregards my post and just goes "lel, sula's just castle's friend", allow me to emphasis the fact that I'm writing this response while having read all the posts above me thoroughly.



    Firstly, I'd like to clarify that I agree with Castle on this matter, although I find that the biggest problem to be that Tassarah is unable to accept her mistakes. As I read through her response, I had found evidence on Castle's claim that Tassarah has a problem with redirecting arguments instead of actually attempting to resolve them as well.





    Moving onto the actual character.


    The points which I'd like to bring out are following:



    1) Although I too haven't done intensive research about Tassarah's or Boost's character, I think it's safe to state that high magisters should not be taking part of such rituals considering their status and respect that comes with it within their own society, an action like that would be considered treason and Alythas would be branded a traitor nevertheless.


    Where's the sense of duty towards her own people which should come before her own needs?



    2) If Tassarah's character whom happens to be a sin'dorei radical, wouldn't the purification process of a blood elf from fel seem even remotely insulting to her? If one of her own kinsmen views himself as an abomination and is bold enough to ask his close friend to aid him in his quest to sever his bonds with his culture and people, wouldn't that contradict everything she stands for?


    The fact that Siurocko is a member of the Argent Crusade makes the whole situation only worse in my opinion, it's like she's trying to cause political turmoil between the Horde, the Alliance and the Argents by deciding to meddle with a member of a neutral faction while being a high ranking representative of one of the two major factions that wage war between each other in Azeroth.





    tl;dr I agree with Castle, Tassarah has problems with accepting her mistakes, is proned to redirect arguments against her opposition instead of working to solve the problem and Alythas' actions as a character seem to be executed without applying any sort of logic.

  4. KgokuL.png


    "Engineering a Better Tomorrow."






    One of the most fabled engineering and merchantile guilds on Azeroth, led by the infamous technomage Devon Gray, whom started his business from scratch, vendoring guns and gadgets as a travelling merchant before getting his big break. Being a cunning businessman, he sought audience with the Steamwheedle Cartel, labeling himself as a neutral party and gaining access to trade-routes all across the world.


    Behind the wealth and fame, Devon’s first priority is to master technology to the highest degree, seeking promising followers that share his vision of an augmented future, acting to them as a mentor and a teacher. The pursuit of knowledge has lead Gray Industries to research new power sources aswell as reverse engineering alien technologies for it’s own benefit.






    Across Azeroth, in every Steamwheedle city, there are found several posters in each town seeking employees for the Gray Industries. The poster mentions the lack of racial restriction as well as promotes the peculiarity of one’s craft. In every town it directs you to a Gray Industries owned shop where the local shopkeepers sign you up for an audience with the Engineseer.


    They send you off with a ticket which has a certain number on it which is required upon your entering to Arathi Highlands, where Gray Industries officials escort you to the underground Headquarters where you’re supposed to meet your employer.







    Engineseer ( The title of the man in charge of Gray Industries ):


    Devon Gray



    Department Manager ( Person in charge of managing a certain department ):

    Personnel manager: Khueficia - Active

    Vehicle department manager: Gazz – Active

    Gadgetry department manager: n/a

    Bionics department manager: Buzzsaw – Active

    Merchantile department manager: Lavern - active

    Research and Theory department manager: n/a


    Occupied positions: (3/6)





    Specialist ( Members that have shown great skill in their craft, often are given more important tasks):



    Adept ( The regular folk at Gray Industries, work in the laboratory mostly) :


    Khulfasta - MIA

    Zaxrit Cogsteal - Deceased

    Erich Volkherz - Active



    Novice (New members that haven’t found their place within the guild yet):


    Wyrm – MIA

    Rylen - Active ( Hobgoblin bodyguard )






    - Every race is accepted with the prequisite of being neutral.

    - The hostility between guild members to the point of killing them is forbidden. (Maiming and such is allowed yet punished)

    - Members must remain loyal to the guild. Upon wishing to defect, it’s mandatory to consult with the Engineseer. Otherwise the member will be branded a traitor and hunted down.

