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  1. Hi, everyone. I realize this likely doesn't come as a shock, but I'm leaving. I could go on some big rant about what I think is wrong with the server, but if past experiences have taught me anything, there's not a point in doing that. Anything I say will be dismissed as hysterics. The gist of it is that I'm not having fun anymore. I haven't been having fun for a long time. Most, if not all, of my story lines have ended up cut short, for one reason or another, ranging from a friend group falling apart to a DM for an event chain deciding they just didn't want to do a request anymore after telling me they had too much on their plate--only to post an interest check two hours later. I've never really gotten to finish a story arc, and after a while that breaks your spirit to keep trying if there's a 90% chance it won't go anywhere. It's been made clear to me that, for a number of reasons, Paragon isn't for me anymore; I'm not sure it ever was. I give up. I'm sorry to the people that have characters affected by this, or anyone that felt like they were getting something started with me. I'm sorry for wasting your time.
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    gonna be dr goliath soon
  3. I think you might be missing the point, @Angelis96. I don't think anyone's suggesting that voice replace forum debate, we're merely suggesting it should be a more active component of disagreement on the server in general. In my something like 6-8 years of active participation on Paragon, I've seen (and unfortunately participated) in purely text debate on the forums devolve into weird emotionally driven stuff because intended tone is difficult to maintain in a purely text format. The same sentence can be read as a reasonable point and a pointed insult. Voice gets rid of that by letting you literally hear the other person say it rather than read it on a screen. Misunderstanding is more prevalent in text channels than in voice, by nature of being less fluid. If person A doesn't word themselves entirely the right way, it doesn't come to light until the other person, B, writes a few paragraphs in response. Then, A gets defensive because they felt they're being misrepresented or misunderstood, and then A and B get in a spat, all because someone's wording wasn't perfect. Voice stops this by letting people interrupt or ask immediately after the other person finishes to clarify, because voice is an actual back to back, continuous conversation. I've never gotten heated in a voice call on "controversial" topics on Paragon. In fact, none of the voice conversations I've been in where the topic got to Paragon server politics or policy changes, or what have you, have ever devolved into screaming matches or heated chest-puffing. I think a lot of that is because when you're forced to actually vocalize your idea, you think about it a little more and realize that maybe these topics aren't actually worth that much of an emotional investment. It also helps that hearing another actual human being's voice on the flipside sorta helps make it feel like a real human interaction. I think having discussions in voice about some things should be more commonplace, but I don't think it should entirely replace text debate. Just hop into voice if you don't think text is getting you anywhere, that sort of thing.
  4. This error tends to happen when there's a read/write problem on the folder your WoW client is in. Right click on the folder that the launcher and .exe are in, and then click properties. At the bottom of the window there should be two check-boxes, one of them is "Read-only", if it's checked, uncheck it, click apply, then try launching the game again.
  5. So, despite all the posturing about more player agency in Argus and not just...redoing retail quest chains, we're just redoing retail quest chains but in a wacky order. Cool.
  6. I think voice can be useful in certain circumstances. I think we often forget that tone can be tough to deliver consistently in a purely text format. It's easy for one person to read a sentence and think the OP is raging really hard and another to think it's a perfectly rational approach. Voice can get rid of that imprecision by letting you actually hear the tone of voice the person suggesting something is making. I feel like very often Paragonians evolve disagreement into argument because it can be hard to gauge sincerity for an open dialogue in just text.
  7. Since I managed to kill #lobby earlier today, I guess I'll start off here after stewing on it for a minute. Strap in. Event Culture: Paragon just kind of sucks right now if you don't want lore content or events as your focus. Events are extremely EU timezone favored, and while they have moved to more accessible days, the lore events in my opinion end up being pretty unsatisfactory due to just flat out knowing you can't really lose or completely boring because it takes forever to do content that you...already know the details of. Because of whatever happened to make RP so event-centric, we end up with 20+ people events where the DM gets overwhelmed trying to respond to all those emotes in a timely fashion and so this ends up producing 3-4+ hour events where the vast majority of time spent is...waiting. Now, I don't know about you, but I don't like pissing away the better part of a sixth of a day by hurrying up and waiting. These events aren't new. They aren't fresh. They aren't exciting. The worst part is, I don't really know how to fix it. Events, at least in the loose sense of controlling NPCs to tell a story that can't be done with players alone, are just kind of required in roleplay at some level. But, this Paragon idea that the only RP that matters is structured, DM team sanctioned event RP feels deeply entrenched at this point. I don't know how to get around this issue without giving every player limited DM commands to spawn and orchestrate stuff on a player to player level, and I just don't see that happening in a way that doesn't make the DM team feel hamstrung. Applications: Paragon seems a lot more interested in the control part of quality control. Miscellaneous Applications started from a decent initiative, wanting to catalog old items and new items seems sensible from an administrative position--but I think it ended up having the opposite effect. While this has been somewhat remedied by recent changes, Misc Apps gave off the impression to a lot of people that you needed to apply for event rewards, or just about anything that isn't mundane. I'm not entirely convinced we need Misc Apps at all, we don't really have a problem of people gunning for absolutely ridiculous items. Character applications feel...pretty bad to me right now. They're basically essays proving the applicant can open a few tabs of Wowpedia. They don't test understanding, they just test how well you can paraphrase articles and write a reasonable backstory. They don't test how someone might actually play the role. While I think that criteria is fine for regular apps, I don't think it meshes well with our idea of some apps requiring progression. Roles that are stuck behind the "progression only" category are basically non-existent because whatever