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  1. @Scrivenaut Sounds silly, even petty, to paint everything in the same brush, Scrive. Not everyone wants to enact another Legion invasion of Westfall or Azuremyst (even by lore standards, they won't happen on such big scales until we hit Legion). Demons come in all flavors and colors too, that means you have ones who prefer to do sneaky shit, others who prefer flaunting it with massive announcements to the world (see Mezikir), but none of them is more or less proper than the next one, it's just a matter of personal preference, which people happen to be allowed to. Speaking only from my own char's perspective but the RP she's been doing, along with the guild members, has been more or less several stages of preparation for the massive invasions that will happen in Legion. That won't always necessarily involve going to a tavern to blow up a bunch of innocents, or popping up in Desolace so that all local heroes can feel nice about kicking your ass. People sometimes do guild storylines, people do their plots, their infighting or whatever. Let them, it's their damn flavor of RP. Who are you to tell they are right or wrong? You may have your nice light blue name but you're just another player, your opinion is not better than anyone else's. If Demon guilds want to involve themselves with internal events where they hit one or another place for resources, prisoners, or whatever, let them. Have we reached a point where everyone has to be a carbon copy of the "Black Crusade", doing massive invasions, nuking lands and whatnot? Are we not allowed to play characters that operate under different mindsets?
  2. @Mighty I mean, a lot of people have standards. Some people just don't accept each other's playing styles, no matter how hard they try. Some for example believe that Warcraft is a setting where everything should be grey and gritty and that smiles and happiness should be condemned like a crime. Others believe that RP more or less narrows down to how many people you make orgasm in a week. Sure, some may not like each other but, it's a matter of taste and nobody can really force anyone to change that. Personally I think those people should just stay away from each other and focus on having fun with likeminded people. Sure, the wipe could help mix those people, but at the same time it could just as well risk making them enter conflict by "I don't like how player X emotes" or "I don't like how character Y has big tits", and so on. It has its pros and cons, and eventually, it would go back to the state things currently are. As someone who doesn't have much love for WoD, I sure would appreciate jumping to Legion in order to see the whole world suffering an impact from the story but, I ain't going to force my preferences on anybody. @Cali Yeah, sure, but, what I asked is, what is the issue with having closed RP circles? Some people actually don't like joining events (I know a couple at least). Others prefer to just get online for a couple of hours, have a laugh with their IC friends and log off. Unfortunately you can't change the whole mass into people who actively contribute to the "advance" of the story, because even then you suffer from cases where players don't like the story and don't want to be involved with it. Like, my chars got pretty involved back in Cataclysm, same for Pandaria, because I had played both expansions and somewhat could like parts of it. WoD? Not only I dislike the story but a great many of my chars don't have a good IC reason to jump to Draenor to help. So I personally wouldn't go out of my way to force myself to RP into that. On the other hand, I love Legion, and custom stories, so my focus lately has been on the ongoing stories with my Legion guild, which helps spend time until we hit the nicer parts of the expansion's contents. In the end, people will choose what they prefer, whether there are wipes or not, it's simply how the human mind works. @Porsk Sure, that much can't be denied, we have a lot of awful mentality going around with some cliques, but at the same time not everyone wants to be in the "chaos". Some people like it, sure, but others like RP'ing their common farmers, sitting among friends and having a drink somewhere calm. The entire of the world is too big, and not every square inch of it is riddled with conflict, so it ends up being "realistic" that you can have both areas with chaos and conflict and areas with none of it. Again, it falls under the matter of preferences, which you can't really force on people. Not everyone will be wanting to sit on Duskwood waiting to be shafted by an edgy Undead. Not everyone will want to spend 5 hours in a tavern discussing the sex habits of different races. So, to each their own. The problem lies when people from one side try to force stuff on the other, and vice-versa, which isn't okay at all. Like, presume the wipe happens. Everyone loses their chars, and makes new ones, clean slate. You wiped the chars, but you didn't wipe the players, or the bonds between them. Cliques will reform between the same players, because they're already friends and are already comfortable with interacting with each other. Eventually, everything will just "stagnate" again. I for one don't particularly like having to be in the middle of some chaotic conflict at every single moment of the day. Sometimes my chars go out and fight, sometimes they sit somewhere safe to relax, it's part of life. Personally I think I wouldn't even log if the environment was turned into one where you can't even make a pause to chat with a friend without some jerk trying to rip out your spine to make up for his IRL insecurities and to cater to his edgy tastes. The same way some people wouldn't log if every RP was some casual tavern thing. Let the differences exist, they don't harm you or the server as much as you think. We likely could use some custom content to help cater to the different flavors and focus less on simply getting the stone-set storyline moving. AKA, focus more on the setting and world and focus less on making the pre-written story play. @Watsiro Couldn't agree with you more if I tried. Everything you said is something I agree with, and believe that could help with finding the solution for the apparent stagnation. A greater focus on custom stories and in the environment would indeed reward the server with far more enjoyable ideas than simply having us constantly follow the pre-written lore.
