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  1. As of last night the bounty has been recalled by the Count von Karstein due to the investigation having progressed and the person in question being apprehended as per public knowledge. Ashrynn was seen entering the military encampent above Lakeshire, only to later emerge in the company of Senior Magus and Sergeant Major of Echo Company, Eleanore de Montarville-Keiramont. After a brief exchange with a few figures of some renown, the two were seen teleporting away.
  2. Shortly after the brave action of the adventurers, Knight-Captain Vladimir von Karstein has mobilized a portion of the newly trained militia to secure the liberated portions of the Highway, alongside a supervisory detachment of Echo Company to assist them in their endeavors.
  3. In the last couple of days posters declaring a certain person wanted began to appear in all Alliance settlements. As per the decree of Lord Vladimir von Karstein, Count of Shalewind and Knight-Captain of the Stormwind Army! Due to prior claims of foul deeds and the recent incident in Redridge Mountains, the person known as Ashrynn is WANTED dead or alive, but preferred alive to be brought in for questioning. The coin offered for bringing in proof of her death is a hundred gold pieces, but if one manages to bring her in alive that bounty is increased to a hundred-fifty gold pieces. Delivery of either proof is requested to be brought to Castle von Karstein as this is not an order issued by the Crown, but rather the Lord von Karstein himself. Ashrynn was last sighted in Redridge Mountains not far off the temporary training camp above Lakeshire, but she is known to change locale and appear at places of varying importance by the recount of prior sightings. A brief description and a rough sketch of her is provided on the poster itself.
  4. In response to the situation, Knight-Captain Vladimir von Karstein has mobilised an additional two sections of twenty-four men to join his already present twenty-four at the training camp near Lakeshire as it would now stand seventy-two men strong, constantly patrolling the area. Two gryphon riders could be seen flying on various routes in rotations to keep an eye from the sky. A request has been sent to High Command for a requisition of Echo Company's structure to be re-organised and bolstered further. OOC: Apologies for the late respone. My PC died on me and I am currently unable to get on the client to RP with people.
  5. Colour me intrigued! If I can make it to these events of yours, I will most definitely join. I always liked custom storylines and look forward to how you would convey your ideas.
  6. actually an ok Ana playe--- wait that's not true haHAA love u bri
  7. Committed seppuku IC. Pretty dank dude overall. rip orc blademaster no.2
  8. As long as the race is not heavily dependant on magic, I would say they are easily raised into undeath. Dryad and Keepers of the Grove... Eh. Probably not. Don't know about Mogu, never knew their lore or what they actually are. The rest on your list should be pretty okay for undead fodder though.
  9. SnaxNViolence


    Holy shit my cringe reflex got such a workout that I can clench my face into a fist now.
  10. The entire idea of washing away the prejudice that comes attributed to certain characteristics - in this case being meek vs. being an aggressor - is also a double edged sword. Some people are simply not made for the chivalric virtues in the sense that they might be a kind and caring person, but they'll never be strong enough to be the "man of blood and iron" to live with the metaphor of Lewis. And that's true the other way around as well. I'm not trying to argue the idea behind the entire argument of Lewis or the topic that you've created, simply highlighting that it would be indeed a miracle if Paragon took even just a single step towards adopting more of a civil atmosphere. It's the internet, most people are here to vent and they'll do it regardless of how it might affect others. We'll also misinterpret people a lot because written language doesn't exactly always reflect well-masked sarcasm or irony and the likes. Edit: Also rip Jordi and boris' love story 17/02/2017 - 17/02/2017
  11. It isn't just dead... :^) On a serious note though; I'll admit that I never really took part in whatever goes on here on the forums for the very reason that people jump at each other for the smallest of reasons. Been there, done that a couple of times and I was already tired of it to be quite honest. We all have our separate lives - or at least I do, I know that much - and we certainly don't need another couple of undesirable persona in our lives. Thus I avoided the forums ever since the more "volatile" people joined. I'll just read most of the things, shake my head a bit and move on. As for you two, go get a room. Preferably one that locks from outside. :^)
  12. Well, this was interesting to watch and listen to. Thanks for sharing, been watching some of the other videos too, because they cover quite interesting ideas. As for this one itself, I'm quite convinced that the natural meekness is there in everyone, just stifled and less dominant as it's pushed aside by new conventions in communication and how we treat others through such channels. This entire argument of "escapism of RP" could tie into the other video on Pacifism where it argues reasoning and intuition on morality of people in general, as well as the topic of this "constant memeing" that was recently brought up. But in regards to chivalry and how we treat eachother IC and / or OOC, it's a matter of personal experience and what those experiences make the participating parties in question into. We come from all walks of life, from different sides of the globe and from very different nations with massively varying history, culture and so on. Even though we live in an age where the different conglomeration of nations dilute the population of liberal countries and the internet offers a broader perspective on things, people will treat one another how they have learned to react to things. Some will be meek and some will be crude. The thought of trying to nudge people into a direction or another is quite welcome though and I appreciate this thread a lot.
  13. You should've put a disclaimer under the picture Aelle. "No deers were harmed during the photoshoot." "We said nothing about AFTER the photoshoot... kekeke."
  14. Get yourself a DM from the appropriate timezone and do the events a second time (that require such and are on demand) instead of tormenting yourself with doing the same thing twice. That is of course just an idea and I realize it's not as easy as said. Trying to please everyone will never work though, I hope all of you know that. The DMs and Raz are probably doing their best to adjust event times according to when they can cater for more people, but it shouldn't be only them to compromise for these event times. I know most of us are busy people, hell I've got a job too with a fluctuating working time, but then again I'm disinterested in events in general. Point being: as long as both DMs and the public can find a way to compromise, this should be all gucci.
  15. Yes, as far as I remember Ragnok hired ethereal merceneries to bolster his ranks before he would march on the Dark Portal.