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  1. Celes

    A tough town. (3/3)

    Thank you for hosting this, Slavoh, it was really fun. Was both challenging and entertaining.
  2. The first part of the event chain will start in 6 hours! 2PM, server time. Invites will be going out a little bit before. Don't miss it!
  3. Monday is the day folks, and with RevampedRatchet being finished, this will happen as scheduled. I'll make another post in the morning with the exact time it will be happening.
  4. A Child's Tale Gesicht made his way through the populated streets of Ratchet, his leather coat keeping him concealed from curious looks for most part. Even today he didn't like showing his prosthetic hand. Strange he might be, as far as the opinions of some Goblins are concerned, but he simply didn't like the odd sights people gave when seeing the mechanical apparattus. To such effect he kept it covered with a glove too, but the stiff motions and unusual quietness of the limb sometimes gave it away. He still remembered the struggle to learn how to use his right hand instead. Having been left-handed before, Gesicht had to learn to replace the more typical tasks with his flesh-and-bone right hand. The mechanical limb after all wasn't all too delicate or precise. He lost count of how many times he tried to hold a pencil, only to find it crushed between his fingers. A bitter frown covered his face. As a war veteran, such losses were almost natural, but he never grew used to it. Having served the Horde as a sapper during the Second War, Gesicht had come to regret the involvement many years later, and for most part found his solace to be his new occupation. Investigator. Some of them called him Hero. Others considered him a snooping plague. He had lost count of how many encounters in dark alleys he had came across so far, and how close he had come from dying many times. But that didn't stop him. The Goblin looked up and around at the many towering apartments, the laughter of strangers as well as that of some familiar faces. Strangers in the streets too, different races, different tastes, but none of them cared too much. Many too focused on seeing Goblins as only a greedy source of plague and disgrace, painting the race with a single brush without caring so much. It was like that, in the city that never slept. Many sought the city for its pleasures, traders, or even its lenience at dealing with certain topics, but most of those people wanted to use Goblins as much as those Goblins had learned to use them. And yet... As the investigator came to a halt in front of a small, badly-cobbled hut, he had to wonder yet again about the determination of some people. Squeezed between two fine-looking buildings, there was an arrangement of tents forming a corridor, which served for a lair for a handful of individuals. Poor, for most part. He stepped in, knowing that what he looked for lies in the end of that corridor. With a confident stride, he made way past faces of different people, different races, but that shared the same defeated, the same disgraced and sickly look. Here, ironically, all were made to see as equals. Everyone was an equal in their suffering. Even himself, he thought. Frightened, broken or tired faces looked up at him as he passed. Some begged for a coin. A grizzled-looking Dwarf asked for some new drug. Gesicht didn't stop. He did however halt as a Goblin child peeked out of one of those tents to peek at him, speaking words in a broken and unlearned dialect, but the one word he could identify among them was "food". As he reached into his coat, Gesicht drew a half-eaten sandwich that remained from his dinner, and offered it out to the child. Reaching forward with frail fingers, she took the meal and ate it with innocent and sweet gratitude, though from how fast she sought to devour her meal, he could only wonder how long had it been ever since she had eaten a proper meal. Her mother and father sat behind her, the former looking too old, too battered - a former prostitute, he might have guessed. She had the face of someone who had once been pretty, but who had become too "old" for her former job. The latter was a kindred soul, from the looks of it. The male Goblin was missing an entire arm as well as a leg, both from his left side, and a number of scars covered his head on that side as well. "Are you the parents of Misha?". Gesicht asked, showing a small picture that by luck had been taken by one of the tourists. One of these humanitarian types trying to do the "right thing". It showed a clear, black-and-white picture of a young Goblin girl, still growing, but promising to be something special. Her face was dirty only as much as she had allowed it to be, and in face of the camera she had refused to show a week look. According to what he had learned, Misha might have become a different Goblin. Despite the poverty of her parents, they had done their best to pay for her teachings, and the girl knew not only how to write and read, but showed promise in becoming a wise and intellectual woman in the future. The display of the picture made the male jump towards it, but lacking a leg, he could only fall on the barren ground of the alley, but his only remaining hand still desperately reached for it, with voiceless and pained moans coming from the Goblin's throat. The mother stared at it in shock and nodded as tears filled her eyes. "Yes.. That's our child, yes. Have you found her, Sir...?". Her question made Gesicht wonder, the woman had given up hope so long ago in many aspects of life that now it spilled upon her child, and she seemed to expect to hear the news of her daughter's death anytime. It