  3. You have different RP groups around. Let's see, in this exact moment I'm checking the online list and hmmm... Cultist RP in Duskwood. Demon RP + conflict in Arathi. Casual RP at Elwynn. Group RP at Stonetalon. Group RP at Quel'thalas. 7 people sitting in the mall. Like, there's RP going on in five different zones. I'm sure that if you try, at least two of them will let you join, if you fit the theme (sure you're not going to pop up on a super-glowing Paladin in the middle of Undercity so, good sense is to be applied). Is that any particular problem? Can you cite examples of the pudrid mindset you mentioned? And, by nothing happening, do you mean that there's no RP? No events? No massive invasions or battles or situations where people can indulge to fighting?
  4. Why is the term "hugbox" thrown around like it's some kind of sin to have a group of friends, a guild, or something, that you like to RP with? Paragon has proven thrice and over that it can be a massively toxic environment for many people. Sometimes people like to set RPs between themselves and their friends, go out on their own adventures, DM'ed or otherwise, basically do their own thing without interfering with anybody. Sure, a wipe could help with some issues, but it's human nature for people to gather around in groups. It's not a sin or a horrible thing, and it gets grating when people keep treating it this way. Sure, they're not "contributing to the server-wide story", but does everyone truly has an obligation to be involved with the entire world? Does everyone have to go to Draenor and fight the big baddies? I thought the point of a RP server was to provide people with an environment where they can have whatever RP they want, be it in pairs, groups, in the form of events or whatever. We're now going to be condemning people for having their preferences? I'm fairly sure we have lots of people with different tastes anyway. Some of which will want more open events. Others will prefer to do it in smaller groups (I know for a fact that there's a good many players who don't feel confident RP'ing with too many people, and who tend to enjoy themselves the most when the scene is a smaller one). Let them do what they want, nobody is entitled to follow anybody's particular tastes. As for the story, we're condemned to follow a linear "Blizz-like" thing that can be very dull and very boring sometimes. It would be nice if people had more liberties to expand their wings but, on the other hand that would open another window for abuse. So, tough choices.
  5. I would be more on side with Silvr's idea. It's practical and allows everyone a "place under the spotlight". By "borrowing" the artifacts to different players at each event, you allow the chance for everyone to have their moment to shine, rather than just those who are progressed or something. Joe McGamer may be a new Shaman but, for some reason he is allowed to use the Doomhammer for one battle, because the Spirits deemed so (who knows what goes in their minds). Now, he may not be the best Shaman but, you could say that the Spirits decided he was fitting for it, this particular time, so he gets his chance to shine, and based on how he performs it can even help him feel more motivated towards improving himself. Same could apply for the Light giving a vague indication of who would wield the Ashbringer for the duration of a battle, and so on. It allows everyone to have their hero moment, and it prevents artifacts from being hogged by anyone. Alternatively, one could just slowly build up their own Artifacts. Grab their favorite weapons, and with each event you reward them with a tiny little bit of "artifact power" that they can add to their weapons. Sure, this opens the window for abuse, or for people to try and get their weapons as OP as possible, but it's an alternative. Personally, I think the option of borrowing the existing Artifacts to be more easily manageable, and less prone to abuse.
  6. Well, what Seir said. Naga are very fast and agile underwater, so for most part they probably don't use bows that often. But, well, a possible "solution" for this could be something akin to "mucus", some substance akin to how fish coat themselves to become better at slicing through water. This is the part where the fantasy part of the universe might come to play, and maybe they have some odd substance that permits their arrows to more easily ignore water resistance - either that or you can say that the materials they use for that acts on that fashion. You might notice after all that most objects used for Naga, including their harpoon guns, use the same dark gold, coral-like metal. Maybe it has something to do with that? I mean, it's a fantasy universe, you don't have to nitpick at every little thing, lest you might start questioning the physics needed to keep Gunships afloat -something to keep a ship that big afloat would generate enough thrust below the ship to literally tear the skin off from anyone passing under. It would be such an immense amount of thrust that the ship wouldn't even need bombs, it would just have to float above things while letting the chaos rule beneath its mass. Same goes for how Giants exist. Using an IRL logic, you'd need them to be akin to the Titans from Attack on Titan, meaning they'd be surprisingly light and not have some immense density, otherwise they'd just start breaking apart their own bones and wouldn't be able to move much, if at all. But, seeing it is a fantasy world, such things exist unquestioned, and it's fine, because it's a game to have fun, and one can simply use their imagination to think "ah but Gunships have magic or Dwarven tech at their engines that just makes them work", or "Giants are magical things". TL;DR - Don't break your head over it. Fantasy universe yo.
  7. As far as I know, those are Death Knights who are part of the Ebon Blade. Unless my lore is mistaken, the point with them is that they are part of the Alliance, but this doesn't give them free cards to raise new Undead or new Death Knights. And for the militaristic point of view - the Alliance is more than just a bunch of Cossacks 3 players picking at how they can min-max the potential of their military. By your logic, you can just as easily say they would permit plagues, Mana Bombs, etcetera, simply because "their military value is too great to be ignored". Believe it or not, they wouldn't just go spawning Dark Shaman out of their asses while utterly ignoring any issues it might cause with their currently existing Shaman. "Minority" or not, they have these Shaman, and these Shaman have served the Alliance well for their time in it. I'm fairly sure they wouldn't be denied a voice in this regard simply because the "Military Brain Wants Stronger Units No Matter What".
  8. Necromancers? They use Warlocks, but I'm pretty sure Necros aren't really allowed. Plus, Warlocks don't make the surrounding Magi feel utterly pissed and have a harder time spellcasting when they throw around spells. Dark Shamanism on the other hand.
  9. Well, while you can argue that Draenei are a "minority of a minority", guess two figures who have Varian's ears? I'll give you two tips. One is Maraad. Another is Velen. Both are divine followers that would certainly be -really- pissed off if they found about Dark Shamanism being allowed in the Alliance. It's not a matter of "majority wins lololol", it's a matter of principles too. Varian has in the last expansions turned into a man of morals and principles (something most people here don't understand but eh, fuck principles and morals, who cares about that crap right lmao), and Maraad is a close advisor (as seen in WoD), and Velen teaches his very son about the ways of the Light. I can't see him ever willingly jeopardizing the good relations he has with the Draenei just so some edgelords can enslave the Elements. Sure, he dies in Legion but, Anduin takes his place. Want to take a bet to see how happy he would be to consider Dark Shamanism as a viable option too? The rest of the argument is "only a minority uses Shamanism who cares", but well, the Alliance isn't America. They actually care about the minorities and about silly things like "doing the right thing".
  10. Celes

    A tough town. (3/3)

    Thank you for hosting this, Slavoh, it was really fun. Was both challenging and entertaining.
  11. The first part of the event chain will start in 6 hours! 2PM, server time. Invites will be going out a little bit before. Don't miss it!
  12. Monday is the day folks, and with RevampedRatchet being finished, this will happen as scheduled. I'll make another post in the morning with the exact time it will be happening.
  13. A Child's Tale Gesicht made his way through the populated streets of Ratchet, his leather coat keeping him concealed from curious looks for most part. Even today he didn't like showing his prosthetic hand. Strange he might be, as far as the opinions of some Goblins are concerned, but he simply didn't like the odd sights people gave when seeing the mechanical apparattus. To such effect he kept it covered with a glove too, but the stiff motions and unusual quietness of the limb sometimes gave it away. He still remembered the struggle to learn how to use his right hand instead. Having been left-handed before, Gesicht had to learn to replace the more typical tasks with his flesh-and-bone right hand. The mechanical limb after all wasn't all too delicate or precise. He lost count of how many times he tried to hold a pencil, only to find it crushed between his fingers. A bitter frown covered his face. As a war veteran, such losses were almost natural, but he never grew used to it. Having served the Horde as a sapper during the Second War, Gesicht had come to regret the involvement many years later, and for most part found his solace to be his new occupation. Investigator. Some of them called him Hero. Others considered him a snooping plague. He had lost count of how many encounters in dark alleys he had came across so far, and how close he had come from dying many times. But that didn't stop him. The Goblin looked up and around at the many towering apartments, the laughter of strangers as well as that of some familiar faces. Strangers in the streets too, different races, different tastes, but none of them cared too much. Many too focused on seeing Goblins as only a greedy source of plague and disgrace, painting the race with a single brush without caring so much. It was like that, in the city that never slept. Many sought the city for its pleasures, traders, or even its lenience at dealing with certain topics, but most of those people wanted to use Goblins as much as those Goblins had learned to use them. And yet... As the investigator came to a halt in front of a small, badly-cobbled hut, he had to wonder yet again about the determination of some people. Squeezed between two fine-looking buildings, there was an arrangement of tents forming a corridor, which served for a lair for a handful of individuals. Poor, for most part. He stepped in, knowing that what he looked for lies in the end of