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  1. Nihil

    Compliment Thread!

    The cuddliest trap on the server *Gives cuddles*
  2. I feel inclined to make comment that Fel originates from another plane (The Twisting Nether) and that the two forms of magic may simply contradict one another. Then if you look at Fel's 'stickiness' to those exposed to it you may come to the conclusion that it acts against the casting of arcane magic by those it is 'stuck' too and warp the spells of those effected depending on how contaminated the individual is.
  3. Aladea [Turn 7] Summary Power Available: [30] Actions taken: [Life in Dreams] - [Create race, 6 cost] [Gateway Between] - [Event, 7 cost] [A Particular Breed] - [Advance Civ, 5 cost] [A Point of Binding] - [Command Race (create city), 4 cost] [A Point of Binding] - [Advance City (capital), 4 cost] [beyond the Boundary] - [Command Race (Create City), 4 cost] Power Remaining: [0] Running Bonus: [+1?] Actions [Life in Dreams] Born as fantasy Seen only for Faint moments Ever in Fleet Dance [Gateway Between] Anchoring all Dreams Bound to Reality's Law In a Place for Both [A Particular Breed] Seeds of the Garden Grant Haven and a Passage Into the True World [A Point of Binding] Beneath a Black Tree A Giant Amongst its Kind Dreams find their Cradle [beyond the Boundary] With its Seeds in Hand A Dream Strays from the Garden To Create New Homes
  4. Aladea [turn ?] Summary Power Available: [18] Actions taken: [split Asunder] - [Event x 2, 14 cost] Power Remaining: [4] Running Bonus: [+2] Actions [split Asunder] A Mighty Tremor Land Divided into Three Split Across the Day New Map:
  5. Deep within the rift Aladea waits patiently Saving up her strength aka skip
  6. Queen of Dreams [Turn 04] Summary Power Available: 38 Actions taken: [black Garden] - [Event, 8 cost] [black Garden] - [shape Land x4, 8 cost] [Dreams] - [Event, 8 cost] [second Chances] - [Event, 8 cost] Power Remaining: [0] Running Bonus: [+1?] Actions [black Garden] North of the first's hive A field thrives in umbral bloom Where all only sleep [Dreams] where hopes come alive In a Land between places for those who slumber [second Chances] When darkness claims them a second chance is given so hope can grow strong Updated Map:
  7. Welp Logan is ISTJ-A or Logistician and True Neutral (very close to Lawful Good though) and I'm INFP or Mediator.... again.
  8. Nihil

    Elite Dangerous

    Well... wasn't there already a thread somewhere for this further back? Aaaanyway my current ships is a Type-6 kitted out for long range hauling missions... I could probably get a better ship but eh... nothing really good in my budget range that's worth getting to replace the thing.
  9. Nihil

    The Family of Law

    I don't mind either way if you'd like to join just put your character name in here or (try to) /w me on the server on Henna. Though to those interested if you haven't noticed yet I haven't got a Head Boss at the moment so I am looking for someone to fufill that role though I am going to be... selective in my choice of who fills it. I'd rather have someone I trust to not do something stupid or drive this completely off its original course to fill the role... I'm just not confident in my ability to lead personally. EDIT: Also going to be adding to the main post soon. For now I'm thinking of just listing their views on different races... just to pinpoint which races are more likely to be accepted into the ranks of the family.
  10. Nihil

