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  1. Nick

    Lunar Festival

    The Lion Brewery will be offering a special BOGO promotion on all Darnassus Pale Ale (DPA) in honor of the Lunar Festival.
  2. This could actually be something cool to do on Nickolas.
  3. I just noticed this today as I've had more time to play on my new computer, but some game objects just aren't there anymore. Tables, houses, etc. I just copied my working WoW folder with paragon files to my new machine and this happened. What do?
  4. He killed Edgar! I'm going to buy this company and make the new guild leader pay...with his life.
  5. Nick

    Business Directory

    I would like to make a change to Greenwall Limbs and More and add two new businesses as well. Business Name: Greenwall Industries Headquarters Location: Stormwind City Outskirts Category: Engineering/Bio-Mechanics/Prefabricated Engineering Parts/Medicine Teleport: .t kerinh Owner: Kerin Greenwall Business Name: Greenwall Industries' Lion Brewery Location: Stormwind City Outskirts Category: Brewery Teleport: .t lionbrewpub Owner: Kerin Greenwall Business Name: Greenwall Industries' Lusty Lion Location: Stormwind City Oldtown Category: Bar/Gentleman's Club/Workout Studio Teleport: .t lustylionin Owner: Kerin Greenwall
  6. Nick

    Guns & You

    All of us tinkers should just get together to mass produce plasma rifles and call it a day.
  7. Nick

    Guns & You

    Here is the legion cinematic that shows the airships and their guns.
  8. Nick

    Guns & You

    You can clearly see in this model that there are cartridges on it's side.
  9. Nick

    Business Directory

    Business Name: Greenwall Limbs and More Location: Stormwind City Outskirts Category: Engineering/Bio Mechanical Engineering Teleport: .t kerinh Owner: Kerin Greenwall OOC: nwolowski08
  10. Nick

    The Darkmoon Faire

    I have a Darkmoon Faire guild on my toon Michelle if anyone is interested in joining. She's just an OOC leader currently.
  11. I'm most likely not going to be able to make it, but if Whispered is on I'm sure the Thortons will make an appearance.
  12. And then there was only one bloodmage left.