wasn't uncommon to find one or other individual dead in the slums or alleys every now and then. "No. Boss Wiklees says he has a team working on it but the Bruiser Force is stretched thin. I'm giving him a hand with the search.". Gesicht said in a tone he hoped that sounded dismissive. In truth, for all the disgrace he had seen in his life, it pained him to see things like this. It was one of the reasons that had driven him into becoming an investigator. Few people knew the specific reason why he didn't bother charging for his services, and for picking only specific cases. The ones who didn't know didn't deserve, or wouldn't have understood if he told them. The mother let out a soft sob, reaching to claim her remaining child between her arms and caress her hair fondly. "Find her, Sir, please... Find our Misha. We can't pay but... We can arrange something, anything.". She said, looking desperate. The tone of her words drove a pang into Gesicht's chest. He knew what she was talking about. She would be willing to sell herself as a slave to pay for his aid. Maybe lose a limb or two. Ratchet was a place where anything was worth money, whether it be part of someone's body or not. Swallowing up the disgust at the thought, he merely shook his head, pocketing the picture. "I won't charge for it, Ma'am... But tomorrow I will come here again. Tomorrow I need you to tell me everything you can about Misha, and about her last whereabouts. But I promise you, ma'am, you will see your daughter again.". Gesicht said before departing, adjusting his wide-brimmed hat over his head. He didn't want to continue that conversation. He didn't want to feel like he belonged any more in that sorry corridor. OOC Ratchet children are being kidnapped, and after so many mysterious disappearances, somebody has to give a fuck. So, the adventurers will join their efforts with Detective Gesicht in order to find about those kids or whatever happened to them. Fair warning, this won't be for the weak of heart - there's no rape involved (please don't ban me) but violence might be there, or at least implied. This event chain will be starting next week, next Monday (06/01/2017), though the hour is still to be confirmed but I'll post it later in this thread. Each event will have a limit of 6 participants and will be heavily story-driven, though it will feature many things, ranging from investigation, to chatting with invidivuals, and at different points, combat. The final outcome of this event will be decided entirely by player actions, so they must be mindful of what they do and how they contribute to it. Unfortunately, I will not be accepting player characters that happen to be of specific races: Demons, Liches, or similar things. Much of the event will be centered around Ratchet, and might stretch to two different places depending on the outcome of player actions. The Ratchet we will be using is an experimental build that I have been working on for the last days, a rebuild of the city to better reflect its size, populace and scenarios described in the Warcraft books that feature the town. It features moving NPCs, a "living world", different districts and a custom, waystone-linked interior for each relevant building, so it will be a rather vast scenario for the participants to explore (and, once it is finished, it will be available for public usage). On event rules, they are rather simple. The character will be coming there to help with the investigation, and from the moment he arrives to the moment he leaves, he will be leaving impressions. Those impressions might or not have a consequence. For instance, if your character spends the entire time badmouthing Goblins and insulting Bruisers, said Bruisers will feel very tempted to lead said character into a dark alley for a corrective lesson. On the other hand, helping out with the case in a readily and proper fashion will allow the party to acquire reputation with Ratchet and with the Steamwheedle Cartel as a whole, depending on the outcome. The rewards will come in the form of gold, as well as specific-tailored rewards (for recurring participants only), reputation, and, finally, loads of fun (hopefully). Those interested in participating are heavily encouraged to be ready to bring their characters for the entire chain. During this event chain, I will also be officializing the first stage of "Project Familiar", which consists of something I mentioned before during my DM application. The official Quest Giver and guide for this event will be a Goblin Hero, Gesicht, who happens to be a freelancer investigator checking on this particular case. During the event, NPCs that show up might or not become recurring presences as well. And depending on the final outcome, this event chain will also reveal the first recurring villain of the project. So, look forward to all those reputation points or something. I won't be taking reserves for this event, and for the sake of fairness, I will announce it 20 minutes prior to its beginning. During these 20 minutes, I will be taking invites and writing down names, and once the countdown ends, I will run random rolls to select those who will be participating in the event (this ensures that everyone gets a fair chance, rather than leaving it open solely to "I whispered first"). All in all, the event has three different endings, and because of that it will be composed of either 3 or 4 events, depending of what people do. All that said, I hope you all come to enjoy it. Will see you boys in the event next week.
