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  1. Is there still an object in the game for a completely opaque magic dome? We could place those overtop the major Draenei structures and have them be mysterious magical relics from pre-Shattering times. No one knows what's in them and we never find out.
  2. Plus we are most certainly getting an expansion with the Light as the big villain. It might even be the one directly after Shadowlands. It's possible that Yrel's Lightbound will be a part of that enemy force and we would be screwing up a lot if we interfered.
  3. For all the advancements of the world in WoW long-distance communication is not something that was introduced until Cata. Perhaps the Draenei that crashed there never found out the Exodar survived. The Horde on the island also might have been cut off since the Second War and the Orcs and Ogres there are part of the Old Horde, never knowing Thrall or his Horde.
  4. The idea of conquering and colonizing new land would be fun to RP, for sure! We have never been able to do that before because all land has already been claimed throughout the world. Finding a use for something we cannot use at all due to time warp restrictions is nice. Putting it to use. There are so many good looking areas there that we never got the chance to explore with WoD RP getting cut short.
  5. Durff

    Upright Orcs

    Ah yes, you are right. All of the Braids facial hair options do not show up with this patch. Unfortunately, I have not found a fix for this.
  6. This here Patch is to replace the hunched Orc model with the upright Orc model. That does mean that all Orcs, both NPC and Player, in your game will be converted to the upright model. A reminder that it is client-side, so only you will be able to see this rather than everyone being able to see you as upright (unless other players also have the patch). This specific patch works with animations, is fully functional and appears to cause no visual glitches with any specific animations. http://www.mediafire.com/file/93ebv8e296mhrj1/ZUG-Testv2_Deprecated.rar/file The Character folder only needs to be dropped into your root folder for Paragon WoW. http://www.mediafire.com/file/jhos3okktk6usvp/Saurfang.zip/file Also, as a bonus, here's Saurfang's face! You add it into the Character->Orc->Male folder as well.
  7. "A sad day, but a good day."
  8. "That thing... It's back..."
  9. I think this event crashed the server.
  10. If I have tomorrow off, I'll try to be there with Willburt.
  11. Durff

    Celes's Art

    Still the best. Agreed! That Selenis art does help paint a better picture for RP though. As for Kyou, that changes everything. I never stop to consider a person's Pandaren might be thin.
  12. Not many people recall, but the canon storyline of the Gilneas gate was done before the lore wipe. Hasn't been touched since. So as of right now, that entire storyline has never been RPed.