    - The hierarchy of the guild has been established for a reason, insubordination will be punished.


    Other than that, I’m hoping to start a fun guild for anyone even remotely associated with engineering or alchemy, a way to progress one’s character and just have a great time while roleplaying in general.









    EDIT:A new department has been added to those whom wish to combine alchemy with engineering or are simply too frail to deal with the physical aspect of being an engineer and are bound to focus solely on research and inventing






    Gray Industries Pricelist:

    Found in every major town in Azeroth.


    ( Manuals –NOT- inlcluded with the purchase. )





    - Flintlocks:


    - Pistol 5 silver

    (Triple barrel) 15 silver

    Blunderbuss 15 silver

    Rifle 15 silver

    Musket 10 silver

    Longrifle 20 silver




    Pistol ( Single shot ) 80 silver

    Revolver ( Multiple shot ) (.357 cal) 1 gold

    Blunderbuss 1 gold

    Rifle 1 gold

    Longrifle 1,3 gold

    Rotary Cannon machinegun 2 gold




    - Needle fire:



    GINFR D22 „Ladysmith†(.22 cal) 3,5 gold

    GINFR D35 „Peacemaker†(.357 cal ) 4 gold

    GINFR D45 „Dragoon†(.45 cal ) 4,5 gold

    GINFR D60 „Wrath†(.60 cal) 5,5 gold



    - Bolt action:



    GINR SR5 „Mousetrap†(.303 cal) 4 gold

    GINR AM6 „Timberwolf†(.50 cal) 6 gold

    - Boxlock shotgun

    GIBL SB „Hovel†(.12 ga ) 3,5 gold

    GIBL MB2 „Caravan†(.12 ga ) 4 gold



    - Lever action:



    GILS W12 „Cougar†(.12 ga ) 5 gold



    GILR Q12 „Tyrant†(.40 cal ) 5 gold



    - Pump action:



    GINS W12 „Vulgar†(.12 gauge) 7 gold




    - Gas operated:



    - Semi-automatic:



    GIGR M8 „Autumn†(.308 cal) 6 gold

    GIGR BG5 „Fable†(.585 cal ) 9 gold



    GISP Q6 „Sap†(0.35 cal ) 3 gold

    GISP Q7 „Hound†(.45 cal ) 4 gold

    GISP AP7 „Titan†(.50 cal ) 5 gold



    Sniper Rifle


    GIGS SR1 „Fox†(.22 cal ) 4 gold

    The gun fills a design gap between the more powerful small-game rifles and the less powerful rimfire firearms, being covered all over in polished wood with a medium-length barrel emerging to the surface from the firing mechanism area of the chamber, showing the path of the projectile on the rifle.


    GIGS SR2 „Dragonhawk†(.303 cal ) 6 gold

    A sleek, long rifle with a bright wooden handgrip and stock. Excellent in dire weather conditions due to the simplistic construction, being the perfect rifle for even least skilled at stripping firearms.


    GIGS AMR10 „Basilisk†(.50 cal) 9 gold

    Stocky, heavy and long – these are the most fitting words to describe the precision-shooting rifle that packs the biggest punch. Due to it’s weight, it comes with a bipod and is usually shot from a laying position. The chamber blends in with the broad, with a small opening at the end for the hand to rest in order to prevent it dislocating the wielder’s shoulder, stock monotonously on the upper side, the propulsion system being enveloped in it’s thick steel cover. At the end of the long barrel, a wide blocky muzzle can be found, monstrous when compared to any other rifle. The rifle is fed through a 5 round detachable box magazine.




