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  1. P*nk skins aren't allowed in Kaldorei lands.
  2. Let's push to one side the fact he fished for this out of his ass over the course of the interview and assume this is in good faith. So does this mean that you only appear in the Shadowlands once all of "you" across all timelines have died, hence the forming of the rope? Is this touched upon at all on retail?
  3. Mighty

    Rate the Song Below

    I rate it 4/10, not really my genre. Knew a guy who was into that stuff though.
  4. Mighty

    taking time

    I know the feeling, brother. I log on every now and then and sort of feel paralysed as to what to do and whether I'll have fun enjoying it, like there's always this underlying dread that I have to break away from and the back of my head is telling me "Well why don't I do something else?"
  5. Only spells by the most powerful users of Arcane in the setting can guarantee an extended life / immortal life in a living sense. Beings like the Titanic Watchers, the Titans, Nozdormu and Aegwynn
  6. It's scholarly knowledge in universe that the Shadowlands is a horrible place, if Chronicles is anything to go by. Only shamanistic cultures seem to have some proof about the afterlife being good, but even then numerous times it's implied that those ancestral spirits still linger in the physical world in spirit form somewhat like Oshu'gun. The Highborne of Eldre'thalas had great success with Immol'thar, and as far as we know the demonic presence did not corrupt them in a conventional sense. That is to say, the Shen'dralar's depraved action came from otherwise mundane hubris rather than a more literal sense of corruption. The only issue with this avenue of mortality is that it merely helps your longevity and must be constantly maintained. Otherwise, there are no metaphysical downsides. There is also the 'immortality' of the Emerald Dream. That is to say entering Dreamform and never leaving. Nightmare aside, if one has druidic prowess they'll be able to freely interact with the real world however they wish whilst having an entirely comfortable existence of adventure, dreams and enlightenment. Even if one's mortal body passes on, one would be hard pressed to call it death. There's also turning into a demon which is morally reprehensible but probably really fulfilling once you've done it.
  7. It's something that can't really be enforced, but it's a consideration most of these topics, including ones I've wrote or contributed to in the past, skirt around since it's uncomfortable to bring up.
  8. I would say on the 'guarantee' of interaction point, if it's the guarantee of wanted interaction, then I imagine this would be the most relevant thing to people on the server. People who are otherwise too caught up in "oh why would I be there though" will find reasons for them to be in X area if it's with people they'll have fun interacting with. There's been plenty of terrible DMs in the past that get a lot engagement from events. It's not down to skills of the DM, it's down to people in the event interacting with each other and forging a connection. The solution here is obvious but it's not one I imagine many people will feel comfortable with committing to, because I know I'm not fully comfortable with committing to it. It's not something that can be solved with a system either, it can only be solved with an attitude. Try to enjoy being around other people. I've been in so many terrible events that were salvaged by one or two people being there I enjoyed interacting with IC. I've been in events run by brilliant DMs that have an absolute snoozefest of a lineup that are totally not interested in interacting with me or I with them. I remember the former type of events more fondly than the latter.
  9. The Troll War conclusion definitely did scar the land unless you think that particular location was immune to fire (there's nowhere in that region of the Eastern Kingdoms that is immune to fire) and they pretty much obliterated their gods. The Elves were frightened not because of the feat itself, but that humans were able to do it. In some accounts, Elves help out with the collaborative casting too. You're taking things out of context. Speaking of taking things out of context, on the case of Medivh, he's shaken up about it because he's the reason the Gurubashi attacked in the first place and slaughtered so many humans up on their warpath to Stormwind. It was a senseless war, but the action undertaken by Medivh was met with fanfare from both his friends and the general populace. One more, you've taken things out of context. In this instance, civilians had ample time to choose to leave with the knowledge that the Horde was going to attack them. Garrosh's plan hinged on drawing many of the Alliance's most powerful military forces to that location. As much as one can differentiate with a huge spell like that, Garrosh did. This is what separates it from what Krom'gar did. He did that to a school of otherwise non combatants. As for metaphysical damage? There wasn't any done to anyone's souls as far as we know so the tactic isn't as dishonorable as using Felfire or Necromantic magic or Void magic which we know for a fact fucks up someone for eternity without intervention. By the way, yes I am aware in Siege of Orgrimmar Garrosh apparently kidnapped civilians. I already said in MoP the writers make sure Garrosh's actions are indefensible, that includes the retroactive retcon that Garrosh's forces found civilians and tortured them for fun. And finally, the reason it's a false equivalent to bring up those two instances IRL as a comparison (again, you've taken me out of context. Can you just reread my posts or something?) is that both of those situations are completely different to what we're talking about. A place entirely full of combatants or people that knew for a fact that their city was about to be attacked in an all or nothing assault and had the opportunity to leave is completely different to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Read into both those cases and you'll quickly release that the situations even in allegory can't really be compared nor could the people living there reasonably do anything to avoid it.
  10. Orgrimmar was filled with non combatants. At that point, Theramore was entirely combatants. The only non-combatants that were there chose to be there with the full knowledge it was going to be attacked, so it's a false equivalence to bring that up. https://wow.gamepedia.com/Troll_Wars Mass spell to delete gods and trolls alike that no character in the setting, even trolls, has ever called a war crime or put it to an equivalent level of. In fairness, this was used a long time ago, but like I said there's next to zero negative commentary about this being dishonorable or against the rules from the Alliance perspective. The issue from the Elves perspective is that they learned so fast. https://wow.gamepedia.com/Gurubashi_War Medivh roflstomps an entire army of invading Gurubashis. You might say "well Medivh himself was corrupted at that point", to that I counter that it doesn't matter if he himself was corrupted, it matters to how the rest of Stormwind reacted...they heralded him as a hero. I don't really care for your passive aggressiveness especially when you're pretty misinformed about the direction of this discussion. I'm not saying Garrosh is flawless, but the way the Mana Bomb discussion is framed in the universe and in the community often stinks to high hell of false equivalencies and dubious parallels with IRL.
  11. It is a method of war both sides implicitly agree with- using big magic to wipe out combatants. From our IRL perspective we might disagree and might further go on to chastise other methods of warfare used in the setting....but in WoW, its par for the course so the Hiroshima/Nagasaki analogue doesn't work here.
  12. Is this where I remind you there is magic in the setting that irrevocably fucks you up for eternity, even passing into the afterlife, that both sides used without qualm in that conflict? Why are you forgetting this is a fantasy setting that has objectively worse fates?
  13. Cairne definitely was way out of line and used his own prejudices to inflict on Garrosh which made the guy more and more paranoid about his subordinates. Vol'jin threatened to kill him and Baine gave him an unceasing amount of grief over the Theramore Isle manabombing when... 1) It was a valid military target 2) All civilians had the opportunity to be evacuated, so the ones that stayed did so of their own volition with the full knowledge it would get attacked 3) The Mana Bomb isn't even that metaphysically worse than the fucking Warlocks and Death Knights both sides employ who fuck up people's souls by virtue of killing them. Granted, in MoP he becomes indefensible since the writers really go out of their way to do it, but he gets a lot of unnecessary flak.