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  1. JesterJr


    Hey there and welcome to Paragon! If you need anything hit me up either on the forums or on Discord! Always up for a chat! :)
  2. JesterJr


    Yes. Let's do this.
  3. JesterJr


    Late reply but hey there and welcome! Anything you need, DON'T ask me! I'm usually the one asking! :D
  4. JesterJr

    Hello once again!

    Hey there Paragon! It's been a long time since I played WoW RP and mainly Paragon. I remember this server still being discussed in MSN when it was opening up. I was like... 15? Maybe less considering my English (looking back at my posts) For those who don't know me, my name is Lazaros (you can call me Larry if it's easier for you), I am from Greece and my known online names are Mood, JesterJr or Excz. I am turning 25 on November and during my absence from WoW RP, I've been actively RPing on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Multiplayer (SAMP) server, one of the biggest servers, known as Los Santos Roleplay. I'm in the Roleplaying scene for approximately 14 years (considering I've started RPing in WoW Trance as a hidden RPer, when people used to PvP the sh*t out of us there!). I've spent 10 years of RP on LS:RP (after leaving Paragon then), and there the RP is more modern and realism-based, LA-immersive RP around actual real life. There I Roleplayed as a cop for 7 years (Sheriff to be precise) and eventually ran my own Faction/Guild, known as the Filthy Bastards MC, which is still around and we are an official faction the past 5 months. Back to base! I've seen Paragon being still around and I decided to come back. My character here and on Freedom RP used to be "Ajoro Longblade", so I'm planning to RP with him around at this point of time as a traveller/wandering retired soldier of the army who is middle-aged and so on. It's basically the RP I can provide at the moment considering I got a job and things I gotta attend; which makes it impossible for me to put lots of effort into my RP scenarios that I will have to build! Other than that, it's glad to see this server still around, and I can't wait to RP with you all! Props to @Turtle for helping me set up real quick few days ago!
  5. Awesome guide. I have returned after a very long absence, and this thing helped me remember almost everything. I can't wait till my WoW is downloaded actually.. Unluckily, I'll need to find a way to transfer it to my workplace, considering it's dead time now there, and I have time to play!
  6. It's more than good. Definately in.
  7. Just a suggestion to complete the "pack" : Just keep a gallery of screenshots, and post'em here so we can take a preview. Don't you think it will be fun for those who didn't participate, to motivate us join in to the next Tournament?
  8. I wish you the best of luck with the Arena Tournament you're organizing. I would join it, but my computer is still in a testing period from me, to make sure I wont have, unexpected, technical problems again.. posted from my phone
  9. .. you are logged in to the forums even from your phone and check the "Latest Threads ATOM 0.1" the whole time.
  10. press "p" on the search machine the first option is "" Go go!
  11. Since Ajoro is busy ICly, being captured by orcs -- I might put another character into that and involve her into that RP, because it seems an interesting event.. And for naval fight.. I have the perfect character. ^_^
  12. The Fourth Squad will be there, bro. For the Alliance!
  13. Not really. I am not taking Scourges into it, but zombies. Real.. Zombies. And once you're eaten, you're being turned. Dying with a shot to the brainz and shitz.