    - Automatic firearm:


    Submachine gun


    GIAF 5000 „Spitfire†( .45 cal ) 10 gold

    A simplistic semi automatic pistol turned into a stubby fully automatic machinegun. Upon it’s thin, gunmetal , cuboid chamber, rests a pair of iron sights, the front and rear, a wooden stock providing support as the redwood grip allows a person to wield it. The barrel, is in essence, a thin, rifled pipe with the signs of rifling protruding to the surface. Attached to the latter, is a sturdy broad wooden grip with a shallow canal leading across it’s side to provide better grip for the fingers. The gun draws it’s projectiles from it’s 50 round drum magazine, attached into the lower side of the chamber, right next to the trigger guard which stands near the grip.



    Machine gun


    GIAF 300 „Hailstorm†( .30 cal ) 9 gold

    Heavy belt-fed water-cooled gunmetal machinegun with the autofeed mechanism built into the slim yet tall chamber, the barrel support and the barrel itself being hidden into the thick cylindrical water jacket, the water plug residing ontop of the jacket, slightly ahead of the belt feed slide. The polished wooden grip rests at the operator end of the gun, right at the back-side of the chamber.


    Due to it’s weight, the machinegun is regularly used with an attached tripod, the position being adjustable due to the cradle and the traversing dial.






    Alternative Ranged Weaponry:



    - Short Range:



    Dragon Gun (Flamethrower) 3 gold

    A thin pipe ending with an ornamented head of a dragon, the flames emerging from it’s mouth. The gun is traditionally lead painted. At the end of the operator-held pipe, rests a trigger which allows the combustible phlogiston to seep into the barrel where it’ll meet the lit ‚tongue’ of the dragon which sets the substance ablaze as it spews forth in a 10 foot cone, the flames reaching up to 30 feet.



    Wrist Mounted Caplock Pistol (Concealed weapon) 1,5 gold

    A small caplock pistol attached to the bottom side of the wrist with a leather strap, ideal for striking unaware targets. The trigger protrudes from the mechanism, into the palm allowing the wielder to squeeze it with his ring finger in order to subtly discharge the round.



    Wrist Mounted Dart Launcher (Concealed weapon) ( Custom made ) 3 gold

    Using the needle fire mechanism, the dart launcher is attached to the lower side of the wrist with a leather strap, filled with a liquid substance of the wielder’s choosing. The trigger protrudes from the mechanism and reaches into the palm where the wielder may squeeze the trigger with his ring finger in order to subtly discharge the projectile with only a faint click to be heard.



    GISB v1 „Typhoon†( Custom made ) 6 gold

    A short, ellipse-shaped blunderbussesque gun that has a speaker at the front. Shoots dense sonic waves in a 10 foot cone( the maximum reach of the projectile being 30 feet ) which can deafen the foe temporarily upon impact. The untangible projectiles are capable of propelling 375 pounds of weight in 10 feet along the projectile’s vector. Upon discharging, the gun emits a loud noise. The dense chaos energy particles that carry the sonic wave with them slightly distort light, making the approaching cone visible. The gun is capable producing 4 shots before needing 12 seconds to restore it’s power.



    GIRC EP10 „Buzzer†1 gold

    A jet black gun with a yellow cartridge loaded into it’s muzzle for each fire sequence, a trending pistol among the bruisers of goblin towns due to it’s availability and low cost. This gun discharges a pair of high-velocity darts attached to metal cords which reach back into the pistol’s barrel. Upon penetrating the skin, the user may choose to hold down the trigger button in order to send an adjustable result of 80 to 250 kV of electricity. The Buzzer disrupts the signal from the brain to the muscles, causing the assailant to drop -trying to remember how to use his arms and legs.


    GIRC NG5 „Birdcatcher†1 gold

    A seemingly short steel pipe with a foldable stock and a trigger which unleashes a weighted net onto the victim from a short distance. Nets for bigger of smaller creatures sold separately.




    - Medium Range:


    Hand Mounted Crossbow: 1 gold

    A small crossbow mounted upon the forearm with retractable limbs that are sprung forth by squeezing the trigger which is located at the palm along with the stirrup.



