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  1. Twilight Lord Krobelus Rasputin

    - Int-Agi based Nuker/Carry



    • Vulgtlagln ron vulgtm f'uaaah Yogg-Saron!



    • Hmmm....
    • Wgah'n s'uhn?
    • What...needs... to be... done?
    • They are coming for you.



    • There... ?
    • Kadishtu ooboshu ftaghu..
    • Y'knath k'th'rygg k'yi.
    • I will... move.
    • Fmer...


    Attack command:

    • Brom!
    • Fmerk gi mahn!
    • Ooboshu ee cstell'bsna.
    • Kill them all before they kill you.


    Special (optional):

    • Draek, reth ko brom! < Whirlwind/Thunderstom cast >
    • O brom tas zoern gun ko kilagrin! < Air Elemental summon cast >
    • Hlirgh ch' sgn'wahl... < Old Gods corruption spell cast >
    • Sto toro ko tor. < After killing player >


    Repeatedly selected

    • All places, all things have souls. All souls can be devoured.
    • Have you had the dream again? A black goat with seven eyes that watches from the outside. < spooky whispering >
    • It is standing right behind you. Do not move. Do not breathe. < more spooky whispering >
    • It WAS your fault. < even more spooky whispering >


    Revival (optional)

    • I ... return.
    • Yogg-Saron, ph'hai nog..



    • NO!!!
    • Even death may die. < whispering >


  2. I'm sure a lot of you remember this thread from the old thread but for those of you who don't or weren't there, allow me to explain.


    In this thread, you portray "quotations" of your character, as if they were a Warcraft III / Starcraft / Any RTS unit.


    Basic template:








    Attack command:


    Special (optional):


    Repeatedly selected


    Revival (optional)








    Lady Valentina Urseloth

    "Swap your soul and all worldly pleasures for eternal life. You call that a good trade?"


    Ranged Intelligence Hero


    Role: 24px-Pip_ganker.png Nuker / 24px-Pip_roamer.png Support / 24px-Pip_carry.png Carry / 24px-Pip_disabler.png Disabler / 24px-Pip_pusher.png Pusher



    • With the power of the cold north, I rise.
    • No escape!
    • Behold, the bringer of death.
    • Great day, isn't it?
    • Ah, great. I am here.



    • I listen.
    • What is it?
    • Hurry.
    • Hm hm hm hm hm!
    • Speak quickly.



    • Move on.
    • Yes.
    • Agreed.
    • Going forward.
    • Dead ahead.


    Attack command:

    • Cold snap!
    • Breathe in.
    • More souls for me!
    • Feel the cold of the north!
    • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    • Ha!



    • (Killing a Scourge player)Dark Lady sends her regards to you!
    • (Killing a Scourge player)Unworthy.


    Repeatedly selected:

    • Uh uh!
    • Stop.
    • Did I told you to stop?
    • St-.. uhh.. that's the spot.
    • Nevermind about that.
    • Back off.


    Revival (optional):

    • Not alive but not quite dead.
    • Valentina's back, honey.
    • Merely immortal.
    • Again...again...again.
    • Greetings!



    • (Killed by Light) OH IT BURNS!
    • See you soon!
    • Death…again?
    • You can't kill me!
    • Nooooooo!

  3. You are shaken awake in a night by a dream. Veles, Slavic God of mischief interrupts your slumber. For your sins against all Slavkind you are cursed to become a slav. Starting tomorrow, you will wake up in the Slavic country of your choice with no knowledge of English.


    However, taking pity on you, Veles allows you to choose one of these holy relics to assist you in your new life. How will you survive?