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  1. Hm. Looks good. About six years late, but better late than never.
  2. Syth

    Bloodied Hills

    we gave em a good beating they were in the wrong part of westfall
  3. Syth

    Bloodied Hills

    With the start of the new year, the Dagger Hills became the site of conflict. Gnolls and Bandits were witnissed fighting as large fires climbed up the hillside. When the last gunshots rang, all went quiet. The fires were put out by means unknown, and a lone cleric calling herself Chelsey Redmane turned up at Sentinel Hill to bring a single surviving bandit to justice. According to her account, a gunman by the name of Teller, along with his companion, are tracking down the Teller family's stolen weapons, taking them out of bandit hands and back to their rightful owners. When authorities later investigated the scene, they found charred ground and remains, many unarmed bodies, and several holes dug up in the mountainside. A lone iron lockbox was found forced open and emptied, thought to once contain the lost guns. The authorities have issued a statement that the vigilantes are acting on their own, and not on the orders of the law or any presiding governing body.
  4. finally, an excuse...
  5. Overall, I like the changes. I haven't given the entire thing a lot of deep thought yet, but I do have one suggestion @nuggiemancer @Seto Kaiba: For #3, I would like to suggest that if a DM is going to run an event for their group of friends and there is any room at all for this to be interpreted as bias, they would announce it in DM chat so that it can be reviewed. Because there is potential for bias, it's a lot easier to trust them if they put themselves forward and go "hey i might be too nice to these guys in my event, please keep an eye on me." This makes it less likely for any surprises to show up down the line. As for #5, Add a sheet to the DM Activity tables called "Players", and add an extra column for the player name. The player does not have to ask permission to run their event if it is within the limits of the acceptable rewards, but they do have to report the event to an EM, who then records it on the player section. If there's any fishy business going on, it will be possible to go back and look at what they claim happened and allow or invalidate it. Players can also report it to DM's to have it recorded, that works too. It will be the player's personal responsibility to do this if they decide to run their own event, so its entirely fair. If they run an event, it goes unreported, and the reward is a liiiittle bit fishy, then the EM or a mod can unconditionally revoke it due to a failure to report it.
  6. Word of demonic activity in the Burning Steppes has been creeping around once again. Over the past month, talk of demon sightings and attacks has come from the fiery wasteland, but nothing serious. But the word traveling from the region is that it had received a larger skirmish. A Wrathmaster aggressively attacked the outpost in force, supported by a hillside of hundreds of imps that bombarded the dwarven outpost with felflames. The Dark Iron forces were ready, having some knowledge and forewarning of the demonic presence, and managed to beat back the siege. They reportedly suffered little or no casualties by the good graces of fortune, the power of their golems and the presence of healers. But their camp and the landscape were significantly damaged by the battle, and in its damaged state, the demons continue to regularly harass it, keeping it in disrepair. Some of the dwarves are even starting to feel sickly from the touch of fel. The leadership is worried that the demons will launch a larger attack after this sudden build-up, and if the situation escalates without reinforcements or aid, they may be forced to retreat into Blackrock Mountain, or further east toward Chiselgrip.
  7. First time I've seen a character get famous for being trampled by horses!
  8. Syth

    Montarville's Bane

    ALSO: I'm posting on behalf of Drez because idfk he can't post right now. Drez will be present on ATTICUS DREZLIN SURBLADE with his posse of pompous paladins. Look forward to it.
  9. Syth

    Montarville's Bane

    If I can make it, I'll come.
  10. It seemed like we were once overflowing with demon hunters, and now, we're... not. Feels like there should be more applicants. Question @Mighty What about Wardens, Sentinels, and other potential night-elven characters that might guard the vault or have a reason to be present? I'm none of those things, but maybe there are people with characters who fit that criteria who could fill some slots. Oh hey. Today is the deadline. Just noticed.
  11. i like dis verum's a smart boy ill participate partly to encourage others and partly cause one of those titles does interest me
  12. Syth

    Creating Loa

    In my experience with trolls, I think the act of worship, respect and rituals/sacrifices to the things they call Loa are what eventually make them into Loa. This would be irrelevant of trolls calling other immortal, spiritual things Loa, though it may still add to their power. Blood for the blood god, for example? A family who has their own ancestral loa could be given power from the few trolls that pay it respects and offer a prayer each time they pass it. The good will (or just the will) of the trolls who believe and respect it could provide the spirit with the small bit of spiritual power it needs to persist and exist as a loa, and do whatever things loa do. It's an interesting thought, for sure. My opinion's not the most informed, trolls aren't my forte, but I think it works in a general way.
  13. don't lie you're fresh out of bagels Anyway, I stand by what I said. Warriors are supposed to command mastery of the battlefield, and this is something that in effect would be very useful, but fails to be presented in practice because few writers and roleplayers are actual masters of any battlefield. For as long as war has raged, heroes from every race have aimed to master the art of battle. Warriors combine strength, leadership, and a vast knowledge of arms and armor to wreak havoc in glorious combat. Some protect from the front lines with shields, locking down enemies while allies support the warrior from behind with spell and bow. Others forgo the shield and unleash their rage at the closest threat with a variety of deadly weapons. The warrior’s battle cries embolden friends and leave foes cowering in fear. With legendary precision, warriors target the smallest gaps in armor and slice at hamstrings in a blur of steel. Every dragon slain, corrupted tyrant toppled, and demon banished from Azeroth has trembled in the face of these lords of war.[1] Warriors are the quintessential fearless fighters on the battlefield, and their pure martial prowess inspires courage in allies and despair in enemies. Experts in all manner of melee weaponry and possessing incredible physical strength and skill, Warriors are perfectly suited to serve as frontline combatants and battlefield commanders.[2] So honestly, the Rage is a secondary thing, it gives them a little something extra. Their main focus is their skill. They're supposed to be savants of battle through and through. In theory, Warriors can extend their abilities to help others. In practice, this rarely works, especially in a roleplay setting. So... honestly, Mighty, I would say that it's an easy class to roleplay but a difficult class to master, since it does require actual real world skill to roleplay effectively, and we're not the best of the best (neither is Blizzard), so there's little to be done there.
  14. Eh. Strictly speaking, yes, magic and technology generally are going to be more powerful than mundane means of warfare, but so what? Reducing the abilities of a warrior to rage magic somewhat belittles the purpose of what a warrior (or a soldier for that matter) is supposed to be. WAR-riors are meant to master the battlefield. An inability for Blizzard to portray this correctly, and an inability for roleplayers to roleplay this correctly, amounts to why warriors can appear so shit in practice. In my experience, when leveraged just right, the 'slight' advantages that warriors have can make huge differences. Having the right tool for the job is not class-specific, either. It's ironic that the setting is so reliant on magic when non-magical and eve non-technological means can still prove very effective when used correctly. In short, I don't see why Warriors need to be so shit just because the warriors in canon have only displayed a few amazing feats.