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  1. MhMHMHMHMHmHmhm 

    P O R S K

  2. Romeo

    Guide To Shamanism

    nice! thank u for this friend
  3. fuck thats a ripped tiger
  4. thanks a lot for the positive reactions, means a lot to me, really really does. <3 and yes noell this is where glaeweth came from one could say! as for writing more i can only write when i have that urge or great passion, so idk, maybe when i get a new cool idea! thanks again <3
  5. Bump. Completed with the mithril pact.
  6. Romeo

    Vania's Art!

    aaah there he is.....
  7. yo so i was walking down the road like yeah and then a dog came up to me i so i kneed it in the face it died lol haschtag relatable vines am i right

  8. Romeo

    Doll Makers!

    Glaeweth II
  9. Romeo

    Doll Makers!

    sexy my friend, very sexy design
  10. Romeo

    Doll Makers!

    bruh what the fuck how did you get those eyes
  11. X A N A X & C H I L L I N G & P E N G E S T & M U N C H & M A T E

  12. Great job! The constant mention of the night warrior in the fashion that you mention her in tingles my soul in the sweetest way. Nicely written, organized well, and cut right to the case. Thanks for the info brah