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    See ya

    Nail this down through your thick reject skull, paragon. Satan's not the first nor the last person to express that this is what makes the small village called our server, cancer. There is a reason why Paragon is regarded with contempt on every other medium. It is an elitist, sheltered circlejerk of ~30 people slandering people they've never met in private dms and discord. This community banned half of its playerbase, while the other half gave up on it on their own accord and move on to better avenues, in life or virtual playtell - is this server trying to boo away whatever little vestages of its dedicated playerbase there is left? Is the server actively trying to strangle itself? Look at my Baldur avatar, I still stand by most of what I wrote in my ragequit thread from 10 months ago. Paragon makes people salty, saltier than actual salty games like MOBAs. Relaxation and fun, my ass. However, even through I am not exactly okay in real life, no matter how low I get there, I can still always know that I am not as pathetic and petty of a social outcast to be the one spreading cyber rumours like "Dunerat is flirting with Oni" (actual thing i heard, seriously what the fuck) or "I coarsed MissBooks (example, in reality a different person) to strip down on camera, I'll send you the nudes but don't share them okay haha ;)". Roleplay was never the first priority of this miscarriage called a server. Nobody gives a shit about story or continuinity, unless when it suits them to take the higher ground in an argument. Ok I stop now Enjoy a farewell ballad
  2. Dunerat

    Business Directory

    2 Years later, still not updated Can we remove this or have staff (the Paragon account) become the thread owner?
  3. Many yes Will it be a permanent build like Newratchet and the like?
  4. Dunerat