    GIEG M1 „Prickle†( Custom made ) 10 gold

    Silvery, medium sized laser rifle with a forked muzzle, a bright glow on the chamber indicating that it works on a chaos energy generator that fires thick white beams of disintegrating energy that destroy matter in a five centimeter diameter of a sphere upon impact. Melts metal up to steel without any reduction to the power. Mithril reduces the diameter of the blast to 4 centimeters, any metal past mithril reduces it to 2 centimeters. The ray also affects objects constructed entirely out of force, creating a 5 foot hole upon a successful impact. Becomes unaccurate at long range.



    Long range:

    Compound Bow: 1,5 gold

    A reverse-arched longbow made from mithril and possessing a sturdy leather grip. Doubles the strength of impact of a regular longbow. Customizable by a variety of different addons offered by the Gray Industries shops.



    High Powered Crossbow: 2,5 gold

    An impact resistant crossbow composed out of alchemically tempered glass and covered in rubber that equals the power and the distance behind a heavy crossbow with weighing and being large half as much while having retractable limbs and being fully customizable through a variety of different addons. Silent killer.












    Common gunpowder without any special properties.

    Horn (2 pounds) 5 silver

    Keg ( 15 pounds) 37,5 silver



    Propels the projectile at a higher velocity.

    Horn 15 silver

    Keg 1 gold 12,5 silver



    Gunpowder tempered with an alchemical mixture that prevents it from getting wet, due to it’s magical nature, the weapon firing the projectile will be treated as a magic weapon.

    Horn 1 gold 13 silver

    Keg 16 gold 95 silver







    Stick 25 silver

    Bundle (x5) 1 gold






    Hand Grenade 40 silver

    „Pineapple†45 silver

    Ironshell Fragmentation Bomb 30 silver

    Stick 45 silver

    Stun 50 silver

    Incendiary 60 silver

    Smoke 35 silver

    Gas 60 silver

    GIAE CE1 „Broom†10 gold

    An intricate version of the regular hand grenade with the differences being that it’s silvery, riddled with cords and having a single danger meter indicating which springs to the „MAX†upon detonation, which uses chaos energy to explode after three seconds of pulling the pin, disintegrating matter completely in a radius of 1 meter, potential disintegration the following 0.5 meters ( If you’re wearing dragonscale, crystallized mana, any metal above or on par adamantium you may choose to resist the effects if you’re fully shielded at this distance.) along with the risk of heavily melting anything on par or weaker than mithril up to 1 meter from the original absolute-disintegration zone. Upon colliding with arcane barrires, the grenade shreds a 5 meters in radius of a hole.



    Satchel Charge: ( Detonator explosives )


    Dynamite 2 gold

    Seaforium 5 gold

    GIAE CE2 „Eraser†15 gold

    Carefully encased into a small steel box, which has a rectangle-shaped danger indicatior on it, next to a timer, with a set of two buttons, allowing the user to set the timer for detonation instead of choosing to detonate it personally.

    The „Eraser†is similar to the „Broom†in ways of disintegrating matter in it’s wake, the „Eraser†being a great deal more efficient at what it does, having an absolute disintegration-rate at the large –radius area of 1,5 meters and a potential disintegration radius at the following 0.5 . The radius of the melting due to the immense heat generated by abundantly trapped chaos particles would shadow over the following single meter.



    Land mine:


    Anti-personnel 50 silver

    Tripwire Anti-personnel 55 silver

    Cloaked Anti-personnel 90 silver

    Similar to the regular anti-personnel landmine with the only difference being the switch which allows the user to hide it with a cloaking device, after being turned on, the switch becomes useless.


    Anti-vehicle 70 silver






    Grenade Launcher:


    GIGL M8 „Thumper†(40x46mm) 6 gold

    Single shot, top break special ammunition grenade launcher with a wooden stock resting against the single large barrel and the firing mechanism. The launcher is relatively silent, producing only a faint thumping sound upon discharge. Has a leaf iron sight, dangerous at close range yet keeps it’s accuracy intact at long range. Grenades detonate upon impact.