    The Family of Law

    The Law Family "The Flame of Law will not be extinguished... not now when its needed most." - Asrael Law, Founder of the Family The Law Family is a former noble house of Alterac that stood firm by their people in the Alterac mountains in the face of the alliance's negligence of the nation leaving it to become the state it is today. The family, while currently struggling to maintain the safety of even a tiny portion of Alterac's people has found support from the people for their dedication to keeping them safe and fed in the now harsh ruins. Some may call some of their rules as cruel or to some possibly as evil but even those who do so can't deny the shred of order this harsh strictness has maintained in the sea of Syndicate thugs. Guild Structure Head Boss - The leader of the Family. Naturally is also the head of Law family itself. Current (1/1) - Huey Law Boss - The leaders of the groups within the family. These leaders of small groups answer only to the Head boss and are usually directly descended from the Law family. Current (2/5) - Henna Law, Kiera Law Bodyguard - The personal guards of the Bosses. These are usually some of the toughest and/or deadliest members of the family. Current Boss Bodyguards (0/5) - Current Head Boss Bodyguard (0/1) - Bruisers - The largest number of family members are Bruisers acting both as enforcers, guards, or whatever else their combat skills are needed for. Current (0/Infinite) Blacksmith - The family's armourer. Creates weapons and armour for the family members. Current(0/1) Messenger - Carries 'messages' for the family. Not much else to say about them. Current(0/2) - Trader - Does business for the family. Sells excess resources and handles hiring of the bruisers for jobs (Usually these jobs consist of escorting through Alterac) Current(0/1) - Rules of the Family Those within the family are expected to follow a set of rules the were laid out by the late leader Asrael Law after creating the family. The rules are divided in two parts though the most notable are the core three while the rest cover smaller internal issues. 1- Strength should be saved for the enemy. Arguments that descend into violence will be settled by the Boss of the one involved who was assaulted. 2- Loyalty isn't optional. Those found fraternizing with the Syndicate will be made an example of. Your loyalty is to the family first and foremost. 3- Mercy isn't permitted. Those who collaborate or have collaborated with the syndicate in the present or past are to be killed or executed immediately with no excuses. Current Territory & Population Currently the family has little territory beyond a handful of half-ruined buildings and a similarly damaged barracks in the mountains of Alterac. The population within numbering roughly two dozen guards who are currently overwhelmingly under-equipped with larger numbers of civilians of roughly fifty in total. Beyond the guards the family has little control of the civilians who are given food, warmth, and protection from the local dangers in exchange for labour that currently consists of repairs, cleaning, cooking, as well as mining. This labour is without any payment resulting in outsiders unaware of the condition of Alterac to view the 'free' labour of those the family shelters as evil. Currently the only thing saving the family from destruction despite their animosity towards the Syndicate is their overall small size, lack of threat to the syndicate they pose, and that their current location within a hamlet is unknown to the Syndicate. Views of Races Humans - Being primarily made up of humans along with a near total human leadership these are generally accepted into the ranks with less suspicion and unease than some other races. Dwarves - The second most common race though even then they are only (currently) a handful at most. Dwarves are accepted with as much ease as humans are due to the long friendship between humanity and dwarves. Elves (Blood or High) - Generally viewed with distrust and suspicion. Elves are generally treated like outsiders by the large majority with most of these watching elves warily from a distance. They don't show any different behaviour to Blood elves to them 'Elves are elves'. Gnomes - While given the same treatment as dwarves, gnomes are far rarer with only one or two in the family's numbers. Night elves - This kind of elf is treated with the same suspicion the other shorter elf races receive but also with increased mistrust due to the family's lack of knowledge about the race as it stands. Could perhaps be accepted into the family eventually but not now. Draenei - Like the Night elves, Draenei are viewed mistrustfully due to their appearance and the family's lack of knowledge about them as a whole. Could perhaps be accepted in time but for now... no. Orcs, Trolls, and Ogres - Like the Syndicate these are an enemy though the family isn't above dealing with them ...for a higher price than usual. Won't be accepted at all into the family. Goblins - Generally disliked by the majority and viewed as money grabbing pests and thieves but valued for their knowledge of trading. Very Rarely accepted into the family and even then rarely let off some form of surveillance. Tauren and Pandaren - Viewed with mild suspicion but not treated as warily as elves. They won't be accepted into the family but the more peaceful natures of these two races leaves them in better graces than others. Worgen - With extreme wariness and caution are Worgen dealt with. The family will do trade with Worgen but as a whole ... try to avoid contact where possible due to their fearsome appearance.
  11. I... am not touching... a goblin with a fifty foot pole...
  12. Yeah they close character creation on popular servers during up times once its open though and you've made a character its a matter of queues in the up times but they aren't eternal.
  13. Your telling me... I'd join you two but I dunno if you'd want me to join you...
  14. I play this... on an american server because reasons but I play it. *Nods*