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  1. Literally summoning me from the aether to look at this. Signs, we can put on hold for now, but let me ask the question about books again. I gave Data a very specific suggestion at one point about using the mailing system's letters to act as a live form of text storage that you could reference and access for custom book objects. Did the technical limitations consider that suggestion, or was that not investigated? Edit: Scratch that, let's talk about signs again. We already have a form of signs implemented, just not AS signs. Waystones pop up a text message when they are used, right before a player is warped. A restart isn't even required. Based on that, we can implement a clickable object like a waystone, but instead of warping you, all it does is show the text string as a simple sign of a few words. Now, don't tell me that's impossible or impractical, because it clearly already exists.
  2. man, this has got to be the weirdest one yet anyway, welcome!
  3. ah yeah, for his highborne
  4. Not sure, but either way, this is really cool! We should add on to this! Good job @alf !
  5. Syth

    manly men

    wrong it feels itchy it looks manly
  6. Ty for being understanding. Rest assured that the majority of the team is focused on the present. I'm just keeping an eye out for problems that could arise from lack of forethought and planning.
  7. Yeh, and Suramar is very much neutral right now, but the topic is about the Future of Suramar, which is a BfA thing.
  8. I'm okay with that. The main thing I want to avoid here is unnecessary overhead for the creative team. The bigger the changes we make, the more work it is for my cute little helpers. I want us to work effectively on all things BfA, so I don't want to slap down a change so big it will redirect too much effort from the team. Apart from that, you have my support.
  9. Well, reading through her participation in the original lore, it seems she avoids any clear acts of offense. She helps free princess Talanji from the Stockades. This is a rescue. She helps set up portals in Zandalar. This is for diplomacy and logistics. She helped rescue members of the horde taken prisoner by the naga. After that, she spends almost all her time in Nazjatar with Lor'themar. She almost comes to blows with Shandris once, over an argument about the Nightborne's alignment, but they team up against Azshara in the end. So, we could very easily claim that Thalyssra is participating on behalf of Lor'themar's wishes and the Nightborne-specific lore would stay almost entirely the same. Any change to the lore would be counted as a Paragon spin. The problem is that the Nightborne in the Horde storyline are the most important Nightborne, particularly Thalyssra. Making her the leader of a splinter faction feels wrong when she is supposed to be the leader of Suramar. So it's not a question of do we put a spin on it, because we're definitely going to put a spin on it. It's a matter of making it easier to integrate that spin, so it's less work for all parties involved to get the desired result: An open Suramar.
  10. What about this instead? The Nightborne do not join the Horde, but independently form an alliance with the Blood Elves. The majority of the city remains open to all races who assisted in its liberation from the Legion (while under strict supervision), but only blood elves are offered the privileges of diplomacy and citizenship. Any Nightborne support of the Horde that occurs is strictly support toward their blood-elven allies. As such, they wouldn't officially participate in certain events like the burning of Teldrassil, though some may choose to do so as individuals. Officially, the stance of Suramar would be to avoid participating in unnecessary conflict that paints them as a target. No splitting of factions or wild divergence from lore are necessary. Does that sound like a fair compromise to let Suramar remain a playable space?
  11. I have slept on it, and I have taken @schredd 's very good points into account. I think there is a certain story-value in having the Nightborne join the Horde, particularly alongside the Blood Elves. That value is that Sylvanas is fucking crazy, and it is advantageous from a story-driven point of view to have more newcomers who can recognize how crazy she is and how much damage she will do to the Horde. The blood elves, strangely enough, have always been part of this subset, and they have mostly been alone in that, because the other races are somewhat evenly divided on the topic whereas the reclusive and xenophobic belves rarely fully commit to whatever schemes the Horde comes up with, unless they get forced into it. It's not because they are a virtuous race, they are just more concerned about self-interest and self-preservation than literally all the other horde races, and avoid needlessly making more enemies and drawing attention to themselves. There are only a handful of exceptions I can think of to this behavior. The Nightborne would be in a similar position, and we already know they get along well with the Belves. Having these two factions stand together gives the Belves enough political power and military might to step in and say 'Okay Horde, that's enough of your bullshit, stop dragging us into these pointless conflicts.' So a neutral Nightborne faction might seem nice from the standpoint of roleplay accessibility, but I think we gain more from BfA's story if we use their Horde involvement as a plot device. However, I still stand by what I said last night: an offshoot of the nightborne can remain as a neutral faction, and players may choose to roleplay as a neutral nightborne instead of a Horde-aligned nightborne. As for Seiryoku's suggestion of Alliance and Neutrals being allowed into Suramar, I think we it can be done for specific individuals with diplomatic intent or other special reasons, but once Suramar commits to a faction, free passage of non-allied races is not going to happen. That's just not how national security works.
  12. Today was a bit of a rough one. I'll advise everyone with decision making power to sleep on it for now. My present stance is that I'm open minded, but it creates some complications. Frankly, I think it will be easier to work with if the neutral faction is the off-shoot, and the core faction that remains in Suramar sides with the Horde as originally intended. That's a lot less work for us to manage. Anyway, I will take my own advice and sleep on it.
  13. heya i remember subjecting you to some demon aggression once good times
  14. Not specifically at you. I've been thinking about it myself.