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  1. For those unaware... Shaman was my personal favorite of the showcase.
  2. Roses are red, Violets are blue. The universe is lit, and so are you.
  3. I think it may be more personal and impactful if NPCs wielded the original artifacts from retail, but player characters, if they so choose, embarked on forging something of their own to compensate. Customized stories that could easily blend and branch off from the original artifacts. It'd be much more meaningful to the player characters instead of, "Oh hey, Tirion bestowed Ashbringer to that specific guy (NPC), and somehow that same guy has bestowed it to me for a time! Cooooollll!" Yeah, no. Custom artifacts, even if minor, would be much more sensible for player characters. Or simply none at all.
  4. Really easy to get along with.
  5. Kaigen87


    With the Chronicles in the picture now, the RPG was actually outclassed by it in almost every way, even when it came down to what sort of abilities were possible within the classes and so on. Now that we have a clearer understanding of how things work within the warcraft setting, a lot of stuff in the RPG just simply don't affect things on any notable scale. The only thing that's worth keeping from the RPG is just general class descriptions and what they are. So if people wish to choose to play a Runemaster for instance, the explanation in depth as to how runecasting works is still something that has merit to play that class properly. The chronicles simply made that category of magic clearer under "Order" since it's still arcane-based. And when I say outclassed, that does include blowing the RPG away with what is legitimate with magic, such as : Magic was a very serious force to be reckoned with in the Chronicles. In the RPG, magic was obviously potent, but not on this scale. The Chronicles was a big eye opener to showcase just how vast the possibilities really were.
  6. Yes, that's definitely feasible. Yes, because it's a magical effect. A spell buff to be specific. Probably not. If it is like the treant form or other druid forms, then no as forms can't be dispelled. To be clear, the former is an actual incantation, a spell. Druid shapeshifting isn't the same thing. They do not require spellspeech, or certain gestures for spellwork like spells. They're actual powers, and thus not subject to being dispelled. It's like trying to dispel a Dragon's flame breath, only to fail miserably. There is no spellspeech involved. It's just raw power.
  7. The theme for a Night Elf Paladin of Elune isn't really anything mind-blowing, especially now we're literally seeing them appear in Legion. The classical Priestess of the Moon, back in WC3, wore shining, silvery armor, wielding bows. For them to make the next step into Paladins of Elune is fine tbh. I don't see any issues with it. Honestly, it was just a matter of time. Now it's really a thing. So...what would they be called though? Moonwalkers? Or just simply Paladins?
  8. Half-Elves are actually potentially quite potent. The first Guardian of Tirisfal, Alodi (who appears in Legion btw), is a Half-Elf. While in the early days they were shunned (in general), that has eased up quite a bit since. The thing about Half-Elves is that they're not a hybrid that's just 'average', they have neither major drawbacks from both parent races. While they don't have the maximum strength of either as well, they're not a downgrade in terms of actual potential. Orc-Elf however has a lot of negative trade-offs because of the fact Orcs and Elves do not have anywhere near as much in common as Humans and Elves do. Not only in culture, but in other factors as well. With that said if you seriously want to do an Orc-Elf hybrid then....well... let's see how far that goes.
  9. Alright, so we'll assume it's a 'balanced' being then. Now what are the real defining traits for this particular hybrid, when placed next to the other canonical ones, that really make this orc-elf hybrid distinct? If you look at the other half-breeds, like half-elves (Human+Elf), Half-Orcs (Human+Orc), Mok'nathal (Orc+Ogre), etc, they all have very defining features that make them actually stand out as hybrids. So what exactly would Orc-Elf have?
  10. What I'm talking about, are the actual racial traits. Humans = well rounded. Balanced, no strikingly prominent qualities. Orcs = VERY strong and durable, but not exactly the most agile, and while they can develop their intellectual skills, they're not inherently geniuses by default. High Elf/Blood Elf = Quite agile, with gifted intellect, but they're somewhat frail in comparison to even humans. That's not to say they can't be tough fighters, but they typically do not hold a candle to say, an Orc Berserker or Bonecrusher on the battlefield taking insane punishment and shrugging it off. So if the offspring were to occur between high/blood elf and orc, we come across a clash immediately, with the Orc's durability, and the elf's frailty. They wouldn't compliment each other at all. Humans and Orcs work because humans do not possess any of the drawbacks that elves have, though do not possess their strengths either.
  11. In terms of whether mongrel offspring between unlikely races are legit or not... the devs had this to say in the CDev Q&A : http://wow.gamepedia.com/Ask_CDev Now with that out of the way... the only instance we have seen of Orcs being attracted to Elves, was just one minor instance in WoD at Nagrand, of silly Orc Peons flirting with the Sin'dorei female innkeeper. It was a quest where you had to smack some sense into them to send them back to work. Mind you the innkeeper does not respond to the Orc Peon flirting with her. With that said, such an idea of offspring with an orc would be absolutely repulsive to any elf with some sense in their head. We have another more direct showcase of this behavior between a Troll (Zebu'tan) and Blood Elf (Alys Vol'tyr) in Northrend : http://wow.gamepedia.com/Alys_Vol%27tyr http://wow.gamepedia.com/Zebu%27tan As you can see, the point still stands. The Blood Elf found it absolutely ridiculous and showed no signs of wanting this Troll, despite his efforts. The same thing will apply to Orc and Elf in all standard cases. As for the actual offspring itself, so far the only canonical interracial mix for elves would be with humans, and that one is pretty obvious. I don't think offspring would work (normally) for Elf and Orc, because the genetic code between both races are far too drastic. The thing about humans is that they're like a 'blank slate', versatile, adaptable, and they don't have any extreme strengths or weaknesses. They're well rounded and balanced in their physiology, so them having offspring with elves, orcs, and draenei aren't that far-fetched.
  12. I really...don't know what to think about this information.