that corridor. With a confident stride, he made way past faces of different people, different races, but that shared the same defeated, the same disgraced and sickly look. Here, ironically, all were made to see as equals. Everyone was an equal in their suffering. Even himself, he thought. Frightened, broken or tired faces looked up at him as he passed. Some begged for a coin. A grizzled-looking Dwarf asked for some new drug. Gesicht didn't stop. He did however halt as a Goblin child peeked out of one of those tents to peek at him, speaking words in a broken and unlearned dialect, but the one word he could identify among them was "food". As he reached into his coat, Gesicht drew a half-eaten sandwich that remained from his dinner, and offered it out to the child. Reaching forward with frail fingers, she took the meal and ate it with innocent and sweet gratitude, though from how fast she sought to devour her meal, he could only wonder how long had it been ever since she had eaten a proper meal. Her mother and father sat behind her, the former looking too old, too battered - a former prostitute, he might have guessed. She had the face of someone who had once been pretty, but who had become too "old" for her former job. The latter was a kindred soul, from the looks of it. The male Goblin was missing an entire arm as well as a leg, both from his left side, and a number of scars covered his head on that side as well. "Are you the parents of Misha?". Gesicht asked, showing a small picture that by luck had been taken by one of the tourists. One of these humanitarian types trying to do the "right thing". It showed a clear, black-and-white picture of a young Goblin girl, still growing, but promising to be something special. Her face was dirty only as much as she had allowed it to be, and in face of the camera she had refused to show a week look. According to what he had learned, Misha might have become a different Goblin. Despite the poverty of her parents, they had done their best to pay for her teachings, and the girl knew not only how to write and read, but showed promise in becoming a wise and intellectual woman in the future. The display of the picture made the male jump towards it, but lacking a leg, he could only fall on the barren ground of the alley, but his only remaining hand still desperately reached for it, with voiceless and pained moans coming from the Goblin's throat. The mother stared at it in shock and nodded as tears filled her eyes. "Yes.. That's our child, yes. Have you found her, Sir...?". Her question made Gesicht wonder, the woman had given up hope so long ago in many aspects of life that now it spilled upon her child, and she seemed to expect to hear the news of her daughter's death anytime. It wasn't uncommon to find one or other individual dead in the slums or alleys every now and then. "No. Boss Wiklees says he has a team working on it but the Bruiser Force is stretched thin. I'm giving him a hand with the search.". Gesicht said in a tone he hoped that sounded dismissive. In truth, for all the disgrace he had seen in his life, it pained him to see things like this. It was one of the reasons that had driven him into becoming an investigator. Few people knew the specific reason why he didn't bother charging for his services, and for picking only specific cases. The ones who didn't know didn't deserve, or wouldn't have understood if he told them. The mother let out a soft sob, reaching to claim her remaining child between her arms and caress her hair fondly. "Find her, Sir, please... Find our Misha. We can't pay but... We can arrange something, anything.". She said, looking desperate. The tone of her words drove a pang into Gesicht's chest. He knew what she was talking about. She would be willing to sell herself as a slave to pay for his aid. Maybe lose a limb or two. Ratchet was a place where anything was worth money, whether it be part of someone's body or not. Swallowing up the disgust at the thought, he merely shook his head, pocketing the picture. "I won't charge for it, Ma'am... But tomorrow I will come here again. Tomorrow I need you to tell me everything you can about Misha, and about her last whereabouts. But I promise you, ma'am, you will see your daughter again.". Gesicht said before departing, adjusting his wide-brimmed hat over his head. He didn't want to continue that conversation. He didn't want to feel like he belonged any more in that sorry corridor. OOC Ratchet children are being kidnapped, and after so many mysterious disappearances, somebody has to give a fuck. So, the adventurers will join their efforts with Detective Gesicht in order to find about those kids or whatever happened to them. Fair warning, this won't be for the weak of heart - there's no rape involved (please don't ban me) but violence might be there, or at least implied. This event chain will be starting next week, next Monday (06/01/2017), though the hour is still to be confirmed but I'll post it later in this thread. Each event will have a limit of 6 participants and will be heavily story-driven, though it will feature many things, ranging from investigation, to chatting with invidivuals, and at different points, combat. The final outcome of this event will be decided entirely by player actions, so they must be mindful of what