progression that is required for those is pretty vague and nebulous--which forces players into the event black hole, which might not be the kind of RP that they're interested in. And then any requests might get left to rot for 2 months. Some players get it on their first application, others haven't gotten it after trying for years. They turn into a popularity contest rather than merit. Not having influential leaders is also, I think, a contributing factor to people sitting around and waiting for events. There aren't a lot of player characters that have reasonable influence to start their own campaigns. I think, honestly, we should do away with the progression only tag, and instead make them limited. However, that's pretty radical, so instead let me suggest this: I would like to suggest that only the highest player attainable role be marked as progression only. To facilitate this, the mod team should figure out some kind of concrete, or at least somewhat definable metric for "suitable progression" rather than have it be on a whim. I would like to suggest that some thought be put into making the newly fresh character roles limited to prevent everyone and their mother having a 2nd highest in command character. We have no problem with applications for new characters with a limited list for nobles, who have an incredible amount of financial and political influence. I don't see why we should have a problem with the same with military or other organizations. Making them limited limits the problem of having 30 Knight-Lords or whatever running around. Moving on from the progression point now. I don't think it would hurt to make applications publicly viewable, but I think only the applicant, DM team, and Mod team should be able to comment. A lot of applications turn into insipid arguments tangentially related to the content of the application. The applicant should be able to comment for obvious reasons, the DM team should be allowed to comment to corroborate that events happened if they were relevant, and the Mod team should be able to comment for obvious reasons. Otherwise, I'd kind of like to see the applications forum have a lot less frivolous debate and people getting their panties into a twist because someone they don't like applied for something. I probably have more than this, but I've typed enough for now.
  8. It's not fun to be forced to be in one spot while the server takes months to get through. Being locked in one zone also means you don't get to do any personal development anywhere else with your character, because they're stuck. If it's in short bursts, I think that would be alright, but not over the entire campaign. It's narrative shoehorning and people already don't feel like they have a whole lot of control over their characters these days anyway. No amount of in-universe argument is going to be able to topple the fact that it just isn't fun being stuck in one place.
  9. Caemesh Dawnstrider, Blood Elf Blood Knight (that's a little redundant) Recently played an active role in the defense of Quel'thalas against a demonic/scourgey foe Currently pursuing a "lost" Thalassian religion Kyra Hawkmore, Human Noble Smooching Kain Teller :3
  10. It really bothers me how admins always go on and on about how ungrateful the community is publicly, but I distinctly remember one of the first things I was told by Drak when I joined the mod team was how thankless the role is, and I presume you tell new bloods the same thing. I think you're also completely forgetting how often people do post gratefulness in the Announcement threads when good changes happen, Nathaniel. Here are the last 2 announcement threads. The vast majority of the comments in this thread are voicing appreciation and/or approval. All 4 replies are comments of approval or directly thanking you. I'm sure that you made the ungrateful comment in the heat of frustration, but if you actually mean it, then you're being dishonest, sorry to tell you. People absolutely do voice appreciation when changes are made in the right direction, and trying to erase that when people suggest more steps in what they believe to be the right direction is insulting. Look, nobody is saying that Data and Raz didn't play a pivotal role in Paragon coming to existence the way we know it to be today, but there's a point where past achievements stop being good enough. Nobody refuses to criticize Microsoft because they made all the products and people should be grateful that they even exist in the first place, because as time goes on, weaknesses of systems get identified that ought to be improved upon. That's just how the world works. You're seeing this because we're all stuck at home for the most part, or at least spending a lot more time at home, and we're all starting to realize a lot of things that some others have been saying for years: that doing anything remotely meaningful of your own design on Paragon is a massive chore. So, of course people sit around and wait for event chains that a DM can apparently just make up on the spot, or retail events that are green-lit, because that means they don't have to spend sometimes more than a MONTH in event request purgatory. I've been saying this for a while now; that meaningful RP has been, intentionally or not, steadily moved entirely into the realm of events, and that the event request forum is a huge bottleneck because of the way that the DM team works. That's not even getting into the community aspect of it, which Tim pretty masterfully addresses in his original post which you don't seem to have actually responded to. Bottom line is that more people are spending time on Paragon right now, which means more people are noticing problems. That's a good thing if you earnestly want to make the place better. Nobody has said they want you gone, so I don't really know why you're trying to suggest they are. But people are tired of how the Admin role seems to always produce the same person. People are tired of the Admin role seeming to always turn into a glorified stamp of approval role. People are tired of the Admin role seeming to always trend to some figure that, to the community, appears to always defer to the owner's opinions when they chime in. People are tired of the Admin role seeming to always trend to some figure that aggressively responds to points criticizing them, even if it's honest and constructive. People are tired of the Admin role seeming to always trend to some figure that is very opinionated about what needs to happen to the server, but doesn't often actually use their authority to make it happen. The main difference between you and Admins of old is that you actually roleplay, which isn't praiseworthy. I'd expect the Administrator of a community to be active in that community. At some point, people start asking questions about if there's another party influencing the position, or if there's something baked into the role that keeps moving individuals onto this path.
  11. Tim hit the nail on the head, and I agree with every single thing he said. And that's not even hyperbole, literally everything. It's just incredibly bizarre how Paragon is less of an emote RP server and more some kind of malformed hybrid of tabletop and actual, literal retail.