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  1. Well, it wasn't really meant to be a big thing, just a way to introduce the Lightforged Draenei characters to RP without forcing it to happen on Argus, or waiting for Argus to come. I had no intent to push for more than that, but I wouldn't necessarily stop it either. The potential is there, so if it became a popular idea, I'd support it. It's unfortunate that time constraints have set me back a bit. But, we'll see what I can do.
  2. Syth

    The Mourning After

    After a year of being out of contact with the world, the reclusive Sect of the Dragons has surfaced again under tragic circumstances. The Temple of Flight, the Sect's hallowed temple city and holy site, was unfortunately at the heart of the Burning Legion's invasion in the Burning Steppes, cut off from all sides. The city was built along the coastline just west of the Steppes, and was thought to be in a safe place away from all hostile parties. By mere chance, the city's perilous state was happened upon by a scout sent from the Burning Steppes who discovered the city from afar. The bastion of worship had turned to ruins, flooded by demons, and the ominous signs of a submerged Fel Reaver launching attacks from the depths. A lone structure was left standing, surrounded by a barrier keeping out most of the demons: The Sanctum itself. Immediately, the Mage of the Steppes mobilized a group of 200 through multiple entry portals, among them, various heroes of Azeroth, to storm past the demons and breach the barrier as it neared its breaking point. There, they found the High Priestess Nevana Seersane fighting back a wave of demons and acting as the last line of defense between the invaders and a mere 105 survivors. A short, intense battle was fought as the rescue party broke through the demon offensive and established a portal. The rescue was a success, and the surviving hundred were evacuated to the city of Chiselgrip. After the departure of the Mage's militia, The Temple of Flight fell under complete control of the Burning Legion. It is speculated that the demons have limited their advance on Stormwind because of the city's presence, and further speculated that the rest of the population have become fuel for the Legion. Of the original population of 1500, a mere 7% have been confirmed alive. Today, in the morning after the rescue, the refugees and the city of Chiselgrip mourn for their loss. The High Priestess, upon departure from the Sanctum, has fallen unconscious and has yet to awaken.
  3. Syth

    The Vigil's Fate

    The Burning Legion mounted a relatively small attack against Morgan's Vigil late into the evening, but even the "small" force of demons was overwhelming. They had made their way up the slope when a patrol from Chiselgrip spotted the attack and swiftly sounded the call to aid their allies. Before the main reinforcements could arrive in time, a band of adventurers and mercenaries was thrown together to keep the demons busy. They managed to do much more than that, disabling the portal that allowed Felguard to funnel through, slaying the commanding demon and the portal keeper. But the results devastated the land. The dark iron riflemen arrived in time to tear apart the demon assault from their undefended rear. The power of dark iron craftsmanship was not to be underestimated as they made short work of the advancing demons. The once brown slope has been coated a dark red with a hint of sickly green. The Legion were stopped dead in their tracks, with no casualties on the side of the rescuers! But despite their best efforts, it was not a perfect defense. The Vigil was unable to hold out without losses, and several of the guards among Morgan's Militia, despite their tempered skills in combat, could not hold out against the waves of demons. This has left the camp weakened. Due to its lack of strategic value, the influential parties of Chiselgrip have suggested that Morgan move her forces to join with Chiselgrip until the area has been secured. Patrols have been sent out to investigate the eastern Steppes for the entry point of the demons, as more and more pockets of forces are being encountered in the east. The message sent by this attack has not fallen upon deaf ears. The Steppes will retaliate; demons will not be given a foothold in the east so long as mortal-kind lives and breathes.
  4. Syth

    Evacuation Notice!

