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    This time I may just dissapear.

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    I am the friendly(mostly) mother of Paragon's heir.
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  1. Poison


    Its about time, where do i apply for guild slut
  2. Why are you questioning Venya's fashion ideals, is the real question..
  3. The very gone Baronness Breanne Blackwell. I got her a forsaken concept done that I love too. Ciarana Felwrath/Firesun - Archmage and Aristocrat. I have a full body NSFW, but the full body here is current to her in RP. Mileena Ebonleaf, my Demon Hunter. Savaniel, my little hat loving inscriber/battle-mage. Karastrasza, with an elf form. Her human one is NSFW. And Venya, the man'ari eredar.
  4. Right in the nostalgia. My dad actually still plays, with his one lonely little.. I forgot what they are called, the little dragon dudes. He has some dedication. xD
  5. Poison

    Doll Makers!

    Huh. I might do this later for shits n giggles.
  6. Poison

    Vania's Art!

    I like it! I wanna see more. Though. Is there a reason it looks a little squished long ways? I thought it was my phone at first. XD
  7. Yeee I didn't see it before. <33
  8. Repost the pyromancer! I missed that one. Also stop i can't handle so much thicc. :c
  9. Sheet. This is good stuff on your dA. I might wanna commission you later as well!
  10. My gods she is t h i c c
  11. Im spreading this unholy man's word (Good shit)
  12. Must not.. Get another.... *muffles the screaming wallet*
  13. Poison

    Romeoean Stuff

    I know that feel when people ask for commissioning but damn i would commission you also.
  14. Dapper art is life. Teehee.
  15. Poison

    Romeoean Stuff

    In all the time I've known you I didn't know you drew and such. I like dis.