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  1. https://tenor.com/view/rock-clapping-amazed-gif-5030569
  2. Look. At the picture. See the skull, the part of bone removed, the "master-race" Frankenstein radio controls, the Brain-thoughts Broadcasting Radio, the Eyesight Television, the Frankenstein Earphone Radio, the Threshold Brainwash Radio, the latest new skull reforming to contain ALL Frankenstein Controls, even in THIN skulls of WHITE PEDIGREE MALES! Visible Frankenstein controls! The synthetic nerve-radio directional antennae loop! Make copies for yourself! There is NO ESCAPE from this worst gangster police state, using ALL of the deadly gangster Frankenstein controls!
  3. The tree represents a series of divine emanations of God's creation itself ex nihilo, the nature of revealed divinity, the human soul, and the spiritual path of ascent by man. In this way, Kabbalists developed the symbol into a full model of reality, using the tree to depict a map of creation. The symbolic configuration is made of 10 spiritual principles, but 11 can be shown, since "Keter" and "Da'at" are interchangeable. The tree of knowledge of good and evil is equivalent to the 10 spheres seen from the last sphere of the diagram ("Malkuth"), and the original tree of life is equivalent to the 10 spheres seen from the middle sphere of the diagram ("Tiferet"). Kabbalists believe the tree of life to be a diagrammatic representation of the process by which the universe came into being. On the tree of life, the beginning of the universe is placed in a space above the first sphere (named "Keter" or "crown" in English). It is not always pictured in reproductions of the tree of life, but is referred to universally as Ain Soph Aur ("Ein Sof" in Hebrew or "endless light" in English). After the energy of creation has condensed into matter, it is thought to reverse its course back up the tree until it is once again united with its true nature: "Keter". Thus, the Kabbalist seeks to know himself and the universe as an expression of God and to make the journey of return by means of the stages charted by the spheres, until he has come to the realization he sought.
  4. I'm unsurprised that there is an attempt being made at working out the numbers behind a specific type's weight, mass and quantum velocity when swung by a three-titted prostitute on a raft crossing the Danube. There's a reason we've even bothered documenting these swords. That's because they were very effective at their intended duty at some point. Simple as.
  5. But why doesn't it that work with the unholy powers that be in the same way? After all, there should be an eternal balance between the two according to various Naaru sources. I'm completely serious, Syth.
  6. Praise be, Saint Frederick the door-to-door pamphlet salesman. But does this mean that I can bring Aeden back in the Shadowlands? I thought he'd be in the Halls of Valour by now, but it seems Blizzard has decided to rework its lore for the eighty-second time this patch cycle.
  7. But that doesn't work at all. Arthas kills us to become his greatest generals. In essence, we become unholy upon death.
  8. Arthas being unable to kill Tirion at Light's Hope because "I-It's holy ground!" yet Tirion being able to shatter Frostmourne with the Ashbringer on unholy ground was shit writing and should be retconned into better fitting custom lore.
  9. All natty. The GENETIC JACKHAMMER takes no prisoners.
  10. Holy shit, that took me right back. We've had our issues throughout the years but you've always been a solid dude nonetheless. Glad to see you broke the cycle, man. Take it easy.
  11. I'm guessing its Kyra suffering from female hysteria.
  12. 1) Loan that's being paid back. 2) Brewery isn't that expensive. 3) Raw, cheap material only. 4) Expensive project.
  13. As reported by Lisa Hemshield of the Stormwind Times TRAUTENFEL - The last few years have been harsh on the world. The re-opening of the blasted Dark Portal heralded the beginning of the end times for many, leading into more than a half decade of conflict. The combined armies of the Alliance have had much to suffer under these various crises, ranging from the Lich King's wrath to the cataclysmic events that heralded Deathwing's re-emergence. The lifted mists of Pandaria were not kind to our brave men and women, either. Each and every day, a mother wept for her son - a brother cried for his sister - a child mourned their parents. Our armies began to waver with the threat of the Iron Horde, led by the warlords of Draenor. Now, we stand in the face of the Legion, with the Broken Shore having broken more than just our spirits - it broke armies. To time, it matters little if you are King, General, Lieutenant or Footman. Everyone will eventually be wrapped in the warm embrace of the Light. But it is the men and women in charge of those footmen that bear a great burden. They write the letters to the families - they send the men and women back home to their loved ones. It is this same class of leaders that we are so sorely lacking these days. The Officer's Corps of both the Stormwind Army and Stormwind Navy have suffered horrendous losses over the past twenty years, and it has become increasingly harder to find apt candidates. To such an end, the Count of Trautenfel has spoken to the leader of our heartlands - Marshal Dughan - in order to find a solution. The Stormwind Times is proud to report that construction has started on a magnificent academy in the lowlands of the County of Trautenfel - mere days north of Northshire. Featuring state-of-the-art facilities to practice large-scale maneuvers in both open fields and rolling foothills, the "Northpoint Sentinel Officer's Academy" looks to be an impressive institute. Cadets will work together to simulate wargames with freshly recruited footmen, to ensure that trust in the chain of command goes both ways. Rumours have been going around of barracks being built for the footmen, with the cadets receiving room and board in a nearby building. While not entirely certain, rumours have been flying around the streets of Stormwind that the Navy seeks to make use of this facility in order to properly educate their own officers. We have asked the Grand Admiral to comment, although her office has yet to respond to our inquiries. The question of a headmaster also remains, but we are more than certain that anyone appointed to this position will serve to the utmost of their abilities. The construction of the academy's facilities has begun, and Count Theirin's office has estimated that it shall be completed within mere months. OOC: Logan's making an officer academy for the Stormwind army.