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  1. No rush! I still need to re-learn everything myself.
  2. People have been talking about it a lot in-world, so I went and re-installed it. Vash'ir there's my main, so if anyone else plays on the NA servers, hit me up.
  3. Goddammit, Orochi - you had one fucking job. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spotted_hyena Anyways. Sadly I couldn't attend, had work today. :(
  4. Junkrat


    Assume the position and prepare to say goodbye to your asses, then - I've been practicing and I'm ready to blow up some motherfuckers!
  5. Junkrat


    Don't you be talkin' shit about Ganymede you literal piece of human trash
  6. Junkrat


    US! Then add me fgt
  7. Junkrat


    Bastion is my baby My battletag is Kepora#11944 if any of you buttwipes wanna play EDIT:
  8. They can be Priests, and we've already had two on-server (one of which was mine), so...TL;DR: yeah. it's just very, VERY difficult given the whole latent rage thing. So, TL;DR: what Phoenix said.
  9. For Saopha, and not Bahiko? :P
  10. The idea is that only the extremely wealthy and/or technologically-adept individuals could actually afford their own screens; radios/buzzboxes, however, are also a viable alternative. For actual screens, the plan is to branch out to tech hot spots - Tinker Town, Gadgetzan, etc., where they'd likely be housed at taverns/inns where people can gather around during the Gnews or whatever programming they may desire. Inns would most likely agree to this due to the fact that 1: G4 would pay for installation, and 2: it would mean more people, which means more food and drink, which means more income.
  11. (Alternatively, if you're interested, you can post in this thread adn/or IM me!)
  12. "Come on, you..." The hatch wouldn't open. "Stubborn..." Old metal groaned and strained, salt-corroded mechanisms nosily grinding. "Piece...of..." The groaning and horrible rust-on-rust scraping only worsened. "FRUITCAKE!" With that final...ahem..."curse", the old bulkhead finally gave way and opened. The young adult on the other side - a female Worgen - coughed and gagged a bit at the smell from inside the old submarine, shaking her head. "WHEW! Amazing what just three years can do to a ship, huh?" She says with a small chuckle. "That'll be it Clarence, Fizzle. Give 'er a quick pull towards shallow water and we'll be done; got your payment ready." She pulls out a flashlight as she enters the ship. it was musty and stank of the smell of the sea and the metallic scent of rust and verdigris...but, all things considered, it was still in great shape. "Dang, Scoe; when you paid them to make this, you paid for the long haul. Thanks." The lights were long dead, the engine and furnace long having cooled. it was chilly, which only added to the goosebumps she already had. "...just like I remembered it..." She said with a smile, heading down tot he bottom desk. The old camera stood vigilant, aimed at that familiar desk. She went to step behind it...but then saw a hatch. Scoe's room; she never had a chance to see it! It was...spartan. Surprisingly so. She opted to leave his old chest alone - for now, at least. She climbed out, and then walked to the hatch she REALLY wanted to see...her room. Her old room. It stank of rust and sea salt, there was a layer of dust on everything, and that bed cover was as gaudy as ever. And she loved it. Every bit of it a reminder of the best job she ever had - of one of the most exciting times of her life, second only to serving on an Alliance airship! "Gnomergan Gnews Gnetwork...it's good to be home." She flipped over the bed covers to get the clean side, flopping on and laying on her back. She could feel the pull of the tug, and the motion of the currents around the old submarine. "...I'm gonna bring you back. Bigger and better than ever. You'll see." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's right, fans both new and old - Gnomergan Gnews Gnetwork will be returning shortly! The first and ONLY source of news from Azeroth and beyond; an idea just too good to stay down! However, not all will be the same. That's right, ladies and gentlemen; we're going to be new and improved! Better cameras! New faces! New programming! And - best of all - new locations! We're going to be coming back, bigger and better than ever, as the newly-branded Gnomergan and Gadgetzan Gnews Gnetworking! We plan to be available in all technology-savvy locations by the end of the year, bringing you the Gnews from across Azeroth, Outland, and whatever else may come next! -Interviews with notable people in today's life, such as the Duke of Highridge himself, Drachmore Stahlbrad! -Investigative reporting on the dastardly evils plaguing Duskwood once more; we'll bring our spotlight to their darkness! -The Pandaria campaign rages on - but do you know the whole story? We'll deliver what others can't! -New programming! Expand your mind, tickle your funny bone, or get hit right in the feelings; we'll have bonus content to keep you entertained while you wait for the next breaking story! -Advertise your business! Tired of boring old scrolls pined to boards, and annoying cryers waking you up? Support us, and we'll advertise your business. Reach a whole new market of clientele! -And so much more that we can't fit in here! This is an ambitious project, and there's someone that we need to make it happen: YOU! That's right, YOU! The good gentleman or lady reading or listening! We need people of all sorts, pats of the greater machine to make the Gnews work! Maybe you could be a Field Reporter, braving the wilds and battlefronts to get the gritty details, or interviewing locals and lords alike; you'll need bravery to go where the story is, and wit to get around double-talk, but you'll fill one of the most crucial roles! Maybe the out-and-about life isn't your style. A little vain, maybe? If you've got looks and charm, you could be an Anchorman (or woman!)! You'll be the first and last face that our viewers will see in the Gnews, the image - maybe even idol - that they look to for their daily dose of knowledge! Face time not your gig, either? Maybe you know your way around a wrench or a phlogiston engine? Do resistors and capacitors make you feel tingly inside? Or maybe you're a master of the arcane, and wish to hone your abilities on machines? Then perhaps you could be one of our Technician crew! Whether keeping the power running or making sure a camera is live and focused, your job is just as important. It may not be the most glamorous, but without you, the show can not go on! Maybe you're good with a pen? Does the idea of telling people what to do sound better than doing it yourself? Are you charismatic and motivational? Then Producer might be up your alley! Your job is simple: make sure everyone else does their jobs, and that they're probably equipped and funded to do so! being a boss isn't an easy task; but if you enjoy a challenge and can manage stress well, then you could be a big shot! None of these apply, but you still want to help? Maybe you want to learn one of these tasks? You can! Interns, while seemingly menial, handle the minutia and micro-management that otherwise would prevent Producers and the Director from doing their jobs, bringing the whole process to a grinding halt over a mere cup of coffee, or a script not arriving on time! Lastly, but not least, we can't do any of this without Sponsors. Copper, Silver, and Gold make Azeroth go 'round; even in the Gnews, we have to keep funding to keep the lights on. However, we at G4 (that's Gnomergan & Gadgetzan Gnews & Gnetworking; catchy, huh?) will strive to separate our reporting from our financial backers, bringing you the most accurate in Gnews possible. If anything within this ad sounds appealing to you, then maybe you can be a part of the G4 team! Contact the Director, Shayla Harper, by letter or in-person if you wish for an interview. For the rest of you, find your nearest major Gnome or Goblin settlement, dust off and adjust your screens, and get ready - because when we return, we're returning live and better than ever!
  13. And what time is that server time? it'd be really nice if people would lsit server time as well for events and stuff. ._.