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  1. Poison


    Its about time, where do i apply for guild slut
  2. I missed the daily feeling of suffering, yeah.
  3. I always thought WoD was a dumb expansion to work through, but 'ey.
  4. Poison

    Final Fantasy XIV

    No idea if anyone is on this anymore. I've moved on to being exclusively on Mateus. My main is Raven Lycia, while a new alt I've made is Gwynelle Beaudonet. Feel free to poke me for adding.
  5. Noone can beat bronn with all the cock lines this season.
  6. I think what Sage meant is you can't or won't escape the toxicity of the internet and/or private servers. I can't say much on Dusk's experience so far. Barely have had time to be on that server. But anyways, I feel the place has a less regulated community since it's the lolRPH everyone calls it, compared to Paragon where it is (sort of) regulated.
  7. Guess I'll throw in mine. I did get fired, yes. But I was also in the thoughts of stepping down at the time. Why? Staff is a shitstorm imo. There was a lot of in fighting at the time, in a way. The ones I was on with butted heads. Even I butted heads, mostly with Tass to contrary belief. Sometimes it was 2 staff members vs 1, etc. Browbeating was heavy. Might be why i looked like a sheep. Staff I see as very much like a clique in all truth. At the time that I got fired I was under a horrible time in my life. (Full time job, actual abusive bf, stuff like that) My step down would have been to save myself going insane in the ego contest and possibly straighten out my IRL faster. I think being fired just put more stress on me more, leaving me to take longer to fix things, ecause I was downright pissed.
  8. Erkor is a sweetie c: love to blobsnuggle
  9. This is pretty neat. Give us an actual excuse to describe those out
  10. Stranger's alright. And they are not all edgy! I just play my edgy trash the most.. :(
  11. The best dude to make everyone think I'm bias for. ;) introverts unite!
  12. Honestly I wouldn't mind a wipe of the server for us to start over, maybe just only keep applied characters. Will probably never happen but, ya know. I don't think a skip to Legion will be beneficial though, as much as I join in on the #skipWoD and such, because I also want to just be in Legion.
  13. Poison

    Music Thread

    Won't lie, I enjoyed this version. I like the original and the JB version too, though. Adding more of the spanish goodies. Their english versions are always nice as well. Living in a spanish heavy city you get so much spanish music influence.
  14. Hey I was all cool with things until that sudden retcon after the death seemed very under handed and well.. Shitty to do. Gave us all headaches it did. But I'm not upset very badly, more disappointed things could have been handled better(on all sides). The npc work around did ease it a bit. So I guess apology accepted from at least me!
  15. Poison

    Music Thread

    I needed silly music to fix my mood so I'm sharing this too.