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    It's Time

    Welcome to the server. Tyiel would be most helpful in hunting down these harassers. :)
  2. An impassioned plea and a show of troubling evidence from Senior Magus Aeryl'rin Del'Remir has led the Magus Senate of Dalaran to tentatively support relief efforts in Darkshire. The Kirin Tor recognize the Crown's authority in all matters, and has specified that the Senior Magus act as a liaison between all non-Alliance Magi to the Argent Crusade / Ebon Blade operation. The Kirin Tor consider the Lich Morbent Fel to be an extremely dangerous threat to all life, and with confirmation that Dark Riders are in league with the Lich lead the Senate to act quickly to prevent a possible continent-wide invasion of Undead. Outside the higher echelons of the Senate, however, it is unknown why these Dark Riders are of so much interest. Some say that the Violet Eye have been dispatched. A token force represented by the Senior Magus has arrived in Darkshire to begin researching into ending the Lich's reign of terror. However, with the proclamation of Martial Law and the direct authority taken by the Alliance, and without official invitation from the Crown, in the name of maintaining good relations with all representatives within the Senate, the withdrawal order was given for all Magi in the Duskwood region. Senior Magus Aeryl'rin has not ceased appealing the decision, however, the Council is not hearing it. Ever Vigilant
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    Welcome back my guy.
  4. I look forward to causing mayhem. c:
  5. Is this event chain still a thing? I'd be interested in joining if possible.
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    Hiya folks.

    Sawp. Welcome to Para. Grab a cookie and a pen.
  7. Character Name: Aeryl'rin Salonar, penned as "Senior Magus Aeryl'rin Salonar, Division of Otherwordly Research and Experimentation" Written Work Name: Unwinding the Twisting Nether, The Ultimate Introduction of the Waystation of the Universe (vol. 1) Written Work Description: A 407 page monstrosity of a mix of anecdotal facts, seriously complex magical calculations, and a short list of different worlds visited by Azerothians (with descriptions). It is used in a classroom setting for an advanced practitioner of the Schools of Conjuration and Transmutation. Written Work Type: Professional Study Book Language: Common, Thalassian, Dwarven, Gnomish Ease of Discovery: Extremely restricted outside the the Magocracy of Dalaran. Mostly provided as a textbook to those of Mage and above.
  8. Hell yeah, sounds good.
  9. Dear lord is that still a thing? Lmao
  10. *blaring trumpet noises and crappy but catchy trap music* So what does this mean? I have no idea. I am Iso and I have gone by many names, most notably the trolliest of trolls. But I come to you now, at the turn of the tide, and something something reform. But no, really, I just wanted to pop in and say I've been thinking about you guys. No one in specifics since it's been, what, 5 years since I stepped forth onto Paragon? I think I had tried a return a few years ago but left just as quietly as I entered. Well now I'm kicking in the door. Paragon's community and I have had our issues, and most of that was on my part. I was still a kid acting out and being edgy for edge's sake. Now I do it for the memes. Paragon is where I got my start in immersive storytelling, and not just using role-playing as a momentary distraction or a power trip. And I haven't found anything quite like it since. So yeah, I'm thinking I'm back. Or at at least not yet. We're currently in the process of moving into a home but afterwards, who knows? I hope to see some familiar faces, get to know some new ones, and create interesting and controversial stories with everyone. If you have any questions or comments, post 'em or message me. As for RP plans, no I haven't decided to try pick up the pieces of Aeryn or Raoul or scrap them,, but I definitely have some new concepts I'm interested in trying out. Hope to see you soon.
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    I mean, I'll join this. I'm just not sure with whom, yet..
  12. Take me off the list, I'll be undergoing outpatient treatment at the time of the events.
  13. When I said "Ok," what I really meant was "I'll join the hype train to Demonwood"
  14. Hope this goes well. probably not