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  1. What if I like killing Old God minions?
  2. cause then people wont be able to get rid of people they dislike
  3. Roundabout is pretty much right, though. It's not about server nationalism. It's about having passed the same sign three times in the past hour. At some point you have to realize you're going in circles and there's only one way out left.
  4. tbh episode 1 euron wasn't all that great, episode 2 was all his. episode 3 yeah, I can see it. episode 4 yeah that too
  5. I sought to bring about certain things and achieve self-improvement through the experiences the job put me through. RP had already grown stale for me by the time I applied. Felt quite happy with the state of affairs when I decided to leave, plus I wanted to focus on IRL stuff, which was infinitely more imprant and interesting than Paragon.
  6. Serious question: What about a wipe? A clean slate?
  7. Damn terrorists ruining our new countryside.