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  1. Your attempt to discredit me does not validify your opinion. I still did plenty in my limited state. That's some effort on your part. Maybe you should stop doing that, and try other means of socialising?
  2. @GrimGreg Yeah for this period of the year maybe, but it'll pick up in June. I've seen new people joining and there's a sparse amount of Rp. The server will pick up in the summer.
  3. Nathaniel Smalls is right. "Why can't we just all get along!"
  4. Havn't tried hard enough @Blue. Why not try and gather up pals and go out and do something, like explore a scenario or make an interactive story. You seem to want the plot written for you, instead of going out and chasing it. I've offered to Rp with you many times, even offered to help you execute your one idea, but you fell short of making an effort. Both offers are still on the table.
  5. Oh about that I was just being sly, d/w about that. Although you were the one who forewarn me, so I figured I'd jab back a bit. Take a chill pill. I can however admit that the US population on the server has been rather lackluster as of late.
  6. All I said was for you to not specifically target me as a person, in a sly way, hence the Deadpool reference. Fact is, I'm asking why people are having RP issues, and if -you- have issues with Rp because of -me- then that's laughable. You took the liberty to target me directly, right. The fact is I'm refuting your statement about my "lack of mental capabillities" (back at it with the vague terms without explanation, or basis, or examples to back it up). What's this feigned innocence you speak of? I never tried to put on an act. Fact is I Rp with the same people (about half the active population of the server) because those are the guys who show an interest in Rping with me, funny how that works right? I made this thread with the noblest of intentions, and you as you've done in your last two days, just went to pollute this thread with your sour mood aswell. I know I'm a piece of shit, but compared to you (at this moment) I'm a fucking saint. If you have a problem with me personally we can discuss it on Discord, but let's stay on topic instead preferably.
  7. Wow, harsh. That's quite uncalled for Blue, as it seems now you didn't really understand what I meant and is just looking at this through rose tinted hate glasses. So I don't know why you're calling me an idiot, maybe you should take a look in the mirror buddy. What's the problem then if you have all the things covered that I went over? Fact is maybe you're just too boring, or spend time with boring people to get a full Rp experience. Nothing is stopping you from poking a DM ingame, or making an event request on forum if you want ::spontaneous events:: (whatever that means). Unless you want to just sit with your finger up your bum and be spoonfed content, instead of chasing it yourself. (Let's call it Rp welfare) When the push came to shove for you to take the mantle of Horde RP you chickened out, even though I said I'd help you out. I've never seen you take initiative for anything, and if you're stuck in tavern settings just means you aren't trying hard enough. As for who I create RP for, I create Rp for the active people who log on. The fact you have missed that hints at your own inactivity.
  8. Kid? I'm your senior by half a decade pal. As for spontaneous things, it's your own decision to play a static character that lets plot happen to them, instead of chasing the plot, furthering your own story. As for sitting in the same inn aesthetic, I don't do that, I can't speak for the server, but I don't. Social interaction is key to roleplay, to take away from that and usher you into a whole lot of plot without a basis of reaction and effect would take away from the rewarding feel of character development. If you don't like that, interact with more interesting characters. Fact is between events you need to interact, aesthetic aside. If you want a new aesthetic then go ahead and find one. Spontaneous events is a very broad term, because that could be just about anything. As for my role as DM I'm preparing stuff with LNB. As for the creation of roleplay I've done plenty to try and offer a mainstay of RP, all my time spent in Mall is trying to pander to each individual and offer them a way out of the Mall, or preparing storylines. Fact is there's barely been any STV Rp, only Booty Bay Rp.