  5. Event Concluded! Thanks to the efforts of the party in keeping NPCs alive, reacting at right times and keeping the flow of battle going, they managed not only to allow the wounded to survive, but also managed to turn back the battle for long enough for reinforcements to arrive. Special mentions go to Druzlek and Shadeheart, who personally claimed the lives of the two enemy officers. A special mention to Iselle as well, for saving several of the wounded NPCs before they died. Also to Mezith, who managed to work well with the Goblin artillery. And lastly, to Mathias, who managed to repair the tank in time for it to join the battle and effectively allow it to turn the tide against the Iron Horde machinery. Poor Hurikan DC'ed during it but he held well on his position, and Shadeheart managed to severely harm the enemy's morale with his actions in the battle. All in all, a job well done. Rewards! Shadeheart - One letter of commendation from Captain Albert Blake, directed to the Ebon Blade, for bravery in battle and incredible martial ability against the enemies of Azeroth. Plus 3 gold. Druzlek - Acquired a bit of fame by defeating the Orcish champion, and for his valorous actions in the field, including that of saving Blademaster Kharan. Plus 3 gold. Iselle - One letter of commendation from Captain Albert Blake, to the Hand of Argus, speaking of her selfless and faithful actions in keeping many soldiers in the battle from simply perishing to their wounds. Her faithful example also helped the morale remain high even in the face of near defeat. Plus 3 gold. Mezith - One letter of commendation from Captain Albert Blake, to SI:7, speaking of how her strategical insight and willingness to directly aid the artillery in the field helped buy precious time while the wounded were evacuated. Plus 3 gold. Mathias - One letter of commendation from Captain Albert Blake, to the Alliance Army, speaking of Mathias' crucial skill at repairing the Steam Tank's engine in due time for it to join the battle and help with the defense. Without the tank, the Iron Horde machines would have overwhelmed the defenses. Plus 3 gold. Hurikan - One letter of commendation from Blademaster Kharan, to be sent to the Thunder Bluff, as well as a personal thanks for having saved the Blademaster's life during the chaos of the battle. Also 3 gold.
  6. IC As the battle rages across the Blasted Lands, a temporary triage area for the wounded has been arranged upon the Red Reaches, where convoy ships are waiting to dock and receive the many wounded from Alliance and Horde both. While far from the battlefront and in a somewhat safe position, a daring Orc Commander pushed through the flank and managed to slip out with some of his forces, gathering with remnants of the Iron Horde at other places. Knowing his forces are cut off from reinforcements, with limited resources and numbers, the Commander has decided to launch an attack upon the triage area, seeking to try and force the Alliance and Horde to pull out troops from the Dark Portal in order to respond to the immediate threat. Hoping to give the Orcs on the other side a chance of making a stronger push out of the area, these remnants of the Iron Horde's vanguard are willing to stain their hands by attacking civilians and wounded, and only a handful of volunteers and soldiers stand as a shield against such a threat. Now, those forces must try and buy the ships some time to evacuate all of the wounded, or else hold the line for long enough for reinforcements to arrive. The battle will not be easy, but those brave defenders are the last hope for those wounded men and women. Will they prevail, or retreat in shame? OOC Well, this will be my trial event. I guess it's simple and somewhat typical for the current expansion but, it's what one can do in a rush. I will be taking a maximum of 6 players for this event. By joining, you acknowledge the typical risks that come with partaking in a battle, and be expected to be reasonable with your character's strength and ability. This will involve a heavy usage of NPCs, so it is highly not recommended to try and tackle the enemy forces on one's own. No one is an one-man-army after all. This event will have as a centerpoint a certain attempt to encourage people to cooperate not only with other PCs, but also with NPCs, as the latter are also part of the world we RP at. The outcome is undecided, and the result of this event depends entirely on the selfless or selfish actions of the player characters, as well as how they interact with both allies and enemies alike. Your actions will also be seen by both the Alliance and the Horde, so if you act like a harmful dick, expect to be frowned at. If you act as a helpful ally, you'll be greeted as such. The event consists of different stages, but mostly the players will be faced with a much larger force, having a limited number of allied NPCs at their disposal. The main objective is to buy time for the wounded to be loaded on the convoy of hospital ships, though depending on how players act, it may change. Keep in mind this thing: I will reward creativity, I will reward intelligence, I will reward heart - treat people as you would want to be treated. Treat them as human trash and you'll be treated much the same, meaning that if you go around cackling and claiming the NPCs should all die, you might end up maimed horribly. Clever usage of terrain, tactics, skills and morale can greatly alter the outcome of this event, so yes, PCs and NPCs will be making a difference in these things. On the other hand, there will be little tolerance for powergaming, power-emoting, godmodding and so on. And please, keep the RPG and its filthy spreadsheets away from me. And, most importantly, have fun. WHEN? April 22th - 07:00AM - Server Time (Yes, in roughly 7 hours, maybe a bit less.)
  7. Celes

