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  1. West India Company becomes NATO...
  2. Greetings, It is Vikki Veil and this is the exclusive report on the spicy scandal which transpired on the Bilgewater Cartel's business stage just hours ago! As you may know, Kajad Co. is a weapon manufacturer company, part of the Bilgewater and the Horde's industrial military complex. However, recent times have been trialing for the business entity - with the war against the Horde and Alliance ended, production had slowed down for the corporation, in addition to Founder and Owner Cogsteal's recent dissapearences from the world and funding of dubious projects. With Cogsteal gone, the crisis which erupted months ago saw the rise of new players within the Company who had brought out vulnerable shares of it and eventually took seat as the new Directors in the Horde War Hero's absence. Cogsteal's recent return however brought uncertainty to the legitimacy of this new Board of Directors' position. This, however, was solidified today as Cogsteal and the Board clashed heatedly in a meeting! According to our reports, Founder Cogsteal arrived in person in Kajad Co's biggest facility - the Kremikovci complex, seeking to unlock the Company's secret experimental weaponry vaults, which are protected by a set of defensive mechanisms and paroles only Cogsteal knows. However, the Owner was stopped by the new Board and denied access, under the legitimacy of a voted-in decision by them. Reportedly, Cogsteal scoffed at that, stating the following - "I -AM- Kajad Co." before seeking to enter forcibly. Lex Looter, one of the new Directors of the Company, stood in the way however, and was consequentially assaulted by Cogsteal with a punch - reportedly, Cogsteal sought to gain the experimental weapons in the vault to use against the Legion in a coming departure to the Broken Isles and other fronts, calling Lex Looter and the rest of the Board "greedy little mortal lickspittles" who are "selfishly ignorant and petty in Azeroth's darkest hour". With the help of a squad of Bruisers, Cogsteal's grip over Lex Looter was broken and physical violence seized. Cogsteal marched out of the premises then, stating the lack of time to deal with the company's new politics. Althrough still receiving a symbolic paycheck, aswell as keeping positions of Founder and Owner in Kajad Co., Djezal Cogsteal's effective decision-making power has been taken over by the new Board of Directors, who's shared interests allow them to outvote the Owner when grouped together. With that, the new directorship has decided to attempt and move away from Cogsteal's name, rebranding the company's name into "Nu Kajad Co.". While Cogsteal's reign over the years of the Company did point out it was far from perfect, having wasted resources in unprofitable funding sinks such as Cogsteal's projects, our reports suggest the authorities in Orgrimmar are not happy with losing their ally and supplier as head of the entity over to a new clique of businessmen. In addition, top Steamwheedle and Bilgewater economic analysers and high echelon Traders imply the new Board is also mismanaging the Company's valuables, with multiple reports on conflicting fiscal documentation, missing assets or delayed shipments. This has led some to speculate that the new Board are in it to solely fill their own pockets. Regardless, after the scandal, we managed to get a hold of most of the new Directors and record it word for word, as written below: Reporter Vikki Veil: May you summerize your opinions, experiences and viewpoints on what transpired today, Directors? Wigson Fist: I may. See, I'm sure to Cogsteal we're the baddies, but look. That "hero" is far from perfect, and we're doing this for the greater good of the Company. It ain't us who, in a year, managed to sink over three-hundred gold in silly projects like the so-called "cogshirt" paramilitia, buyin' them tanks and stuff. To fight demons. Please, this kinda money could'da been used in much more useful ways - Wigson would say, ordering himself a new solid gold Hot-Rod whilst speaking to the journalists. Osmart Copperpot: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I second that. Now move outta me way, reporters, I got places to be... Carmine Falkone: This is why you don't let Warriors and Witches as heads of business, gobbos. Let Cogsteal play soldier, fight the Legion or whatever. A business should be run only by businessmen - it can't be run like its a warlock coven, or a military unit, or the like. We got the expertize and the natural talents Cogsteal lacks! Lex Looter: Not only that, Falkone - I would like to take that notion even farther. Cogsteal is...an abomination, that -creature- is