they do and how they contribute to it. Unfortunately, I will not be accepting player characters that happen to be of specific races: Demons, Liches, or similar things. Much of the event will be centered around Ratchet, and might stretch to two different places depending on the outcome of player actions. The Ratchet we will be using is an experimental build that I have been working on for the last days, a rebuild of the city to better reflect its size, populace and scenarios described in the Warcraft books that feature the town. It features moving NPCs, a "living world", different districts and a custom, waystone-linked interior for each relevant building, so it will be a rather vast scenario for the participants to explore (and, once it is finished, it will be available for public usage). On event rules, they are rather simple. The character will be coming there to help with the investigation, and from the moment he arrives to the moment he leaves, he will be leaving impressions. Those impressions might or not have a consequence. For instance, if your character spends the entire time badmouthing Goblins and insulting Bruisers, said Bruisers will feel very tempted to lead said character into a dark alley for a corrective lesson. On the other hand, helping out with the case in a readily and proper fashion will allow the party to acquire reputation with Ratchet and with the Steamwheedle Cartel as a whole, depending on the outcome. The rewards will come in the form of gold, as well as specific-tailored rewards (for recurring participants only), reputation, and, finally, loads of fun (hopefully). Those interested in participating are heavily encouraged to be ready to bring their characters for the entire chain. During this event chain, I will also be officializing the first stage of "Project Familiar", which consists of something I mentioned before during my DM application. The official Quest Giver and guide for this event will be a Goblin Hero, Gesicht, who happens to be a freelancer investigator checking on this particular case. During the event, NPCs that show up might or not become recurring presences as well. And depending on the final outcome, this event chain will also reveal the first recurring villain of the project. So, look forward to all those reputation points or something. I won't be taking reserves for this event, and for the sake of fairness, I will announce it 20 minutes prior to its beginning. During these 20 minutes, I will be taking invites and writing down names, and once the countdown ends, I will run random rolls to select those who will be participating in the event (this ensures that everyone gets a fair chance, rather than leaving it open solely to "I whispered first"). All in all, the event has three different endings, and because of that it will be composed of either 3 or 4 events, depending of what people do. All that said, I hope you all come to enjoy it. Will see you boys in the event next week.
  14. Event Concluded! Thanks to the efforts of the party in keeping NPCs alive, reacting at right times and keeping the flow of battle going, they managed not only to allow the wounded to survive, but also managed to turn back the battle for long enough for reinforcements to arrive. Special mentions go to Druzlek and Shadeheart, who personally claimed the lives of the two enemy officers. A special mention to Iselle as well, for saving several of the wounded NPCs before they died. Also to Mezith, who managed to work well with the Goblin artillery. And lastly, to Mathias, who managed to repair the tank in time for it to join the battle and effectively allow it to turn the tide against the Iron Horde machinery. Poor Hurikan DC'ed during it but he held well on his position, and Shadeheart managed to severely harm the enemy's morale with his actions in the battle. All in all, a job well done. Rewards! Shadeheart - One letter of commendation from Captain Albert Blake, directed to the Ebon Blade, for bravery in battle and incredible martial ability against the enemies of Azeroth. Plus 3 gold. Druzlek - Acquired a bit of fame by defeating the Orcish champion, and for his valorous actions in the field, including that of saving Blademaster Kharan. Plus 3 gold. Iselle - One letter of commendation from Captain Albert Blake, to the Hand of Argus, speaking of her selfless and faithful actions in keeping many soldiers in the battle from simply perishing to their wounds. Her faithful example also helped the morale remain high even in the face of near defeat. Plus 3 gold. Mezith - One letter of commendation from Captain Albert Blake, to SI:7, speaking of how her strategical insight and willingness to directly aid the artillery in the field helped buy precious time while the wounded were evacuated. Plus 3 gold. Mathias - One letter of commendation from Captain Albert Blake, to the Alliance Army, speaking of Mathias' crucial skill at repairing the Steam Tank's engine in due time for it to join the battle and help with the defense. Without the tank, the Iron Horde machines would have overwhelmed the defenses. Plus 3 gold. Hurikan - One letter of commendation from Blademaster Kharan, to be sent to the Thunder Bluff, as well as a personal thanks for having saved the Blademaster's life during the chaos of the battle. Also 3 gold.