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  1. It's not really an equivalent it's a label (Football that is) that is used as the title of both though in all honesty holds truer to the name of FOOTball (The European one) as it primarily uses feet with no hands involved unlike america's poorly titled 'Foot'ball that barely uses feet at all. Also since it's got a rule against hands I guess European game over the American one... which is sorta funny since the picture used is of Bloodbowl which IS based on American football... at least it's funny to me.
  2. Anything else goes huh? inb4 mage blinks across the whole field to score a goal.
  3. Nihil

    [System] Fight Club

    C-c-c-c-c-combo breaker!
  4. Nihil

    Gladiator Tales

    Awesome I got so much fame th- wait... bit of a queer? D=
  5. Nihil

    Gladiator Tales

    Sorta curious when these bouts will be happening or will they be spontaneous? Also I'm aware you've said our gear is taken but does that mean our characters will also be in rags?
  6. Nihil

    Gladiator Tales

    IC Name: Ver'Seal Duskblossom OOC Name: Verse Race: Night elf Class: Shadowmage/Rogue Additional information: Looks to be the only female gladiator so far and the only true caster apart from Rotan. Good job... I ended up not using my own colours for once. Oh well should be fun.
  7. Sorry if it's a bit of a read I got a little bit ranty =S
  8. I'm afraid I cannot agree with those three given what you have said just above this statement as well as the nature of night as well. To those not aware the Destruction domain in WoWRPG it provides two abilities and 9 spells to a priest as they progress these two are, firstly a boost to spells that the domain provides allowing them to cast them as if they had 1 more caster level not a problem. The greater power the domain provides is called 'Nuke' and it isn't as devastating as the thing irl it shares the problem I see is that it is effectively charging an weapon with magical power that causes the weapon to explode harming everything near it next time it strikes something. The problem with this is that it is fire-like which the night is not and if you look at the nine spells (Burning hands, flaming sphere, contagion, rain of fire, withering blight, harm, mass inflict serious wounds, finger of death, and implosion) three are fire based two are disease based and only the last four somewhat fit the idea behind the class. Next up is healing you said they slowly lose the ability to heal without causing pain(?) it doesn't seem suitable to allow them to have this as a domain when it will become partially defunct and when a priest gains healing magic without access to the domain anyway. It just seems like your trying to find a third option when a priest only gets access to two domains anyway in the RPG (One at level one then the second at level ten). Final domain! Protection... they seem too much like a priest that focuses on harming and offense that protection seems an awkward choice. Personally I'd of just stuck to what Elune had before which is War. As for a replacement for the Destruction may I offer an altered Death domain where the summon dead spells can only summon those spirits of vengeance that the avatar of vengeance spawned in warcraft 3. Seems more reasonable for a vengeful religion to have a domain like Death than one that causes outright destruction to everything around them. Sooo yeah finished now. In summary I suggest War and the slightly tweaked Death domain over the three you suggested and I think its an okay idea... like a more priest version of a warden class. Hell this could end up as a way into becoming a warden if you think about it.
  9. Claims Saturday... main post still says FRIDAY. Good job.
  10. Well looking at this list of characters (and guessing a bit) we have elves and humans not sure about Ghesik though. Also from looking at the names we have only got two maybe three women and the remainder obviously as men probably at least one magic user with most being warrior/rogue types with at least one decent hunter somewhere in there I'd reckon. But that's just me guessing I only know for certain about my own character as I'm not certain about the others apart from maybe Harley.
  11. I'm with mother on this one I see no problem with simple rewards something with no real value like a ribbon for participating or maybe a (non-magical) Christmasy ring or hat just a little something that gives no benefit beyond cosmetics.
  12. Drez stop doing right alignment... I thought your messages were empty at first I only noticed after pausing to think at the end of reading the comments. Seriously it's a natural habit you develop when reading. I'm not blind, I'm just not seeing text where my brain thinks it should be so I think it's blank at first glance Stop judging But on topic (at last) looks fun...
  13. Also for whoever is against me at whatever point. Probably best to pm me on the forums and organise when you want to fight ... I don' t get on the server much without a reason.
  14. It's ... a bug I think not a faceless one.
  15. No... no it isn't The 3 losers from round 2 and the one lucky loser of round 1 are paired up, fight again then the winners of that then fight and the winner of that joins the 3 winners from round 2... so there are 4 in the semi-finals who are paired up and fight for the finals then obviously.. the finals. And if you didn't follow that for whatever reason lets do it with numbers. Round 1: 1v2, 3v4, 5v6, 7v8, 9v10, 11v12 1, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 12 win Round 2: 1v4, 5v7, 9v12 4, 5, and 9 win Round 3: 1, 7, and 12 plus 2 who lost in first round 1v7, 12v2 1 and 12 win Round 4: 1v12 1 wins Round 5: 4v5, 9v1 5 and 1 win Round 6: 5v1 1 Wins the tournament. Bit of a roundabout way of doing it but it allows the tournament to proceed with less than 16 competitors.