barely a goblin. He, or she, or whatever, is abnormal. Cogsteal fights dragons and demons and talks to the Nether. Please. A normal goblin business needs to be run by -normal- goblinkind, not freaks such as this. Cogsteal should stick to that "oh nooo world is ending" mumbo-jumbo and go do impossible heroics and physics-warping magicks against it. We will stay here, on the ground, doing normal goblin things. - The Director would mock, while bandaging his broken nose. Reporter Vikki Veil: That sounds personal. Lex Looter: Oh, no no no, it isn't. I truly believe normal goblin affairs should be run by -normal- goblins, not whatever the heck Cogsteal is. Individuals like Cogsteal are...dangerous. Hell, i'm half-tempted to call a vote on our new Board to develop some means of protecting ourselves from this freak...I mean no offense to the Bruisers, but they struggled to get Djezal offa me, and the witch hadn't even withdrawn that spellaxe or used magic yet. That kinda power in one Gob is excessive and needs to be kept in check... Reporter Vikki Veil: I see. Thank all of you for your time. This is Vikki Veil for the Gadgetzan Times, out! On next page...FORBIDDEN LOVE: STEAMWHEEDLE MOGUL AND NIGHT ELF PRIESTESS - KISSING?! GONE WRONG! GONE SEXUAL! OOC Note: This is basicly negative progression. Yeah, it happens. Tl;dr after my hiatus from the server was over, I had written in that Kajad Co. was taken over by new NPC leadership. Wishing to stick to it rather than simply go "lol I got my company back too", this thread is to officialize it. The negative consequences of this on my character should be obvious - less money in his pockets and less readily supply of technological weaponry for free. In addition, I plan to eventually apply for Mogul on Djezal come around BFA - and having a massive business such as what Kajad Co. is, is a paramount requirement to it, so I will not be able to justify a Mogul application until I address the issue and re-take control of the business in the future. Djezal aside, the company itself continues to exist, and will be managed by me OOCly - it is simply just no longer run by my character IC. As for why - Me, the player, and Djezal the character, both had to decide what takes priority in this time - joining the fight against the Legion, or getting boggled down retaking the business. Both of us picked the first, with Dj getting a promotion and forces ready, nothing comes first before the threat that the legion is. He is still a goblin, even if by a little, so ofcourse he would like to be Kajad Co's big honcho, but we can't all have nice things all the time now can we? This is the equivalent of the scenarios/stories where Bruce Wayne from DC comics is voted out/kicked out of Wayne Enterprises, which is pretty cool and ironic. In addition, the names I picked for the new Directors' NPC names are all references to characters from DC or Marvel - their personalities are also somewhat close aswell.
  3. The Salty Grub is a fish-themed restaurant located in the heart of Elwynn forest, by the shores of the Crystal Lake, founded by the enterpreneur of common blood known as Jolan (Tonyux). Following a visit of Lady Asen (Dunerat), Baroness of Castle Karvuna, a bargain and a trade deal was established between the two for the limited export of the unique Asen fruit-distilled alchoholic brew known as "Rakija" to the restaurant's shelves! Made out of of plum, this highly intoxicating beverage bears the brand of House Asen and as such is best befit for customers of middle-class and nobility status, as the word spreads of the deal (no doubt aided by House Asen's efforts) across the region, promoting the enterprize. With House Asen having struck an albeit limited deal with this business owner, perhaps it would be natural for other nobility to visit the Salty Grub aswell, and perhaps try the beverage themselves while it is still on the shelves? .t Saltygrub
  4. Dunerat

    House Asen

    House Asen Background: Asen is a blood lineage traced far back to humanity's past, althrough it has existed as nobility only for a few hundred years. Throughout their lordship they have had times of prosperity and dominance, aswell as times of weakness and obscurity, having reached the status of a Duchy at one point but also the equivalent of glorified nametags at other points of time. As such, if the House is weak today, that does not necessarily mean it will remain so in the future, and vice-versa. House Culture: Asen and the populus their rule, or ruled, over, have a rather unique culture incorporated into their everyday lives and motto operandi; below is a list of highlighted qualities or weaknesses that define the Asen blood and their servants: - Archaic