    GIMGL Q4 „Abaddon†(40x46mm) 12 gold

    Four-shot, drum magazine fed special ammunition using semi-automatic grenade launcher with an alchemically tempered glass covered with rubber used for a stock and chamber, the drum and the wide barrel being made from steel. Like it’s single-shot relative, produces only a faint thumping sound, being relatively silent when it comes to firing. Comes with a default rifle-like pair of iron sights yet customizable with different addons from the Gray Industries shop, very dangerous at a close range yet keeps it’s accuracy intact at longer range. Grenades detonate upon impact.



    Rocket Launcher:


    GIRPG V1 „Gryphon†( 85 mm) 6 gold

    A slim pipe with a grip and a trigger resting at the mid-section, the exhaust being on the opposite end of the projectile side, facing away from the operator with a cone. Uses special rockets attached to the end which the operator sees upon discharging. Makes a loud, echoing noise as it’s fired, becomes very dangerous to the user at a close range, best suited for medium range as the projectile begins to heavily waver beyond that.


    GIRPG V4 „Flock†(66 mm) 12 gold

    A bulky black yet a lengthy box which has a stocky grip at the bottom with a thin spherical optic crosshair attached to the side. It’s capable of discharging four 66mm rockets at a semi-automatic rate of fire before needing a reload of ammunition through the back end, through the exhausts.



    (60 mm ) 2 gold

    (81 mm ) 5 gold

    (120 mm) 8 gold





    ( Sold in boxes )





    Soft lead bullet - conical-cylindrical soft lead bullet, slightly smaller than the intended firearm barrel's bore, with four exterior grease-filled grooves and a conical hollow in its base. Intended for muzzle-loading firearms such as flintlocks and caplocks.


    Centerfire cartridge - The identifying feature of centerfire ammunition is the primer—a metal cup containing a primary explosive inserted into a recess in the center of the base of the cartridge. The firearm firing pin crushes this explosive between the cup and an anvil to produce hot gas and a shower of incandescent particles to ignite the powder charge.



    Bullet types:


    Magnum – Similar to a standard pistol round yet elongated to increase powder capacity in order to improve range and velocity. ( Used mainly for revolvers )


    Hollowpoint – a hollow space resides in the nose of the bullet, causing the bullet to extend on impact. Used for unarmored targets to further the tissue-damage, relatively uneffective against armored targets due to crippled penetration power.


    Jacketed lead - Bullets intended for even higher-velocity applications generally have a lead core that is jacketed or plated with gilding metal, a thin layer of harder metal protects the softer lead core when the bullet is passing through the barrel and during flight, which allows delivering the bullet intact to the target. There, the heavy lead core delivers its kinetic energy to the target.


    Blank - Wax, paper and other materials are used to simulate live gunfire and are intended only to hold the powder in a blank cartridge and to produce noise, flame and smoke.


    Incendiary - These bullets are made with an explosive or flammable mixture in the tip that is designed to ignite on contact with a target. The intent is to ignite fuel or munitions in the target area, thereby adding to the destructive power of the bullet itself.


    Explosive - Similar to the incendiary bullet, this type of projectile is designed to explode upon hitting a hard surface, preferably the bone of the intended target. Not to be mistaken for cannon shells or grenades with fuse devices, these bullets have only a cavity filled with a small amount of low explosive depending on the velocity and deformation upon impact to detonate.


