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  1. Thanks for clearing things up for me although it just makes it seem that people create really shallow characters if they feel the need to lable the losses and negative experiences under a new category in that manner. Well, the 'progression' units which I see people bicker about really often just gets my knickers in a twist as I've seen folks often go out of their way to aquire it through any means possible. They seem to forget their characters along the way just to amass more power, frequently lacking any depth and maturity which should follow with the might as well as being generally unaware of how thing really function.

  2. The guild is fully inactive until further notice.


    Any members that had their character in the guild may ICly continue referring to themselves as employees in order for them to continue progressing as it wont cease existing, I'm just taking a break with Devon.











    But' date=' let's say, I have been on other rping servers before. I have had several characters of high ranking, like archmage, and then I jump to another server and the people there tell me: You are not progressed enough, therefore you can't play archmage. Well... Why would I had two archmages before if I didn't know how to play one? That's where this progression system kind of fails, to those who are skilled at rping, have done it before and knows how it works, being told that they have to spend more time, months, even a year, being idle with a less powerful character because of the time spent on the server. That's no fun.




    Progression system fails because you -know- how to RP an Archmage?


    I don't think you fully understood the meaning of 'progression' at all. It's not about you knowing how to play the class, it's your character becoming experienced enough for something ( for example, the archmage prestige class ).



    But the whole system is really shallow and poorly constructed. When it first was accepted, I had known from day 1 that it'd end up like this, people whom supported the notion before are now against it. Honestly, I just think it's a childisish measure to keep "OP" at bay which ended up with just the veteran players having incredibly powerful characters and the new players forced to roleplay cloth articles.


    Although I must admit that I like that fact that not everyone is something incredibly powerful here, allows the RP to focus more around learning/training than making it look like some 'Clash of the Titans' guild-wars.

  4. I believe that things what makes us human are our personality and our memories, to be simply composed out of flesh shouldn't be the requirement to call yourself one.


    Although I cannot contest that the lingering thought of mortality always has followed our culture where-ever we've managed to dwell and influenced our deeds and actions countless times and even more to come.


    I support transhumanism to the degree where it helps us live our lives to the fullest yet am highly against any attempts at immortality.



    I think I'd vote 'yes'.


    ( Pretty odd coming from a guy that roleplays an undead technomage that's obsessed with immortalizing himself through technology. )

  5. Personally' date=' aside from using the excuse of the Old Gods/Saronite/Anything magical corrupting your mind, none of you really can really say what causes people to go mad. It could be any of what you're discussing or none of them. As far as I know, insanity exists as an excuse for people to create 2edgy5u characters or to incorporate the OOC desire to do stupid shit IC.






    clearly you've got a Ph.D.




    not like people go mad irl for various reasons.



  6. Well yeah. I consider a flying machine filled with rocket launchers ready to rapidly bombard a field with missiles little too much to allow just anybody to have.


    Yeah I took care of that with the guy in question.


    I questioned him over it and he said he just got caught up in the moment and that the vehicle isn't that decked out.





    This shit is a mini-army on it's own.

  7. Before everyone disregards my post and just goes "lel, sula's just castle's friend", allow me to emphasis the fact that I'm writing this response while having read all the posts above me thoroughly.



    Firstly, I'd like to clarify that I agree with Castle on this matter, although I find that the biggest problem to be that Tassarah is unable to accept her mistakes. As I read through her response, I had found evidence on Castle's claim that Tassarah has a problem with redirecting arguments instead of actually attempting to resolve them as well.





    Moving onto the actual character.


    The points which I'd like to bring out are following:



    1) Although I too haven't done intensive research about Tassarah's or Boost's character, I think it's safe to state that high magisters should not be taking part of such rituals considering their status and respect that comes with it within their own society, an action like that would be considered treason and Alythas would be branded a traitor nevertheless.


    Where's the sense of duty towards her own people which should come before her own needs?



    2) If Tassarah's character whom happens to be a sin'dorei radical, wouldn't the purification process of a blood elf from fel seem even remotely insulting to her? If one of her own kinsmen views himself as an abomination and is bold enough to ask his close friend to aid him in his quest to sever his bonds with his culture and people, wouldn't that contradict everything she stands for?


    The fact that Siurocko is a member of the Argent Crusade makes the whole situation only worse in my opinion, it's like she's trying to cause political turmoil between the Horde, the Alliance and the Argents by deciding to meddle with a member of a neutral faction while being a high ranking representative of one of the two major factions that wage war between each other in Azeroth.





    tl;dr I agree with Castle, Tassarah has problems with accepting her mistakes, is proned to redirect arguments against her opposition instead of working to solve the problem and Alythas' actions as a character seem to be executed without applying any sort of logic.