Vrykul-dialect-derived words: Albeit only a few of them exist, they put any non-Asen foreigner to complete bafflement; words such as "Bolyar" and "Rakija" are employed within Castle Karvuna by the nobility and the peasantry alike. - Olden Folk Traditions: Slightly less odd than the words above, these are a few customs and superstitions that have survived in a twisted form from Asen's first recorded history; initially trying to suppress them, the Church eventually gave up on that task as they were ultimately deemed non-heretical or threatening to the Holy Light (basicly paganism/novoverije stuff from irl). - Mercantilism: Asen and their subjects are highly commerce-driven; they indulge in trade in all kinds and most of them can haggle pretty well. Their love of coins swapping hands is only outmatched by the Goblins. - Horses and Sheephearding: In older, more fortunate times, Asen were known for their sheep and horses, riding the latter. While such is no longer the case, vestiges of these practices still survive: for example, a common item or makeshift weapon to have around for a peasant is a herder stick. - "Rough" personalities: With the decline of the House coupled with the losses suffered during the wars, Asen and its subjects' mentality shifted further - they follow brutal pragmatism as opposed to puritan norms, and possess almost excessive amount of cynicism in their speech, reflected by their dry or dark humour. They can be rather blunt and upfront with whoever they like or dislike, and like to hit the booze often (their prized Rakija!) domestically. - "Stone Strong": Asen and their subjects have gained the unhealthy obsession with the mountain, the mountain's natural resources, and the fortifications they can build from it. Many peasants follow the creed of "my home is my fortress", preferring to live in an ugly, but durable house rather than vice-versa, while nobility and those manning the walls fantasize about building even more walls around their walls. Upon their walls. Walls. - Lost Glory: Asen and their subjects still remember the times where the House was one of the bigger players in politics or economy; as such, there is a strong desire to bounce back from the bottom and return to the glorious past of prosperity and might. House Resources: (considered 'renewable' over time, however they can still be depleted) - Agriculture: Apricot, Plum, Limited Sheep and Goat Herding; dozen or so Stable Horses; limited mountain Fungi harvest; - Material: Solid and Soft Minerals; - Production: Fruit Alchohol Distillation, Masonry, Individual Craftsmen Goods; - Transports: 1x Carriage + 1 Carriage per Player Bolyar, Diplomat or Siege Mason; - Defense: 12 Professional Millitiamen + individual Player Characters + intact fortifications' of Castle Karvuna; Internal Structure of the House: - Status: Barony (formerly something greater) - Vassals to/part of the jurisdiction of: House Tervel [NPC House] - Current Lordship: Lady Charlotte-Louise Asen - Ranks and Division of Power: 1. Bolyars: (Boyars IRL) roughly translated to "merchant-politicians" or "merchants with [political] power", bolyars, also spelled boyars, are the reason many would define the house as highly decentralized. Bolyars hold disproportionate power in the House, always being not far behind the House's Lord or Lady regardless of whether or not the House is rising in status or in decline - they simply became richer and more influential, or lose luxuries and influence as a result; it is even possible for a bolyar to hold more unofficial power than their liege, althrough they will still rely on their Lord/Lady's official status. Bolyars are ambition driven and often shifty as a result, needing a very strong fervor for commerce to become bolyars to begin with. Bolyars are not hereditary - they are directly appointed by the Lord/Lady or removed (althrough the latter is harder to do). Paralel to their business natures, they also act as councilmen to their liege. While they may often disagree with the decisions of their liege, a wise bolyar understands the importance of prosperity of their House, because that means prosperity to themselves aswell. Being the pragmatists of pragmatists, Bolyars are not above making questionable ventures so long they don't threaten their position or the house's reputation and are legal - for example, they hold no bias against trading with neutral Goblins. Bolyars are not heirs to the House unless specifically appointed by their Lord/Lady as one, and only if they fit other requirements. The origin of Bolyars can also differ, as explored below: - Blood-related Bolyars: being able to trace atleast a minor amount of Asen blood in their lineage, these are Bolyars of distant blood connection (Cousins and farther) to the Asen family; this still does not make them eligible of being heirs unless specifically appointed as such. - Lesser House Bolyars: appointed bolyars from a different, smaller House entirely, who have sworn an oath and wish to integrate into the Asen family; - Common Bolyars: the majority of bolyars are simply successful people, from commoners to merchants to lesser nobles, who have been appointed and made part of House Asen at some point in time. As such, all Bolyars are based on meritocracy rather than privilage; they have the freedom but also the responsibility to grow the House's economic might through their mercantile or political skills. While ultimately loyal to their liege, their nature has earned them less than pleasant reputation to some of the more puritan noble Houses or organizations, often called "greedy", "Lightless" (godless), or "potential turncoats". Player Boylars have the most potential to help create RP with these IC powers. It is their responsibility to be ready to establish contact with other characters and expand House Asen's influence together with their Lord/Lady. More independant Boylars appointed may use their own characters' resources, but for those who wish to use the House's own limited resources as a starting point, here is a list of Castle Karvuna's IC assets that can be claimed to govern over althrough not monopolize completely (you can choose only 1): A) Fruit Distillation: House Asen grows a limited volume of Apricot and Plum fruits, most of which is processed in homemade brewing distilleries to be made into the spirit called "Rakija". Either through striking a few deals with peasants or possessing a bigger-than-usual system to brew it, this bolyar can work into a way to expand brewing capabilities and sell the alchoholic spirit as a business; B) Solid Mineral (types of stone): Known for its masonry, House Asen's natural access to the mountain's girth provides them with limited amount of solid material perfect for construction of durable structures or objects. A bolyar may seek to expand Asen's masonry as profitable services, or perhaps sell the material to others with high monetary return; C) Soft Mineral (graphite and others): Albeit less obviously useful than the big chunks above, these minerals can still be useful in the right hands - for one, they are great to promote, and perhaps sell, arts such as stonecarving or drawing. A bolyar with access to these resources would do well doing so. D) Mountain Livestock: House Asen has been experimenting with animals befit of living high in the mountains, having a few horses and sheep, but also wishing to breed goats due to their natural preference to the terrain. Investing in livestock not only improves the standards of living of the local populace, but may reap high benefits in the future for a Bolyar and the House! Player Slots: [0/4] 2. Diplomat: a pretty self-explanatory position. Unlike the commerce-driven politicians above, Diplomats dedicate themselves solely to the good image of the House. Often surprisingly tactful, educated and befittingly dressed, these representatives make sure to be on everyone's good side without sacrificing their integrity. Diplomats are almost always on the move, ready to establish first contact with a person or organization of interest and make a friend. Diplomats are excellent politicians and politicians alone, and are allowed to be present in the House of Nobles' meetings in the case of their liege being unable to be present instead, however they cannot vote in their Lord/Lady's absence. Player Slots: [0/1] 3. Siege Mason: commander of the House's small millitia and overseer of the defense of Castle Karvuna, the siege mason must always have 3 plans ready to be executed at a moment's notice at the event of an attack by anyone or anything. Often being of military background, Siege Masons are also required to greatly understand the workings of stonework and fortifications; if not being architects themselves. Unlike the two positions listed above, the Siege Mason is much more immobile, being concerned with the castle's safety above all else; however, should the house Lord/Lady need to participate in personal combat somewhere, the Siege Mason is expected to be their right-hand man and elite bodyguard on the battlefield. Player Slots: [0/1] 4. Servants: From knights to soldiers/mercenaries to craftsmen/traders to simple maids, these are varying levels of service to the House, often under the oversight of either the Lord/Lady of the House, one of the Bolyars, the Diplomat, or the Siege Mason. Player Slots: Unlimited OOC Note: Contact me ingame, on the forums or on discord if you're interested in any of the House positions.
