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  1. Hey there. My characters claimed the following Turn-In Items: Aduun the Indomitable (Aduun in-game): - [Pharamere's Forbidden Grimoire] Alarion Duskfel (Duskfel in-game): - [Archaic Nathrezim Keepsake]
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    The beleaguered, water-starved residents of Razor Hill now breathe a sigh of relief as peons steadily march to and from a location to the north, bearing hefty, filled barrels when before they were hollow and empty. The workers had - as they often did - borne empty barrels to find fresh water for all to benefit. And just as often, they returned empty-handed, with ration becoming the norm rather than the unwelcome exception in the blazing desert heat of Durotar. But within those dire straits quite literally burst forth a wellspring of hope. From within a cave in the northern outskirts, those same peons returned with full barrels of water. They had apparently discovered artesian waters that - while not as abundant - could very well add to the borrowed time of Razor Hill's struggle-filled living conditions. Said to have once been a cavern claimed by the ambitious Venture Co. following their defeat at the hands of the Southfury Warband, the location was - as witnesses report - single-handedly liberated for the Horde by First Sergeant Gerathok Foebreaker, who had established some form of order when the plague had first gripped the town. Today, the people of Razor Hill raise their mugs of new, fresh water to the soldiers and peons of the Horde who made it possible. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC: Many thanks to @drakmar for DMing the small event for this one. It was well appreciated.
  3. Question just to clarify: @Nathaniel Draenei who become Lightforged are considered to be placed under Fresh Lightforged - yes? As we know, I have an absolute unit of a Draenei Vindicator. Does that mean that Lightforging him is FREE? Thanks!
  4. Though harrowed and burdened by the things he had seen, Sergeant Jeremiah Aimes takes to heart the honors given by both the citizens of Sentinel Hill and his military superiors. He has, henceforth, been named Sergeant "Stonewall" Aimes.
  5. Thus far, Archdruid Hyrendal Dreamstride has chosen the following: Ursoc: [Heightened Senses] Dragons of Nightmare: [Nightmare Engulfed Jewel] Cenarius: [Blessing of Cenarius] For reference of the event hosts.
  6. "In the Light, we gather to empower our brother. In its grace, he will be made anew. In its power, he shall educate the masses. In its strength, he shall combat the shadow. And in its wisdom, he shall lead his brethren to the eternal rewards of paradise." The defeat suffered at the Broken Shore is one felt by both Alliance and Horde, the races therein, and the myriad organizations of Azeroth. But none have felt the devastation more keenly than the Order of the Silver Hand. Much like the loss of a Highlord for their sister organization, the Argent Crusade, the esteemed brotherhood of paladins has lost one of its most senior and veteran commanders. The world shall never see the likes of Tirion Fordring again. In spite of these setbacks, however, news spread by locals in the city of Stormwind suggests that one among the Order's paladins was recently summoned to the Cathedral of Light. Though the details of the accounts vary, it is commonly claimed that the Knight-Paladin, Godfrey Alexander Valorsworn, a stalwart and resolute member of the brotherhood was presented with accolades for his unwavering service to his peers, and received the honor of being promoted to a rank of seniority among his brethren. Following the ordaining ceremony performed in his honor, the Senior Knight-Paladin was said to have ridden purposefully to his home in Northshire Valley and emerged in a resplendent set of plate armor some time after. Eye witness accounts claim - though perhaps greatly exaggerated - that it seemed an age since they had seen Godfrey Valorsworn donned in his personal battlegear. They stated further that the emergence of such a striking image could mean only one thing - that the Order of the Silver Hand had begun to march on the Burning Legion, with its newly re-ordained Paladin at the helm. May the demons quake at the righteous fury that the Knights of the Silver Hand will unleash.
  7. Sign me up for this. Might be a good time to be able to try and RP my Demon Hunter boi, finally.
  8. I've seen both Paragon and Epsilon in the past few weeks, giving a (slightly) comprehensive look at what's different: (Note: The colors I'm using are based on personal preference, and not in general. Others could feel differently.) Epsilon follows the personal phase/sandbox philosophy that's advocated by servers like RPH, while Paragon follows a stricter philosophy of keeping up with a lore-abiding server; Epsilon grants its players the freedom of making their own phases, building their own areas, adding their own spells, while Paragon delegates these things to Builders/DMs/Staff members; Epsilon's community seems light-hearted, friendly, and accommodating enough, while Paragon's has - over the course of a long enough timeline - began to mistrust each other for one reason or another; While Epsilon and Paragon both have custom items/MogIts, Paragon wins out in the myriad amount of choice you have as opposed to Epsilon; Epsilon relies highly on its players' ability to be self-sufficient, which is admirable. But Paragon has quality-of-life features that I honestly prefer; Epsilon is at 7.2.5., while Paragon is still at 7.1.0., which means I get to explore the items added in 7.2.5., which I found enticing. Overall, though, Paragon wins out to me in the fact that I enjoy the quality-of-life things we have like the Enchant and Pet system, as well as the fact that we're a lore-abiding server, thus there is little room for abuse (like half-undead Night Elves, etc.), and stories tend to be easier to keep track of as you don't necessarily have to learn a new breed of homebrew lore. The only thing that Epsilon probably wins out in is the fact that it has a lenient community, not-so-salty moderators/Staff members, and the fact that it's updated to 7.2.5. Bottomline, I'd go back to Paragon in a heartbeat the moment it upgrades to 7.2.5. That's about my thoughts on it.
  9. TL;DR, get over yourselves - player or Staff alike - I think is what this means. I agree, to be honest.
  10. Just chiming in. I stepped down because I wasn't contributing anything, really. I decided the slot should be filled by someone who could contribute more and wouldn't waste the time of being incumbent Staff. That's about it.
  11. Good to know! Regardless though, I feel that the fact that I and nearly everyone else having never heard of Alodi prior should be a fair indicator as to his staff's lack of legitimacy when it comes to becoming an artifact, especially when there are other potential candidates such as Antonidas' staff or Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian, to name just a couple of off-the-bat candidates. Also, I don't feel that chipping one example off of my 25 examples of irrelevent artifacts really disproves my point. Still, lore clear-ups are nice! I like clearing up lore.
  12. Just to note, Aelle. Alodi isn't made-up. The disconnect here is that Alodi isn't too well-known, as he only appears in Warcraft Legends 5, the series of short stories in manga form (like the Sunwell trilogy) sponsored by Blizzard. That said - if you don't own or have at least read any of those stories, you've missed out on some bits and bobs of lore. Alodi was indeed the first Guardian; He was a half-elf adept mage in Dalaran; He helped Meryl Winterstorm develop what would become the Council of Tirisfal's investiture ceremony when their prior techniques had proved insufficient, inefficient, and far too dangerous; Lastly, Alodi would go on to become Azeroth's first Guardian of Tirisfal for centuries following his defeat of Kathra'natir over Brightwater Lake in Lordaeron. Source: Wowpedia - Alodi Everything thereafter, including the creation of Ebonchill, is added by World of Warcraft. Just thought I'd clear that up, as I understand a lot of people have never even bothered to touch a lot of Blizzard's alternative lore media.