    so im getting married

    Grats you two! May your IRL romance character development be rich and ERP satisfactory. Think really hard before or if you decided to be making a new character/baby first, tho.
  5. Welcome, Roleplay is following the official canon, however custom initiatives within it are allowed so long said canon is not permanently changed. Public roleplay is on one single phase, and characters that cannot fit the official lore at all are not allowed, such as inserts from other fiction (eg "my character is Commander Shephard") or concepts that simply cannot work ("my character is half-undead, half-tree"). Make yourself familiar with the rules aswell as the application formats (what races/classes/ranks are Free to Play and which are not).
  6. Sigh. The old saying which states one does not simply leave paragon appears to be true, after all. I'll keep this as short and to the point as possible - I am considering returning out of disgrace and back into Paragon's fold. I acknowledge the mistakes I have done and the damage inflicted, and I acknowledge my failings in seperating emotion from reason in what is ultimately, a hobby game. One must be said tho - if I am to stay around, I will still be relatively inactive in the conventional sense. However, if I do stay around I would be more than willing to take back certain responsibilities aswell as help in whereever I can, like creating and updating shitty guides, if possible. My rage has been tempered and my mind is clear, but I am still the old filthy rat - you can still expect from me the occasional shittery and retardation. As for the IC side of things, I will atleast attempt to branch out more, idk how it will go yet tho. Djezal's fate is something i might need to discuss with staff or something since he/she last marched into hell/twisting nether with a rag-tag army, sooo... If anyone can inform me of any changes done OOC or IC that concern me and/or my characters please do. With apologies, Dunerat.
  7. Are you a conjurer, an autist occultist, a warlock capable of summoning multiple of Outsiders? As you know, a basic summoning rift without any further conditions on what kind of entities to summon woven into its spellwork can attract different creatures from different planes. Here is a list of d20 and d10 respectively for Summoners who wish to spice things up by randomizing what exactly comes out of their portals. Doesn't include Greater entities, althrough a few of the creatures in it are on the border between Lessers and Greaters. Enjoy your dimensional shaninigans: All (/roll 20): 1 Imps 2 Voidlings 3 Felhounds/Felhunters 4 Succubi 5 Fel Imps 6 Warp Stalkers 7 Nether Rays 8 Felguards 9 Felboars/Felwolves/Darkhounds (Felanimals) 10 Fire Elementals 11 Felstalkers 12 Felbats 13 Spirits/Ghosts 14 Earth Elementals 15 Eldrich/Old God Tentacles 16 Wind Elementals 17 Arcane Familiars/Anomalies 18 Water Elementals 19 Terrorguards 20 Doomguards Only Demonic Creatures(/roll 10): 1 Imps 2 Felhounds/Felhunters 3 Succubi 4 Fel Imps 5 Felguards 6 Felanimals 7 Felstalkers 8 Felbats 9 Terrorguards 10 Doomguards
  8. Ah, Hinterlands... Say what you will about early paragon, Aye'zan and Horadin kicking ass and each-others' ass in this land brings manly nostalgic tears.
  9. This sounds cool, but that's about it. Where's the source of it? If anything, one suddenly jumping to stage three will break into insanity due to the massive impact it would have on his mind, but I doubt he'd reach for a gun to blow his brains out. The other stuff are alright, I guess.
  10. Ernest (Cursed Saint) HP - 7, DI - 7, MD - 3, RD - 7, M - 10 vs Djezal (He Will Not Die) HP - 6, DI - 3, MD - 3, RD - 7, M - 9 in RD, Ernest goes first Turn 1: Rolling for Ernest RD attack and it passes with a 1 Rolling for Djezal's DI check and it fails with a one, being smited for 1 point worth of damage (HP 6-1=5) Rolling for Djezal RD attack and it passes with 1 Rolling for Ernest's DI and it passes with a 2, Ernest negates the assault Turn 2: Rolling for Ernest RD passing with 3 Rolling for Dj's DI passing with 2, avoiding damage Rolling for Dj's RD and it fails with an 8 Turn 3: Rolling Ernest RD, passes with 7 Rolling Dj's DI check, failing with a 6 - smited for another point of hp (HP 5-1=4) Rolling Dj's RD, passes with 7 Rolling for Ernest DI check and it passes with a 3, blocking the assault Turn 4: Rolling Ernest RD passing a 6 Rolling Dj's DI narrowly blocking it with a 3 Rolling Dj's RD, checking out with a 3 Rolling Ernest's DI, failing with a 9 and suffering a wound of corrupted magic (HP 6-1=5) Turn 5: Rolling Ernest RD and it fails with a 9 Rolling Dj's RD also failing with a 9 again Turn 6: Rolling Ernest RD passing with 3 Rolling Dj's DI which wins with a 1, absorbing the damage Rolling Dj's RD passing with a 1 Rolling Ernest's DI which fails at a crucial 10, suffering a pounding of doombolts to the face worth 1 point of damage (HP 5-1=4) Turn 7: Rolling Ernest RD which fails with another 10 Rolling Dj's RD which scores a successful 4 Rolling Ernest's DI, which barely fails with an 8, suffering another magical assault worth 1 damage (HP 4-1=3) Turn 8: Rolling Ernest RD scoring a 5 Rolling Dj's DI check which fails with a 4, being struck with the wrath of the Light for 1 point (4-1=3) Rolling Dj's RD scoring a 7 Rolling Ernest's DI check which fails at a 9, receiving a vicious counter-assault by the warlock (3-1=2) Turn 9: Rolling Ernest's RD which wins a 2 Rolling Dj's DI check, which fails with a 5, blasted with holy retribution once more (3-1=2) Rolling Dj's RD check which makes it with a 7 Rolling Ernest's DI check scoring a 5, the priest negating the unholy assault Turn 10: Rolling Ernest's RD attack scoring a 5 Rolling Dj's DI check barely making it with a 3 and avoiding damage Rolling Dj's RD and it fails miserably with a 10 Turn 11: Rolling Ernest's RD winning a 1 Rolling Dj's DI which fails with a 5, struck with the might of the Righteous for 1 point (2-1=1) Rolling Dj's RD and it scores a 6 Rolling Ernest's DI check surprisingly failing with a 10, suffering a ferocious counter-assault from the warlock (2-1=1) Turn 12: Rolling Ernest's RD and it fails with a 10 Rolling Dj's RD scoring a 1 Rolling Ernest's DI check saving with a 4 Turn 13: Rolling Ernest's RD winning a 1 Rolling Dj's DI scoring a surprising narrow 1, avoiding the assault Rolling Dj's RD winning with a 1 Rolling Ernest's DI which blocks the counter-assault with a 6 Turn 14: Rolling Ernest's RD passing with a 5 Rolling Dj's DI failing with a 5 - suffering mortal damage at the hands of Ernest's Holy Magic (HP 1-1=0), the warlock is at the death's door thanks to the trait He Will Not Die, continuing to fight with degraded capability Djezal's trait-altered stats are now DI - 1, MD - 1, RD - 3 Rolling Dj's RD attempt which now fails with a 6 Turn 15: Djezal suffers a Morale Break, his altered stats are now DI - 1, MD - 1, RD - 1 Rolling for Ernest's RD scoring a 4 Rolling for Dj's DI, his half-dead and mentally broken feeble attemps at mustering a defense fail with an 8 as Ernest ragdolls his barely conscious ass around with the Light Rolling for Dj's RD attempt, which fails at 5 Turn 16: Ernest suffers a Morale Break, his altered stats are now DI - 3, MD - 1, RD - 3 Rolling Ernest's RD which fails with a 5 Rolling Dj's RD attempt which fails with an 8 Turn 17: Any and all possible fuel left to keep Djezal alive finally deplete, the broken mortal husk of Cogsteal dropping dead as his trait He WIll Not Die ironically expires The winner is Ernest. Player Summary/Opinion: Damn. Initially I anticipated Dj to get shat on much more decisively but i was wrong - thanks to the dice god Ernest's higher DI wasn't that much of a superiority in this run. Infact Dj came too close for comfort to murdering Ernest before his morale would break and/or his trait would activate. However, Ernest's high DI still proved handy in holding out in the first half of the duel as both his and dj's magic firepower (RD) matched. By the time Ernest's own morale broke it was irrelevant. Still, while He WIll Not Die is kind of a cheesy battle-prolonging trait, the stat drop trade-off proved adequate and downright crippling when it stacked with the Morale Break, turning Dj into nothing more but the lovable tough, but ultimately helpless punching bag he always is when completely overwhelmed. All in all it was a very close and luck-driven battle between the two, showing just how deadly of murder machine Dj can be if going all-out (which I as a player never do, hopefully never will) but also showing how potentially powerful of holy priest Ernest truly is to withstand such an onslaught, especially in due to his less-aggressive, pacifist approach in un-life.
  11. Hmm weird I could've sworn there was a much better, fleshed out and expansive dicegame about player-created characters and their adventures.... Oh wait that's right, D&D WoWRPG! How can you look at this one where there's only four modifiers to the dice and assume its a serious and usable measure of characters is beyond me. It's just something I did as a parody for like an hour (that's not to say its not playable), making fun of several things including the mentality Sorum displays.