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  1. MysT

    Celes's Art

    that naga. jesus
  2. Because everyone knows what it will lead too :^)
  3. I'd love to see this post get updated with screenshots ;3
  4. MysT

    Custom NPC Entries

    I can't spawn NPCs, and there's too many of them to make screenshots of. aww..
  5. MysT

    Custom NPC Entries

    Would you mind making an imgur account of them? :3 A silly request ofc.
  6. MysT

    Celes's Art

    Has there been an update?
  7. MysT

    Business Directory

    Alicia Jane Clearwater, Clearwater Clothing Stores, Elwynn. .T Aliciastore Alicia Jane Clearwater, Clearwater Plantation, Westfall, .T Alicia ( Cotton and tobacco plantation) Lacy Snow, Tanaris, gladiator selling, location is unknown.
  8. MysT

    Celes's Art

    Sexual is the best. fixed.
  9. MysT

    Celes's Art

    I'm interested to see more.
  10. The Aliciastore is correct, however it's closed for now or run by servants since the Hero that she fighting in Pandaria.