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  1. Cephei

    DotA 2

    Techies. The end of PUG matches because Rubic and his fucking spell steal.
  2. Cephei

    DotA 2

    Whoa whoa whoa. Techies are in now? FML.
  3. Mmm.. Im okay with it. 9/10
  4. Aaand thread is deleted / closed.
  5. 7/10 They remind me of the band Cold for some reason. They sound similar.
  6. Cephei

    Atlis Life

    More like Autism Life
  7. Since you fucks DIDNT rate mine... ;-; 6/10
  8. Ilythiel Sorrowmoon Demon Hunter / Agility Hero / Anti Hero Trained: Such power is ours! This grows interesting! Selected Yes? Move To the battle! On the prowl... Agreed Let it be so. As you command. Attack command: Attack! Press the attack! Die, mongrel! Special (optional): [Echo]: Rainada har rainada har rainada har seyada ha... [Echo]: Rrrr shangya sha sha sha sha ger ra ha ha ha ha Repeatedly selected Yes? Seriously? You are getting on my nerves. Fuck. Off. Revival (optional) You will not stop me that easily! If I cannot outsmart them. I will OUT FIGHT THEM! Death I will never bow! Damn...you. Fal'thalas..? Where were you..? Mionthius. I'm sorry.. I failed you, Grak'thar. Forgive me.
  9. Good old Daario is having some PC problems. He wanted me to let y'all know. He'll be back within a week if not sooner. -Ceph
  10. Foreign language songs? Got ya covered. 9/10 fyi