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    those abstained votes are some bullshit tho. shit shouldn't even be allowed. fess up homies. hope you're doing ok tho.
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    Hiya folks.

    Hello! Glad to have you around. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!
  3. oh fuck you're gonna force me to apply for my forces
  4. Should've put him down like the dog he is.
  5. Simple. Why is the Throne of Kil'Jaeden from Draenor at the top of the forums still? Get that shit sorted, it's simply unacceptable! This is the important feedback this server needs.
  6. Considering a number of counter-proposals have been put forth, most of them no more complicated than the initial one and the fact that none of this is final, I don't think there's much of an issue like that here.
  7. While I see the general thinking behind this, I feel the whole concept is a bit problematic for most involved and I see a few issues arising from this, some in-story and some out-of-story: An army needs a supply base to feed it and the supply base needs and army to defend it. There is a world of difference between organizing a guerilla rebellion against and unpopular ruler (with the help of every other elf society plus the adventures and Kirin Tor) and leading what would probably be at least a semi-professional fighting force on your own terms Thalyssa spent Legion fighting to free her people. Her seceding in such a manner to fight on the side of the Horde, when she gave up so much to be where she is now, is a bit out there as things stand in the lore, Paragon or otherwise. This is somewhat connected to the first point: The context of a portion of a pretty insular faction (up until this point) going off to fight for the Horde, while the rest stay neutral, is still notably different to the Bilgewater Cartel joining the Horde, while the majority of their notoriously neutral and spread about race remains, well, neutral and spread about. One could easily quesiton Nightborne neutrality (especially from an Alliance perspective and even more once Darnassus burns) or see them as a faction that is easy to turn on eachother, given how recent events make them appear rather disunited generally. I think I'm overall on the either, or side of things: Either the Nightborne stay neutral and make their best attempt at sailing through the rough waters of the Fourth War unscathed, or they join the Horde as they do in BlizzLore and we give our own take on -that-.
  8. What if I like killing Old God minions?
  9. surwich, the town of martyrs
  10. I find the possibility of this happening to be less than likely.