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    It's Time

    Good to have you @Kren! We've already RP'd a few times and hope to catch you many more times. Enjoy your stay and give us a message if you need anything!
  2. As usual. Wait until she hears who is Ashrynn's 'ghost writer'.
  3. Apologies for not coming by earlier to discuss things, after all it was my suggestion to open this up to public discussion. I see the merit of this as obviously it guarantees some baseline activity for mercenary forces in a world where a lot of problems have to be solved through force. As for the 'system' itself, I am on the fence. As Verum has pointed out, the consequences of failure seem a tad relaxed - but as a suggestion I would point out the addition of another tier of missions easier than "Low-danger" ones categorized as something like "mundane" or something of the sort. These missions could be the actual baseline with little to no threat; providing security detail for a VIP for a night, being hired on to peacekeep in an area for a while, etc. Providing some examples to what the 'danger tiers' would entail could be a good idea too, just to give people an idea what potential circumstances they would be putting their forces up against. Aside from that, I would also put down requirements for taking on certain tiers. Obviously one would not send a freshly recruited section of mercenaries into a high-danger scenario - or if someone does so, there should also be a penalty system in which the threat of death and failure are higher than implied.
  4. The Count of Shalewind, Vladimir von Karstein has made strides in response to these dismissals to offer employment for the people that are in danger of going without a pay. To those who would prefer the profession of guarding the realm with their lives, a mercenary group contracted to be exclusively hired by Stormwind and its allies has been formed under the name 'Redwind Division'. The mercenary group was registered under a company by the name 'Redwind Security Solutions' with Count von Karstein himself being the owner. As opposed to usual 'swords-for-hire' groups, the men-at-arms of the Redwind Division are paid a salary by the company itself and given a bonus on top of it for every assignment they take on. People who would return to their former lives in the civilian sector, or what is left of it, the Count also offered employment within two of his other major ventures; the Stonemason's Guild of Shalewind County and the Free Trader's Guild. Honest jobs await those that are willing, with guaranteed training courses, career development opportunities and competitive salaries to go with it all. These news and developments came off the back of a recent meeting within the House of Nobles, and further support rumors that the Count von Karstein has been considering leaving the employ of the Stormwind Military as their Knight-Captain. By all intents and purposes, it seems that this injection of money into the economy and the lives of the people from his own coffers is not just a gesture to further the safety and security of people's lives, but to also expand his own businesses by creating more jobs and secure a position of a Mercenary-Lord in the region.
  5. ahahahahahahaha

  6. If you've got some things to work out, I think you are making the right choice. IRL comes first. Take care of that and yourself. Paragon will be here when you are ready to come back.
  7. Welcome back to Paragon. If you have any questions feel free to DM anyone in the staff or in fact, the community. We're all ready to help out should it be needed. I hope you enjoy your stay!
  8. It is an idea that has already been brought up during our meeting in January - but it still is very much in discussion. We will be looking at best approaches and perhaps something even more in depth. Thank you for bringing it more into attention though, we just need to ask for some patience as the entire Creative Team is being involved in the matter.
  9. An outpost meant to keep watch over the road leading to Menethil Harbor has been retaken from the hands of a remnant pirate force in the Wetlands. A highly efficient pincer manoeuvre was carried out by the combined forces of a small detachment of Alliance Troops leading the charge from the west and joined by adventurers, while from the west, Ironforge troops have finally arrived led by none other than the sole remaining son of the last High King of all dwarves, Thargas Anvilmar. Losses were a lot more grievous on the side of the pirates who were culled down to all but their last two remaining, who then called for parley in exchange for their lives. Revelation of a far more serious situation has dawned upon the allied forces however, as the captured officer of the "Irontide" has warned the group that the capture of the outpost was merely a diversion. It served the purpose for three of their ships to return to the bay and take up hold in Menethil Harbor to carry out some repairs. When interrogated further, the officer grew reluctant to offer much more as soon as she had found herself in shackles. To validate the claims of the pirate, one Lancel, Tate and Gromeal set out to check whether there was truth to the words of an outlaw. With the help of a familiar in the form of a bird, Tate has managed to confirm the grim warning; the pirates have already anchored and began to fortify the harbor with what they could - even going as far as starting to dismantle one out of their three ships. Some of the cannons from the vessel have been relocated onto the remaining sections of walls on the perimeter, whilst the rest were likely going to be added to the arsenal of the other two ships, which were being repaired from the materials of the third. With Tate having spent ample time on inspecting the ongoings within Menethil itself, he could estimate the numbers of the pirate forces to number just over two-hundred. Including the three Ettin. Giving this information over to Thargas, the combined forces dug themselves in at the reclaimed outpost and now await reinforcements that could aid in the Siege of Menethil... ...or at least what remains of it. OOC My thanks go out to Alune once again, who has so graciously agreed to work together on this with me and DM the encounters in conjunction with myself. Thank you for all of those that attended as well, and stay tuned for more.
