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  1. 7/10, weirdly nice.
  2. I saw it as well. I literally can't wait for the next one. I wonder how they'll show us Illidan's story, Arthas' and all the alike. There are MANY fields they need to cover.
  3. Mood

    IRL Pic Thread

    Thank you a lot miss! Here's an older pic of me (around 10 months ago). It was when I joined the army for the mandatory 9-month service we have in my country.. From left to right: a. A friend I got in the training center. b. My brother c. Me
  4. This guy is hilarious. Just follow the link:
  5. 8/10 because Ramsay.
  6. Mood

    IRL Pic Thread

    I'm sure that somewhere in the first pages of this topic, should have been my pic, but it's probably on the previous forums. Anyhow, here's an update of me! It's my current FB avatar, so yeah, I'm the guy on the left.
  7. Lel, I don't really know why - but I literally don't like this look. They look like they're ran over by a train.
  8. 6/10 Don't know why.
  9. Congratulations, Linn. In Greece you can already drink on yourself!
  10. Mood

    IRL Pic Thread

  11. Mood

    Fear of the Dark

    It's more than good. Definately in.
  12. Banned for being what you are.
  13. Banned for giving me nightmares with that avatar and destroying my childhood.
  14. Banned for me being too selfish, and I am blaming you that I am not creative enough to create a ban reason for you.