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    Business Directory

    2 Years later, still not updated Can we remove this or have staff (the Paragon account) become the thread owner?
  6. Cogsteal Found Two Grunt guards had been found in the dead of night on the border of the Horde's southern territories in Central Kalimdor, incapacitated but alive near their Watchtower. Upon further questioning by the Orcish authorities, the Grunts were attempting stop a "small, dark figure reeking with the stench of the Demonic", with them charging it being the last thing they remember. They were given treatment and the knowledge that the situation is being handled. Several hours later, by the break of day, two Shattered Hand agents managed to catch up to the trail of the entity which caused the commotion - identifying it with high possibility that it was indeed, the missing Grand Warlock and War Hero of the horde, Djezal Cogsteal. Uncertain on whether or not the creature's alleagence still lied with the horde, however, as it was reeking of Fel and literally covered in demonic blood, the two agents were haphazardly planning out the possibility of having to fight the Goblin. After all, Djezal could be mind-controlled by the Legion, corrupted or otherwise driven feral. Yet, to their relief such was not the case - after an intense stand-off, the sorcerer's voice rang out and the figure raised its hands up in the air, surrendering to Shattered Hand authority willingly. By noon Cogsteal was spending time in the nearby agent base, with the Shattered Hand filling in the gaps and questioning the warlock about crucial information, both in regards to his absence and in regards to the Legion's activities. Much to Djezal's own chargin he had found out the Legion is indeed already on Azeroth and its invasion has begun. By the evening Djezal was moved to Orgrimmar, where one of the few willing Shamans applied to him their magical cleansing, easening somewhat the strain the massive exposure of raw Nether energy and Fel had done onto the Goblin. By the time the sun hid out of the sky, Cogsteal was on his way to first report to Orgrimmar's factions, then to his own faction - the Bilgewater Cartel, aswell as restore contact with various factions linked to him. Details were being slowly but surely cleared up, and by the next day a public announcement could be made that Djezal the Hero has returned from Hell to battle for the Horde once more, and beat back the Legion! Now, Cogsteal travels between Orgrimmar and Bilgewater Cartel, restoring connections and slowly catching up to all the events that transpired in his absence. But where would the Horde need him in the most, next? OOC Note1: Djezal is back - the big thing I had been planning didn't work out, found some disagreements, was taking too long and too mudded up. I got tired of waiting in a limbo stuck between OOC and IC, unable to RP at all. OOC Note2: The IC quests below are to be taken as a grain of salt and as basic incentive to inspire rp rather than anything else. There are actual quests, events and such planned further down the line as Djezal being the quest giver. Faction Quest: Forsaken characters - if you meet Djezal, attempt to convince him to swear an official oath to Sylvanas Windrunner as Warchief of the Horde. It is ill-adviced to attempt to do it by force - everyone realizes that in the end, oathes are just a formality, but the Forsaken would be pleased nonetheless to know that it was you who convinced the Warlock to do that PR stunt. Reward: Super small Faction standing increase with the Forsaken Military. Scholar Quest: Warlocks and Mages - find the goblin who marched into the Nether, survived it, and is back on Azeroth, in order to bother him with whatever theoretical or practical questions about the experience, as a magical study, he had, or the effects of the Nether on a mortal mind/his own experiences while in the Nether. Reward: Personal "progression" in regards to Mages or Warlocks understanding their studies a little better, or simply getting another source of information; this is purely for those who don't shy away from playing their Caster like a scholar and not just a fireball factory, as it has the potential of hours of worth of nerdy rp. Legion Quest: Legion-affiliated Characters - Find the former Black Crusader Djezal Cogsteal and either assassinate him efficiently, or challenge him to a glorious battle so that his defeat will be echoed across Azeroth; or perhaps simply out of personal desire to challenge the Warlock regardless of Legion policy. Reward: Conflict RP meant for villian characters to try their luck - depending on ooc intentions and cooperation, there is a possibility for a lasting conflict or at least bragging rights for whoever defeats or kills Djezal. Actual Djezal-driven Quests coming soon.
  7. You do realize ALL gossip threads that aren't about the aftermatch of an X event are usually something about the doings (or lack of doings) of one or a few characters, right? A recent one is the Count, Dead?! by Nomit, which is about the fate of a noble.
