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  1. How do we determine malicious intent or if they're lying and trying to cover their backs? As far as the last point goes, I agree it's tricky and it sets an abusable precedent. But it's simple, just don't do it.
  2. Since we're already doing the latter what would you suggest in the case that the victim was also guilty of spreading nudes? Part of the reason why I want to appeal this individual's ban is because he did out of a gesture for a friend who inevitably used it as ammunition because he couldn't anticipate that doing the act in general was a mistake because of everything that could and did go wrong. But should we take into consideration the words of a victim who participated in the event except she spread someone else's to get back at them?
  3. 3- Everyone involved was blacklisted. Even if he was forgiven, the issue still lies in that he gave them out in the first place. Even if it was harmless, it resulted in more trouble than it was worth even if it was trusting a friend with it. It adds to the concept of no more emotional thinking getting in the way. Amnesty would be preferable if it was unanimously agreed by all parties that the others should remain blacklisted without appeal. 4- I can't prove anything without evidence and emotional thinking isn't a viable argument as per the recent backlash. I intend to let your voices be heard and whatever happens happens. You can get your points across as much as you want without whatever methodology you'd like. What matters is the result.
  4. 1- I already said I'm obligated to see things through to the end. 2- Hence why if you think there's such a major issue, then I'm willing to be transparent and willing to let you do what you feel is necessary. 3- You'd have to push for blacklists for nudes to be appealed as a whole. Any sort of involvement in this sort of thing isn't something we can ignore. We're either ignoring the evidence or we remain consistent. 4- This is what I mostly mean by you. You as the community. I'm going to let you do things your way and if it works, then that's that. If it doesn't, we'll simply step in again and make the appropriate changes. You've asked for this responsibility and so I am giving it to you. I'm only doing what was requested to listen to the community. My hands are clean.
  5. Quote I brought one up in the Announcement thread on the matter of Public Appeals. To air everything out and to have transparency since apparently the only way of having the community and Staff be more connected is if everyone knows what the other is doing. I'm willing to give an example of it and what we have to deal with. Quote Quote Quote Quote Sorel, on 04 Aug 2017 - 8:15 PM, said: I don't think anyone who comes into this position expecting to do what they think to be good will ever come out unscathed. So, the way I see things are like this: I'll see if we can do things your way and if that ruins Paragon even further, then all I can say is that I'm only doing what is expected of me. If you truly believe the community's need to fathom our actions is necessary enough to show you everything we and anyone else may or may have not done wrong, then by all means do so. If it forces our hand to change it because of the resulting negative consequences, then we'll do it. Just the same as we decided with Public Appeals. I'm not going to force you to do anything, so everything is on you and what you do to achieve your supposed goal. That being said, ultimately Razmataz and Datacore do own the server being developers and administrators, so if you fail and they decide to scrap the server entirely then at that point I can't really say I didn't try to listen to you. Not that it'll matter anyway, since you'll hop on another server at some point in time.
  6. Moved to Lore Discussion as requested.
  7. I'd consider Chaos Orcs to be Fel Orcs. From their appearance in Warcraft 3, they were comprised of the Warsong Orcs who took part of Mannoroth's blood. In WoW in general, you can explain Fel Orcs to be the same and it's progressed beyond the bloodlust they experienced. It's even noted for Elves that their skin takes on a reddish coloration sometimes due to their use of Fel as a power source and even more so in their Fel Elf states. I'd say they're one and the same, it's probable that they retconned the instant red skin coloration to being a long-term result.
  8. i wasnt involved in the original ban, but truly it is my fault for whatever occurred in the past.
  9. wow jordi i wonder why its almost like you had nothing to do with it
  10. I'm aware of that. I'm not going to allow Demons to get their hands on artifacts as per the events of legion.
  11. Fair enough, I'm personally not opposed to it, but like I said. You can't expect me to be objective about it. Also, I agree, no demons should get artifacts.
  12. I'm pretty sure some people are actively trying to make their own artifacts anyway. I don't really see an issue with this but previous experience has shown us that we will never be able to handle this sort of thing objectively. Still, if it's such an essential part of being a 'part' of the Expansion, I can't really say no. I just expect a lot more reports and drama, but that's a part of the job. i call dibs on felomelorn