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  1. I don't care as long as I get to play a Jinyu, and drown some orc scum!
  2. So, what the actual fuck happened? I know one side of the story, asked for more info from the staff because of that. But can't talk about it ingame because Dusk's being Adolf Hitler about it. So, maybe we can keep a clean discussion about it on the forums? Also, wasn't there some sort of rule that you can't attack another player's HQ without some form of consent or actual IC reason. Again, I only know half of it.
  3. Wtf cold 50% of blood elf women have slutmog/platekini U blind fool?
  4. why not reverse it? make a rank for players who have shown to not be retards that includes these commands. amd a few others we lack like flagging ones own character for recustomizations and whatnot.
  5. Sammich

    Dawn of Felucca

    (Skip) Did Bazoola loose interest in Felucca? Or does he simply wait for something to happen?
  6. Sammich

    Dawn of Felucca

    Age of Relations [turn who gives a fuck] Summary Power Available: [22] Actions taken: [The God of Destruction] - [Catastrophe. 2x] Power Remaining: [2] Running Bonus: [+1] Actions [The God of Destruction, part 1] [bazoola increases the gravity in his Dunelands. Sacrificing the Wood Elven Race completely. But making sure that the Armies of the Ashborn could not flee from his lands.] [The God of Destruction, part 2] [After increasing the gravity, more disaster strikes the land. The Sky turns red, Bazoola's fury comes down to murder the attacking armies in the form of a meteor storm. Destroying and burning the land]
  7. Sammich

    Dawn of Felucca

    Title [turn ##] Summary Power Available: [17] Actions taken: [steelbark] - [Event, 7] [steelbark Logging Camps] - [Advance Civilization, 5] [Dhagh-Ulum] - [Command Vhoadan, Command Race, create city,1] Power Remaining: [4] Running Bonus: [+2] Actions [steelbark] [While Wandering, the Wood Elves stumble upon lands uncorrupted, the Dunelands. There they find trees which branches can hardly break. These ancient trees are about as hard as steel, and thus, perfect for tools, weapons, armors, and structures.] [steelbark Logging Camps] [They Swiftly learn how to chop parts off the Steelbark trees.] [Dhagh-Ulum] [The largely nomadic wood elves create a settlement near the Steelbark trees. Naming it Dhagh-ulum.] also: Vote for next age
  8. Sammich

    Dawn of Felucca

    The Rage of Bazoola [turn this shit around] Summary Power Available: [14] Actions taken: [The Rage of Bazoola]-[Catastrophe, 10] Power Remaining: [4] Running Bonus: [+1] Actions [Extinction] [shredder] [The corruption of the land drove the Guardians of the Jungle to extinction, sad but true. The Wood Elves too suffer great losses, yet those in the swamp and at the border survive. Balom'gor is desolate, Gam-pathun becomes a ruin. Only the Scalyfolk seem un-phased.] [The Rage of Bazoola] Krax [bazoola is enraged by the terrible outcome of this world, his children, the Guardians of the Jungle, now extinct. So enraged that his heart corrupts, after which he shouts to the first instigators of the end of his people. He looks to Solaris, letting out a terrible howl, shattering the lands and breaking it, a sound destroys the core keeping Solaris in the air and make it plummet to the ground.]
  9. Sammich

    Dawn of Felucca

    Title [turn ##] Summary Power Available: [##] Actions taken: [The Great Portal] - [Event, 7t] Power Remaining: [0] Running Bonus: [+3] Actions [The Great Portal] [Vhoadan shook his head, he had warned the the other elves. Yet did not foresee that catastrophe would hit so swiftly. He contacted Bazoola, who already had a plan. The Jungles were in ruin, yet still were a far better land than these. And so, through his will, a massive portal was created near the snowy peaks, leading to his swamps and from there they could trek to the jungles. Or where ever they wished. First the Wood Elves entered the portal, Vhoadan also called upon the creatures of the wild that still survived, they would need to adapt to an entirely new location. Lastly, Vhoadan keeps the portal open, giving the other elves a second chance, they could come with the Wood Elves and accept a portion of balance in their live, or rot in a forsaken land. The Wood Elves and the evacuated animals wandered desolate swamps, and Forlorn jungles. Curious about the huge city they saw in the distance, yet not approaching yet. Looks like they wandered from one catastrophe into another.] Reaction to the Tides of Blood [Famine struck the Guardians, the druids could purify some of the water, and save some plants. Yet not enough to save their people, their number diminishing greatly.}