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  1. So, whatever the conversation above (there's so much, I didn't read it, and there's not enough money you could pay me to do that), I guess the disheartening thing is, do I put this... So, we kinda'...know what's going to happen, right? Nobody really wants to LARP retail, because we, y'know, have retail. What will get people on and playing is unexpected shit. Original characters to serve as antagonists that are linked to the main story (to make the content both custom and serving to drive the overall narrative), twists and turns that the Blizzard storyline does not have/that divorce themselves from the railroad of that storyline entirely. That kind of thing is what will get people invested, what will generate fun, and what will have people logging on each week in anticipation for after making a bowl of popcorn. It's good to read, though, that there will be altered versions of the storyline. I hope they're more altered than not. It would be good to take the reigns and write our own way to the Titan of Death, instead of have that way directed for us. Carry on smartly.
  2. The American Edition - Now with more high fructose corn syrup
  3. Why? That's not the case, as the player joins their efforts, wears their equipment, does their missions, fights their battles, etc.
  5. He cited Death Knights working for the Alliance. Semantics makes a pretty poor argument tbh
  6. S'more pics from this last weekend's event came in. Sporting that 16th-century swagger.
  7. Third from the left, in the breastplate.
  8. 10/10 am baller drowning in puss now here's some music for REAL men
  9. Blizzard is inconsistent and shit with their lore. They asspull 90% of content. There. Explained.
  10. An absolute, professional savage. Would definitely trust with my kids.
  11. Get my photography off the ground. It'll happen this year, I swear it!