    Rewards all accounted for at last. Will be archiving this.
  5. Syth

    Grim Horizons

    While the fortunate experience their fear in relative safety, others are forced to peer into its maws. "Couldn't get much worse, they said." "They just keep coming... Monsters!" "Night and day, what's the difference?" "I can still see it... We should have kept running!" "Hah. Yeah, right."
  6. In the afternoon, a loud disturbance in the form of a bang and widespread quaking was reported occurring somewhere in the Redridge Mountain range. The activity lasted a few short seconds, and was found accompanied by a concentrated torrent of arcane energy. The activity happened in the mountain lake bordering Redridge and the Burning Steppes, and the prime suspect is a black-haired quel'dorei called Tyriseius. Local authorities apprehended this man and took him in for interrogation. The mage responsible for maintenance and care of the land and lake, Terin, assigned a servant to the removal of the energy tainting the lake's waters. Damages and losses to the reservoir are being assessed and it is clear that this accident could not come at a worse time, but Terin has assured the population that the damage is being remedied with haste, and the water supply and all its byproducts will continue flowing to keep the economy running. According to the present assessment, with proper rationing, there are enough reserves to last until the repairs are completed, and no focus need be diverted away from the war effort against the Burning Legion. But donations will not be turned away during this critical moment of recovery.
  7. Syth

    Evacuation Notice!

    Rewards: Unclaimed: Noola - She died. Her sacrifice will be praised forever. Rep: Agrehr - Reputation with Shadowforge and Chiselgrip. Arald - Reputation with Shadowforge and Chiselgrip. Maeva - Reputation with Shadowforge and Chiselgrip. Shaelis - Refused her reward, but I'll default this to Reputation with Shadowforge and Chiselgrip. Favor: Elyon - A favor from Terin. Vexa - A favor from Terin. Chelsey - A favor from Terin. Elenore - A favor from Terin. Mats/Gold: Eneas - 15 gold worth of unshaped Mithril for personal use. Keral - 15 gold worth of unshaped Mithril to be crafted into equipment for his men. Seabreeze - 10 gold and a SMOOCH from Terin (The man asked for this). Doloman - 10 gold, no smooch.
  8. Syth

    Evacuation Notice!

    Final list of Attendees (good guys): Vexa, Chelsey, Maeva, Shaelis, Arald, Keral, Noola, Doloman, Eneas, Elenore, Agrehr, Seabreeze, Elyon and the bad guy, Mae'fal, gets no reward except his own satisfaction and manipulation. I will provide a list of the rewards everyone claimed as they claim them. A gossip post about the aftermath:
  9. The blood spilled upon the Tomb of Sargeras was just the beginning. The Legion's wrath over the loss of one of their Lieutenants fuels their endless march. Today, the Burning Legion pulled further east, finally crumbling a long and desperate defense held up by the militia of the Mage of the Steppes, the forces of the Thorium Brotherhood, and the forward army of Shadowforge. But the defeat was not hopeless. Many brave souls remained to save the fleeing defenders, and hundreds of lives were saved for the many that were lost. The colony of Chiselgrip, the city of Shadowforge, and the mage of the Steppes extends their deepest thanks to those who defended these lives. A special honor is given to the Tortollan who sacrificed herself to turn away the Legion's command ship by volunteering to teleport atop the vessel and turn herself into a bomb, breaching past their defenses and wounding the ship's internals. While the ship refused to fall, it was forced to turn away and retreat to safety. To this day, this Tortollan is perhaps the second person to ever force a ship to turn away by herself. The Mage of the Steppes requests that whoever learns the identity of this woman meet with him, and he will ensure she is properly honored for her the life she gave. Behind Shadowforge's blockade, reinforcements trickle in from different places. The first portion of the 7th Legion arrive, soldiers loaned from noblemen join the ranks, scouts from Ironforge fight side by side with their dark iron brothers and sisters. Of the hundreds who survived the battle, many are still willing to fight, though they may now lack the means. On the ground, this was a tremendous loss. But in the hearts of the defenders, this was a victory over the terror of the Legion, and a chance to come back swinging.
  10. Syth

    Evacuation Notice!

