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  1. Paragon is what it is.
  2. Extremely janky combinations of rpg classes subtly disguised as things with non-rpg origins.
  3. Cold

    Creating Loa

    You just gotta have enough worshippers.
  4. I guess my favorite wow race is Dark Iron Dwarf.
  5. You'd be surprised how much the staff chat is a hugbox of blame shifting. Usually poor decisions can be scapegoated into someone who left the team. Or rarely, someone will get kicked off, instead of you getting the full story. You'll notice this a lot that for some reason Granodd's at fault for things he didn't do when you ask certain people. And how this big thing with removing public appeals (the first real step to dismantling the system that makes the team even slightly accountable) only came about after the backlash was so powerful against a wrongful ban that they don't want to deal with it again. Every time I think about my time as a staff member, I actually get angry. Angry that I wasted my time, and angry at how it feels like Paragon is going in the opposite direction than where it should be going. Breaking down and turning into what it used to be, from a regular community perspective, not IC. Truth is, the team is disconnected from the community by virtue of how they operate, and that's just unhealthy for both sides. I honestly don't know what to make of it, considering that those who described Staff like this in the past were thought to be shit stirring assholes. But hearing this from one- three actually, ex-GMs...Don't know what to believe, honestly. I am sorry that you see it as that, your experience. While you didn't stay quite long, you brought something new to the team. Also, what is this system that is even remotely holding Staff accountable? Or did you just mean appeals and petitions? I just try not to be a shitty person.
  6. I stepped down last time because I was bored.
  7. "Where's Sasuke?" - Mysterious Hidden Leaf JÅnin
  8. Cold

    Demon Souls

    The Penetrator
  9. Events postponed by one Time Slot to leave availability open to DMs.
  10. Cold

    IRL Pic Thread

    i've evolved, make cici do a new one.