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  1. MysT

    The Brasswork

    Wish I could read it.
  2. erp all day in my fortress of solitude
  3. ..why care? Most likely blizz just thought it looked cool.
  4. MysT

    Escape from Tarkov

    Well, are we sure the Open world is coming? If so, is it for sure PVP or also pve? I'm not down to fight simple bots. I wanna hunt men, like in my spare time.
  5. MysT

    Compliment Thread!

    The One who never gives up.
  6. MysT

    Guild Wars 2

    You American or European? I'm willingly to hit the game up but in a week, struggling to finish my last exams this week.
  7. MysT

    Guild Wars 2

    I don't get it, is it completely free now? To what level can I go for free? Any limitations like in Star wars? How do y'all rp on that? What's the lore? Where can I find it?
  8. Because everyone knows what it will lead too :^)
  9. MysT

    IRL Pic Thread

    J-Jon Snow's stuntdouble or the Lord himself? ;o
  10. I'd love to see this post get updated with screenshots ;3
  11. to quit with the forums and I'm finally out! Sooo long gayboys!
  12. MysT


    New map oasis is out.Not overly fond of it game-wise but its quite pretty. Gl to getting to plat or diamond, dude.
  13. MysT


    solid question, i don't know. i won nine of my placements. Winning your placements or losing them didn't aid in the calculation of your rank. They took your last seasons high and removed a good few points from it. I won 7 games, lost one and had two draws and was placed at a rating of 3010. My friend lost 7, won once and had two draws and he got placed at 3100. Whilst I always had medals fitting my role and he barely had anything noteworthy. The system is just broken to pieces.