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  1. So, whatever the conversation above (there's so much, I didn't read it, and there's not enough money you could pay me to do that), I guess the disheartening thing is, do I put this... So, we kinda'...know what's going to happen, right? Nobody really wants to LARP retail, because we, y'know, have retail. What will get people on and playing is unexpected shit. Original characters to serve as antagonists that are linked to the main story (to make the content both custom and serving to drive the overall narrative), twists and turns that the Blizzard storyline does not have/that divorce themselves from the railroad of that storyline entirely. That kind of thing is what will get people invested, what will generate fun, and what will have people logging on each week in anticipation for after making a bowl of popcorn. It's good to read, though, that there will be altered versions of the storyline. I hope they're more altered than not. It would be good to take the reigns and write our own way to the Titan of Death, instead of have that way directed for us. Carry on smartly.
  2. Why? That's not the case, as the player joins their efforts, wears their equipment, does their missions, fights their battles, etc.
  3. This is going to be the stuff, right here. I wish you luck! I've watched you evolve your own methods of interactive storytelling since the moment you first logged on to the server, and for all my observation,s there's only one thing to say. I'm super proud of you, Luci.
  4. inb4 the adventurers get arrested for assault on a miner.
  5. ...we can have friends now? I can...I can FINALLY have a friend!?!

  6. Watch these videos! All of these videos are taken from organizations that use real technique adapted from the various fighting manuals and treatises of the High Medieval and Renaissance periods. Why is proper technique important in a fantasy setting, you may ask? One one hand, there are only -so- many ways to cut another man. On the other, there are a million ways he can deflect your blow. Being able to properly demonstrate and articulate a level of fencing technique in your RP against any opponent will give you the (pun intended) edge. It will make the difference between a legitimate killing emote and a disputed one, a sure, elegant parry and a sloppy, misunderstood deflection. Be articulate. Use the technique. If you play a warrior, study the art of war and make your warrior better at what he does. I'll be continuously posting more videos on here of real technique, both in sets (such as those supplied by the German group, TheRealGladiatores) and applied technique in sparring matches. I will also be updating the thread with displays of combat in armor, and the flexibility and strain armor can take, as well as the advantages and proper use of shields.
  7. Wait, does every person have the ability to bug staff about deleting posts from their thread that they don't like, or only Tass? I'm not even being sarcastic, I just want to know.