    Celes's Art

    Well, back to updating this. Celes - New Outfit (Ultimate Office Lady?!) Celes' New Outfit - Yeah, drew something more casual and more feminine for her, for a change. She's usually avoiding things like make-up, lipstick and cosmetics in general, but the look kinda felt nice on her. Drew her little Magi-Tech Golems too, Beany and Sonny. Looks like an office lady anyway. Probably matches her embraced future as a paper-pusher for SI:7. Celes - Undersuit Celes' Undersuit - No, this isn't for when Celes finally obtains her own EVA unit. It's just the little, flexible Flexweave outfit she wears under her armor for better comfort. It doesn't shoot lasers or anything (Before some retards call it "SamusSuit" or something). Koko Pinesong - Koko's Kokos Koko's Kokos - Well, just the drawing I have for Koko and never posted here. Tauren Druid, blahblah, you guys know the deal. Katherine - Adventurer Outfit Katherine - Adventurer Outfit - Well, the title kinda speaks it all. It's an Adventurer outfit. She wears it and goes out doing random Adventurer things. Might happen more often now that she's no longer in the military. Still a WIP anyway. Mirae - New Dress Mirae - New Dress - Well, just kind of updated her look a little while ago and gave her some noble-like garments, so I guess this fits, sort of? Still a bit of an incomplete work, in some senses. Mirae - Younger Disguise Mirae - Younger Disguise - Something for the Purists to froth over, I guess. This is what she looks like when she polymorphs to make herself look younger. Melodalia - Naga Form Melodalia - Naga Form - Hahaha, Naga, what a joke, right? Yeah, she's one, and probably doesn't satisfy any gritty "mimimimi doesn't look like a real naga" requirements. Still, there she is, and she's okay. Melodalia - Elf Form Melodalia - Elf Form - Just the disguise she wears when not in her real form. Meeia - Dress Meeia - Dress - Just my latest char, Meeia, clad in her usual nice dress. She's supposed to look like a Gnome anyway. Meeia - Nude - WARNING, NSFW, NUDE Meeia - Nude - WARNING, NSFW, NUDE - The tags are there, you open that damn link at your own bloody risk. But if you do, please, don't be an autistic idiot and start whining. Anyway, just a nude version of the previous drawing.
  8. Might show up on Judie, possibly. Will try to, depending on how work goes.
  9. Celes

    Echoes of an Empire

    I wish to attend on Melody.
  10. Quick witted and prepared meaning progressed? I may have a char to bring around but she's somewhat new. Quick-witted and prepared, probably, but only as much as a new char can be.
  11. I'm interested in joining this with Judie, my Gnome. She'd be happy to help out in an officer position, and even with troops or artillery equipment if necessary/allowed. But yeah, I'm game for it.
  12. Thanks for the event, it was quite fun. Enjoyed the challenging feeling to it. Hope to see more like those.
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    Business Directory

    Business Name: Selenis Fashion and Jewelry Services Location: Northrend / Kalimdor / Eastern Kingdoms Category: Special Tailoring - (Rare materials such as enchanted cloths and so on) / Fashionable Outfits / Jewelry Services Teleport: Traveling Owner: Selenis OOC: Celes Business Name: Pinesong Trading Location: Kalimdor / Eastern Kingdoms Category: Trading Services (Trade goods, metals, potions, other stuff) / Alchemy / Herbalism / Farming Teleport: Traveling Owner: Koko Pinesong OOC: Celes Business Name: Kumori Smithing Location: Kalimdor / Northrend Category: Smithing / Enchanting Teleport: Traveling Owner: Kumori OOC: Celes
  14. Celes

    Guns & You

    I'll be damned, the turrets fire at an even faster rate than I thought. Right at 1:50 you see it fire 6 times in some few seconds. No offense, that's nowhere in range of flintlock technology and is quite beyond it, and to work something like a massive fast-firing cannon you should at least have some knowledge on how to do the same on smaller (not tiny) weapons. I truly doubt there isn't some kind of magazine/fast-firing technology behind it. And cinematics don't lie. They're probably the closest we get from actual lore other than the books. The reason why firearms have not overpowered plate armor as it did in IRL is because in a fantasy universe you have things like magic, enchantments and unique, hardy materials that we don't count with.