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  1. Syth

    Red Sky, Red Soil

    The Burning Legion advances West! The forces of Shadowforge have prepared defenses to keep the demons in Blackrock Mountain. But the East is another story. The Thorium Brotherhood and their allies are being overwhelmed. The battle grows bloodier by the day. The order to retreat approaches. The call for aid is coming, Heroes. ((Event announcement coming very soon. Stay tuned.))
  2. And there'll probably be more stuff added with time, both related to flint-locks and older styles and newer stuff with caplocks, pinfire and cartridges. I'll try adding images too. I just wanted to get something out there to replace the old catalog that's long since been archived deleted, apparently. But if you're bad at guns and don't want to do much learning or thinking, just stick to the Ready-made section and related labels, and you're good. We've got options to help even people with flintlocks be capable of doing at least one action each turn without pretending they can reload a musket faster than an olympic medalist or something.
  3. Merchants of Menace Catalog of Goods and Services For years after coming into business, Merchants of Menace has been providing fair goods at fair prices to help you solve your problems and settle your disputes. If you're new to our work, why not look through our services and ready-made weapons to get you started? With prices and quality like ours, you'll never regret your purchase! But maybe you're a frequent shooter instead, and you just need of stocking up. Not to worry, we've got plenty of essential tools and supplies to suit your needs. Or perhaps you're a veteran or a returning customer looking to expand your collection or upgrade your arsenal. No problem, Merchants has you covered! Our wide selection of options for custom-made weapons is sure to have what you need. Whatever challenges you face, you can be confident when you're carrying the Merchants of Menace at your side! Services Ready-Made Guns Supplies Powders Projectiles Primer Cartridges Reloading Tools Custom Orders Metals Calibers Loading Mechanisms Firing Mechanisms Repeating Mechanisms Optics
  4. That's a valid point, Mushan. Though, I think it's the opposite. I think capital cities would be more capable of handling their problems, and you are more likely to find jobs no one wants to do, whereas small towns might lack the resources to deal with bigger problems, and would offer appropriate rewards for those who help.
  5. What about Black Dragonspawn and Black Drakonid? There are very few surviving black draggos left, but that doesn't necessarily have to be true of their lesser kin. And supposing there are enough to be worth mentioning, will they have free reign because of a lack of leadership, or will they be corralled by, for example, Wrathion? Other than that, I think this is all pretty cool. I have another question regarding modifications. Some tech mods, in theory, can quite literally be pulled off of one weapon and put on to another. Usually, these are mundane, but "special" ones might fall under this category too. Like special scopes or underbarrel devices, etc. Will any restrictions be enforced on transferring mods between items?
  6. Syth

    Tramway Tragedy

    Stormwind and Ironforge were given another rude awakening this morning when sirens went off in the Deeprun Tram and the departed trains full of passengers never arrived. The long passageways stretching under earth and sea began to flood heavily to the brim. The only knowledge of what exactly occurred was recounted by a group of eight survivors, among them a mage who managed to teleport them all to safety in time. What they described was a behemoth of a machine, man-like in shape, but covered in green energies that cooked the water around it. The machine was said to smash the structural glass of the underwater tramway and cause catastrophic flooding. During the final moments of the teleportation, they witnessed it ripping up the derailed tram cars. This act of terrorism occurred during hours of high traffic in the Tramway, when there were hundreds if not thousands of passengers present. The number of casualties is uncertain, but aside from the 8 survivors, the others have been presumed dead and the death toll is still being tallied. Authorities have closed off the Tramway in both the cities of Stormwind and Ironforge and are investigating what other security breaches may arise as a consequence of this.
  7. Syth

    Hell's smithy (Upgrades)

    this is kind of adorable
  8. Syth

    Noble Relations

    house hawkmore is a marquis house(an actual dogus), house strike is a dukedom lead by a duchess (lunar), house marcelson is a barony (fizzy) and thats all that comes to mind atm but perhaps there is more. nath made a new count and stuff.
  9. Syth

    Noble Relations

    It is high time this received an update @Drez
  10. Syth

    A Moment of Silence

    In the preceding days, the court of Duke Keiramont became active. Its magi were found working closely with the enigmatic but not really figure of the north, the Mage of the Burning Steppes. A number of bodies, counting 258, had been recovered from the Broken Shore, from an Alliance vessel submerged and lost after tragic battle that ended in the loss of the late King Wrynn. In concerted efforts with the volunteers from of Legionfall: Sergeant Alvia Duskgaze of the Horde, the shaman lent to her by shaman Kralgath Wolfhowl of the Earthen Ring, the druids lent by druid Navasi of the Cenarion Circle, and paladins lent to her by Knight-Paladin Bevin Thorne of the Silver Hand, the bodies have been recovered, mended, and identified as best as possible before being shepherded to the Kingdom of Stormwind with the aid of the Mage of the Steppes on the departing side and the court magi of Duke Keiramont on the arriving side. Here, they are to be closely inspected and have their identities confirmed before the families of the lost are informed. A memorial and consequent graves will follow to honor the lost, alongside a ceremony held at the time of burial. The Duke Keiramont extends his thanks to the efforts of the Mage, and the volunteers of Legionfall, who have helped return the lost to their homes. Similar gossip stirs in Ogrimmar thanks to the efforts of Sergeant Alvia Duskgaze and her companions among the Legionfall for a formerly unaccounted 304 bodies recovered from the wreck of a Horde vessel submerged on the beach of Broken Shore. Their recovery is accredited to the same mage, but the accompanying detailed identification and spiritual rites that followed were accredited to the shamaness Druna of the Earthen Ring and her dedicated work. The bodies will follow a brief inspection before news is delivered to the families of the lost, and shortly thereafter a ceremony will be held to honor the dead and their contribution.
  11. They gotta stop hiring these saturday-morning-cartoon assassins...
  12. Still looks like a joke to me. Edit: When do you plan on editing the post?
  13. uh oh that syth guy is in trouble maybe