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  1. hey lykkespreder hows it goin

  2. Alrighty, all I need to hear. Thanks for the response sei.
  3. I'm about have my main integrate one of his guises under the Stormwind government, and that got me wondering. Is there a human registration system? I assume that marks of nobility does have it to an extent, but what about things such as buying property, registrate a company, become licensed in something, would that require prior existence in some sort of system? Just wondering if there would be a need to buy fake papers.
  4. Enter the orphanage of abominable freaks and disposable shitcreatures, lol
  5. It would be limited, yes, since.. Well.. You spend most of your time in the forge. I could see it happening with a combined enchanter, simply because that craft is a good mix with the whole smithing concept.
  6. There are ways to combine an elemental being with the mage class, but they're farfetched. A dualclassing sister of steel for an example. They eventually become elemental beings.
  7. So basically, white people are the equivelant of mules? Lol
  8. If it helps you sustain your character, I'm seriously all go for that advice Drak. Fuck originality, it's you who gotta play the character lol. And awwh Lan that's sweet <3 Missed you too. Hopefully, I'll have paragon up and running come the end of this weekend. (at my parents place atm)
  9. Old people and nostalgic RPers, lol.
  10. There's noone named Necro in this thread Revan, you need read more man.
  11. They will not demand a soul in return for sexual favors. Only a ring on their fingers.
  12. This is a very unorthodox method of creating a character in the eyes of some, but it's the way that's always worked for me the best, and I think it could help alot of people sticking to their character. There are, in my opinion, two types of roleplayers, comparable to actors. There's those who are very professional and have a somewhat dettached relationship to their characters. They are the ones that flesh out a character's personality and history on beforehand, they can play them despite the fact that the character might having a completely different mindset of their own. I respect that, and those that can pull it off beautifully and still make their character seem genuine, I utterly admire. But then we have the second type of roleplayers, a category I find myself belonging too. We cannot play our characters without incorporating our own mindset. They have to have some resemblance of our own personality, fantasies, and thoughts, or we'll not be able to play them and make them seem 'genuine'. That results in an eventual boredom with the character. My advice for the roleplayers that have a similar mindset to mine when it comes to characters is this: Flesh out only a bare minimum to begin with and put them into the fray. Sure, your character might seem like a schizofrenic fuck to begin with, with a personality that seems more eb than flow, because you're adjusting them and reacting very differently to various situations to begin with. But as you progress into your RP, it will eventually settle. You will eventually find a basis that you think fits the character and that you can enjoy. And then you can begin the fun of fleshing out their full history. What events lead your character to become the final personality that you've acquired? It's also very common for authors to write the introducing chapters of a book AFTER the rest of the story is done. Too many, it's simply easier to bring about an interesting and cool background story when you have a better feeling of what events must of occured to create the being you ended up with.