    That's okay! I picked the best time for people who already agreed to attend, so that's just how it goes for now.
  11. I'm sure someone is celebrating, but I find it sad things were taken to these extremes. One thing is for sure. Can't really claim the team's not listening to the people, because that's some extreme measures being taken. No more grumpy Datacore to stomp all over your youthful optimism. As for Raz, he probably doesn't mind, lol.
  12. Syth

    A Black Omen Arrives

    Was Illidan's gamble worth it?
  13. well, the way you've itemized these things is kind of weird. Normally, you'd go 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B, 2C, etc. Nitpick aside, I'll go down the list with what I think. 1A seems like an acceptable trade-off. 2A is... fine, I guess. Having more evil dragons around will bring back an aspect of fantasy that's been missing from warcraft. 3A raises some eyebrows. I dunno how to react, but it doesn't matter much to me atm so I'll see how the community feels. 1B. Now that's a surprise, a good surprise. 2B Somebody call Runok. 3B *squints* This greatly intrigues me. I would like to take part in this ordering of the universe. Also, Jordy's legacy lives on. 1C Sounds good. 2C Don't fuck it up. But if you do fuck it up, fix it. 3C I wanna have input on this, but sounds good. 4C Uhhhh this is all kinds of strange and interesting? I'd like to know more, that's all I can say. 5C Now this is an interesting topic. Are we going to move away from an A-Z system, and instead treat the possibilities as like puzzle pieces that we could re-arrange? Because, then, there exists an opportunity to take the foundation Blizzard has given us and make it not-shitty wherever it's proven shitty. Taking what feels right, and altering or rejecting what's lame or otherwise unsatisfying, I think that's a good direction to move in. We'll at least start taking some agency in the story's direction, and that's huge. Very different from before. 6C You haven't said anything specific about what kind of things you'll be more accepting of. But, I like the direction it's going. I will wait to see more examples of this before I let excitement bubble in, but I'm hopeful. 1D I raise my eyebrows. I will ignore my security flaw senses and say that this is probably a decent way of showing more trust for our builders. But please, no mainphase spontaneous building unless there's some meaningful reason behind it, like in response to ongoing events or a roleplay, etc. Apart from that, if this inspires people to build, great. 2D I'm sure someone cares, but I really don't. I guess at least this is evidence that we're loosening up, though, and removing the stick that has been shoved far up paragon's ass. 3D hey, that's me!
  14. Reports of eerie lights and strange activity from the north had caused the guard to request the aid of a few freelancers to investigate. No one suspected the strange sightings to be the hints of a raiding party. Demons poured in from the mountains and flew in from above, capturing and kidnapping helpless loggers and lumberers. The abilities of a brave few made the difference between a desperate survival and wholesale slaughter. Many lives were lost, others literally spirited away. For the time being, the camp is being closed and evacuated. Military forces plan to turn it into a temporary outpost to keep watch on demon raids before they finally strike back. To the unsung heroes of this battle, many survivors owe you their lives. You know who you are.
  15. EVACUATION NOTICE In response to the Burning Legion's increasing hostilities, the combined military forces of the Burning Steppes have posted an evacuation notice effective immediately. Separately, the Mage of the Burning Steppes, has requested the aid of Azeroth's defenders in the evacuation effort. Those who assist will be rewarded handsomely directly by Terin! Date and Time: 8/7/2020 1 PM Server Time OOC things to know: 10 participants max; no faction restrictions. There will be unending waves of demons. If you expose yourself to danger, I will focus on killing you. The goal is not to win or defeat the enemy, but to defend the retreating forces. The reward you receive will scale with your individual performance and the group's performance. Your choice of reward: Up to 10 Gold in cash, or up to 15 Gold worth of Materials. A favor from Terin. Reputation with Shadowforge and Chiselgrip. Vanguard: Those who will defend the retreat and evacuation. (Players who will be part of the event. First come, first serve.) Lil Vex (Vexa) - Cagi. Ainsley Harrrrrrrrrrrrrington - Jordy Karsten 'The Great Wolf' "Let me show you how it's done." Helmstag - Data Core Karn the Ook- err, I mean, Orc - Grinch Magical Maeva Almeras - Goldfish Keral Whitemanslayer - Link Eleanore the pro gamer mage - Denning - - - Reserve: Those who will reinforce the Vanguard in the event of a shortage of people. (A waiting list, if anyone in the Vanguard drops. Priority is from top to bottom.) - Baddies: Uninvited guests. (Legion characters that can join in to add to the chaos.) An inquisitive fellow. - Sindoh