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  1. hi guys im new here But Syth hits it right on the head. I don't think it's beneficial for the staff to team to force this on anyone. People who want to adhere to this sort of idea as a form of principle should be allowed to while people who don't care enough should be free to do whatever they want. I think trying to force it doesn't create urgency in the way you want. It creates pressure on the DM team to need to constantly create/push content for the people there to enjoy and failing that, the players to create something to do themselves while they wait for whatever the next scheduled big thing is. On top of that, it requires the Staff team to actually enforce it. I don't believe that maintaining a good relationship between the administration and the players is best achieved by having to punish people who might prefer to roleplay on their 'mains' as opposed to several alts. It just creates unneeded stress and at worst is just blatantly malicious in forcing people to play this game the way someone else wants to. I just think it would be in bad taste.
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    whats up gamers

    howie woooowie
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    whats up gamers

    i am faithful to alex mommy I'm not returning, just wanted to say hello and see how things are going. I had completely forgotten about the hype about having special items and stuff. Thanks for the offer but it would be completely wasted on me.
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    whats up gamers

    Hey man, I actually took a look at your post since I saw that you're leaving. I'm actually proud of you for being able to take a moment to step away and focus on what is more important which is ultimately your sanity/health. I don't know if we ever interacted with each when I still played here but I have to respect you for being able to recognize the things that bothered you and figure out a path forwards. You and me come from the same boat, but that shouldn't stop you from roleplaying in general if it's a hobby you enjoy. Take a few months, broaden your horizons and figure out what you want to do. Personally, I kind of grew out of it but you should have a zero tolerance policy for this sort of behavior in general. It kind of mutates what you enjoy into something abominable.
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    Demon Hunter guide

    Thanks for doing this for me, Mighty. I'll look it over when I can and see if it can be more than just a guide. Any of us could, really.
  6. Having found ample supplies in their venture through the cursed wood, the Adventurers have settled upon spending a night within the doom and gloom. They were drained from their battles with their unearthy invaders and the terrifying remnants of Wormthorn's folly. They had come upon the twisted treeline only to find the very geography warped, shattered. Working their way through Orcish forces with deadly precision, they had discovered the intent of the Iron Horde's presence. The Adventurers had come upon the first of the Orcs' deadly trade, armed with one of their infamous tanks as well as myriad projectiles that had clearly been fashioned in some strange form of pod. Under the cloak of darkness and corruption, they would launch their soldiers and what other monstrous beasts they had reined in into the still standing town of Surwich and the Sunveil Excursion and whittle down their defenses. Only when they were practically begging for the release of death would the Orcish Horde conquer them. In order to pass into the furthest depths of the forest, the Party was forced to bypass the brothers, Gurk, Kugor and Kek. Each represented the very best that this particular Warband had to offer, powerful warriors and dark shamans each. The clash had taken place at the Defiled Oasis, a single point of sanctuary within the otherwise cursed land. Residing there had once been a magical spring and its regenerative waters had once been the key to achieving Marl Wormthorn's dream in reclaiming the land and restoring it to its former glory. The Iron Horde defiled the spring by sacrificing the countless adventurers and scouts from the two remaining bastions in order to grant these three brothers profound strength and perhaps bring a new addition to the numbers of the Iron Tide that still dominated the Blasted Lands. In their journey, the Adventurers were compelled by their Druid represent, concerned for the state of the land, to investigate the source of a strange plant-like infestation that had seemed to claim both the bodies of the Iron Horde and the denizens of Azeroth indiscriminately. They had come upon a great tree, hollowed out and coursing with demonic taint and within they had encountered the Scion of Maldraz. Born from the tainted earth, the Scion was the progeny of the corruption that seeped from the great tree Maldraz. It had wandered the woods, seeking to maintain the work of the Legion and taking all those who dared brave these woods as additions to its army of shamblers. The Adventurers bested this vestige of corruption smiting their foe with the power and fury of fire, but still it was a reminder of the horror that awaited all who dared to call the wartorn realm of Azeroth their home. OOC: Wrapping up at 6:30 PM Server Time, be there or be SQUARE. But if there are any issues with scheduling, please notify me.
  7. In their bid to conquer Surwich and Sunveil, the Iron Horde have taken to turning the Tainted Forest into another avenue of attack, appropriating the last vestiges of its power into a cursed domain of perpetual darkness. Sent by their factions, Heroes have been tasked to venture forth into the black fog and navigate an increasingly twisted realm fighting not only the Iron Horde but the remnants of Maldraz's corruption. OOC: This will merely be something for attendants can keep track of and so I can update the lore and events occurring in this particular questline. Attendants: Ainsley, Alianna, Bulo, Carrea, Deyline, Gallean, Maverick, Nei, Reka, Tyson. If you weren't mentioned, please notify me. Spots will generally be reserved for these members but new players will be accomodated for under certain provisions. Notable Figures and Lore stuff WIP LOOT WIP Date I intend on trying to notify members of this group or hope they see this thread and have a discussion about when to plan the next event at a reasonable time.
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    The Migration Problem

    hey man i think you got this
  9. I feel you. I'd much rather prefer the original, but the texture id associated with it is basically missing and I haven't been able to get into contact with Rakos.
  10. I'm not experienced with working with the dbcs and db2s so if you're able to port the original textures, then by all means do so and I will credit you. I did manage to find the original id associated with the original Rakos glaive, but it turned up as blank.
  11. Extract to DBFilesClient Credits goes to Rakos for the model and our developers for including it as an item. Unfortunately, we lost the original texture in the update so I've had to assign an alternative. You can find this item through: ' .lookup item glave_1h_blood_c_01gold'
  12. Lu-Ban will be a two stage event, I'll post in shoutbox to notify anyone interested in the encounter.
  13. in love with the knee-grow