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    Guns & You

    As a little historical context from IRL, we had gunboats which were armed with cannon and men armed with percussion cap rifles/muskets (Depending upon the quiality of the outfitting). The use of the word gun in from of gunships for the airships mainly refers to the use of cannon. This in no way reflects on wow of course but gives some context to the prefix of gun. As for WoW things are of course a little different. Flintlock, matchlock, wheellock, these would be the common weapons in the world. In the third war we saw mainly the use of blunderbusses and cannon. But of course the world has moved on. In the video link shown by Celes we see the cannons fire at a high rate. I presume the technology involved is rotating barrels, think the Ottoman organ guns . We do see this technology in the renaissance, although not popular due to expense and then later in the Georgian and Victorian period where individuals were looking for unique guns to stand out with. Other examples would include the Gatling gun. These beings however are mid to late 19th century. Very steampunkesk but that is something wow does have elements of. However this should be the peak of technology in wow. We are in a mainly medieval/renaissance world so we need to keep in the themes of wow. Steampunk style tecnology should be the realm of tinkers. They should be unique, imperfect, slightly unstable and defiantly not available for mass production and use. Remember in WoW we are the big damn heroes, we are the ones who killed the lich king and deathwing. In roleplaying we are not. We can be but not everyone is. This technology should not be available for everyone. But for tinkers sure it is the role of tinkers and I think there should be some respect for the class of tinker and a purpose for players to play as them.
  2. Looks like a job for an Admiral!
  3. Who is this event for? - Adrick Bosclebelle, personal quest What is the event? - I would like a quest line. Adrick has two main objectives, build a reputation amongst the remnant of the scourge and independent necromancers, and to become a lich. The following all presumes that everything goes according to plan. I fully accept that it won't and so this is just a framework. First quest - Raiding the caravans of Stromgard and seizing a farm/mine that is being used by the forces who have already arrived their prior to the Northern Confederacy. Even if that doesn't happen the area has seen some humans returning and reoccupying Stromgard. It would be their farms/mines and caravans that Adrick would be attacking. After the battle, remains of a old forsaken flag would be left near the remains of the attack. Adrick would then leave his cultists in charge of this whilst he goes off to other quests. Using this abilities to manipulate the minds of others, Adrick would then use the human captives taken from the farm/mine to attack the forsaken posts wearing their Stromgard colours. To my knowlage it is just Stromgard colours there, no nobles yet. If mistaken then please correct. Second quest - Whilst he was attacking the caravans, shades have been scouting the ruins nearby that are being used by other necromancers. Adrick wishes to attack these and seize their treasures, including a grimore instructing on how to become a lich and any other items the DM feels should be there. I would then apply to become a Lich on the forum. If accepted then I would like someone to DM the procedure. If not accepted then something would have gone wrong with the ritual. What rewards are possible - Temporary control of an area from which raids will be launched. These won't be planned but will be there to generally harass the humans in the area. This will also allow adventurers to fight against raids if they are bored and want an event in the area as well as offering the chance for necromancer roleplayers to carry out attacks. -Information and supplies needed to become a lich - Various other items and gear that the dms feel appropriate. Anything that allows for the creation of different types of undead are always welcomed. Any further ideas or advice would be appreciated Contact - Forum, ingame or skype. My Skype is my email of Thank you
  4. Oh goody then, thank you
  5. Any spaces left? If so Marius will be there
  6. Name: Adrick Boscobelle Age : 64 Reason for joining: Fresh test subjects are so hard to find without drawing attention to myself. How wonderful the prospect of letting some other lacky do it is. Desired position: Researcher - Many things need testing, such as what happens when you sow half a ghoul onto a living test subject or how much terror one mind can take before suicide is chosen or even what happens when suicide is not an option. How long till they break. Brief history : Worked as a researcher in Dalaran for several years before the scourge came. Then the lure of necromancy took over and a dark path was chosen. Now he goes around testing spells and increasing his abilities to destroy both minds and bodies.
  7. Isn't Andorhal split between horde and alliance not scourge?
  8. If everything goes according to plan I intend to start this on Friday at around 6 GMT. People wanting to take part should either gather at Stormwind to take part in the naval battle. Those based at Northwatch will be involved in the second part which is clearing the beach of the foul horde. Unless I get a dm to help we will be using our imagination. Thank you and see you there.
  9. I don't think we have tbf. I can't remember it being done anyway. So we shall see.
  10. This will be conducted following the adventure with Connor in Outland.
  11. "The massive Alliance naval fortress of Northwatch Hold has been under siege for far too long and it is time to strike back and free our brothers in arms! I, Admiral Marius Appleseed, will lead the counter attack on the Horde Fleet currently blockading the port before landing men and supplies behind the Horde lines. Whilst this is occurring men of the 21st Infantry as well as the current Northwatch defenders will lead their heroic attack on the orcs besieging the fortress. Together in this pincer movement we shall crush and scatter the orc aggressors that have held our people to ransom. Light bless the Alliance Light bless the King†Does what it says on the tin. This will be the battle for Northwatch .If all goes well this may even lead to the death of Rageroar such as it is done in Cata. Date remains unknown as of now but will be done when people are free and available. This may make some good training for potential Dms if they wish to try it. The horde can always have a change post event to re-establish the status quo. All ideas and comments are welcomed.
  12. If room is still available Marius could join. Pretty much free whenever.