  8. If you got a problem, say it, loser
  9. Lieutenant Batternbomb of the Bilgewater Trade Fleet's Navy would have been requesting her higher-ups in the Cartel to give her high-stakes, gloryhoundy tasks, driven not only by the wish to shine, but also being sick of doing nothing but sea patrol. Should her request be approved, she would bring the Attack-Transport vessel "The Peacefier" against the cosmic invader, and show them the brutality of Goblin technology. Force: "The Peacefier" (Capable of coastal bombardment, which is only applicable IF operations happen directly on a coast connected to the sea however) + its Utility Additions 1st Marine Squad “Bombshells” (16 total) - 1 Commando leader - 2 Sergeant sub-leaders - 12 Marines (Specialists) - 1 APC +driver (Siege Engine Chassis) Default Combat Gear: Rifles, Close Combat Knives; Grenades (Shrapnel) Dragon guns (used Urban/Jungle Warfare) Net Launchers (used Captive/Slavery Operations) OOC P.S: This might be a good occasion to dust off this character, as it was made exactly with military/force commanding events in mind. The fact these events are custom-ish (?) is but another bonus to it. I wont get buttmad if I'm denied however.
  10. Copy-paste from the post in Library, since it does belong in this subforum more-so than there: Since enough time has passed and The March In Hell short-story has reached its conclussion, IC information can now leak: Legion-Affiliated Characters will know the most of the story, at the very least they would've heard that the warlock (and former Black Crusader) Djezal Cogsteal wrecked Legion installations in the Nether (and losing his private army he brought in the process), killed some demons and murdered or atleast severely wounded a high-echelon Eredar Lord, and that he was last seen on a Legion-built base on Azeroth, but contact with said base has been muddy since. While Djezal failed to cause critical damage to the Legion in the long run, the sheer audacity of him attempting to do so and taking the fight to them would mark him as a target of priority and a mortal the Legion would like to end once and for all, since corrupting him and capturing him had already failed in the past and in The March of Hell story. (Some) Warlock Covens on Azeroth and the Black Harvest would have noted that Cogsteal had stopped being present in their societies and that his physical signature (if anyone bothered to search for/spy on him) had gone dim, however his magical/spiritual signature could have been detected by any witch who had been tapping in the Nether, as being IN the Nether. Now, however, various things linked to Cogsteal's soul and enchanted by him spark anew, such as the Gadgetzan rings from days of old, the soul well beneath the goblin's manson re-activating (the one that was buried by SI:7 destroying the place circa Black Crusade era) albeit fuel-less, and any other such enchantments linked to the warlock reinvigorating; Djezal is somewhere on this world (Azeroth). The Horde, the Shattered Hand, the Bilgewater Cartel and Steamwheedle Cartel would note that the trade route to Cogway, Djezal Cogsteal's private base in Silithus, is no longer active and the settlement has been isolated since; in addition, there had been no reports of any of Cogsteal's paramilitia, known as the Cogshirts, being seen anywhere; only Cogsteal's private zeppelin, the Kiroff, is still operational, piloted by a skeleton crew searching for their master. Djezal has not reported in person or in letter to various organizations within the Horde he is affiliated with such as the Cartel's army, Orgrimmar's military, the Shattered Hand or the Cleft of Shadows, and his once strategically-important and contracted industrial manufacturer business entity, the Kajad Company, has been auctioned off to a few new directors, who are concerned with their own individual profit alone, much to the chargin of Orgrimmar (who would prefer Kajad Co. to remain an arms partner). While Djezal is hardly overly-beloved by all in the Horde as a person alone, as an image of a War Hero it is a matter of honour or interests for some parties in the Horde to have the Warlock found and, if still alive, retrieved back safely. The Alliance was probably glad the War Hero of the Horde will no longer be present in a future war, or atleast does not care at all; now, however, Warlock covens in their societies aswell as SI:7 or whoever else might monitor the cults would know the same as the above concerning Warlock Covens. Drug users of Coggy Dust would experience its tripply effects stronger than ever.
  11. Many yes Will it be a permanent build like Newratchet and the like?