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  1. Feedback is appreciated guys, it was fun to host and I'll continue to adjust my DM style to suit those that are present. So if anyone else has any suggestions, feel free to post them on my future events.
  2. Overview: These docks were designed by Solog Roark, who also designed the warships that are built here. The massive Iron Horde invasion fleet in Talador came from here at the end of the Gorgrond storyline. When Blackhand was killed in the Blackrock Foundry all remaining Blackrock orcs started using the docks as a evacuation zone into the Tanaan Jungle via the Ironhold Harbor. Gul'dan began using these docks as a recruitment area to persuade the surviving Blackrock orcs to drink the Blood of Mannoroth. Those that refused were seen as traitors to the Iron Horde and imprisoned in a train car awaiting transport. One of the orcs that refused was Solog Roark himself, and as such he was imprisoned and Admiral Knar took command of the harbor. Solog later cites the docks as being a "wasteful piece of over-engineering," which indicates that he did not have free license to design as efficiently as he would have liked, and likely had to bow to someone else's direction. On the northern coast of Gorgrond, the Iron Docks represent the heart of the Iron Horde's naval might. Huge warships and artillery, forged and assembled within the Blackrock Foundry, are readied for war within this massive port. The greatest beasts of Draenor are broken and trained alongside elite infantry units, comprising the ground troops that will surge ashore to break the will of any who would dare oppose the Iron Horde. OOC: This is the conclusion event for the Gorgrond zone, after which players can proceed onto Talador, it will be straight forward like before I'd like to limit it to 15 players but if I feel I can handle a larger capacity on the day I will. Date: Sunday 8th of October, 12:00 Server Time.
  3. Chaud

    The Iron Approach

    Standing right at the entrance is standing in the open, no cover and brandishing your blade is nothing short of bravado with a great helping of stupidity. You're asking for dialogue? There was plenty, simply drowned out by people emoting with each other. I done rolls for area of effect attacks, if you actually paid attention you would've taken note of that, every other roll was for NPC's to see the effectiveness in their combat prowess. And as far as I'm concerned, making players roll while not enforcing how they got injured or enforcing certain death is far more lenient than allowing people to allow their imagination to run rampant while you're essentially laying siege to an outpost bolstered to withstand an invasion. People need to get hit, and the most effective way to enforce that is via rolls. People will always have an excuse to avoid damage, but if they're given a roll they can't complain about DM bias or strange events unfolding just to get you to take some damage. I don't enforce rolling in close-quarters combat, aside for the enemy. Aside from you two, I haven't gotten any other complaints regarding the rolls, because the system I was using is pretty straight-forward. But i'll keep your opinions in mind. P.S. Heroic charges are only a sure fire away to end up maimed, or killed. Admirable in theory but moronic in practice.. there was about five major options to avoid any combat. And the only one that seemed to make use of the actual quest item was Laniria.
  4. Chaud

    The Iron Approach

    Tried adding a poll to this yesterday, apparently you can't after posting. Contacted DataCore, he'll add one in, but the options will be Friday, Saturday or Sunday at about 14:00 Server Time, will add or subtract an hour based on how many people I have on the day.
  5. The Iron Approach Conflict between the Iron Horde and the Outlanders has come to a steady halt, both sides have set roots and have been replenishing their ranks for the final excursion to push the Iron Horde out of Gorgrond. Both Alliance and Horde Commanders have agreed to assist one another in spearheading the Iron Approach and ultimately laying siege to the Iron Docks, crippling a steady stream of weapons & supplies intended for the War Effort. OOC: Alright, I think it's about time to get things rolling in Draenor again, this is to announce the final questline that will inevitably lead to running through the Iron Docks dungeon so that people can move onto Talador. This part of the Gorgrond storyline is quite simple, I'll be taking both Alliance and Horde through the Iron Approach because having two separate events for the same outcome is kinda pointless. I'd like to limit this to 15 players, 7 Horde, 7 Alliance and one free spot for either. I may take a maximum of 20 depending on how I feel on the day. Date: TBA, essentially it's entirely up to you guys, I'll need people to give me a day that suits them. The only day I can't do this week is Wednesday, but other than that I'm pretty flexible once we can get a consensus. So please post and let me know what works for you all so we can get these overdue quests out of the way!
  6. Chaud

    Dank Juju

    I think you may need to speak to Drak directly so he knows what reason an Alliance PC has to be invested in this. But Cenarion Circle too, so Idk..
  7. Chaud

    Dank Juju

    Name: Shrukhan Race: Island Troll (Darkspear) Affiliation: Darkspear, The Horde Class: Warrior Priest
  8. Chaud

    Proving your worth

    May as well dust off Shrukhan's mohawk, so probably one of the two dates I've quoted. Also, I clicked the song. I regret nothing.
  9. Suddenly, the butterfly effect.
  10. Castle's suggestion would be good, I've already had people mention it's a bit irritating because of how frequent it can be used. I know it can be turned off, but a limiter would be nice.
  11. Chaud

    Satyr RP Guide

    10/10 would Satyr