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  1. Rogue

    Music Thread
  2. @Grimchampion: But, if the destroy triggers at the end of turn, it opens some fancy opportunities for more combinations
  3. Its not "Bad." - Just a matter of preference. Although I find Dota more superior among the various mobas... I recall playing Evelynn pretty hard during those early days when she actually had a stun. Also morgana, but I hear she has not changed at all. Lastly Soraka probably because I was able to 1v1 anybody, but they tell me its impossible now days. - I wonder why they had to make the game "easy" to play and choke the "roles" into something far too strict and limiting
  4. Rogue

    Compliment Thread!

    Your characters (Or rather, the stories) feel like they have a soul.
  5. Disillusioned ferret is maybe my favorite. Tho, if you were wondering whats my own. Here have my card
  6. So. Recently I dusted off some old and gold games. Rainbow six vegas, even though not a classic one turned out to be one of them. Me and my buddy decided to play some and during the game we figured out some fancy tacti-cool codenames. If you had one, what would it be?
  8. Well.. there is always piracy .. as an option .. for you know?
  9. Played a little thus far, but for now it seems like the game is Resident evil 1, only in first person. I think I like this
  10. Rogue

    Fuckin' DOOM!

    I'm fan of Roguelikes. The concept of a "Roguelike" with a DOOM game of the next generation invokes my masochism to simply push on till I succeed. Besides. Its not matter of RNG but your skill in strafing xD