  10. In the aftermath of the recent blockade imposed upon Menethil Harbor by pirates, the settlement was left in a rather grim state. The keep itself has taken serious damage as the North, North-West and Western walls of it were pelted by a barrage of shots from the armada before their departure, with some shots flying off-course and damaging the buildings and perimeter walls as well. Through the combined efforts of the local mages and one highborne by the name of Vaszillia, most residents and guards were evacuated in time however, only minimal loss to life occurring upon the heartless show of force by the fleet who have made it off with all valuables of the settlement, including the Alliance Navy destroyer that was anchored in Baradin Bay at the time. As a deterrent and immediate retaliation to the wanton destruction, the druids of the nearby grove – beseeched by one Lenrieth – have employed the avian fauna of the region to deliver a serious blow to the backline of the pirate’s forces, setting three of their ships ablaze whilst they set sail for open waters under a magically produced mist. The pirates have likely set to try and handle the flames as the weather immediately began to shift in the area thereafter, a heavy downpour being summoned for such purposes. Their success or a lack thereof remains unknown at this time. Thanks to the efforts of Knight Eleanore de Montarville-Keiramont, the damages weren’t catastrophic to the settlement as she had pivoted one of the ships in the water, causing its cannons to entirely miss Menethil. Furthermore, her magical messages sent to Stormwind and Ironforge were met with relative relief. Both Stormwind and Ironforge are now mobilizing. The former to set out to sea and try to pin down where these ships were headed, as the very thought of such armada raiding other settlements does not bode well for coastal cities. The latter has begun gathering its forces to reclaim what remains of Menethil and start reparations, however costly and time consuming that may be.
  11. It has come as great surprise to all when a fleet of ships flying the Jolly Roger has pulled up under the cover of a thick layer of fog and established a blockade around Menethil Harbor in a rather quick and very coordinated maneuver. Seven ships now bar entry or exit from the bay and they have demonstrated the seriousness of their endeavor by decimating the guard post at the main gate of the settlement with a single volley unleashed from one of their vessels. It was aptly followed by an envoy sent to lay down their demands and notify the folk of Menethil Harbor that they were in fact dealing with a united Pirate Fleet of Freehold. Word has been sent to Stormwind through magical means, but the terms of the pirates extends only up to a twenty-four hour window. An Alliance fleet certainly will not make it to the harbor in that time and there is seemingly little hope for those stuck in the bay. OOC This is just a scenario that I came up with on the fly upon seeing the activity of folks in Menethil Harbor, and to tie things in with some related events in BfA for the future. My thanks go to Alune who has been, and keeps being an immense help in this effort. More to come on this soon!
  12. I've merely given voice to my half on the subject, Tass. If you see that as a threat to which you have to reply with threatening me, so be it. And why do you assume that the people that will come after you will do worse than you? We are not seeking to destroy what people have built, but to improve upon it.
  13. Ah, how the tables have turned. Reading that coming from you. He wasn't. This was never aimed at the DM Team. Only you and to some degree Cagi. This constant faux pas of forcing a narrative onto things to better suit people's own commentary is what leads to the degradation of this community, or any other for that matter.
  14. You fail to see the above replies then - we were very much in discussion with him when he decided to step out of it and not engage in it any longer.
  15. And your attitude of never admitting to when you are wrong, or simply basing your accusations on assumptions has not helped things either. There was contention about this in the Moderation Team. There was contention from the Admin, as this discussion was going on prior to even myself or Lathieus being put into the Trial seats. You out of all people should know better Tass - as you were very much around for the oh-so-stapled "dark ages", on the Mod Team nonetheless.