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  1. Good news from the Hinterlands for once! An orphanage in Aerie Peak has received a very generous donation from Paladin Radiant, a sum of twenty gold pieces. The busted, leaky interior can now undergo a serious makeover that can accommodate the unfortunate influx of parentless refugees from the Twilight Highlands during these dark times as well as improve the living conditions for the local orphans.
  2. Once you get to the Broken Shore. Of course, parts of it might be staggered due to the zones (Going to Suramar off the bat is probably not a good idea).
  3. Quick note- apologies for the sloggy end to the EU Alliance event, I had to come in on short notice and I really hate DMing Alliance. Hopefully a situation like this won't happen again, I'll make sure of it. Hope you all had a good enough time anyway.
  4. Nathaniel can't join us today, but as an eleventh hour replacement we've called back Yosif from the afterlife to join Noell for the EU Alliance Broken Shore event!
  5. Stopping the Burning Legion from continuing to pour troops in from the great beyond is a very pressing matter. Every second they spend not trying to stop it is another demon through the breaches. As for other zones, their time will come. Have some patience!
  6. American-time Alliance event pushed back to the 2nd!
  7. Small update- Noell and Nathaniel's event will be moved to the 2nd due to a minor hiccup.
  8. I've updated the post with information on mercenaries / a re-run for Americans
  9. The Battle of the Broken Shore ============================================================= The Horde and Alliance have had enough. High King Wrynn and Warchief Vol’jin are collaborating their forces to strike a resonating blow against the Legion’s base of operations; The Tomb of Sargeras, on the Broken Shore. Intelligence from both the Alliance and Horde suggest that the Broken Shore’s defences are vulnerable to a full frontal assault. Tirion Fordring of the Argent Crusade will lead his forces as a vanguard to the Broken Shore, easing the path of the Alliance and Horde so they can strike the final blow at Gul’dan and his demon lieutenants. Troops of the Alliance and Horde converge on their respective faction capitals, training day and night in preparation for the oncoming battle. In their desperation to make this battle conclusive, the Alliance and Horde are seeking mercenaries for temporary contracts in the ensuing skirmish with the Legion. The fate of Azeroth rests on war weary shoulders. So many lives can be saved by stopping the invasion dead in its tracks before it spirals out of control. ============================================================= Event Details: The Broken Shore is here. Death is a strong possibility! The Horde event, ran by Alune and Scottie, will be on the 31st of August at 12pm server time The Alliance event, ran by Noell and LNB, will be on the 2nd of September at 12pm server time For those who cannot make it at those times, Terin and Oni will be running events at 8pm for the Horde on the 31st or 8:30pm server time on the 2nd for Alliance. Any special/unique cases such as bringing player forces or being an Argent Crusader is to be discussed with the relevant DMs to which event you want to attend. They will be the arbiter of it.
  10. Depending on whether you're going to little Oni's or little Pan's event, ultimately the decision lies with them whether to include your unique or specialised cases. They're running the event(S) after all. But I am not personally against people of the Warden/Watcher order from attending.
  11. You probably won't be seeing too many applicants on the thread. I said in the OP that if they wish to sign up, they're to PM the Dungeon Masters of the event time they wish to attend, and to PM me if they want their class swapped to Demon Hunter. Even though the EU time's attendees are perhaps more obvious, I've been assured that there is still a sizeable amount of Americans that wish to attend this event but couldn't make the original time. As for the second question, if any non Demon Hunter wishes to join the event, they're free to ask either of the DMs if they can join. Of course, the only Night Elf organisation at the Vault of the Wardens are the Watchers/Wardens.
  12. Updated the post with a NEW time for Pan/Yosif's event, and an alternate time for Americans.
  13. There was this thread posted about a month or so ago. If you still wish to participate and want to retroactively have your Demon Hunter be captured, you can sign up with Pan/Yosif as normal.
  14. IC: Cordana Felsong, enthralled by Gul’dan’s dark magics, has betrayed the ancient order of the Wardens. Demons pour into the vaults to claim their prize. Illidan Stormrage. The infamous Maiev Shadowsong has done the unthinkable in this dire moment. She has set the Illidari, spawn of her eternal nemesis, free. For the first time in history, the Warden order will fight alongside the Illidari against the Burning Legion. They intend to secure the corpse of The Betrayer before the Legion can spirit it away to place’s unknown, reasons untold. Results, unthinkable. 10 player maximum OOC: