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  1. Kerin- Most likely will have the same procedure that Dj had done and join her in ecstasy before marrying Sariel. That or just get more money and more political power.
  2. Nick

    Divinity Original Sin 2

    I haven't played the first but the second is amazing. Plot wise you don't need to play the first game as the second takes place a thousand years in the future. I'm loving the split screen co-op and controller support.
  3. Latest Update: NPCs are being populated on the island. As soon as we get a builder to fix up a few things we'll go live with the Tournament!
  4. We haven't forgotten about this! A tournament is in the works still! We're in the process of getting the location all fixed up. Expect more information in the days to come!
  5. Random Island seems to be in the lead and I have a few ideas for custom places. I will post teles for the one I had in mind later today hopefully!
  6. Nick

    My presentation!

    Glad to have you here! I'm sure we have some Spanish speakers lurking somewhere.
  7. I'd argue the opposite. Things are going good. People are more willing to branch out and get some fun RP in!
  8. I'm going to have to pass IC organizer status off if the thing is in Outland/Diremaul. Just aren't locations where Kerin would go. But with that said, Slizzyland is an option for hosting this event.
  9. Thank you to Luther for this great idea! So after discussing this with Parasite we narrowed it down to three locations. We thought it best to make the location neutral so everyone can join in. Arathi: We'd need a custom built arena area but its in a neutral location with a flat area so its easy to build and I think the rolling fields would be a good aesthetic against the gory arena battles. Island Arena: There are a few islands I have in mind but it could offer some cool RP centered around the island. Gurubashi: Super boring place, in a semi dangerous jungle location so it would limit certain characters. But pro is that its already built.
  10. The arena in the Deeprun Tram should work just fine.
  11. any cute eligible females? Deandra is totally cute and eligible. You just need to get past the fact that shes covered in garbage and smells like a bum 90% of the time.
  12. We can certainly get this rolling this week if there is enough interest!
  13. For the sake of RP, I could try hosting some kind of brawls/tournaments on my character Kerin. He'd definitely want to show up any kind of noble tournaments. Could make the reward like 30 Gold and/or some items, maybe even property?
  14. Just a reminder that all of my characters are open for non event RP. Kerin (Tinker/Brewmaster): Available nearly anywhere business would take him. Even can be found in Bilgewater Harbor from time to time. Nickolas (Bloodmage Scout): Available anywhere there is an Alliance military outpost. Deandra (Hedge Mage): Available in Stormwind, mostly the lovely Crime Sewers! Garric (Super Spooky Ghost): Available in Tirisfal and occasionally other Horde Settlements. I don't have many Horde characters but I'm sure I can think up a concept character and get that rolling! My discord is nwolowski#8442. I'm generally on in the evenings and I'm in EST.