    Armor piercing – Jacketed designs where the core material is a very hard, high-density metal ( for example: steel ) . A pointed tip is often used, but a flat tip on the penetrator portion is generally more effective





    Lead ball (.44 cal) (x 100 ) 5 Silver

    Soft lead bullet ( Paper cartridge ) (.58 cal) ( x 50 ) 7 Silver



    Brass case:

    Centerfire cartridge:



    Revolver, Rifle: ( Magnum )


    .22 ( x50 )

    Lead 10 Silver



    Lead 10 Silver 10 copper

    Jacketed Lead 10 Silver 15 Copper

    Blank 80 Copper


    .45 (x40 )

    Lead 10 Silver 25 Copper

    Jacketed Lead 10 Silver 30 Copper

    Incendiary 10 Silver 35 Copper

    Exploding 10 Silver 40 Copper

    Hollowpoint 10 Silver 30 Copper


    .60 (x 30 )

    Lead 10 Silver 40 Copper

    Jacketed Lead 10 Silver 45 Copper

    Incendiary 10 Silver 50 Copper

    Exploding 10 Silver 55 Copper

    Hollowpoint 10 Silver 45 Copper




    Rifle, Machinegun: ( Spitzer )


    .22 ( x100 )

    Lead 10 Silver 10 Copper


    .30 (x 50 )

    Lead 10 Silver 15 Copper

    Jacketed 10 Silver 20 Copper

    Armor piercing 10 Silver 40 Copper


    .303 (x 50 )

    Lead 10 Silver 16 Copper

    Jacketed lead 10 Silver 18 Copper

    Incendiary 10 Silver 24 Copper

    Exploding 10 Silver 30 Copper

    Armor piercing 10 Silver 36 Copper

    Hollowpoint 10 Silver 18 Copper


    .308 ( x50 )

    Lead 10 Silver 18 Copper

    Jacketed lead 10 Silver 20 Copper

    Incendiary 10 Silver 26 Copper

    Exploding 10 Silver 32 Copper

    Armor piercing 10 Silver 38 Copper

    Hollowpoint 10 Silver 20 Copper


    .40 ( x40 )

    Lead 10 Silver 30 Copper

    Jacketed lead 10 Silver 35 Copper

    Incendiary 10 Silver 40 Copper

    Exploding 10 Silver 45 Copper

    Armor piercing 10 Silver 50 Copper

    Hollowpoint 10 Silver 35 Copper


    .50 (x30 )

    Lead 10 Silver 40 Copper

    Jacketed lead 10 Silver 45 Copper

    Incendiary 10 Silver 50 Copper

    Exploding 10 Silver 55 Copper

    Armor piercing 10 Silver 60 Copper

    Hollowpoint 10 Silver 45 Copper


    .585 (x20 )

    Lead 10 Silver 45 Copper

    Jacketed lead 10 Silver 50 Copper

    Incendiary 10 Silver 55 Copper

    Exploding 10 Silver 60 Copper

    Armor piercing 10 Silver 65 Copper



    Pistols, Submachine gun: ( Roundnose )


    .35 ( x 100 )

    Lead 10 Silver

    Jacketed lead 10 Silver 5 Copper

    Hollowpoint 10 Silver 5 Copper

    Blank 80 Copper


    .45 (x 50 )

    Lead 10 Silver 5 Copper

    Jacketed lead 10 Silver 10 Copper

    Hollowpoint 10 Silver 10 Copper

    Blank 90 Copper


    .50 ( x 30 )

    Lead 10 Silver 20 Copper

    Jacketed lead 10 Silver 25 Copper

    Hollowpoint 10 Silver 30 Copper



    Shotgun: ( Shell )


    .12 ga ( x20 )

    Birdshot ( 77 pellets, 0.190†each ) 10 Silver 40 Copper

    #4 Buckshot (27 pellets, 0.240†each ) 10 Silver 40 Copper

    00 Buckshot (9 pellets, 0.330†each ) 10 Silver 40 Copper

    Slug ( 1 ounce slug, .729 caliber ) 10 Silver 45 Copper



    Propelled Grenade:

    40x46mm 10 Silver 60 Copper ( x3)

    85mm 10 Silver 70 Copper (x 3)


    Mortar shell:

    60mm 10 Silver 60 Copper (x3 )

    81mm 10 Silver 70 Copper (x3 )

    120mm 20 Silver (x3)